12 Mayıs 2023

My Brother and the Delivery Guy


Sixteen-year-old Mia’s parents were out for dinner one evening and she was completely bored. She had done her homework, picked out an outfit for school the next day, packed her bags, and was waiting for pizza to get delivered that was ordered by her brother Dan. Since there were a few minutes till dinner, Mia decided to go to her room for some ‘pleasing time’ aka masturbation. She laid on her bed, got her phone out and went to ‘Lush Stories’ and started reading an erotic story. Her hand soon was inside her shorts, her legs wide open with her fingers inside her tight little virgin hole. Suddenly her bedroom door opens and her brother Dan walks in to her masturbating. Both became shocked for a few seconds, but Mia resumes pleasing herself in front of her seventeen-year-old brother. The lust in her eyes was clear and she wanted her brother to see her, touch her, and please her. “Come Çekmeköy escort here Dan,” she whispered. Dan approached her slowly and took off his shirt before climbing on the bed. His face inched closer to hers before wrapping her in a passionate kiss. His hands flew to her breasts and started massaging them. His lips then went to her neck, kissing and sucking that sweet spot while she moaned, her hands still inside her wet panties. “This is so wrong sis,” Dan said, but that didn’t stop him from pulling up Mia’s shirt over her head which left her in her hot pink bra that her brother was totally planning on getting rid off. Instead of being slow like before, he pulled down her bra and started sucking on her beautiful breasts. Mia turned them over and this time was on top of Dan. She kissed him and started rubbing herself on his very visible erection. Gebze escort bayan She moved up to higher and this time put one of her breasts in his mouth, making Dan groan. After a few minutes, she pulled away. “What are you doing? I wasn’t done with–” His hand was about to grab her breast but she shut him up by putting her other breast in his mouth. “Boobie

was feeling lonely baby,” she said huskily, “I want both of my boobs properly sucked.” Dan started sucking harder and brought his teeth to her nipple and bit it lighting which made Mia moan louder. Dan slowly went down to her pussy and used two of his fingers to play with her clit. After a few minutes, he put them inside her tight pussy making her shout his name out loud. “I can’t wait anymore baby. Let’s get naked and you inside me now!” she told him desperately “Your wish, my command,” Escort Şerifali he grinned Dan took off her pants hastily and stood there to admire her untrimmed bush and the glistening fluid around her hole. “Why are you stopping? Don’t you like what you see?” she said teasingly, putting her legs up and opening them wider. “Hell yeah I do!” His dick sprang out when he took off his pants and boxers together. He was about to get on the bed and inside her when she sat up with her eyes wide, staring at her brother’s cock. “What’s wrong baby?” Dan asked “My vagina needs to wait because that big fat cock is getting inside another hole first!” she said and immediately put his cock inside her mouth. She played with his cock for a few minutes with Dan’s hands tightly around her head, pulling and pushing her head faster, fucking her mouth. “Mmm I think your vagina has had enough waiting and your mouth has had enough pleasure for now.” “I agree.” Within seconds, his cock was inside her and they were both moaning loudly, not caring, because their parents were out for dinner. “Oh baby I’m gonna cum!” Mia shouted and soon she did with Dan following her. “That was great sis.” “Mmm I agree.

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