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Subject: My Brother Understands Ch. 8 (Gay/Incest) This story contains gay sex between consenting adults including incestual situations. If this story offends you or it is illegal for you, please leave this site. If not..enjoy and let me know what you think! The characters and events in this story are fictional. The story may portray some real people, events, or places. Remember Nifty relies and survives on generosity of people like you for donations. Please be generous. fty/ I woke up with my hard dick between my brother’s cheeks. His ass was still slick and dripping cum from last night. I rubbed the head of my cock around his ass and pressed it forward. The head of my cock slipped in and my brother moaned, good morning. He pressed his ass back and the rest of my cock slid in his hole. Mmmmm, since when am I the bottom of this relationship? Since you moan like a bitch when I fuck you! My brother smiled and moaned for me to shut up and fuck him. I happily obliged! We heard my dad talking to someone and when we went to the kitchen Mr. Taylor was standing there with coffee. He handed Keith and I a cup and we each took a big swig. I looked around and realized my father, brother and I were all naked. I told Mr. Taylor that he was overdressed and we should have our coffee poolside. Keith and I walked out and when Mr. Taylor came out he, and my dad, were both naked, semi erect and holding hands. They were quite a handsome couple and DAMN Mr. Taylor’s cock was huge! If I hadn’t just fucked my brother I would have had a boner for sure! We drank our coffee and looked around the pool. For the most part the guys picked up after themselves. There were a few empty cans, but other than that, no used condoms hanging from trees, so we were good! I walked over and jumped in the pool. The water felt incredible around my body. My brother followed me and swam up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his dick and knew I wanted him to fuck me! I smiled up at my dad and Mr. Taylor and drooled a bit as their semi erect cocks were now hard and they were stroking each other as they watched my brother kiss my neck. I felt his cock grow and realized that he had not cum when I fucked him, so he was probably ready to go. I pulled myself out of the pool and walked to the end of the lounger where my dad and Mr. Taylor was sitting. There was a bottle of suntan oil under the lounge chair and I pulled the bottle out and wiggled it as I looked back at my brother. He smiled and pulled himself out of the pool. His cock nearly fully erect approached me and he followed. I was inches from my dad and Mr. Taylor and my brother was kneeling between my legs about to give them a front row seat to our fucking. My brother threw the suntan oil on the lounge chair and Mr. Taylor grabbed it and poured some on his and my dad’s dick and they went back to stroking each other. FUCK, Mr. Taylor has a huge dick! My brother slid his dick between my cheeks and slid it up and down my crack a few times before he pressed the head of his dick into my hole. I looked up at my dad and Mr. Taylor as my brother bottomed out in my ass. My brother in my ass and my daddy’s watching. This was such a turn on! Plus, my brother’s dick started doing the thing it does. I wanted to suck Mr. Taylor, but didn’t want a mouthful of suntan oil, so I just focused on my ass getting fucked. My brother was really getting verbal while he was fucking me. My dad and Mr. Taylor was really enjoying the show and my dad moved and crawled next to me. Mr Taylor smiled and moved behind him. I craned my neck and watched all nine inches disappear into my father’s ass. I looked back at my dad’s face and he was in pure ecstasy. He looked at me and the two of us began making out. Our bodies moved with the thrusts of the men fucking us. We were both moaning loudly and listened to Mr. Taylor and my brother tell us how nice our asses felt. Our moans increased as their fucking intensified. I thought my brother was close, but then he stopped and pulled out of my ass. I pulled away from my dad and looked behind me with a disappointed look, but then noticed Mr. Taylor had pulled out of my dad and the two were switching places. My ass was soon filled with nine inches of steel! I dropped my head on the cushion and counted each inch as he slid it into me. My dad grabbed my hand and he squeezed it as my brother penetrated him. The size of Mr. Taylor was incredible and felt amazing, but not like my brother. This was going to be a different fuck! My dad and I went back to kissing and I could tell my brother’s cock was treating my father very well! Mr. Taylor used every inch as he fucked me and would pull almost all the way out so I could feel the head of his cock enter and re-enter me over and over. This was so amazing! I looked up at my brother who smiled a huge smile down at me. He stared deep into my eyes and I watched as he picked up his pace. I wanted to watch him fill my dad’s ass. I nodded and he nodded back. He told my dad that he was going to breed his ass. I am going to fill you with your son’s load. Mr. Taylor must have liked what he was hearing and seeing because he was thrusting harder into my ass. The skin slapping on skin sounds echoed through the backyard. My brother continued his stare and then pressed his hips forward. I loved his cum face! He did a few more hard thrusts making sure his seed went deep into our father. I felt Mr. Taylor tightened his grip on my hips and pulled my ass back onto his cock and then his cock pulsed load after load of cum into me. My dad and I just were bred and we kissed each other as our men removed their dicks from our asses. Mr. Taylor and my brother switched places again and went down and sucked our swollen asses clean of the other’s load. We pulled ourselves into lounge chairs and spent an hour recovering from our morning fuck until the heat of the day began to get uncomfortable. We all jumped in the pool to cool down and then my dad suggested we get something to eat and drink. We had lost a lot of fluids in the past twenty-four hours so needed to replenish our bodies. We had lunch and spent the rest of the day lounging and swimming. Our cocks stayed soft all day. I don’t know why, but I love looking at a soft cock. Actually, I love sucking on soft cock. Feeling it roll around in my mouth. Mmmmmm. Watching it bounce side to side as someone walked. It was just interesting to me how different each cock looked when it was soft. Growers vs. Show-ers. Maybe I should become a urologist so I can spend my days looking at cocks. Of course I would probably have a hardon all day, so that may not be a good thing. We ordered some mexican for dinner. My dad had requested the delivery be brought around to the back yard. When the delivery guy walked in he froze. Four naked men can catch anyone off guard. He shook his head and my dad pointed to the table. My dad walked over to sign the slip and gave the guy a big tip. I heard him tell the delivery boy he was welcome to come back after his shift if he needed to cool off. He smiled, told my dad he would think about it and then left. I had texted Anthony and he was walking in as the delivery şişli travesti driver left. Anthony smiled and quickly stripped off his clothes to join us in our nakedness. We enjoyed our dinner and my brother made a huge pitcher of margaritas. We had spent the entire day naked and our bodies were very tan. We all looked good. I was loving my summer and Anthony was the cherry on top. His cock had recovered from the night before and he was sporting a huge hardon! My brother surprised me and began to flirt with Anthony. Not just flirt. He was touching his chest, stomach and even wrapped his hand around his cock. Anthony looked at me for approval. I nodded and Anthony leaned in and whispered in my brother’s ear. My brother smiled and the two went to a lounge chair and I watched as my brother lowered himself on Anthony’s cock. It was obvious Anthony was in awe of my brother and couldn’t believe he was fucking him. My dad, Mr. Taylor and I watched as my brother rode Anthony. Our cocks started to respond. This time I didn’t miss the chance and dropped to my knees and took Mr. Taylor in my mouth. Dad rubbed my head as I sucked his man. I moved between the two and I smiled as I sucked both men. My two daddies. Anthony and my brother’s moan brought me back to reality and I sprayed in my face because I turned to watch Anthony finish in my brother just as my dad was shooting his load. I didn’t waste a drop of Mr. Taylor’s load and as I wiped my face I used my dad’s load to jack myself off. My dad pulled me up into an embrace and he and Mr. Taylor made sure my face was cum free. The sun was setting and our dicks were spent! We cleaned up around the pool and headed inside for a movie. We all laid out on the couch and were one continuous string of man flesh. We watched an Avengers movie and all passed out. I stirred a bit and noticed my dad and Mr. Taylor had gone and the three of us boys were all snuggled up together. Anthony had his hand around my waist and my brother had his hand around Anthony’s dick. I tucked the pillow under my head and fell back asleep. The following week we were all busy working. My brother had to travel all week with his boss and an inspector. My dad said he would be working late hours on a project and that left Mr. Taylor and me. I had a couple hours at my job, but nothing extreme. Mr. Taylor, who has begun to insist I call him Bill, was able to work from home with some kids who were doing virtual summer school. Bill and I hung out and did lunch. I got to know him, more than just his dick, and really liked the man. The fact that he was hung was just a bonus! We were having lunch one day and he mentioned that he really liked my dad and what I thought about their relationship. I was going to give him a hard time, but decided to let him off the hook easily. I told him that I had never seen my dad so happy and I was thrilled they were together. He smiled and thanked me. He confessed he had never pushed the envelope with his sex life and getting to know me, my brother and father really opened up my eyes and I can never go back. We finished our lunch and Bill dropped me off at work. I told him Anthony could give me a ride home and then I planned on riding him! Bill rubbed his crotch. Sounds like a good plan! Bill met my dad, Anthony and I at the door with beers in hand and naked! He said he wanted to make sure his hard working men were rewarded for their hard day of work. I laughed as I only worked 5 hours, but I was not going to complain and my eyes became transfixed on Bill’s cock swaying back and forth. We walked to the patio and Bill had dinner waiting for us. I could definitely get used to this, my dad said. I smiled knowing my mom never greeted my dad this way. Eeewww, come to think of it, that would have been awkward and gross. We finished dinner and my dad stood and walked over to Bill. He leaned down and kissed him deeply and I watched as Bill’s dick began to grow. My dad got down on his knees and told Bill he was so thankful for him and has enjoyed every minute they have spent together. Bill’s cock twitched and continued to harden. My dad wrapped his hand around his cock and slid a silver cock ring onto the shaft. It didn’t make it very far, but the point was made. Bill felt the chill of the metal and then once he connected the dots he leaned in and kissed my dad. My dad stood and had a visible bulge in his pants. He took Bill by the hand and the two disappeared into the house. Anthony and I both agreed it was kind of corny, but kind of hot to propose with a cock ring. I smiled and said I couldn’t wait to see it on Bill! Anthony rubbed his crotch and said he would like to see one on me someday! I was taken back a bit. I hadn’t thought of him and I as more than dating, but I could see it moving farther. I took him by his hand and told him for now he would just have to take me as I am, every inch. He smiled and we disappeared into my bedroom. Bill moved in the following week and you’d think they were newlyweds and hadn’t had sex before. I caught them fucking, sucking and making out everywhere throughout the house. If they were in the same room together one of them had the other’s cock somewhere in their body! Of course, I am not complaining and I may have joined in on a couple of occasions. My brother came home from his trip and I told him what had happened and he said he kind of figured. Apparently, my dad talked to him and Bill had talked to me to make sure we were both ok with their relationship. My brother rubbed his crotch and said his dick and ass were sore from the amount of fucking he had done in the past week. His boss, the inspector and 3 guys from the crew spent every waking moment having sex, and even some when I wasn’t awake! Keith said he thought he had become a bottom even though the guys said he could never give up being a top with his incredible dick! He smiled and said he even had two of the guys fuck him at the same time. I gave him a high five and he said he needed a warm bath. I laughed when I heard him yell at my dad. DUDE, that’s my bed! Apparently his dick wasn’t too sore for one more round. We had two more weeks of summer and I really didn’t want to think about going back to school. This had been one of the best summers of my life and I wanted it to last longer! Brad and Sebastian were definitely a couple and had asked about renting the spare apartment. I was ok with it and it helped them be able to take appointments when convenient for the customers as they just needed to go downstairs. Ryan would be there to fill in when needed so I would just be the landlord and Ryan and Todd had decided to move in together, which my brother was ok with, as he said he really didn’t need Todd’s ass anymore and this year was project based, so he would be traveling and doing huge group project, so really wouldn’t have time for fucking like previous years. I was really considering my options and I wanted to see where Anthony and I were headed. Anthony was going to college close to home and I had still not fully committed to my major. The thought of living with my dad and Bill was a turn on. Having Anthony close was a turn on. Keeping my job at the beylikdüzü travesti store was not. But, two out of three ain’t bad. What to do? I spoke with my dad who totally supported whatever decision I made. He did mention that his company was always on the lookout for computer nerds and didn’t care about diplomas, as most were self made nerds! I titled my head and gave my dad an evil look. I am not a nerd. My dad laughed. Yes, you are. But, a hot nerd grabbing at my crotch. I asked Anthony to go out for dinner. I explained my thoughts and he took my hand and said he didn’t want to ask me to stay, but would really like it if I did and would love to see me in the stands during his football games. I asked what his teammates would think. He said he was ready to come out of the closet and fuck them if they can’t handle it, but he knew of a couple other guys on the team that were gay, so it should all be good. We finished our date and headed back to my house. My dad and Bill were in the living room, naked of course, and Bill was sucking my dad. My dad held Bill’s head in place as he told me the tech nerd gave me his number and if you can pass their test you have a job. Starting salary is impressive and he can meet with you tomorrow. I looked at Anthony and pulled him in for a kiss. He dropped to his knees and I looked at my dad as we both received blowjobs from our men. I met with Scott, the tech nerd, and I had a job! Anthony’s college was just 30 minutes past where I worked so we would be able to see each other often. My job was incredible. This is what I was made for. Yeah, my dad was right. I was a nerd. The guys, yes, all guys, I worked with with typical computer geeks. They all talked about the newest tech and were into adult anime. It was their porn. There was no way these guys would ever get laid. I had to wonder if any of them would venture into my sexual world. Something I knew about nerds. They may look scrawny and weak, but we are hung mother fuckers! The thought of a group of these nerds in an orgy may not be visually appealing, but I can guarantee there would be at least a couple 10″+ cocks in the bunch. I felt my cock swell as I looked around our tech world. School was back in session. Anthony had been doing his two a day workouts for the past couple weeks and he didn’t have the time or energy for us to get together and my brother would send a quick text complaining about how blue his balls were. My poor men! My dad and Bill, however, barely let their balls replenish before shooting another load into the other. I let them be alone together and felt I just wanted to wait for Anthony. His first game would be over the weekend and he said he would be ready for a serious fuck session after the game. I decided to use some of my new income to rent a room for the weekend right by the college. I didn’t think I would want to share his dorm room and the drive back to my house would be a bit too long. I found a place off a b&b website and liked that it was a stand alone place. I planned on a very boisterous weekend and didn’t want complaints from neighbors. I left work on Friday to drive to the university. I found the rental and dropped off my suitcase. I liked the room, it was nicely decorated, but the king size bed was the only thing that I was interested in. I left and headed to the stadium. Anthony told me to go to the will call office for my ticket. I was a bit nervous. I was alone and didn’t know anyone. Everyone was tailgating and having a great time. I am sure this was awesome, but I was alone, so it didn’t feel that way. When I got to the will call booth and gave my name the clerk looked me up and down and told me to step aside. I was confused but did as I was told. A few minutes later a group of people came over and a very perky girl introduced herself as Sabrina. Then she introduced Phil, Erik, Sarah, Kami and Mike. She said they were all friends of Anthony and he arranged for us to be your welcoming committee. The girls were all nice and surprisingly the guys were just as friendly. This was not what I was accustomed to. We walked over to a parking space and there were multiple coolers set up and music was blaring. Phil threw me a beer and Erik poured a round of shots. I felt part of the group immediately. Sarah handed me my shot and whispered that we all know about you and Anthony and he is quite the catch! We did our shot and Mike came over, rubbed my back. He asked if I was ready to see Anthony in all his glory. I smiled, he laughed and said not that glory! This group of people were incredible. No judgments, no drama, just friends. We drank for a bit more and then we headed into the game. This was a rowdy bunch and we met up with even more rowdy friends. The team came running out and Erik pointed out Anthony. He was number 39. I smiled as I saw his ass in his tight football pants. I hadn’t seen him like this and it was HOT! Erik punched me in the arm. Keep it in your pants dude! I noticed I was rubbing my crotch and quickly pulled my hand away. Erik laughed and told me not to worry about it. Anthony is definitely worth rubbing one out over and maybe we would get to know each other better in the near future. I smiled and said I thought I would like that. The game was incredible and our team won, even better! The “welcoming committee” took me back to the tailgating area and we waited for Anthony and apparently some boyfriends of the girls. As these men approached my mouth dropped open. They were all fresh from the shower – insert wet dream imagery here – and wearing very flattering shirts and shorts. A couple guys came up and wrapped their arms around their girlfriend and kissed them. Then Anthony came up and wrapped his arm around me and gave me a huge kiss. I was shocked and wasn’t sure what to expect when he pulled away. When he did, no one said or did anything. They just went about their business. Some of the guys had pulled the girls in front of them and I had to wonder if it was to cover their growing hardons, as I realized Anthony was behind me and I could feel his pressing against me. The guys without girlfriends and the other guys said they were headed to the bar. The guys with girlfriends smiled and said they would catch up with everyone tomorrow for brunch. As we all dispersed Anthony held my hand as we walked to our car. I looked at him amazed. Seriously, the guys are all good with you being gay and it’s no big deal. He nodded and said they had razzed him a bit, but a couple of the team captains laid down the law and mentioned they knew of a few guys who were on the down low, so, unless they wanted to be outed, get over themselves and focus on the game. He said he had to admit it was incredible to be embraced by jocks and he shared that a few guys asked him for his opinion about their cocks, should they manscape, etc. It was pretty comical. As I unlocked the car door Anthony pressed me against the door and his tongue was deep in my mouth, bulge practically ripping his pants open and his hands on my ass. I wanted to drop right there and take care of him, but we were in the middle of a parking lot and there were a few people coming istanbul travesti and going. I pushed him off and told him to hold that thought. While I drove he pulled out his cock and I stroked him. He was a water hose of precum. I was so ready to have him again I may have broken the speed limit as I drove to the rental. Anthony didn’t even try to cover up when he got out of the car. We ran in the house with his dick bobbing in front of him. I dropped to my knees as the door shut and I took his cock in my mouth. He moaned loudly and told me to suck him hard. He knew he wouldn’t last long and wanted to get it out of the way. This was a huge turn on for me. I was just an orifice for him to dump his load. His weeks of build up churned in his balls and within a minute he was overflowing my mouth with his cum. It oozed from my lips as I gulped what I could. His sounds filled the room. I milked every drop. I kept sucking and his cock stayed hard. He pulled me up for a kiss and then said he was ready for round two. We were still next to the entry door and stripped off our clothes and ran to the bedroom. With his first load out of the way and still having a hard cock I knew I was in for a marathon fuck. Anthony didn’t disappoint. We moved into many positions. I lost count. My ass was screaming with pleasure and so was I. Oh how I missed this man. We were in Anthony’s favorite position, doggie, and he said he was ready to breed me. I moaned yes and felt him fill me with his warm wetness. I could feel his entire body shake. When he finally went soft he collapsed next to me and threw an arm over his head. He breathed heavily. I snuggled next to him. I slid my hand over his chest and down to his softening, but not soft, cock. I slid down and cleaned his cock and balls of his load. He finally pushed me away, moaning he was too sensitive. I slid back up his body and whispered in his ear how much I missed him. He moved his arm around me and pulled me tight then into a wet kiss. He reached down to my cock and found it hard. He smiled and slid down taking my cock into his mouth, then moved on top of me and took it in his ass. My cock in his ass, his hips moving slowly. He played with my nipples and I grabbed at his ass. He was moaning and his cock grew. His hips picked up the pace and his cock grew harder. He grabbed my hands and put them on his nipples. His chest was more developed than before. His workouts definitely made some changes to his body! I pinched and he told me harder. I pinched harder, he moved his hips faster. He groaned harder. I pinched harder, He looked down at me with a deep sexual lust in his eyes and growled, FUCKING PINCH THEM HARDER. I did as he demanded with a twist. He screamed and shot his load up my chest which milked my cock of my load and I filled his hole. We stayed in that position and I felt cum ooze from his hole down my balls. He kept moving his hips until my cock slid from his ass. He laid down on top of me and I wrapped my arms around his body. I could feel his breathing and knew he had dozed off. I pulled the sheet over us and let him stay on top of me as I fell asleep. He was still mostly on top of me when we woke up. Our cocks were rock hard and we made quick work of our first load of the day. We showered and he said we needed to meet up with the team for brunch. I frowned and told him I just wanted to keep him naked and to myself all weekend. He moved his hips back and forth and his dick followed. It’s all yours, all weekend, except for brunch. It’s a team tradition. Trust me, the other guys will be thinking the same thing and the brunch will be quick. He leaned into me. I can guarantee there will be multiple boners at the table desperately wanting to get back into a hole somewhere. I smiled and told him that I had painted a very nice picture in my head. As we drove to the restaurant I mentioned Erik’s comment and he smiled. Yeah, he and I have messed around and he really wants to do a threeway with you and me, especially after I told him how big your cock is. But, this weekend it’s just you and me and he grabbed at my crotch. We were the first to arrive and took a seat at the table. Anthony positioned me so I could watch as the men walked towards the table. As they walked in I drooled with the bulges that approached me. – insert another wet dream – The guys who arrived first were all single guys. The guys talked about hooking up with some random girls last night and one of the guys teased two guys that shared a girl. He commented that based on what he has seen in the shower she must be walking funny this morning! The guys smiled and knuckle punched each other. The boyfriend/girlfriend couples showed up next and the girls were all handsy with their men and were not shy about rubbing their hands between the guy’s legs. Once everyone was seated we raised our glasses to the new season and no more two a days! We ate and just as Anthony had said everyone was ready to leave. Based on some of the bulges their may be some sex going on in the parking lot, oh wait, I just saw two go into the bathroom. They couldn’t even wait to get into their car. I was horny as fuck and leaned over to Anthony and told him to follow me. He smiled and we went to the same restroom I had just seen the couple go into. When I opened the door I heard noise and then it was quiet. I smiled knowing they didn’t want to get caught. I took Anthony into the stall right next to them and pulled his shorts down. I made sure the couple next to us knew what we were doing. A few seconds later their sounds matched ours. Anthony smiled, finally realizing what I had done. Anthony grinned. He grabbed my hair and told me to suck his cock. The guy next to us told the girl to do the same thing. Anthony told me to suck on his balls. The guy next door did the same. Anthony told me to stroke his cock. The guy next door did the same. The moans from our neighbors indicated they were liking Anthony’s guidance. Anthony smiled down at me. Finger my ass. I heard the guy next to us. Finger my, he paused and I heard an audible guld, ass. His moan confirmed his girl was probing his hole. Anthony threw his head back and told me to suck harder. The guy next to us moaned the same thing. Anthony told me he was ready to blow. The guy next to us said the same. They moaned in unison as they unleashed their orgasm into our mouths. When they were done they zipped up and we exited the stall. A second later his teammate and girlfriend exited as well. She smiled at me and his teammate smiled at Anthony and thanked him, saying that was the best orgasm he had ever had! Anthony smiled and said you’re welcome. We all left the bathroom catching the eyes of some guests. We walked quickly to the parking lot and headed back to the rental. Anthony pushed me back on the bed and pulled off my pants. He told me it was my turn and went down on me quickly releasing my own load. We lay next to each other for a few minutes and I told him I would need to head home soon. He frowned and said not until we fuck each other a couple more times and rolled on top of me letting his growing cock snake between my legs. We did fuck a couple more times and both of us admitted our balls were fully drained. As I drove back home I smiled with the events of the weekend, the amount of fucking Anthony and I did along with the feeling of his cum in my ass. I liked Anthony. I liked Anthony alot!

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