9 Mart 2023

My 30th Birthday


Like most men who cross to the other side before they actually do, I’ve always fantasized about being with another man. Straight as an arrow on the outside, my inside life was different. While I was being given a BJ by a girlfriend, I always wished to be the one doing it.

Diego came into my life on my 30th birthday party at a local bar. He was an older guy, a friend of a friend. He came over to me and introduced himself and congratulated me on my birthday. The rest of the night he paid extra attention to me without smothering me. But then again, everybody was talking to me, so I didn’t think anything about it.

Close to the end of the party, I got a call. I went to take it far from everybody. When I returned the five guys and the girl who made the whole party were gone, along with my ride. I walked out to find them without any luck. That’s when I heard Diego asking me if I needed any help. I told him what happened. Which way are you going? I told him and offered me a ride.

When we got to my place, he parked the car and asked me if Ankara escort I had ever gotten a blowjob from a guy. Keeping my straight image and with a false indignation, I answered with a firm no. Do you want to? You don’t have to do anything, just sit back and enjoy. When you finish, I’ll leave. Then he put his hand on my lap. Are you sure? I said. He reached into the glove compartment and got a baggie with a joint. With that, he opened the door and said, let’s go inside.

I didn’t want to get high because of work, but he said that I would enjoy it that much more. I dimmed the lights and we smoked. He told me to sit on the sofa, to close my eyes and enjoy the ride.

I felt his hands undo the zipper, reach under my shorts and pull my semi hard cock. Then I felt his wet, warm mouth over the tip of my cock and his tongue swirling around it. Let me get you more comfy, he said. He unbuckled my pants and when he was pulling them down, I lifted my butt to help him. In one move, he took them off along with my shoes. I slid down to the edge of the sofa. Ankara escort bayan He opened my legs wide enough to fit between them and went to work on me.

His mouth around my hard on felt better than my any woman’s I’ve been with. He was an expert, I thought. He built me up fairly quickly. When I was almost ready to come in his mouth, he stopped. I heard him unzip and drop his pants. I opened my eyes and saw his hard cock in front of my face. Without saying a word, He took my face with both hands and brought it closer to his seven inches of manhood. Without hesitation and much eagerness, I took it my hand and put it in my mouth and did to him what I like to be done to me.

While I was sucking his cock in and out, I caressed his legs and his buttocks. I played with his balls, played with his nipples and ran my fingers through his well kept pubic hair. I did all of this slowly, just like I like it.

I knew he was coming soon, and he said so. I put my hand on his balls because I wanted to fill his nuts shrink as he was coming in Escort Ankara my hungry mouth. I’d always thought that I would gag and that I wouldn’t like the taste of cum. Au contraire, I didn’t gag at all and enjoyed the flavor and the smell of his cum in my mouth.

I kept his satisfied cock in my mouth, sucking and licking all of the leftovers of his manly juices. I didn’t want this to end. When his cock started to go soft, I was able to fit his entire cock in my mouth and feel his pubic hair on my lips, something that I had always wanted to do.

Let me do you now, he said. He did, but shamelessly I have to admit that giving my first blowjob was much more enjoyable than getting one.

He got dressed in the dim light. When he was ready to say goodbye, I asked him if I could kiss him and he said yes. After the long kiss, I told him that I wanted to experience more. That I wanted to fuck and get fucked, give more blowjobs, kiss, make love and have a night of wine and cheese and experience intimacy. I want to experience it all, I told him. Are you game? I asked. He said yes, and in the next two months, we did everything that I wanted to experience, and he was happy to oblige.

Diego was his name, the man who took my cherry and taught me the pleasures of having sex with men.

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