14 Mart 2023

Ms. Marca Ch. 29


Ever since I had pretended to fuck the guy at out place during the day while my boyfriend listen on the phone and he told me and the make believe guy what to do he had been hinting about really wanting to see me fuck someone for real. As you read in Ch. 28 what he thought was a pretend type of guy who was with me, it was my old boyfriend who butt fucked me. (See Ch. 28).

Over the next few month he would bring up the idea of me doing it with a big cock motherfucker. I would changed the subject are just didn’t answer him when he started talking about watching me fuck a guy. I guess if you wish for something long and hard enough it will come true. Sometimes you get what you want, but other have to suffer the hardship it might bring.

My boyfriend and I had been out to a nice quite dinner on a Friday night and we got home about 11 PM. He had been out of town all week and tonight we wanted to have some hard banging down and dirty sex. I had not masturbating for two day and was as hot as a pistol shooting up hill. (As my father would say about the weather, whatever that means.)

After we got home, I took my time in the bathroom making sure I was clean and fresh, for tonight this guy was going to eat, lick, kiss, suck, drink and oh yes fuck my brains out. I went around to all the doors to make sure everything was locked up for the night like I always do, put the phone on record/answering. We were not going to be disturbed and when I got to the bed room I found him on his back with his rock hard cock ready for action. I was ready to suck that big thing till it was empty and then start all over.

I had been giving him head and rubbing his balls in a 69 position for about 5 or 10 minutes when suddenly I had an incredibly strong hand reach around my head and clamp it over my mouth. As my eyes flew open, I saw another hand cover my boyfriend’s mouth as well. Before I could react, I was forcibly pulled from on top of my boyfriend and flipped onto my back next to him. At this point I got my first look at the intruders.

Standing next to our bed were three of the largest black men I had ever seen in my life. The first man, holding his hand over my mouth, was at least six feet tall and fairly lights skinned. He was wearing jeans and a tight T-shirt that showed his well-muscled frame. The second man, who was holding my boyfriend’s mouth, was just a little shorter than the first, more compact and muscular, and wore the same jeans and T-shirt. The third fellow was standing by the foot of the bed with a slight smirk on his face.

This man was truly frightening, and not just because of the pistol he was holding. He was at least 6’6″, probably about 250 pounds, and every ounce looked to be muscle. His skin was dark as coal and his head was shaved, he was as bald as my pussy. He wore a tank top and a pair of baggy shorts, both white, which made him, looks even darker. His size and hard look reminded me of a NFL linebacker.

“Well boys, I think we hit the jackpot!” he said. In my mind I registered surprise that he spoke with almost no dialect. “No shit Max, looks like we’re going to have a party!” said the one holding my mouth, “You think the lady wants a REAL man Bud?” “I think we need to find out Big Ed,” said the man holding Marca’s mouth. “It sure looks like her man can’t give her what she needs!” They all started laughing and I realized it was his rapidly shrinking cock they were laughing at.

While he was not small, just around seven inches, and what I had been telling him for all these months it was very nice, at this moment the fear in his belly was causing it to shrink up like he had been dunked in ice water. Max came around to his side of the bed and pressed the muzzle of his gun to my boyfriend’s head.

“Why don’t we just move you out of the way little man.” he said as he dragged him off the bed by his hair and dropped him in the wooden chair that was in the corner of the bedroom. “Now before we get started, lets set some ground rules, you’re going to take good care of us bitch, make us real happy or your little man here gets a new hole in his head!”

He snarled as he looked down on Marca. Marca just stared at him, her eyes wide with fear.

“Do you understand bitch?” he almost whispered in a deadly voice. My boyfriend’s eyes looked at me, and then at the floor and I realized I had to do what they wanted to save our lives God it was up to me or they would kill us at the drop of a hat. After a moment I lowered my head and nodded yes

“Good, that’s what I wanted to hear,” Max said, “now no screaming or yelling cause it will go bad for your hubby here.” He’s not my husband he is my fiancé. “ Good than we going to show this little limp cock boy how to fuck his woman when you become his little woman!” The big guy took duck tape and tied my boyfriend to the chair and bound his feet and hands behind him and put a gag in his mouth. They all looked at Marca and she knew that they were taking in her 5’, etiler escort 10” frame as she tried to cover her massive 40DD tits and crossed her long slender legs to cover her pussy.

“Bud, you go first, then Big Ed,” he said, “judging by the little man here, we need to brake her in” They all laughed and looked at my boyfriend’s shrunk up cock, he couldn’t help it he was as scared as I was. I had raised myself up to where I was resting on my elbows on the bed, trying to cover my tits and pussy. Bud began to strip off his T-shirt revealing his rock hard chest and stomach muscles. Damn this son-of-a-bitch had been in the gym a few times and was built.

Next he kicked off his shoes, and then undid the clasp of his jeans and slid them down his legs. When he stood back up his half hard cock sprang out. At that moment I was getting excited just knowing what was coming. Bud’s cock was only half-hard and had to be at least 9 inches long and probably two inches thick. I know my boyfriend could see me just staring at Bud’s cock and as he reached for me I let out a slight whimper and said “ Oh My God!”

“Come here baby,” Bud said as he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me off the bed and onto my knees in front of him. “Suck my Log!” he commanded. I cast a fearful glance at his awesome cock then looked over at my boyfriend and mouthed,


I could see his eyes tear up and he knew I was about to be raped and he was helpless.

“Now!” shouted Max who pressed the gun harder against my boyfriend’s head, “and do it good!”

Marca looked at each man in the room and with a wild look in her eyes then turned back to that chocolate colored flesh stick bouncing in front of her face. They all watched her hand moved slowly up to wrap itself around that cock. She leaned forward and opened her mouth slightly and began to suck on the massive head.

“Oh yeah, that’s the way bitch,” moaned Bud, who’s cock began to swell, growing to at least 11 terrifying inches and thickening even more in the process. I continued to suck on the head and began moving my hand back and forth slightly on that dark shaft. As I did Bud reached his hands up and grabbed my head. “You’re going to have to do better than that!”

Bud grunted as he began to force his cock forward. I could feel my boyfriends eyes on me and see me take a deep breath though my nose as Bud began to hump my mouth on the slick dark rod, his hands held my head tightly, and that massive cock began to slide deeper into my mouth.

Bud pushed almost three inches of cock into my mouth stretching it impossibly wide and my lips slid down the long shaft. He began to fuck in and out of my mouth, his now glistening shaft sliding deeper and deeper with each stroke until almost five inches was fucking in and out of my mouth.

Bud was breathing harder and Marca was making low, almost grunting noises as his cock hit the back of her throat. They all watched with disbelief as Marca took that massive member in her mouth, thinking about all the times that I had told my boyfriend his cock was just right., that it made me enjoy giving him a blow.

As Bud fucked her mouth he began to take small steps backwards until Marca was leaning forward on her knees as she tried to take more of it in “Damn Bud it is as if she likes it and wants more! ” I would have fallen on my face were I not impaled by his shaft. Bud pulled his cock almost completely out of her mouth and pushed it forward again, this time with force. When his cock hit Marca’s throat he kept pushing and it began to slide even deeper.

Marca began to stuck harder as she felt his cock start into her throat, making choking noises and trying to take more of it and stroke it with her hands. But that cock kept coming, and kept sliding in until only two inches of Bud’s eleven-inch cock was still outside of Marca’s mouth. “Man, your girlfriend sure can suck cock!” laughed Bud looking at him and ignoring his look of help.

The look on his face was that of a guy who felt almost sick as I looked at him out of the corner of my eye as he watched. Knowing that I always had said that I couldn’t deep throat him that good because he was too big, but I was taking this guy who was almost twice his size and sucking him as if I had done this before! Here I was with nine inches of black cock down my throat. Bud began to pull out again, allowing Marca a gasping breath before he shoved it back again. He established a rhythm, literally fucking my face with his black cock sliding in and out of my throat.

He began to pant, his thrusts becoming more rapid, his massive cock thrusting in and out of my mouth as I knelt almost passively now, my eyes closed, saliva dripping from my bottom lip. “Oh god, I’m going to blow cum! Swallow it all bitch!” he shouted, and forced his Dick into me all the way, the last two inches sliding into my mouth and my nose pressed into his scrubby pubic hair.

He eve gelen escort shuddered and I looked over at my boyfriend and he could tell Bud was shooting his load down my throat. As if on cue, he could see my throat begin swallowing, trying to take all his spunk before I drowned in it. Bud continued to cum for almost 30 seconds, his cock buried to the hilt in my mouth, until at last he shuddered and slowly pulled it out.

As his cock left my throat I was trying to gulp all his sperm and licked it as he pulled it out. Marca took one shuddering gasp and sat back down on her ass with her legs spread, knees up and her pussy was wet and almost dripping! “No bitch ever sucked my cock like that! You are one lucky dude!” Bud laughed, winking at my boyfriend as he pulled his clothes back on. As he dressed, Big Ed went around the bed and grabbed my body under the arms and easily lifted me onto the bed and put me on my back. I was in a daze as he stripped off his clothes, pulling down his pants to reveal a cock the equal of Bud’s in length but probably three inches in width.

Underneath that impossibly large cock was a set of balls that had to be seen in order to believed. They swung low in his sack and looked like two extra large eggs swinging back and forth as he moved. Big Ed got onto the bed and walked on his knees over to me and grabbed one of my ankles in each massive hand. He yanked my legs apart and pushed them back until they were directly above my shoulders, my ass lifted slightly off the bed and my pussy lips parted and my tight pucker anus winking below.

Looking around the room I knew that they all could see that my pussy was glistening with wetness from the time I had spent with Bud. “Look, she’s wet and ready!” said Big Ed, “Guess she likes it from real men!” he said leering at me. As I looked at that huge black fuck stick pointing at my pussy I was almost glad I was wet. I would need all the help I could get to take this one on.

Second guy:

Big Ed move forward and pressed the massive head of his black cock against my pussy and pressed forward, but it slipped away, unable to gain entry. He tried twice more without success. “Bud, hold her legs for me, this is a two hander.” he called out. Bud, who had dressed by now, crawled onto the bed and knelt by my Marca’s head, taking her legs from Big Ed and holding them wide. Big Ed, his hands free, reached one hand down aiming his cock at Marca’s hole and pressed forward. Marca’s pussy lips were mashed to the side and the head of that cock moved forward, seeking entry.

Once he had the tip of his cock lodged in her, Big Ed took his hand away, leaned over Marca, and mercilessly shoved forward with all his strength. Marca, who until this point had lay on the bed as if unconscious, suddenly came to life. Her eyes flew open and her mouth opened into a high-pitched scream, so high it was almost inaudible. Big Ed laughed, drew back, and shoved forward again, now forcing six inches of his cock into me. From my vantage point I could see his cock sticking out of my pussy like a baseball bat. My pussy lips had been forced inside of me by the size of cock and my thighs were quivering.

Big Ed began to stroke his cock in and out of my pussy, going slightly deeper with each stroke. Marca was now whimpering and tossing her head side to side as he fucked her. I could feel that huge black cock slid in and out of me, now coated by my juices, going deeper with each stroke until all eleven inches were buried in me. Big Ed’s huge balls were slapping against my ass hole as he deep stroked me, pulling his cock out until I could see the head, then taking it back in to the hilt.

The scene had to be unbelievable, I had always told my boyfriend that his cock was as big as I would ever need, and here I was taking this black man’s huge cock completely into my body. What was truly incredible though was what happened next. I stopped whimpering, and then, very quietly began moaning! This horse cock was raping me and the look on my face must have told my everyone that I was enjoying it! Big Ed waved to Bud, who let Marca’s legs go. Big Ed then leaned all the way over my body with my feet trapped on his massive shoulders. “Guess she needed a real man after all!” Big Ed said looking over at my boyfriend with a big smile.

Then he went to work, pile driving that huge cock of his in and out of Marca’s doubled over body. The only sound in the room was Big Ed’s panting, the slapping of his huge balls against her ass hole, and Marca’s increasing moans and a Oh Me OH. Soon Marca began to thrust her hips back up to meet his thrusts, his huge cock forcing itself in and out of her widely stretched pussy. And then Marca began to shout YES YES MORE GIVE ME MORE and she was having one continues climax after another.

Continuous moaning and begging for more and for him not to stop and her scream issued from her open mouth. Her arms reached up and fatih escort tried to wrap around Big Ed’s body but could only barely touch his back. Marca’s pussy begin to pulse and the added lubrication allowed Big Ed’s cock to slide even faster in and out of her.

Big Ed’s balls tightened up as he prepared to come. Then he leaned down and pressed his black lips over Marca’s mouth, and with a deepening I sucked his tongue into my mouth as if it were a new cock giving me more pleasure. This seemed to be all Big Ed could take and he slammed into her one last time, buried his cock to hilt, and held it there as he shot his load.

Marca, who had had at least five orgasms, screamed out as she felt his hot sperm shoot into her, and began to cum again, thrashing and moaning, her body squirming, pinned underneath this huge black man. They lay like that with Big Ed’s cock buried to the hilt in Marca for almost a minute, then he leaned up and began to slide that cock from her pussy.

As he pulled it out Marca whimpered for him to keep it in, please put it back do me more please, until the head left her pussy with a pop. I had forgot about my boyfriend was in the room. I looked over at him and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry” I could see him look between my legs at my pussy, stretched, and gaping wide, thick globs of sperm flowing out and dripping across my ass hole onto the bed. Everyone was silent, except for Marca who continued to moan quietly, as Big Ed got off the bed. Finally Max broke the silence.

Third guy:

“Bud, come here and keep an eye on this guy, it’s time for the main event!” “Seems like your girlfriend likes a little dark meat doesn’t it?” he said, his teeth flashing in a big smile. “Guess you just haven’t been man enough for the little slut.” I really just wanted to crawl away and die at this point. I was being raped by three huge hung black men and loving it. “Well, like I said, time for the main event,” said Max, “After this you won’t be able to sit for a week.” Max began to strip off his clothes. I could see from the bulge in front of his shorts that he was already hard.

Unfortunately I was wrong. When he pulled down his shorts, a coal black cock sprang out and almost hit me in the face. Max was hung like no man I had ever seen or heard of before. His cock was as big as Bud’s was when hard, and Max was only just now beginning to swell. I could barely tear my eyes away from it and look up at his face. Max could see the fear in my eyes and laughed.

“Hope you is ready for this, because if your not, I’m going to split you apart.” “Big Ed, come over here and hold her!” Max commanded. Big Ed got back on the bed by Marca’s head and Max handed her legs to him. He stretched them back until her knees were touching the outside of her shoulders, her ass lifting off the bed. Bent like this her ass hole winked at anyone that was looking.

Max paused for a moment, pulling on his shaft as it hardened and lengthen to at least 14 inches and thickened until it looked to be about 3 1/2″ inches across. He then spit on his hand and rubbed it on the head, coating it. Looking at me, he winked, then moved forward. Finally I realized what was happening and looked down at Max and the massive jet-black cock that was about to commit sodomy on her.

“NO! not that please not that!, STOP IT!, I’ll do anything you want!”, she began to babble. “That’s right, and this is what I want!”, replied Max coldly. Marca continued to beg him not to do it, so Max calmly took one hand and placed it over her mouth, and with the other he steadied that cock and began to press forward. As he pressed against her sphincter, Max’s cock seemed to do nothing but press her ass hole away from him, that whole area of her body pressing inward without any penetration. Max pressed harder, and still nothing.

“Guess you’re not much of a backdoor man are you?” Max said to my boyfriend. “She’s still tighter than shit! Bud, go into the bathroom and get something to grease her up with. Bud returned he tossed a small jar of Vaseline over to Max “Just what the doctor ordered.” grunted Max. He dipped his fingers into the jar and took out a large glob, which he coated his now throbbing member with.

He stuck his fingers in again, coating them up, then leaned back. Sticking his hand out he placed a single greasy finger against my ass hole and suddenly shoved it all the way in. Marca let out a muffled moan and whimper which Max smiled and said we may have a winner here as he pulled his finger out and shoved it right back in, wiggling it to grease up my ass hole. He then pulled out and scooped up more Vaseline, then placed two fingers against my ass hole and jammed them in without warning.

Again Marca moaned and humped his fingers. After working his fingers in and out of her anus for a few seconds Max removed them and moved forward again to press his cock against her ass hole. “Get ready honey, cause here it comes!” he said to Marca with a viscous grin on his face. He pressed his cock forward, and this time Marca’s anus began to open as his greasy cock began to force its way in. Max continued to press in until half of the head of his cock had spread open Marca’s clenching anus. Marca was crying out “OH OH GOD OH IT’S TO BIG!”

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