14 Mart 2023

My Birthday Party


I had been carrying on a rather long term exchange with Terry via Email. It began rather innocently and in truth, it still was, but as time went on we began to delve into personal thoughts, and intimate exchanges. Oh not the usual girl-girl thing, but more or less, just confessing to each other about what we wish would happen or what we hoped would happen in our lives.

Terry lives about two hours drive from me and is rather successful in business. She runs a business called “A Ladies Way.” She arranges wedding receptions, bridal shower parties and so on for Women. But recently began to explore other functions that might be more lucrative. Stag parties tailored for women and rather risqué birthday parties featuring male strippers. Thus far she has booked parties but was having a problem finding, ahem, a male who was willing to perform at the parties.

Finally she wrote and asked me if I would, or could, find the time to come up and have a drink with her some afternoon. I was anxious to visit her and when my chance came I made arrangements to drive down.

Terry was beautiful. Statuesque and very well built. I mean she was every woman’s dream. About an hour into our little chat, I had figured her out to be bi and perhaps a bit oversexed. Hell so was I. I mean, “oversexed”.

We had confessed to each other earlier on that, we needed to masturbate almost on a daily basis, but I had also confessed that I was terrified to get into a serious relationship just to be sexually gratified.

During the conversation she told me that she thought she had made a contact with a woman, Babs, who could arrange to talk her brother into being her missing male entertainer. Apparently they were both in dire financial straits and if she could talk him into doing that sort of thing, they could make rather good money working the parties.

Although Terry had never met the guy, the pictures that Babs had shown her really turned her on. He was a masseuse at a spa and was used to being comfortable around women who frequently propositioned him for special treatment. Although Babs confessed that he would only go so far, he might be convinced to do a sort of strip show if the pay were right.

So, Terry went on, I asked Babs if he was gay and she assured me that he wasn’t and that they actually had, on occasion, been intimate together. Then she went into more detail, as Terry questioned her.

He was six foot two, weighed a hundred and ninety pounds, was well developed and good looking. Terry knew all that from the pictures Babs had shown her but she wanted to know more. How big was he, was he good in bed, what would he be willing to do and what wouldn’t he do. Apparently he would do everything except go all the way with a strange woman.

That had Terry drooling, and me wet. I wanted to meet this guy, if for no other reason than to see what a male stripper would have to offer.

Three days later an Email from Terry arrived. This guy, Blake, was going to be doing sort of a tryout at her house on Thursday. Would I like to drive down and meet him and his sister. I was getting wet just thinking about it and answered, yes, yes, yes.

Terry and I waited breathlessly in her living room waiting for Babs and Blake to arrive. They were late and the two of us had run through a bottle and a half of sherry and were feeling pretty giddy. The door bell rang and we tripped over each other trying to answer it.

Babs entered first with this real hunk behind her. I was taken by both of them. Babs was lean and very sexy, not much on the top, but very curvaceous. He was a dream. And his tailored shirt and tight slacks outlined his body in ways that no woman could resist. Terry welcomed them in and began to get a little touchy with Blake.

I mean her hands were all over him. This was a side of her that I’d never seen or even suspected. I looked down at her slacks and saw the wet spot that was already spreading along the seam. She wanted him. And I don’t mean just to work for her, she wanted him for more than that. And hell, I was getting sort of drippy too, just imagining him with his mouth on my pussy or my nipples. He was hot!

Anyway, the guy was a natural. Terry put on some music and he began. He would turn away from us, undo his shirt, and as he pulled it out from his slacks he would turn. Then slowly taking it off and sort of weaving his hips back and forth. I was going crazy just watching. He did that same turn, undo, and expose thing, as he took off his slacks and let them drop to the floor. Finally he was wearing only a very, very, tight pair of spandex underpants and now I could see the best part. He was huge even though he wasn’t erect. But, my god, my mind went wild just imagining how he would look when he was aroused.

I noticed something going on between the woman, Babs and Terry. But I couldn’t figure it out exactly. It was almost as if Babs was looking for Terry’s approval about something, but somehow, I felt that I was involved. I dismissed it as just pendik escort my own suspicious nature at work again.

Needless to say, he was hired on the spot and he went thru the contract, pausing to ask questions and to cross out those provisions that he didn’t like. I heard Terry ask, “why not,” once or twice and he just smiled and told her that yes he would agree to being blindfolded and tied up, but not to something else that I couldn’t make out. She apparently agreed and it seemed to be a done deal.

Two weeks later I got another Email from Terry saying that she was booking parties at a rate of three a week and all because of Blake. But true to his promise, he would only go so far with the girls, but he had taken a few aside to perform special services, i.e. Going down on them, letting them suck him off and even doing some other things that I could only imagine. but he still drew the line at actually fucking them.

The extra money, Terry confessed was sometimes more than they were getting, was more than she was getting for the whole party, That seemed to please her, but she still seemed bothered by the fact that he wanted to be alone at those times.

I think she wanted to watch or join in, but I wasn’t sure. It was just this feeling I had that she was getting off watching him perform, sure, but she wanted to watch the more intimate encounters that were happening after the parties broke up. And now Babs was attending affairs with Terry, and she was sometimes allowed to go with Blake into the room, but not Terry. I guess Terry was just jealous.

It also came out that Terry and Babs were doing each other and Terry kept pleading with Babs to get Blake involved. I think she hoped that one way or another the two of them could get him to fuck them together. That seemed strange to me because we already knew that Blake was doing his sister. I guess he just wanted to keep it all in the family.

The next Email was a slight shock. Apparently Blake had been convinced by his sister to let Terry share him with her. The pledge that he wouldn’t have sex with anyone except his sister, was going to be broken.

Strangely, that bothered me. I had sort of the same hang up as Blake, I didn’t want anyone except my husband to have me even though he really wasn’t that great. Oh I mean he was good and all, but most of the time I had to masturbate myself after he had fallen asleep. And those times when we did fuck were getting farther and farther apart.

Two days later, Terry asked if I could come down and stay over the weekend. She knew that it was my birthday, and she had some sort of special party arranged. She went on to say she thought it would be something I would enjoy.

I made arrangements, and an excuse to be away, and on Friday night arrived at Terry’s. I assumed the party was to be the next day which was actually my birthday, and I was to stay over at her place.

I was surprised to find that Babs was there too. Apparently she had been invited to join what ever was planned and having her there seemed perfectly natural, but again I had this feeling that the surprise was going to involve the three of us. For about an hour and a half we drank cocktails and we were all getting sort of intimate in our discussions. You know, saying things that are sort of personal and all..

Now I’m not bi, or I don’t think I am. I have never been intimate with a girl since college, and even then it was sort of an experiment and although pleasant, not something I could ever really feel comfortable with. Around eleven that evening we were all getting pretty tipsy. That’s when Terry took us to her guest room. Her special guest room. She opened the door and when she turned on the lights my jaw dropped.

On the bed in the center of the room was Blake. Although he had a sheet drawn up over him it was apparent that he was nude. And to add to my surprise, he was blindfolded and gagged, and his wrists were fastened to the corners of the bed. His legs were slightly separated, yet they too had been secured to the foot of the bed. Although he had been gagged he did mumble something when he realized that people were in the room.

Babs giggled, and looked at me. “Don’t you just love the way we packaged my brother, Adriana? Terry and I though we might give him to you as a birthday present.”

To be quite honest, I had suspected that Terry had been planning a girl, girl thing, but when I saw Babs there I sort of dismissed that notion. Now it seemed that Blake was to be involved.

Terry began. “Come on girls, everything comes off. Panties, bra’s, and everything.” I hesitated, but Babs and Terry were already down to their panties and unhooking their bras. I began to giggle and started to take my slacks and blouse off. By now the girls were completely nude and I got the courage to undo my bra and pull my panties off.

I guess the first thing I noticed were the girls. Both had beautiful bodies and I sort of felt self rus escort conscious but I did notice that we were all shaven and I even thought my pussy looked tighter than theirs. Wow was I looped.

It began when Babs motioned us to come over to the bed. She whipped the sheet off and we stared down at her brother. He must have felt the sheet being pulled off because he tried to say something.

“Hush my dear Blake. You know we won’t hurt you and your going to like this. It’s just too bad that your so damn stubborn. Now Adriana why don’t you start? Go on. He’ll get hard if you just stroke his cock and hold his balls for a second.”

“Yeah.” Terry began, “do it, I want to see how big he really gets.” Babs snickered and whispered, “Oh he’s big and he can keep going all night if we work this right.”

I guess it was up to me, so I sat on the bed by his hips and did as I was told. I took his limp cock in my hand and just sort of squeezed it. Reaching under his cock, I cupped his balls in my palm, and he began to swell up, almost like something coming alive.

“Jerk him Adriana, your going too slow. He gets really hard and long but we don’t have all night,” Babs urged.

I was getting more and more excited myself as I began to stroke him. Now he was hard enough for me to slide my hand up and down the length of his shaft, and so help me god he was like some serpent. He began to expand and I could just barely curl my fingers around him. Looking at his cock it was obvious that he was cut. His shaft was turgid, yet pale, except for its head which was sort of plum colored.

He was sort of moaning or trying to say something, I don’t know which, but I was really getting hot and aroused and really didn’t care. I wasn’t hurting him in any way so I looked at Babs and asked: “Can you take the gag out. I want him to tell me if I’m doing him right?”

She smiled and nodded. Once she had taken the gag out he growled at his sister. “You little bitch. You always do something stupid. I’m not some fucking machine for you to share with every little whore that you bring home with you. I told you no a thousand times. No, no, no!”

“Oh shut up Blake. Terry and Adriana are ok. And besides you need a change. I want you to have a little variety and learn to do something different. Your good sure, but a few new experiences will make it better for you and I.”

“So who is Adriana?” He asked.

“You met her when you were hired, Babs snapped back. The one you couldn’t take your eyes off. You remember her. And I know you want to fuck her too.”

A red flag went up. I had no intention of fucking him. I wanted to suck his cock, sure, and yeah I wanted to do things with him, but not have that big thing up inside my cunt.

I was excited enough to continue, confident that if the time came, I would be able to leave, but for now I was enjoying myself and I actually wanted to see what the other girls were going to do to him. Now Babs took off his blind fold and he looked around the room.

Terry took over next, sitting beside me she took his cock out of my hand and drove her pursed lips down over it. I had never seen anyone take a whole cock down their throat. I would have gagged, but Terry didn’t. Her nose actually pressed against his pubic bone and she sort of snorted as she pushed him down her throat.

“Yeah girl, do it good like that. He wont come yet but your sure going to make him hot for us,” Babs went on.

Blake was twisting almost as if trying to get his cock out of her mouth, but she only lifted up for a second before driving her mouth back down on that rod.

My pussy was starting to ooze and it was running down the inside of my thighs. My head was spinning and I found myself pinching my nipples as I watched Terry sucking him.

It was about that time that Terry let him go. His hard cock slapped against his abs and so help me god, he was so huge that his cock reached up to his navel.

“My jaws are aching, she mumbled. God he tastes good though. Can you get him to fuck my mouth Babs. That I can handle but keeping that thick thing in my mouth is a bit much.”

That’s when Babs leaned over to whisper something in Blake’s ear. He tried to shake his head no, but finally he nodded, and as Terry put his cock back in her mouth, he began to thrust.

Babs had something on him, that was obvious, and she was probably threatening him if he didn’t cooperate. From that point on, he did pretty much as he was told or expected to do. I was wondering if they were going to undo his bindings but they didn’t.

Although he had been fucking her mouth for over five minutes, he hadn’t cum yet and now it was Babs turn and she began to suck him but she slid her left hand under his butt and pushed her finger deep inside.

I watched his face and at first he showed surprise, then resignation. Suddenly Terry was beside me and she put her hands over my breasts and kissed my neck. I leaned back enjoying sancaktepe escort the sensation, and really got wet when she moved her lips to my nipples and began to suckle me. That’s my weakness. I go ballistic when someone does that to me.

I loved it and reached down to stroke my own pussy as I watched Babs sucking her brother. When she pushed my hand away and slide two fingers deep inside me, I gasped and began to contract. I was floating, half looped, and horny.

As she worked on me, her fingers took on a life of their own, and her mouth kept teasing and nibbling on my nipples. To make matters worse, Babs had straddled Blake and I had to watch her slowly sit down as his shaft slowly vanish deep in her cunt.

She began to rise and fall, and that alabaster pole began to thrust in and out while the room echoed with the salacious sounds of her wet cunt devouring his cock.

I was on the verge of cumming when Babs looked at us and moaned. “He’s almost there. Quick. When I lift off, take it! Now! Now!”

Terry pulled her fingers out of me, and as Babs lifted off Blake she grabbed his cock and thrust her face down towards it. She couldn’t catch the first stream of thick cum with her mouth, but the next gushes filled her mouth, but I couldn’t see how much. He was now moaning and his thighs were shaking as he continued to spurt.

Then she let him go, and again that hard shaft slapped against his abs and he oozed the remainder of his cum on his tummy. I had put my fingers in my cunt and as I pinched my nipples, I came. I mean really hard. harder than I ever remember finishing before. Then I did something I never thought I could do.

As soon as Terry moved away, I tried to mount him. Babs held my arms steady as I spread my legs wide and straddled his hips and rocking forward on my knees lifted up. She grabbed his cock and held it up under my pussy. Now I was a whore. I wanted his cock deep inside me and I didn’t care about what people thought, all I knew was I wanted him to fuck me and make me cum again.

I did the same as Babs had done, I slowly lowered myself down onto his cock. I never felt anything quite like it before. I felt it stretch me apart and as I went lower, his shaft pressed deep inside me. I was now sitting on his thighs and I was filled with his manhood.

Terry had disappeared behind me but suddenly reappeared next to Babs and they lay on the bed beside Blake, one on top of the other, with their pussies pressed against each others mouth. Although I hadn’t seen it, someone had freed Blake’s hands and he reached up and held my breasts, helping me by thrusting up each time I dropped down.

Something was churning deep in my vagina and felt almost as if it were alive, moving in and out, twisting and turning and plunging deeper and deeper. I was going out of my mind with the need to cum again.

“Come on Blake! Fuck my cunt. Deeper baby, yeah like that! Oh my god yeah that’s good!” Pinch my nipples when I tell you. Oh my god, its close. Choke me! Please? Oh my god. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I’m gonnnnnnnnna cum all over your hard cock now. Gimmmmmmeeeeeeeee it faster now!”

I was drooling, I was cumming and I didn’t give a damn who knew it and thru blurred eyes, I saw Terry and Babs staring in amazement at me. I had screamed so loud that they had paused to watch me. I felt my cunt twitching and contracting around his cock and I slowly collapsed onto his chest.

I was still drooling and it ran down my chin but I simply didn’t give a damn. For long minutes I held his cock deep inside me until my contractions slowed.

I can’t be sure, but I think the others had cum too. Both of the girls had girl cum smeared all over their faces an they were on their hands and knees staring at Blake and I.

“He didn’t cum did he?” Babs asked.

I mumbled, “Holy shit, oh my god, I don’t know, and I don’t give a damn. That was mind blowing. I never had anything like that in my whole life.”

Well if he didn’t, then Terry needs some. Come on Blake. Don’t quit on us now or you know what.” Again that threat.

And now, rolling over, Blake sat on the edge of the bed, then stood up. His cock swayed back and forth as he strode over to Terry.

She laid back and squealed. Her legs flew apart and her feet wavered in the air. Her ass was on the very edge of the bed as Blake moved between her soft thighs.

Babs, always the helpful one, grasped his cock and directed it to Terry’s parted lips and he moved his buttocks forward, inserting his thick member several inches into her awaiting opening.

Now, almost cruelly, he grabbed her ankles as he thrust deeper, and Terry gasped. He drew it almost all the way out, and again rammed it in deep. Again she gasped.

I thought he was being a bit rough, but then Terry groaned, “Yeah, again, harder, more that way. I like it deep and hard like that. Yeah Blake, take me. Give it to me! I need it and I need your cum again. You taste good, you know that? Now give it to me fast, hard, and deep. And don’t stop until I’m done!

I think he was angry. I never saw anyone moving so fast. It was almost like some sort of movie played on fast forward. His thick cock was a blurr as it plunged in and out, taking long strokes that seemed to be turning her pussy inside out.

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