18 Mart 2023

My Dream Man


This was my first Law Society dinner since I was hired by Beauchamp and Partners as an articled clerk and I was a little in awe of the people there. It was held in the ballroom of the most prestigious hotel in town. There was so much power concentrated in this room, so many men and women who, with a glance or a raised eyebrow could make or break a person’s future.

I sat at a table with several junior clerks and paralegals far removed from the official table. The important guys were at a table in the front row close to the official table and the lectern that was being used by the speakers. The girls were all frocked up, I had a little black number designed to attract attention, cut low enough to expose my unsupported boobs and short enough to reveal much of my other assets, my black stocking clad legs. The guys at our table were all wearing rented tux’s and looked the part of young lawyers on the rise up the legal ladder.

I took a second sip of my chardonnay and glanced around the room just as a man walked into the room and took his seat at the main table. “Oh my God!” I grabbed Stephanie on the arm so tightly that she flinched, “Who is he?”

“He, who?”

“That guy that just sat at the main table is who.”

“Oh, him. That’s the famous Mitchell Gray, only the top corporate lawyer in the whole country. What he doesn’t know about company law isn’t worth knowing. He’s the go to guy for all things corporate. Some even say that there’s a total eclipse of the sun when he puts his jocks on in the morning. It is said that if a company wants to wriggle out of some shady deal they call on his services.”

“I don’t care about that stuff, I want to know about the important things like is he married and if not does he have a girl-friend and if it’s ‘no’ to those is he gay?”

“He is not married and I don’t think he has a girl-friend but I do know that he’s definitely not gay.”

“Have you ever seen anyone so gorgeous in your entire life?” I was losing control here, I just simply had to meet this man.

“Down girl. He’s way out of your league and what makes you think that he’d even be the slightest bit interested in an articled clerk. To attract his attention you’d have to be at the very least a solicitor.”

“A girl can dream can’t she? What I do know is that I’m wet and I’ll have to go to the little girls’ room to clean up.” I got up and Stephanie followed. I caught him glancing in my direction as we left the room. As I sat in the cubicle attempting to stem the flow from my pussy the door opened and another couple of women came in.

“I see that Mitchell’s been hired to defend in that insider trading trial. The guy’s home free.”

“I don’t know so much, the word has it that he was caught cold and the prosecution has a huge pile of evidence against him.”

“Be that as it may, Mitchell’s on the case.”

My heart skipped a beat, I knew something of the case that they were talking about and, although there was an overwhelming amount of evidence against him, the file that I read suggested that much of it was circumstantial. I also knew the man on trial and I had come to the conclusion that he was as straight as a stock broker could be. Maybe this was my chance.

As Stephanie and I left the restroom area I bumped into a man coming in. “Oops, sorry.” I looked straight into his eyes.

“Don’t be, it was my fault, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” His eyes smiled at me and I almost lost what little resolve I had.

“I know that this is forward of me, but could you spare me a few minutes of your valuable time, I have some information that may be of use to you.”

The smile left his eyes to be replaced by a puzzled expression, was this for real or just a come-on? He decided that it must be for real. “Wait here while I answer the call of nature.”

“Yes Sir.”

“I hope that you know what you’re doing, you can’t just front up to someone like Mitchell Gray with a line like that.”

“I have, and it’s not a line, I’m serious.”

Mitchell came out of the restroom. “Now what do you want to tell me?”

“I have information that proves your client to be totally innocent of insider trading.”

“Come with me.” He led me into a tiny room off the main room. “Tell me more.”

“My cousin works for your client and has told me that he did not have inside information about the take-over of the company that he bought shares in before the announcement was made and the share prices went up through the roof.”

“And he can prove all of this?”

“Yes. You see, what happened is that he had a call from a bond salesman who asked him if he was prepared to sell the shares that he held in this company. This made him curious because the stocks had not traded for years because it was common knowledge that the founder of this hardware chain was never going to sell, so why the sudden interest? His curiosity piqued, he did some investigating and discovered that the man’s son had forced a competency test and had him declared incompetent to beylikdüzü escort run the company, thereby gaining control. What he also found out that the son had made several trips to China over the last six months where he had been in discussions with executives from a large company that was looking to expand into our market. He asked his broker to buy up all shares not owned by the family, hoping to make a huge fortune when the take-over was announced.”

“It didn’t take long to track down the other shareholders and offer to buy their shares at a slightly higher price than the son was offering, and in most cases he got in before the other trader. When the son heard what had happened he made all sorts of threats against my cousin’s boss, including that he would destroy his reputation as a trader and that he would meet an untimely and very painful end. The recording of the phone conversations between your client and the bond trader that should support his story have been edited to implicate your client. A competent computer analysis of the tape will reveal that. Your client thought that his copy had been stolen when he couldn’t find it, but my cousin has it and it supports your client’s side of the story.”

“That’s very interesting. What are you doing after this show?”

“I had nothing planned, why?”

“You came here wearing that dress and you tell me that you didn’t plan to attract the attention of some unsuspecting male?”

“Now that you mention it, I had thought of something like that.”

“Come with me and we’ll discuss this matter in greater detail back at my place, or, if that makes you feel uncomfortable, your place.”

My mind went back to the dresses that I had tried on and discarded as unsuitable for the occasion that I had intended to hang up in the morning and decided that his place would be better. “My place is a shambles right now so it looks like your place wins.”

“What makes you think my place isn’t a shambles too?”

“Is it?”

“No, actually it’s not. As soon as I can get away from the boredom of the top table I’ll come over and get you, that’ll give your friends something to talk about.” He bent over and gave me a peck on the cheek that got me gushing again but I wasn’t going to let that bother me any more.

I sat next to Stephanie’s puzzled expression. “Well?”


“Bullshit! Darcy Nelson you are the worst liar that I have ever met. You don’t expect me to believe that you engineered that meeting and talked to him for, like hours, and nothing came of it, Fess up girl, I want all the details.”

“Nothing to tell.”

She eventually gave up and turned her attention to one of the men at our table who, if I hadn’t now had other plans, I would have chosen for myself. I left her to her devises and kept a close eye on Mitchell. I watched as he slowly extricated himself from the table and made his way towards my table, the eyes of many women following his path, a mixture of curiosity and jealousy on their faces. He stood behind my chair and bent over to whisper in my ear, “Ready Darcy?” As I stood he pulled the chair from under me and I turned to face him, my most seductive smile directed only at him. He returned the smile, aware that I was hoping to gain as much mileage from this as I could.

As I grabbed my purse and walked towards the door I felt his hand at my waist and heard Stephanie’s whisper, “Bitch! Nothing happened, huh! Just wait till I see you again.”

We left the hotel and the valet guy went to fetch his car. I was impressed when it pulled up next to us, brand new and gleaming, but somehow it didn’t sound like any Jaguar that I had heard before and, because my father had been in the Jaguar Car Club, I had heard a few over the years. So this was one of the new XF diesels. The valet guy held the door open for me and copped a healthy glimpse of leg as I slid inside. He blushed when he saw that Mitchell was watching him and hurriedly closed the door and went to serve another customer.

“You’ve made an impression tonight, you realize that don’t you?”

“No more than you, my friend Stephanie was just about ready to kill me when you came over to our table.” He eased into the traffic and headed towards the coast, the car sliding easily along the road. Mitchell seemed at ease in this environment and his relaxed driving style had me losing the tension that had been building up ever since he suggested that I accompany him home.

We pulled into the car park of one of the newish and very luxurious beachfront apartment buildings. In the lift on the way to the penthouse he turned to me, “You know, if you hadn’t bumped into me when you did I would have had to engineer a way to meet you, you saved me the bother, you were clearly the most beautiful woman there.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“No, I don’t kid about things like this. You chose a dress that suited your looks and personality, and that highlighted your best features. Not beyoğlu escort only were you the most beautiful there but you were the most attractive. Some women are beautiful but are so shallow that they are not attractive. You Darcy are both.”

We had reached his apartment and, as we entered I had to stop and take it all in. “Wow! This is the most amazing apartment that I have ever seen, the view is to die for!” I took in the furniture and it was all perfect, but where was the TV, where was the sound system? He pushed a button on a control panel and soft, seductive music wafted through the room.

I stood admiring the view over the sea, the boats drifting by the reflection of their lights in the calm sea. Mitchell came and stood behind me, his arms around me drawing me back to his body, his warm, hard body. I could see our reflection in the window and I was reminded of those romantic movies where the couple return from a night out and pause for a quiet moment before making love.

“Mmm, your hair smells nice.” His nose was buried in my hair. I tilted my head to one side offering my throat to him, he accepted the offer and I felt his lips brush against my skin, his nose taking in the perfume that I had sprayed on the pulse point, its floral aroma with a hint of musk in the after notes had better work after the price that I paid for it.

I had my eyes closed so I didn’t see his hands move to my breasts, cupping them and searching for my nipples with his thumb and forefinger. They weren’t hard to find, standing out as they were and getting harder as he squeezed them. “Whatever it is you’re planning to do to me, don’t you dare stop.”

“I have no intention of stopping.” But he did, but not before one of his hands moved south and found my pussy hiding under only two layers of fabric, my dress and my almost non-existent thong. I pushed against his hand, a movement that allowed me just enough room to move my hand between us and feel his impressively hard, and big, cock.

He took my hand in his and removed it from his cock. “No touching. Tonight is just for you Darcy darling.”

“Don’t I have any say in this?” I didn’t want any say in this but a girl has to maintain the appearance of some sort of control over proceedings right?

“We’ll see. But for now allow me to dictate terms.”

He released his hold on me just long enough to turn me around to face him. I looked into his eyes for a second before his lips found mine, hell they weren’t hiding from him, then I closed them, my eyes that is.

His lips retreated from mine. “Would you like something to drink?” they came back just after I answered. Mitchell walked to what appeared to be a blank wall and pushed a panel which popped open to reveal a bar.

“What do you have?”

“Whatever you desire, name it and it’s yours.”

I thought about that for a second and resisted saying; “You.”

“I think I’ll just have a white wine if that’s okay.”

“Perfect.” He opened a bottle and placed it into an ice bucket and carried it and two glasses over to where I sat. He showed me the bottle and I saw that it was a Marlborough Region Sauvignon Blanc, the Kiwis do that wine so well, at least that’s what my father reckons.

I sipped my wine, I was not disappointed, “Mmm, nice.”

“You know something about wine do you?”

“My father had friends in the wine industry and I used to go with him when he was restocking his cellar.”

“What is your favourite wine style?”

“It’s probably easier to tell you what I don’t like, I don’t like spirits of any sort the same thing goes for cheap red wine and sparklings, instant hangovers and I hate hangovers.”

“Come.” He led me to another part of the wall which turned out to be racks of wine bottles. I took one out and immediately recognised the label, a ‘Hill of

Grace’ from Henschkes. Closer inspection revealed not a ‘Grange’ in sight.

“No Grange I see, why is that, I would have thought that you would have at least one to impress whoever you bring here.”

He gave me a strange look. “Why would I have to impress people? Do I strike you as someone who has to do that? Would you have been impressed if you knew that I had spent six hundred dollars on a bottle of wine that I would probably never drink just to impress people?”

“No, of course not. You’ve managed to impress me without a Grange and without even trying.”

My glass was empty and was topped up. We sat on his large Chesterfield looking at the view and allowing the music to set the mood. I hoped that he had forgotten why he invited me here tonight, if that was the real reason.

“This is nice, so relaxing, it sure as hell beats going home to an apartment with clothes scattered all over the bed and dishes in the sink. I could get used to this lifestyle.”

“Is that why you’re studying Law?”

“No, of course not. I don’t want to sound like some sort of idealist but I’d be happy working for some legal bizimkent escort aid firm just as long as I felt that I was making some difference to the people I work for.”

“You aren’t intending to concentrate on commercial law then?”

“I would if only to help the little man get justice against the robber barons of the commercial world. I have a problem with the way that they think that they can ride roughshod over anyone who doesn’t comply with their desires.” I had climbed onto my favourite soap box and was getting carried away when I realised that his fingers were lightly touching my thigh. Do I stop him or do I let him continue to see just how far he was going to go. Stupid question Darcy, you allow him to bring you here, you fancy the man like crazy and you even think about stopping him, get real girl.

He noticed my hand shaking and took the glass from it and placed it on the coffee table, his one hand resumed its exploration of my thigh while the other brushed a wisp of hair from my face, looping it over my ear. If he hadn’t taken the glass from me there would have been wine all over the leather.

I closed my eyes and allowed my head to rest back against the chesterfield. I felt his lips brush mine sending a wave of electricity right through my body. My God, this man, this god among men was seducing me and I was doing nothing to stop him, in fact I was consciously willing him on in his endeavours. His lips brushed mine again and paused mid brush, I believe he is waiting for my reaction so I reacted, allowing my lips to part, willing his tongue to enter. It did. Its tip reached the tip of my tongue and caressed it. I pushed my lips against his, forcing his tongue further into my mouth. His hand, the one that wasn’t edging its way further up my thigh, reached up behind my head and pulled me even closer to him.

The other hand had reached the top of my stocking, yes stocking, I had spent a fortune on proper stockings and suspenders, and yes, I even had to go to an ‘Adult Shop’ to get it, just so I wasn’t encumbered by pantihose when the man of choice reached this point. I felt a finger slip under the stocking top and pull it away from my flesh before letting it flick back in place. It continued north until it reached my sopping wet thong where it moved back and forth, only the fabric preventing it from entering my pussy. If he keeps this up much longer I’ll be coming all over his finger. He kept it up and a shudder swept through my body and I pushed down on his finger forcing it hard against my pussy.

His finger moved the thong aside and entered me and I lost control of my body, my hips jerked back and forth as his finger went deeper inside me until I felt a whole lot of fluid squirt from my pussy, all over the leather.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I’ve never done that before. I couldn’t stop it once it started. I’d better get something to clean up this mess before it damages your expensive sofa.”

“No, leave it. I want the stain to remind us of the first time that I made you cum.”

The first time? Does this mean that this god, this Adonis, this man of my dreams is going to make me cum again?

Mitchell stood and helped me to my feet. “Come with me.” He led me into his boudoir, his master bedroom with the emphasis on master. This was a room where he would be totally in control. The huge bed dominated the centre of the room, its cover a deep red colour to match one wall. The other walls were mirrored and provided a three sided view of any action. The ceiling above the bed was similarly mirrored. Wow I could watch his arse bouncing up and down while he fucked me.

We stood there for several minutes, me admiring myself in the mirror, I did look sexy and I was proud of it, after all it had gotten me this far hadn’t it?

“You look so sexy, do you know that?” His hand reached for the zipper at the back of my dress and it dropped to the floor leaving me naked except for my black thong, stockings and suspenders. “My god, I am really impressed.” He cupped my breasts, tweaking my nipples, I was getting weak at the knees about now. “These are truly the most perfect breasts that I have ever seen, or felt, in my entire life.” Flattery, I thought, will get you everywhere.

“No fair, I’m standing here in all my glory and you are still fully clothed, when do I get something to feast my eyes on?”

“Soon, be patient, all will come to those who wait.”

Was this an intended double entendre?

He turned me around and bent over my left breast, taking it in his mouth he sucked it while swirling his tongue around my rock hard nipple.

“If you keep that up I’m going to have to sit down, my knees are just about to give out on me.”

He moved me back until I could feel the bed behind me and lowered me gently onto it. I was in a most vulnerable position, my arse on the edge of the bed and my pussy facing directly at him. To make life easier for him I spread my legs as far apart as I could. He placed himself between them and continued to suckle my breast, my hands on the back of his head holding him to me.

Forever later he stopped suckling and began to kiss and lick his way south, pausing for what seemed a long time at my navel before arriving at my thong. Pulling it to one side his tongue began to lick my pussy lips and, while I willed it to enter, I was enjoying what he was doing too much to complain.

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