9 Mart 2023

Ms. Laura Ch. 07


The air was cool as Ms. Shay dropped us off in front of the hotel. It was dark by this time and the street lights turned everything an amber hue. Today had been a roller-coaster, not to say that day prior hadn’t been either. At this point all I could think about was crawling even literally into bed.

I started for the door as Ms. Shay left view, but was stopped when I found myself alone. Ms. Laura was standing by the curb still. She glared at me with a half grin. Suddenly I realized my day wasn’t over.

“Johnny, where are you going?” she said as she started to around the hotel.

“The room?” my words trailed off as she disappeared.

I had to run to catch up finding her around the corner. She was inserting her key card into the locked gate guarding the hotel’s pool. As she entered I noticed the pool area was dark. The building blocked most of the lights from the streets. I should have known better than to ask.

“Ma’am, what are you doing?” I followed her in through the gate and to one of the deck chairs.

“Can you swim Johnny?” she asked throwing her things on the chair.

“Yes,” I answered knowing I was about to get an answer to my question, “but I don’t have my swim suit.”

I knew I didn’t need one as I knew where she was going with this. She started to strip out of her cloths and only pause to glare at me. I knew what she wanted and quickly began to strip too. My heart was racing. I had never done anything like this and my head was filled with thought of what would happen if we got caught.

As I pulled my shirt over then off my head I looked over at Ms. Laura and froze. I had done many things with her, but it was the first time I truly saw her naked. My fears rushed out of my body along with my breath.

She was almost pale, her skin was flawless, and every curve seemed to be perfect. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her ample breast hung lower showing her age, but still held some perk. Her small pink nipple stuck out in the chilly air and in anticipation of the cold water.

I finished getting naked as she ran passed and dove head first into the water.

She surfaced, “what are you standing around for?”

I woke from my lustful stoop suddenly I remembered I was standing naked on the deck of a public pool. I quickly edged over to the water then jumped in. The cold hit me like a wall and tensed up to keep warm. Surfacing a moment later I found the surface of the water a still black. Without lights everything under the surface wasn’t visible.

Ms. Laura was a few feet away smiling, “cold?”

I looked at her and nodded my teeth were starting to chatter and I hugged my body to keep warm. She slowly paddled over and grabbed the side.

“You need to move around to warm up,” she leaned her head back soaking her hair then tucking it behind her ears, “let’s do a few laps and you’ll see.”

She kicked off and started to back stroke her way to the other side. As she did her face caught the light from one of the windows and I could see it clearly. Her makeup was washed away and hair matted down by the water she again looked old.

This duality in her appearance confounded me. Why was this so hard? This was the same woman only in different light. She was the same woman that I had confided in for years and lusted after only a few hours ago. Yet the escort otel same one I dreaded to be seen with. She was like my dark side. Like a piece of me that I couldn’t remove yet so terrible I had to hide it.

She started back after touching the other end of the pool. I remained in one spot still cold. She swam up touching the wall next to me, then gracefully sinking her legs. The light no longer on her face her smile brightened the shadow.

“You haven’t moved,” still gripping the wall with one hand she wrapped her legs around me, “let me warm you up.”

She pulled me in and I grabbed the wall as she squeezed tighter. Suddenly I felt warm. Her smooth soft skin hugged mine and I was no longer cold. She pulled me in closer and her arm wrapped around me. As she did she moved her face closer.

I realized what she was about to do. She was going to kiss me. I didn’t know what to do. Her lips got closer and I closed my eyes. Them I felt her breath on my mouth and hover there.

“What’s wrong?” she lingered before her voice lit up, “is this your first kiss?”

I didn’t know what to say. Opening my eyes I just stared at her blankly.

“That’s backwards,” She chuckled, “you shouldn’t be getting your first blow job before you’re first kiss.”

It hadn’t occurred to me till she said it. It was backwards. I thought hard trying to remember if it had ever happened to me before, but I drew a blank. This was my first kiss or would be. It was after I had been given a blow job by two separate women. Everything I had learned from TV and movies had told me your first kiss was supposed to be special. It was supposed to be innocent. Not only was mine going to be after two blow jobs, but from a woman more than twice my age.

She giggle them leaned in close again. My thoughts were still swirling and in a slit second decision I turned my head and she brushed my cheek with her lips.

Ms. Laura jerked back, but didn’t let go, “what was that?”

I looked at her and tried finding an excuse, but the truth forced its way out, “I don’t think I want to kiss you Ma’am.”

I expected her to let go of me there and jump out of the pool, but she only stared at me for a little bit.

“Is this your first kiss for real Johnny?” her sincerity was a little shocking, “wow Johnny I didn’t know. I knew you were a virgin, but you really never had a girlfriend?”

I nodded my head, and still dug for an excuse less lame than preserving my innocence.

“You should have said something I wouldn’t have tried taking that from you,” Ms. Laura looked at me straight, “Johnny you need to tell me if you want to do this. I don’t want you to not enjoy yourself, because under the leather is a woman that cares about you. I’m not going to be mad so be honest.”

I looked at her face up close as I thought. She had on no makeup, her hair was wet, and I could see the wrinkles in her face. Through it all I saw a woman. Her eyes were sincere and smile warm. It was clear she did care and despite her flaws she was the first to do so.

I remembered what I had thought earlier. That she was a dark side of me and it was true, but a dark side or not it was a side none the less. She didn’t force me to be here I invited her because part of me is dark, and I do have secrets, but it’s fine. Without it or if I denied it I would be escort gecelik a liar.

As for the kiss innocence was lost a long time ago. I resolved it would be better off memorable. Ms. Laura waited for my response patiently with a nurturing grin. I didn’t hesitate embracing the back of her head and pulled her in. she seemed surprised, but in a good way.

In my brevity I remembered I didn’t know what I was doing and just locked up when our lips met. I felt her diaphragm jiggle as she laughed quietly to herself. Then she took over parting her lips and mine with her tongue. Initially shocked I kept at it and copied her intrusions. For the next few minutes we kiss till I backed out for air.

Ms. Laura then out right laughed at me, “that started a little slow Johnny but it was good. In the end you meant it and that’s all a woman needs.”

I smiled then felt my cock growing underwater. It was almost erect, but Ms. Laura was almost sitting on it. She must have felt it too, because she looked down the grinned.

“Someone’s knocking at the door,” she looked up and me then slide her arm off my neck and down and around to my crotch, “think it’s time I make you a man Johnny.”

She grabbed hold of my cock with was under her ass then adjusted herself till I felt my tip in something soft and warm. She held it there mashing the end of my cock into her flower, only teasing me with the edge of her hole.

I felt good, but instinct wanted me to drive my hips forward. I resisted the temptation as I looked at her face. She had closer her eyes and started to moan. A few second went by and I felt her hand guide me till it all lined up. From there a much more primal force took over and I pushed my hips up and far as I could go.

Ms. Laura’s face balled up in ecstasy and I brace my head on her shoulder for leverage. As deep as it would go I felt her warmth pass to me a stark contrast from the cold water. After a minute I then began to pump. First slow them faster with every thrust.

Ms. Laura moaned and breathed loudly as she took my wrath. I when hard for a good while before the physical strain caught up to me. I slowed trying to catch my next wind. The movies on the internet made it look easy.

“Keep going,” Ms. Laura demanded.

“Yes Ma’am,” I started to pump hard again and I felt her body tighten and her breathing became more labored.

I once again slowed trading speed for power and stroke. Every long stroke she grunted and moaned. Then I changed speed again and caught her off guard. Ms. Laura shot her arm back around my neck like she was riding a bull and it was how I felt.

I couldn’t believe what I had been missing. I kept going for a few minutes and I pushed myself closer to the edge. She seemed to love every second moaning and grunting my every pump.

Suddenly Ms. Laura released panting hard, “stop.”

I pumped and few more time before the meaning of her words hit me. I stopped still inside of her. I froze half smiling half confused.

As she caught her breath she started to smile, “you are very good boy, but I think that will be enough for tonight.”

I looked at her funny like she had just shot a puppy.

“My little slave boy,” she cooed, “you’ve had enough tonight. Ms. Shay already let you release.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing till I felt escort türbanlı her pull off of me. This was cruel! Cold water rush around my still erect cock and I felt the chill come back over me.

I stewed in the water in disbelief as Ms. Laura started to climb out. Just then she splashed back in and my hoped returned. I scooted closer to her hoping to return to our previous activities.

“Shhh!” I was meant instead with her hand pushing my head down just below the pool wall and about the surface.

I didn’t know what she was doing till she spoke.

“Good evening sir,” she said politely.

It clearly wasn’t to me and I realized we weren’t alone. I froze my previous melted anxieties returned in full force. What we were doing her was not only taboo but illegal. We could get fined if they find out what we were doing. What would my friends say if they found out? They could go to the news media.

The headline played out in my head, “eighteen year old more caught and fined for indecent exposure for having sex in a public pool. Police say his partner was a fifty two year old woman.”

The worst possible events played out in my head. Explaining it to my mother this was bad.

“Ma’am the pool is close for the night, I’m going to have to ask you to exit,” the man sounds young maybe a bell hope or desk clerk.

There was silence for a minute while they stared at each other.

The spoke again, “is there a problem ma’am.”

Ms. Laura pointed at her clothes on the chair, “I’m sorry young man I’ll go but I’m going to have to ask you to hand me my clothes.”

The man stood shocked for second probably wrapping his head around what was implied about Ms. Laura’s state of dress. I heard him walk way and comeback a few second later with her clothes setting them on the pool deck.

“Thank you,” Ms. Laura said appreciative.

The man said nothing before walking away. Ms. Laura then climbed, out standing over me in all her glory.

“You’re good now Johnny,” she did her best to dry off before pulling on her blouse, “I guess we should he back to the room before we have on lookers.”

“yes ma’am,” my heart was still racing from both encounters and I walked over to my cloths which were still on the in the chair.

“Our little friend had a quite surprised look on his face when he realized I was naked,” she giggled and she pulled up her skirt, “but the funniest part was when he went to pick up my cloth and found two sets.”

I didn’t even pretend to smiles I only finished getting dressed. Once both decent we started inside, but had to pass through the lobby in order to go upstairs. On the way Ms. Laura passed a bell hope which eyed us up with an odd curiosity. The way Ms. Laura smiled back at him only made believe he was the man that told them to leave.

I tried hide my face till we got to the elevator. Once to the room a assumed my role and got to my knees. Ms. Laura patted my head them when into the bathroom. I’ll get us some towels but while I do that get ready for bed.

I immediately striped of my clothes then waited for Ms. Laura to comeback out. She returned with a towel in her hair and a fresh set of lingerie. She gave me the towel to dry off while she climbed into bed. Once I was dry I hung the towel on the chair and she motioned me to join her.

As I snuggle into the sheets I remember everything I had felt. I had changed even if it had been into the person I have always been. Ms. Laura turned off the lights then curled up next to me groping me as she fell asleep.

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