18 Mart 2023

My Chocolate Prince


Sometimes you never know who you are going to bump into when you go out into the world. I guess that it what I like about life. It’s always interesting and keeps you guessing.

As far as events go, I don’t think I have ever written about something so soon after it happened. This one needs to be shared.

I was at The Rock Bottom restaurant not too long ago with some girlfriends. It started out as your typical Friday night. Needing to blow off some steam we ate, drank, and laughed away the frustration of another week.

About five glasses of Merlot in, I had to go to the restroom so my girl Vanessa joined me. As I passed an area near the restroom, I thought I heard someone call my name.

I gave it no second thought and went about my business. When I was done conducting that business, I heard my name again. This time I looked out in the direction of the voice and saw someone quite improbable.

An old Facebook friend that I hadn’t talked to since everything started happening with my stalker and Beth’s illness. I recognized that smile anywhere. I shouted “oh my God” and grabbed Vanessa by the hand to meet up with a young man I had affectionately once called my Chocolate Prince during our many conversations and eventually play sessions on Facebook.

“Angel, what are you doing here?” Dennis asked me with a wide smile. I reached up and kissed him on the cheek before hugging him. His arms enveloped me and right away I could tell that his boasts of being a strong guy weren’t an exaggeration. He really was like a big teddy bear.

Well, not exactly.

Dressed in black slacks and a navy dress shirt, he fit in well with the downtown Charlotte crowd and was very yummy. I had to explain to Vanessa who he was and how we came to meet. Before long, the three of us were like old friends and I brought him to join us at our table. He was charming.

More so in person than I had remembered from our Facebook talks. Turns out he was in Charlotte on business. His company was looking to expand east and build some new hotels. He shared with me the details of his life the past three years. Obviously he got a promotion. He got a girlfriend, to which Vanessa asked about. She wondered how serious they were. I had wondered as well, mostly because the idea of forbidden fruit after being so ‘intimate’ with him on Facebook was intriguing.

In the course of an hour or so, he had become the center of attention and he had the six of us beguiled by his humor and wit. He fit in with us perfectly and I can attest to at least three of us who wanted to know how well he would have fit in them. I am not counting myself by the way.

And to be clear, it wasn’t because I wasn’t interested.

Trust me, I was.

I had noticed he spent a lot of time looking at me and smiling. My innards swooned every time he did. If he wasn’t looking at all my friends with that same charm, I might have felt special. As the night moved on, the gang slowly broke up. Some had to go and play the role of mom. Others the role of wife.

Vanessa, Justinia, and myself had no such commitments. Justinia, our transgendered queen, loved to dance and suggested The Roxbury. Dennis was all game and spent the walk with three gorgeous women on his arms.

By this time, Vanessa had let it be known what her intentions were. Whether through interest or politeness, Dennis kept his cool and while flirted, quite heavily I must add, never crossed any lines.

At least not yet.

Crowded and filled with attractive men and women from all walks of life, the four of us got comfortable with a round of drinks before hitting the dance floor. Justinia was first and within minutes had found herself as the focus of the floor.

I watched Dennis with keen interest. As he and Vanessa paired off, I witnessed the most sexual of moves that two people could perform while still wearing clothes. My clit panned with need. Still I wasn’t going to cut in and steal Vanessa’s thunder. Friends and ‘sisters’ don’t do that. I was happy for her. It hadn’t been so long ago when she had lost her husband. To see her cut loose was nice.

It was the first time since Brad became ill that she had let her hair down and be the Vanessa I had known so well. However when ‘Loving, Touching, Squeezing’ by Journey came on, it was Vanessa who grabbed me by my hand and pulled me into mix.

She planted a kiss on me, while not surprising entirely given we had one night between us very early on in her grieving process, it was the deepness of the kiss and the way her body was humming for me that I found very surprising and very arousing.

As I was pulled into their midst, I soon succumbed to the music and the mood. Before long the three of our bodies began to lean, writhe, and undulate onto one another’s. Without a word or any planning of the sort, Vanessa and I took a page out of Wild Things and began to seduce Dennis. When Vanessa reached over Dennis to pull me near and planted a kiss on me, my breath was stolen. beşiktaş escort

I could see his eyes widen with interest, especially as our mouths opened, our tongues found each other and the kiss deepened. When the kiss between us was over, I grabbed Dennis by the collar of his shirt and pulled him to me.

We kissed. Our lips tasted of liquor and wine and our tongues met. Clashing for control at first, the need to dominate ending soon, giving way to slow and luxurious sensual sensations that made my heart swoon and beat faster within my chest.

Vanessa had already begun to reach over him and clench him tight, kissing his neck. To my surprise, he didn’t stop us. In fact when I felt his hand on the bottom of my sweater dress and rub against my thigh, I lifted it against him to encourage more from him. After losing ourselves in the song, it’s conclusion saw the three of us return to a more respectful nature.

Albeit we were all a little disheveled but ever so primed for the sins of the flesh that I knew laid in our future.

Justinia teased us for our display but admitted it was the hottest thing she’d seen. We all shared a laugh. Dennis winked at me, covering my hand in his. Whatever air I had in my sail was stolen as I thought about him hiking my sweater up and taking me here and now.

Vanessa looked at me and nodded. Our minds were thinking about the same thing.

The remainder of the night would see Vanessa draped on Dennis. He welcomed her attention and they shared quite a few smackerings on the lips and few playful patterings.

As the doors were locking up, the four of us walked back towards our cars. Justinia told us that she had fun and we needed to do it again soon. She shook Dennis’s hand and blew us a kiss goodbye. With arms wrapped around both Vanessa and myself, Dennis told us it had been fun but he needed to get to bed. It had been a long day.

The fact his eyes were latched onto me, burning several holes into me did not escape me.

Vanessa turned in his arms, reached up and holding his head firmly in her hands, planted such a passionate and deep kiss on him. He returned her kiss with as much fervor as she had shown him.

I stood there and watched my Chocolate Prince make out with one of my dearest friends. Surprisingly I wasn’t jealous. It filled me with need and the hope that maybe we could share our longing together.

Then Vanessa pulled away from him. Her face was flushed and there was regret in her teary eyes. She couldn’t do it. She placed a hand on Dennis’s chest. Held it there for the longest of moments and then looked into his eyes. “I can’t”, she softly spoke, “kissing another man is one thing. I am not ready to sleep with another man though.”

Dennis understood, nodded and kissed her on the forehead. I stepped over and hugged Vanessa. I was proud of that girl. Took a lot for her to step out like this so soon after Brad’s passing.

Vanessa drove away and left the two of there with years of sexual tension hanging between us. He told me that he was up at the Ritz-Carlton if I interested in staying for a while.

I laughed at him, knowing exactly what a while meant. As it was already oh-dark-thirty, and I lived 40 minutes away, I said yes.

While we walked, we caught up on some personal stuff. We also made out a few times. Entering the lobby, he said hello to the person at the desk, with my arm in his. He pressed the button to the elevator and we waited. I did so, not very patiently.

The door chimed open, he let me enter first and when the door finally closed, I bunched his shirt in my hands and threw him against the opposing wall. Pulling his head down, I kissed him. I parted his lips with my teeth and let my tongue assail his.

He reached for my waist and held me against him. The door chimed and he pushed me towards the hallway. Our lips did not part. We continued to kiss, fondle, and press against each other until we stopped at a door. I waited with erotic anxiety as he opened his wallet and slid the key card. He pushed the door open and then grabbed me by the arm and swung me into his room.

His palms were hot against my bare forearms. So strong. Very determined. There were no traces of the young, insecure man I had met online so many years ago.

Dennis guided me to the nearby couch where I flipped the tables on him and pushed him backwards. I licked my bottom lip as I saw him fall into the cushions below.

I straddled his lap, the yarn of my sweater dress stretched as I clenched each of my legs hard against his thigh. Naturally, it rose over his thighs and if he wanted to, Dennis could have fingered my pussy. I felt my body tingle at the thought.

He adjusted me and I could feel the outline of his cock pressed against the thin material of my panties. I closed my eyes to envelop the masculine scent of him, only for them to dart open because I desperately needed to feel him touch beşyol escort me. I wanted to watch him touch me. I needed to watch and feel years of curiosity turn into wild reality at this moment. Moisture covered my sex and my body was ready to go into melt down mode as he devoured me with his eyes.

Palms glided against up my arms and under the knit fabric of my sweater dress to clench my shoulders. I watched the curve of his lips as they turned upwards and his hands lowering down my arm and out from under my dress to take a few strands of hair in his hand and threaded them like pieces of clay he was about to mold.

There was a reverence in the way he touched me.

An appreciation.

It was something few men ever took the time to do. I was indeed clay in his hands at that moment.

I loved it.

His eyes grew so soft, the look was so deep that I lost my breath as the moment hung between us longer than either of us could have expected.

He told me that it was surreal. Touching me, finally, after all of those years spent pining for me.

There was also a soberness about him as he expressed concerns about his girlfriend. He couldn’t betray her in such a manner.

I reached out and touched the back of my hand along his stubbled chin. I told him that this was ok. I would accept any decision he wanted to make.

My assurance seemed to bolden him. His fingers tightened around my skull and he brought my mouth down upon his. His lips were soft, yet demanding. I sighed into his touch and the kiss. My body surrendered to him at that exact moment. The moment my muscles went lax, his tongue parted my lips and all semblance of slow and easy fell away from us.

Our tongues collided in a rush, both hungry and seeking, as I moaned my desire into this mouth. My hands began to roam, grabbing at his shirt pressing at the warm body beneath me, cursing the fact we were still clothed.

I had spent years teasing and teaching him, never fully aware that I was preparing the boy for the man he was about to show me he had become. The pent-up desire that had been building throughout the night was pouring into the connection between us. It was beyond electric, stronger than static coursing over and through my skin.

My senses were very heightened.

The feel of his hands against my scalp and the spicy scent of his cologne had teamed with the stubble against my face to amplify a most welcoming truth about my current situation.

He had lit me up like few men had before and I wanted him to decorate my body like one would a Christmas tree.

His kiss matched my desperation. Those talented lips and mouth were drinking me in and consuming me one stroke and nibble at a time. Dennis arched those hips and grinded his cock against the center of my sex and forced a deep moan into his mouth. In that moment, he knew that I was ready to experience whatever he wanted to do to me.

With untethered abandon I rocked forward and curled my fingers into his navy shirt and held tight as he bit my bottom lip and worked his way into the curve of my neck.

Those strong hands lowered to the curve of my hips and guided me to him in a slow, undulating motion so his hardened length could tease my slippery cleft and made my skin go flushed all over. When the time came and he grazed my collarbone with his teeth, I let out a pleading gasp that spoke his name.

“I want you to come for me,” he said, the heated command hitting me like a branding iron and marked places inside of me that stung and hungered for the next touch of his steely rod.

The shift in the gentleness I had seen just a few moments before had become one so absolutely sexy and demanding that I swore my pussy could have sung his name for hours. I couldn’t and did not respond verbally.

I felt his hand move between my spread legs and I saw him close his eyes and absorbed my reaction. He cupped my sex through the thin cotton and massaged me with toe-curling accuracy using the heel of his hand.

Fuck I whispered against the pangs of want my body throbbed with. My head tilted back and pleasure crawled up my spine. It wouldn’t take long for him to provoke a climatic response from me. I had always been adept at handling my own needs when we played online but the thoughts once harbored about him touching me for so long had already brought me to the edge. It was as if this particular orgasm had been lying in wait for years, as if only he could physically coax it out of me.

While he continued his skillful, rocking pressure between my thighs, his free hand traced up my breastbone and brushed the inner curves of my breasts through my sweater and then by collaring my neck. It produced an overwhelming rush of need in my body and the press of his palm against the hollow of my throat had nearly slayed me.

I closed my eyes against the dueling sensations of helplessness and desire as he held me in the exact spot he wanted. beykent escort I prayed he would not allow me to escape his erotic torment.

“Come for me, my Angel”, he cooed in a voice like warm cider on a cold winter’s night, “I’ve imagined it one too many times alone in my bed or at my desk. I want to know what you sound like when you break open.”

His words set me aflame. Images of Dennis slipping his hand beneath the covers at night, taking his cock in his hand and thinking of me proved too much for my stampeding hormones to handle. His grip tightened against my throat and the hand between my legs became more intense and precise, causing my swollen nub to pulse in tandem with my erratic heart beat.

At his last command, the release we both sought crash over me. It wrenched a sharp, keening cry from my throat. My hips bucked against his hand and I shamelessly sought every bit of pleasure he was willing to bestow upon me as I rode that incredulous wave of orgasm.

“That’s it,” he spoke, eyes and smile wide, as he held me in place. The strain of his voice as he spoke was not indicative of how controlled he seemed.

“You are so fucking gorgeous.” he slyly cooed against my ear.

I shuddered hard and my breath came out in ragged gasps, as he said good girl to me most teasingly.

As if he knew the exact moment that I couldn’t take anymore, he moved his hand away and her me against his body. Dennis pressed my forehead into his shoulder as I panted my way back down from my peak. His fingers caressed my back, tracing my spine. That relaxing move could not hide the fact that his erection was a most prominent and insisting pressure against my hip.

Brushing a gentle palm over the back of my head, he laughed confidently, asking me if I was ok.

I was fantastic, I murmured into the curve of his neck. I shifted my weight and languidly reached down to clasp the hard ridge of his cock through his slacks. “Now it’s your turn, my chocolate prince.”

He grabbed my wrist, not roughly, firmly enough to halt my movement. Startled I sat back to face him and he brought his hand to his mouth and kissed the inside of my wrist.

“Tonight is about you.”


The words rolled over and over in my head.

I couldn’t wait to touch and explore him. I wanted to pleasure myself as I pleasured him. My mouth watered at the thought of sliding down between his knees and taking his cock between my lips and to finally know what he tasted like.

His entire body was tense, but he didn’t move. That wasn’t good for me. Time to take charge.

I reached up his chest and began to carefully work the buttons on his dress shirt. Pushing the shirt open, I leaned in and raked my tongue over his nipple. I nipped the already hardened tip with my teeth and pulled very slightly.

A dark smattering of chest hair tracked across his pecs and narrowed to a line down his abdomen, disappearing below his belt. I had the urge to lick his skin and taste more of his body and to trace that line downward.

My hands traced down to his belt buckle, slowly dragging the leather through the metal and I thoroughly enjoyed the way his cock twitched behind the fabric of his pants. I clenched my legs against his and felt my clit awaken at the thought of his naked cock shooting his hot liquid onto my flesh. My body was begging for what I had imagined for so long.

I unfastened his button and pulled down the zipper, sliding onto the floor in front of him as I pushed his pants and boxer briefs down in one swift motion as he aided me by raising his hips.

His cock bobbed free, thick and so fucking mesmerizing that I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out and caressing the sure-to-be-silky skin. I couldn’t help but appreciate the pure primitive beauty of his arousal. Every part of him was calling to me.

I hummed my approval at him, surprised that I did not have the words to speak. Even more surprising was the fact that I was left breathless. I rose up on my knees and took him into my hand. The heat of him was searing in my cold hands. He tensed a bit at my touch and I felt a humorous tickle in the back of my throat.

I felt his fingers thread along the back of my hair. Possessive as they were, they were not pulling me. He was ‘allowing’ me to do with him as I want.

I closed my eyes as he touched me again. I leaned to him and dragged my cheek against the length of him, the smooth warmth sending a ripple of reckless desire through me. He loosened his grip on me and I nuzzled the trimmed hair at the base of his cock and his masculine scent sent a jolt of adrenaline to my own arousal. I dipped down and ran my lips along his sac and he moaned my name.

I pulled away from him to tug off his shoes and socks so that I could remove his pants. He took my hand and helped me back to my feet, then tugged me against him. He pressed a kiss to my mouth as his palms roamed my back and his tongue worked a slow, sensual dance against mine.

Dennis grabbed the back of my thighs and lifted me against him and held me without breaking away from the kiss. His cock pressed against my belly and I whimpered in desperation.

He pulled back for a moment, his gaze tracing over my face. He told me that he still couldn’t believe that he was here with me. I pulled him to me and reignited the kiss.

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