18 Mart 2023

Mr. Big Ch. 03


3. Benefits with friends

Justine’s house wasn’t as big or as nice as Loretta’s. It was a single-story place in East Scottsdale, nicely-kept, but it was clear that Justine didn’t have access to the money or the building skills that Loretta had from her marriage to Chuck.

And Justine was a little different to Loretta. I guess that, again, Chuck’s money had enabled Loretta to have work done. Justine was maybe a year or two older, her hair was cut short, and she was kinda skinny where Loretta was curvy. Now I’m not saying she wasn’t pretty for her age, just that she was a little slimmer and more petite than her cousin. She also had a few more lines on her face, but that didn’t seem to make her seem old or ugly — just like someone who had seen some life.

Not all of that life had been great for her. Loretta had explained on the journey that Justine hadn’t been able to have any kids. She and her husband Brian had tried for several years, and she’d gone through IVF and stuff. Then Brian had contracted cancer and died when Justine was around thirty, and she’d been a mess for quite a while. Cue Glenn, a really nice guy, ten years older than Justine, who saw a pretty lady in distress and galloped in like Lancelot, though in a rather beat-up Chevy, rather than on a white charger.

Glenn solved the problem of Justine’s maternal instincts by bringing an adopted son with him. At that stage, Mark was just three, and Justine fell for him immediately. Mark’s parents had been heroin addicts. His mom had died before he was a year old, and his dad was drifting in and out of rehab, so Glenn and his then-wife Charlene adopted the kid. Two years on and Charlene had decided that she didn’t want a lively three-year-old tagging along; she preferred more mature male company. Glenn, lovely guy that he was, didn’t measure up to what Charlene felt she needed, so she left him and started divorce proceedings.

Glenn and Justine meeting had been, according to Loretta, the best thing that could have happened for both of them, as well as for Mark. Fourteen years on, after a long and happy relationship, Glenn got hit by a truck, crossing the road on the way back from the store. Justine and Mark had always been close, but were thrown even closer together by the loss of Justine’s second husband. Shit happens, only for some people, it happens more often than for others.

So now Mark had left, a year late, to start college. He’d stuck around for a while to look after the woman he’d called mom for around sixteen years, until he’d felt she was strong enough to cope on her own. Loretta had said that taking in a paying guest was what Justine most needed, to take her mind off the loss of the love of her life and her sweet boy who was away at college.

Justine was pleased to see Loretta and seemed impressed by the young man she’d brought with her. The two women had kissed and hugged like long-lost sisters, and when Justine had then turned to me, I was surprised at the warmth of her greeting, and the look in her eyes. It was a little like the look I’d seen in Loretta’s eyes. There was hunger in it.

My room, which had been Mark’s, was perfectly OK. It had a single bed, only just big enough for me, and a desk where I could study. There was a bathroom next door for my personal use. Justine explained that she would ask me to pay a little less than for a shared dorm room at the college, and she’d give me a free breakfast and dinner when I needed it, in return for me doing a few jobs around the house and helping with some of the chores.

“You’re a big, strong boy,” she’d said, with an interesting note in her voice, “and Loretta tells me that you’re real good at fixing things up, so I’m sure we’ll get along fine.”

It seemed that Mark was a clever guy who had won a scholarship to a University in England, so his SUV wasn’t needed. It was mine to use while I stayed with her so long as I paid the running costs.

I unpacked my few things while Loretta and Justine made us some dinner, which turned out to be very good. After the meal, the ladies finished the bottle of wine Loretta had brought, while Justine offered me some beers from the fridge. It seemed that neither of them cared that I was under twenty-one.

Around ten, Loretta said to Justine “I know I’m not leaving until the day after tomorrow, but Tommy and me need to say quite a long goodbye. You OK with that?”

“Sure, go ahead. Just don’t make too much noise,” Justine replied. I was surprised; surely Justine must have known that Loretta was married to Chuck?

“Sure she knows. She’s fucked him,” Loretta replied to my question after she’d closed the door of her guest bedroom. (This one had a double bed, which was useful).

“What the fuck?” I replied, as Loretta started pulling my t-shirt over my head.

“You’re such an innocent boy,” she said in a matter-of-fact way as she undid my belt. “Before my boys were born, Chuck and me used to come up here for our vacation. şerifali escort We’d spend time with Justine and Brian. After drinking quite a lot one evening, the four of us ended up in bed together. Brian was a pretty-good fuck, and Chuck told me so was Justine. He said she came very easily on his cock. We visited most years before Brian was diagnosed. Then I had my boys, and we came up here again a while after Brian died. Chuck had to perform double service then and that was the first time I tasted pussy; Justine’s was real nice. Glenn was too nice a guy to — as he would see it — cheat on his wife, so we haven’t really done much for some time. After he was killed, I’ve seen Justine once or twice. We made out every time. It was fun.”

By this time, my pants were around my ankles and Loretta had peeled off the t-shirt and shorts she’d been wearing and, in just her bra and panties, started sucking my dick. I had these weird images spinning in my mind of Loretta and Justine making out, and maybe Chuck fucking Justine. Considering that I’d been a virgin until just a few weeks earlier, all of this seemed a little wild.

And maybe five minutes later, Loretta pushed me onto my back, straddled my face and had me eat her out until she came. (I noticed that she had one of the smaller butt-plugs in, and wondered whether this was for added pleasure or, as she’d suggested the night before, to stop leakage.) Then she shuffled down my body, straddled my hips and fucked herself energetically and deeply on my cock. I just managed to hold on long enough to let her have another orgasm — with my thumb rubbing her clit — before I unloaded deep inside her.

That night, we slept with Loretta snuggled up close to me. She really didn’t seem to want to let me go.

The next morning, over breakfast, Justine was joshing with Loretta.

“Loretta, I most definitely heard you coming last night. Was it that good?”

“Justine, it was better than that good. You have no idea.”

“Chuck was pretty useful at that, as I remember.”

“Sure he was. But when you’ve had three kids, the fit isn’t quite as tight. Now Tommy has enough girth and length to compensate, which is why I’ve been so interested in his education.”

“Wow, well…”

“Ladies, if you must discuss my attributes, could you please not do it while I’m trying to eat breakfast?” I suppose I was a little embarrassed, though it was quite a fun conversation.

“Maybe later,” Justine said, a little reluctantly. “I thought that today we’d drive over to the campus and let Tommy get orientated. Then maybe we can find somewhere for him to earn a few bucks to pay his way while he’s learning. What do you think?”

I drove us all over to the University in the SUV, and then we walked around and got the feel of the place. It seemed nice. There were a few students — I guessed post-grad — still on campus. I noticed one or two of the females check me out, which felt a little weird, but fun. I imagined that they would have thought of Justine and Loretta as maybe my mom and her sister or something, and therefore not as competition, or they may have been more subtle.

Next, we drove back toward Justine’s place, and she had us stop at a diner for lunch.

“Hey Charlie, how you doing?” she asked the proprietor as we arrived.

Charlie was a genial-looking guy, mid 50s I’d have said, balding and with a pretty impressive belly on him, as you might expect from the owner of a diner.

“Good, Justine. How’re you?” They kissed in a friendly sort of way.

“I’m good too, Charlie. This is my cousin, Loretta.” Charlie took in Loretta’s curves and smiled in the hungry way that any guy looks at a sexy woman. “Now, do you need a little help around the place? This is my cousin’s friend Tommy. He’ll be starting at the University in a week or so. As you can see, he’s a fine figure of a guy, and I’m sure your female customers would be happy for him to wait on their tables. Interested?”

Charlie looked me up and down.

“Sure, he looks OK. Kid, have you ever waited tables before? Or flipped burgers?”

“No sir, but I’d be very happy to learn.”

“OK, come in on Friday and I’ll see what Pattie thinks. Meantime, folks, can I get you something?”

The food was pretty good, and I liked the place.

“Charlie’s an old friend. I’m sure he wants to get in my pants, but I have my standards,” Justine said with a smile. I was just pleased that it looked like I might have a job.

Back at Justine’s, the ladies fixed some more drinks. I’d only tried a Margarita once, using a mix from a motel’s mini-bar, so having a real one was exciting — and it tasted much better.

Justine and Loretta were talking about normal things; how Chuck and the boys were doing, how Mark was getting on in England, Justine’s job at the realtor’s office. Then Loretta looked at me, and back at Justine.

“So what do you think of him, now silivri escort you’ve seen him?”

Justine smiled at me. “He’s even more handsome than you said. I think you’re a lucky woman, Loretta. Chuck has a hell of a lot of catching up to do. Though, as I recall, he was pretty good in the sack too, back in the day.”

“Sure, he was. But after so many years and having kids and all, it’s not the same. Tommy has been the hot sauce on my tamales. It’s gonna be hard to go back to just guacamole and sour cream after this.”

She smiled, a little sadly, I thought.

“So Tommy, here’s your next adventure. Would you like to provide the same service to Justine as you’ve done for me? It can be part of your duties around the house if you like, maybe to help pay the rent.”

I looked at Justine. Like I say, she wasn’t as curvy as Loretta, and I’d really come to like those curves. Loretta’s titties were great for a woman her age, and hardly sagged at all — and I’d come a couple of times between those silky mounds — while her ass was also nicely rounded. I remembered getting my dick between those full, curvy cheeks just a couple of nights before, and despite the difficulty and discomfort of that episode, just the thought started giving me a hard-on. But Justine’s shape was closer to the girls I’d dated at school. Sure, she had a few lines and a little crinkly stuff on her legs, but I thought she was a fine-looking woman. I smiled at her.

“Justine — ma’am — I’d be proud and delighted to do whatever you want of me.” Then I thought for a moment, remembering our earlier visit to the campus. “Only — only I may meet other girls at college that I — you know — that I might like to — to date. Would that be OK?”

Justine smiled back. “Tommy, sweetie, I have no doubt whatsoever that you’ll find some girls your own age — and maybe a little older — who would just love to make your acquaintance. I don’t expect exclusivity. But I would like to request — not demand, you understand — just request that you look after this old lady fairly regularly; shall we say twice a week at least? Loretta’s told you I can’t have kids — I’ve never been able to — and she says that you were a virgin until you met her. So if you promise you’ll stay safe with the other girls, I’d really like us to do it bareback. And on the nights when you’re looking after me, you can also sleep in my bed. But if you want to bring another girl home, then it’s just your single bed. Understood?”

This was weird. We were agreeing something like a sexual contract here. I didn’t think the terms were too bad, but Justine and me had barely kissed yet, and here she was, telling me she wanted to be fucked at least twice a week. When I thought about it, it all sounded pretty amazing. Even if my dating record at college turned out to be as disastrous as it had been at school, here was someone offering to fuck me at least twice a week. Man, not many freshmen start off with that kind of advantage. It occurred to me that, if I needed to focus on my studies, and working at the diner took a lot of my free time, I didn’t need to go hunting pussy; all I had to do was knock on Justine’s door and it was there for the taking.

Or was it? “Sure, Justine, that sounds like a great arrangement. Only I guess Loretta told you about me. About — about how I’m built?”

“Sure. She told me you had the biggest dick she’s ever seen. And that she loves the way you’ve learned to use it.”

“Cool. Only did she say just how big it is?”

“Well, not really, Tommy.” This look came over her face; a kind of ‘naughty and thrilled’ expression. “Why don’t you show me?” Her voice had the kind of tone my mom used to use when I came home from elementary school with a painting I was really proud of. “Only — only you should do a kind of strip for us. I think Loretta would like that, too.”

So I stood up and pulled my t-shirt over my head in one fluid movement.

“Woah there, Tommy. Slow it down, please. You have a great body, and I really want to see it, but please take your time. Tease us, baby. The anticipation is half the fun.”

So I unfastened my belt and slowly pulled it out of my jeans, then undid the waist button.

“Better. Try swaying your hips,” Justine said, smiling. I could see Loretta was getting into this too. She leaned back on the couch and took a sip of her Margarita, but kept looking at me like she was judging a horse at the local rodeo.

With Justine’s encouragement, I got my sneakers and socks off. “Don’t under any circumstances leave the socks ’til last. Glenn did that sometimes and it looked so stupid it turned me right off.”

So then the zipper on my pants came down, and I kinda peeled the jeans down my legs.

“Oh my God, that body!” Justine breathed. “I can see why Loretta lusted after you. Jeez, those muscles!”

I smiled, finally tugging my jeans off over my feet — not too elegantly, şirinevler escort I thought — and stood up.

Justine’s expression changed. “Oh — oh my! Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? When Loretta said ‘big’, I didn’t imagine something like — like that! Shit, how do your boxers stand the strain?”

‘Fuck’, I thought, ‘and it was all going so well.’ Hot pussy twice a week, she’d said. Now she was going to react like Donna when she saw that I was just too big. I’d realized that when Justine said she couldn’t have kids, that — unlike Loretta — she’d never had her pussy stretched out of shape. She was going to be tight. I mean, Kristy had at least had some practice with Shawn’s eight-incher. If Justine hadn’t had much cock at all lately, this could be another disappointment for us both.

The expression on Justine’s face was hard to read. There was now more a mix of excitement and — I dunno — trepidation? But then Loretta said “C’mon, Tommy. Don’t keep the girl in suspense. Show her what you’ve got.”

So I peeled the boxers slowly down, and my cock kinda popped out.

“Holy fuck!” Justine breathed. “Shit, Loretta, the boy’s hung like a fucking horse! Like, a real horse!”

“I did try to warn you. So what now? D’you still want it twice a week? Or even once a week? It can be quite a stretch, you know. But when he goes deep — Oh. My. God!”

Justine was still staring at my cock. When my boxers came off, I guess I was mostly hard, but standing there in front of two older but still horny-looking women — one of whom I’d fucked repeatedly, including up her ass — my boner took on a life of its own. It rapidly filled to its full dimensions and pointed accusingly at Justine, swaying slightly. Her eyes were like saucers.

“Loretta, I know that you’ve had kids and all, so I assume he’s an easier fit for you. My guess is that I’d be very, very tight around that — that beast.” Then she dragged her eyes away from my cock and looked into my face. “But Tommy — I can’t help it; I’ve just gotta have it, even if it hurts. I’ve never seen a cock like that — not even on interracial porn. There’s no way — no fucking way — I’m not gonna at least give it a try.”

She turned to Loretta. “Do you need lube with — with that?” She nodded in the direction of my cock.

“Normally he makes me wet enough to fuck me without. Shall we see if we can do that for you?”

I was interested that she said ‘we’. Loretta put down her glass, and then she kissed Justine. Not the kind of kiss you give your favorite cousin, but the kind of kiss Loretta gave me sometimes when she wanted to get fucked, and fucked hard. I watched as Justine responded. Watching two women kiss like that is quite a spectator sport, and if it was possible, my dick was getting even harder.

After quite a while, Loretta broke the kiss and turned to me. “Tommy, come over here and let Justine feel that amazing cock for herself.” I obediently moved closer and Justine tentatively took my cock in her hand, gently cupping the head. Loretta also reached out and put her own around the shaft. Even side by side, there was plenty of room for both hands to slide up and down.

“Oh my! I — can’t even get my hand to close around it. How does that feel — inside you, Loretta? Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Sometimes, just a little. But Tommy is really gentle. At first he takes it slow — unless I tell him otherwise — and just edges it in. And Justine, when it’s all in, I promise you, you’ll never have felt anything like it. If I don’t cum at least twice from being fucked by Tommy, then I clearly wasn’t in the mood to start with. I think my record is six times.”

“Seven, Loretta. You lost count,” I replied with a grin.

“OK, you smug boy, seven. By then, they were all kinda merging into one huge cum. And talking of cum, when he blows his load inside you, that deep, you can sure as hell feel it. And if he hasn’t already cum that day, it feels like there’s gallons of it. I tell you, we fucked once around the back of the mall. He met me there, and we went around to somewhere we couldn’t be seen, and he just had me there, up against the wall. I’d deliberately left my panties off, so he just had to lift my skirt and stick it in. It was so dirty, and I was already really wet, just thinking about what he was going to do to me, how he was going to use me, that I came as soon as he hit bottom, and twice more before he came. He had to slap a hand over my mouth to stop me screaming the place down. And then I went back to the mall and around the shops with my over-used pussy stretched wide open and his cum just trickling down my legs. Justine, I’ve never felt so slutty in my entire life! All afternoon I just wanted to get fucked again. I had to clean up and persuade Chuck to do me that evening, and all the while I was fantasizing about Tommy fucking me.”

Justine was still staring at my cock, gently rubbing some pre-cum around the head. “I — I’m not surprised, Loretta. After all, I always thought you were a slut.” She smiled.

Loretta laughed. “Yeah, so maybe I’ve always liked sex. After all those years with Chuck — especially after poor Brian died and we had to stop our interesting foursomes — most of the really hot sex went on inside my head. After meeting Tommy, it went on inside my pussy — very deep inside my pussy.”

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