16 Mayıs 2023

Mrs. Wilson Next Door


Helping out and taking care of the neighbor lady’s needs

The couple next door to our house for almost 10 years were the Wilsons. Good people, good neighbors, about our age, maybe a couple of years or so older. We weren’t real tight but socialized occasionally at backyard BBQ’s and we had them over for dinner once or twice. They were avid bike riders and kept themselves in far above average shape for their late forty age group. Their one child was grown and gone.

Unfortunately, Dennis met his fate in an automobile accident. As neighbors and friends we of course supported Susan and actually have come quite a bit closer. Val and she would grocery shop together, have lunches, drink some wine, and become friends but she and I didn’t have a lot of contact.

On an early summer’s day I heard activity coming from her backyard and I wanted to tell her something so I peeked over the five foot fence. What I saw was certainly interesting. Susan was suntanning topless, laid out on her patio lounger with her quite beautiful breasts soaking up the sun’s rays and glimmering with a sheen of suntan oil.

I wasn’t exactly spellbound but I did hold a very long look at this scene. What man wouldn’t enjoy a pretty neighbor displaying such fine features?

After a few moments Susan became aware of my sightseeing and called out in a cute voice, “Is that a peeping Tom I see over there?” This is doubly cute because that’s my name, Tom. I answered back, “Sorry, Suzie, I just wanted to ask you something and I didn’t realize you were sunbathing.”

She responds, “Well, no big deal, Tom. I just hope you liked whatever you saw.”

“Suzie, you’re beautiful. And ‘they’ are, too.”

Nothing came of that incident. I would come over once in a while to help with something around the house. Lifting or moving this or that. A ten minute chore and gone.

The next summer Susan was at our place complaining about the ceiling fan in her bedroom. The lamps had been out for some time and she couldn’t reach them for replacement. “Tom, do you have a tall ladder? I would so like to get those lamps changed out.” I do have a ladder that would work so I told her I would drop by the next day.

Now Susan wasn’t a sexpot by any means but she was good looking, slender, and very fit. She usually dressed somewhat conservatively but summer brought out the shorts and tees and the sundresses that really worked for her. When I arrived at her place she was in a pair of really short Levi cut-offs and a loose tank top. Nothing provocative but it didn’t hide that she was a woman.

Susan enthusiastically volunteered to do the lamps. It’s a high ceiling so she was to be up there at the top of my 10 foot ladder while I would be at the bottom stabilizing everything. Up she went and the first thing I noticed was the pretty large leg openings of her cutoffs. She had her legs up above me and I can look right into her crotch. Guess what? She wasn’t wearing underwear. I had a beautiful view of this woman’s pussy. Couldn’t miss it, it’s three feet way. Plus it’s trimmed up a bit and I find that attractive.

Of course, I’m trying not to stare but this is a nice thing. I’m getting a cheap thrill, for sure. Then Susan caught me off guard by asking, “Are you looking up my pants, Tom?” I was temporarily speechless but after a few seconds of silence I told her I couldn’t help but notice, with my position and all.

“Well, I don’t mind. In fact it’s enjoyable to have a man see my stuff after so long. Maybe it gives both of us a buzz and we’re both old enough to handle it, right?”

“I could look at your stuff all day long, Suzie.” I’ve always sneaked peeks up girls legs ever since high school and rarely have I been rewarded like today.

Susan stepped down a little on the ladder and bent over to me which completely opened up her shirt to give me a full view of her braless chest and those gorgeous tits I saw last year in the backyard. She held that position knowing that she was on full display. “How about this part, Tom? Do you like Escort Yeşilköy titties, too?”

Before I could say a word Susan came down to the floor and stood directly in front of me. “Tom, I’m so horny it hurts. My sex life is dead and the thought of you getting a thrill out of seeing my body blows my mind. How open-minded are you? How open minded is Valerie?”

Once again, before I could respond, she asked if I would like to see her naked. “I could strip right now and get on the bed. You could just watch while I touch myself or you could touch me. It could stay right here and it would be only between us if you want.”

“Susan, Valerie and I have had a wide range of sexual experiences so this doesn’t shock me. We are quite open-minded in our behaviors. I am very fond of you and I find you attractive. You’re a sexy woman.”

A long moments pause, then….”I understand where you are coming from and what you are asking. To do what you propose, to comfort you, to supplement your sex life would be a thrill for me. This is something that I would not keep from my wife, but trust me, she wouldn’t have a problem with it. In fact, we have comforted and shared ourselves with close friends more than once.”

Silence. Long looks to confirm the sincerity of what I have just said. Then, “Please stay with me for awhile. It would make me very happy”.

Suzie stepped out of her shorts and pulled off the T-shirt. Wonderfully naked. I moved the ladder aside and she sat at the edge of the bed, legs splayed wantonly. She is really horny. There is no fooling around. She rubbed and caressed her mound seductively before slipping inside with her finger. She frigged herself a bit then moved up to directly stimulate her clit. I’m standing in front of her as a voyeur and it is very exciting. Susan is now laying back but making a point of keeping solid eye contact with me. She stares at me. No speaking. She likes me watching her fuck herself.

This was a little too much for me and I went to her side, sitting on the bed. I slipped off my shirt to suggest some involvement and reached to touch her breast. It was a gentle holding and rocking with my fingers then a slight pinching of her nipple. She responded with very sexual whimpers. A man loves doing this to a woman, the feedback is intoxicating.

My hand traveled down her stomach to her mound where it mingled with her own. I shared the motions she is doing to herself with my hand atop hers. Then, she withdrew and said her first words, “Fuck me with your fingers”.

I went into her with two fingers noticing how very wet she had become. Susan was rocking softly. She was not in a hurry but it was a steady rhythm. Then, a spasm and a shuddering orgasm with her hips lifting with the tremors. She held my hand in place for a moment just relaxing in her pleasure. But she wanted something else. “Tom, go to my drawer and find my pink vibrator.”

I brought it to her and she told me to should finish her off with it, to take her to another level. I dutifully sat beside my naked neighbor and worked the magic of the buzzing wand. Over the lips, near the anus, on the clitoris, and inside for some plunges. Suzie really responded for as she told me later this was something a little different for her. She uses the vibrator on herself to get off but this was a man doing her and that’s what she wanted.

A most pleasurable, grand orgasm came for her when I implanted this whirring fake prick into her and literally fucked her with it. I withdrew, beaming. Thinking to myself, lady, you are so welcome. Glad to be of service.

As I prepared to go back home we discussed what had happened and what it might mean. I reminded Susan that Val would be told of the encounter but not to worry. I guaranteed it would not be an issue with my wife. In fact, Valerie might even encourage similar activities as she is not threatened by the sexual contact and she gets off on these kind of sharing things. Valerie might even think of it as a noble cause. Jealous? Yeşilyurt escort Hardly. How could she be with all the sexcapades and sharing we have acted out thru the years.

Was there a possibility of more? A regular connection? Who knows? Maybe. It really depended upon Mrs.Wilson.

Susan stopped me at the door as I was leaving, taking both hands into hers and offered her answer. “Maybe you could screw me sometime, Tom. Would you like that? See what Val thinks of that.”

Well, what a nice situation that might be. That’s a really good neighbor.

With that remarkably blunt goodbye at the door I left considering the offer. I have Valerie and her sharing mentality so I can’t help but smile a little.


Sure enough, my wife gave me permission to service Mrs. Wilson. This was a period when Valerie was traveling for business quite a bit, taking her out of town for one week, sometimes two, per month. “It’s not like adultery. You can keep Susan happy and keep your cockwork sharp for me. It’s safe sex and I won’t be around every week.” She is so amazing.

So once a month or so I would get a message from Susan that “she needed something taken care of, could I come over?” It was sex, something she needed beyond her toys. It wasn’t romantic. We were very friendly but there was no flirtations or even much foreplay. I’d come over and within minutes she’d take me to her bedroom.

Good sex, fun, pretty straight stuff. The “handyman” did his work. Susan just needed a man up inside her. She needed to be laid. Mutually beneficial. And it was always daytime sex, no sleep-overs, no entangled personal relationship problems.

It was good for all three of us. I played the role of being a sexual partner on the side without a complicated involvement. Valerie kept her husband at home and out of trouble plus she always loved the idea of sharing. This was definitely sharing. Sharing her personal cock with a deserving girlfriend.

One meet up surprised me a little. Susan asked for a massage and clearly it was for an erotic one as a prelude to our usual hook up. She had some oil in her hand which she handed to me along with a 3 inch buttplug. “Dennis would put this in me when he did my massage and I really enjoyed it. Would you?”

Now this was exciting. Susan had a sexual history that I wasn’t aware of and is now asking me to participate in taking our relationship to another level. “Yeah, I would do that for you.”

Both of us got naked very quickly. She laid down on her bed and I stroked her back and legs with the scented oil. This is something I had done with my wife and I knew the ropes. Starting with her back and buttocks I had her purring immediately. Concentrating on her ass cheeks I lightly fingered her rosebud using quite a bit of oil as a lubricant. I gently inserted the tapered plug into her, gaining a very slight entry. Susan was somewhat passive but I did notice some very small movements to her pelvis as she relaxed to accept it. Then, she opened up and the buttplug popped into place. An audible “ooohhh” came from her.

The message was clear. Susan was enjoying this. It was also fun for me as our sexual program had expanded and I was seeing her as a sensual woman.

Several times I paused during the massage to bring my hand to her rear end and manipulate the plug a bit. Pressing it in, rubbing her rim, just simply moving it’s position a little brought a cooing response. “God, that feels good. My husband loved to play with my ass.”

She was on her stomach as I put a pillow under her hips to elevate her butt. I continued to fondle her ass cheeks and the object which filled her. Her pelvic movements told me to continue. As I ever so gently worked and wiggled the plug it plopped out revealing an enlarged butthole about one inch in diameter. Instinctively I placed my right hand on her cheek and slid my thumb into her entrance. She reacted with a reverse thrust and my thumb was absorbed into her.

I advanced to a slow, Zeytinburnu escort bayan smooth thumb-fucking of Susan’s asshole. This was something new for me and I was really getting stimulated. Very hot stuff.

I withdrew my thumb only to be mesmerized by her opening. What a view. A backdoor invitation from a great ass tilted up as a presentation. Was she “open for business?”

Val and I had tried anal sex only once ourselves but we didn’t get far. She is very tight and my rather thick prick didn’t get past the head. Her sphincter just didn’t relax and it was painful so we give up on the experiment. We have done some anal foreplay with my finger at times and tried a very small latex buttplug but because of her discomfort we gave it up and stuck to vaginal sex.

I grabbed another pillow and elevated Susan’s hips a little more. I think she knew I was getting active. I slipped between her legs and positioned my cock at her rear entrance, lathering some oil heavily over it. I rolled the cockhead over her rim and she cooed, “Put it in, Tom, it’s okay.”

With as clear a message as that, I followed instructions. My head started in and I held it there for her to expand, which it did quickly. I had never seen this action before and it was amazingly sexual. The ring opened up to accommodate my girth and I could slowly go deeper into her. I held for awhile waiting for Susan to let me know if she was alright, then asking, “Are you okay Suzie? Can I stay here?”

“Tom, this is wonderful. Keep going. Yes, yes, fuck my ass.”

Dirty talk from Mrs. Wilson. What a turn on!

I literally “inched” in, the lube working beautifully. When I got about half way Suzie blurted out, “deeper, deeper, get it into me”.

I plunged into her fine ass. The tightness was an incredible feeling, different than what I feel in a woman’s pussy. I can’t explain it but it was gripped so firmly. I think it’s because the sphincter muscle holds the cock so tightly at the base.

Susan: “Yeah, yeah…….just like that.” She liked the depth. She wanted all of my 7 inches.

I also think it was exceedingly sexual because many consider it to be “the ultimate intimacy” and a sort of taboo. All I know is I’m looking down at this woman’s ass with my cock buried into it and my sex partner is mewling her satisfaction while she is bumping back at my thrusts.

It’s too hot for me and I unloaded into my neighbor’s butt. I pounded into her as I spurted, holding her hips as we slapped together with a mixture of sweat and massage oil that covered our bodies.

We both wanted me to stay in place with my cock buried deep inside her. It was incredibly intimate being locked up like this. We were sweaty and hot and it was sublime. We were forever bonded lovers after having done this “wicked” sex act. When I eventually deflated we parted and rolled together face to face.

“Wow!”, says the best neighbor, ever. “That was worth the money.”

I cradled her face and responded, “Suzie, I can’t begin to tell you how great that was. It was my first time anal and you were unforgettable. Quite impressive”.

“Dennis and I used to do it like that every once in awhile. It was very emotional for me today. I couldn’t get enough of your cock into me.”

When relating to my wife the accounts of the sexual activity with Susan she brought up our earlier attempts at anal sex and how we gave up on the idea. “Do you think we should try again? You make it sound so sexy. You know I’m really tight down there and I’m not into pain.”

“Valerie, I don’t need it. We’re okay. But, I am surely glad to have experienced it with Susan. It was something new and intense but maybe that’s because it was the first time.”

“Do you think she’ll want it that way again?”

“It was a gift. We both exchanged a gift. It might be special to her.”

My wonderful time with Mrs. Wilson ended when she moved to Florida six months later. The timing was perfect as Valerie was done traveling. Until she moved we still carried on whenever she got horny but we never did the anal thing again. I did fuck her a couple of times with the buttplug in her ass which seemed to really get her off. Me, too, as my cock could feel it thru the wall of her vagina. Nasty.

Our friend turned out to be a literal “piece of ass” in my sexual history and I cherish it.

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