6 Mayıs 2023

My Escape


It was a Saturday in August and Lisa was getting the house ready for a party that night. She and John had planned this party a couple of weeks ago. Getting the house ready was no big deal, but all the food took time to prepare, and Lisa was pleased to have plenty for her guests.She shopped and sorted, and she was cooking and had a good time. There was a time when she had thought about going to culinary school, cooking was her passion. She prepared elegant canapes and other foods that could be served hot or cold.John was busy setting up the bar and making sure that everything was in order. There was plenty of liquor, wines, beer, mixers, and soft drinks. As he finished up the bar, he checked with Lisa to see if she needed help. Finding that Lisa was finishing up, he headed upstairs to get himself ready for the party.John had something else on his mind as he walked into the bathroom. How was he going to keep Lisa from finding out that he was seeing another woman and she would be here tonight? Claire was not that much younger than Lisa, but her sexual appetite was so much greater than Lisa’s. He aimed to gently let Lisa know that he wanted a divorce, but tonight that was going to change.As John finished his shower Lisa entered to take hers. She came up and put her arms around his neck and gave him a long tongue-filled kiss.Looking in his eyes she said, “This will be one of our greatest parties yet.”He gave her a brief smile and quickly agreed. His mind was still preoccupied with Claire being there. Claire was being escorted by Fred, one of her friends. He was gay but no one would know it by just talking with him. He just did not have the mannerisms that some gay men present.John looked at the clock and said to Lisa, “You are running late and will need to hurry up.”“Okay,” she responded.John shaved and dressed in a pair of dress slacks and a short-sleeve Hawaiian shirt, not that this was the theme of the party, it was just a light shirt for this hot August evening.Coming out of the bathroom, Lisa saw John in his Hawaiian shirt and said, “That looks very nice and cool.”John just grunted and left the room. Lisa was a little surprised that he did not respond to her comment. She thought back over the past few months and realized that Ümraniye Escort John had seemed to be distancing himself from her. Sex between them was not bad but just did not seem to have the spark that they once had.Lisa put on a light blue transparent thong and matching bra, a light summer dress, and sandals. Coming down the stairs she heard the door chimes announcing the first arrivals. Giving kisses and hugs to friends as they arrived, she was surprised by someone she did not know. John introduced Claire and Fred, her date. Claire also worked with John, and he had invited her on a whim, he explained. Lisa gave a quizzical look to John and welcomed Claire and Fred to the party.Lisa did not think any more about it, she was so busy talking with friends, making sure food was replenished and people were happy. As the evening wore on, she did notice that John was spending a lot of time with Claire and Fred was just sitting by himself. John normally does not spend his time at a party being monopolized by one person, he is a good mixer.As midnight approached and the last of the guests left, John asked if Lisa needed any help,“No, just going to put these last items in the fridge and come up to the bed,” she said.John went upstairs and waited for Lisa to come upstairs, knowing that Fred had left without Claire, and she was waiting in the guest bedroom.When Lisa finally came into the bedroom, she again put her arms around John’s neck and gave him a big kiss.Looking him in the eye she said “What’s the matter, you don’t seem to be yourself. I noticed that you spent a lot of time with Claire this evening. You did not mix with our friends like you normally do. Do you and Claire have something going?”John just stood there with a stunned look on his face. How did she figure that out? He asked himself. “Well, what do you mean ‘do we have something going?’”“Well, like I said you were not mixing, and Claire did not even pay attention to Fred, whom she arrived with. I do not remember seeing Fred or Claire leave.”“That is because I did not leave,” came a voice from behind.Lisa dropped her arms and quickly turned to find Claire standing in the doorway of her bedroom.”And yes, John and I do have something going. Ümraniye Escort Bayan I have been fucking your husband for the past few months and you have not had a clue.”“Where were you hiding?” demanded Lisa.“In the guest bedroom,” stated Claire.Lisa turned to John for an explanation. “What the fuck is going on?”John looked at Lisa and then at Claire, “I want a divorce so I can marry Claire.”“Oh, you do, do you?” Lisa said definitely.“Yes, he does,” answered Claire with authority.Claire came up and pushed Lisa out of the way and stood by John. Claire was a little taller than Lisa but also weighed about fifteen pounds heavier and was in very good shape. She told Lisa to “Go sit down in that chair and watch how a real woman fucks a man.”Lisa started to protest, but Claire slapped her across the face and said very sharply “I said go sit down and I won’t tell you again.”With tears in her eyes and her hand on her cheek, Lisa backed away from Claire and found the chair behind her. Sitting she watched as Claire began to kiss John, opening and removing his shirt.  Lisa got up and started to move toward the bedroom door, when she felt a hand on her arm, turning her around and shoving her back into the chair. “Keep your fucking ass planted in that god damn chair until I tell you when to move. While John is fucking me, you can pleasure yourself but don’t fucking cum unless I say you can. Am I making myself fucking clear?”Lisa had never heard of or seen anyone treat someone like she was being treated. “Yes, I understand,” she said weakly.Claire and John finished undressing and got on her and John’s bed. Claire went down on John and started to give him a blow job. John had never cared for Lisa to give him a blow job, but here was Claire deep throating him and he did not object.Before he came Claire looked at Lisa and said, “John never liked you to suck his cock because you were so bad at it. Now watch how he eats my pussy.”Claire straddled John’s face and started to grind her pussy down onto his mouth. Lisa saw John’s tongue licking her slit before disappearing deep into Claire’s cunt. Claire’s legs were under John’s arms and shoulders, she saw John reach over her leg and start to work her Escort Ümraniye clit. Claire was riding John’s tongue with abandon. Leaning forward she again took him in her mouth and deep throated him to the point of his coming in her mouth.It didn’t take much for Claire to cum before she released his cock from her mouth and disengaged her pussy from John’s tongue. Turning around she slid his cock up and down her slit, just to tease Lisa before she dropped and forced his cock deep into her cunt.Lisa was mortified by what she was seeing, but it still turned her on and she found her left hand massaging her right tit and nipple and the other inside her panties fingering her pussy. She knew not to touch her clit because that would surely make her cum.Claire fucked herself on John and three times came on his cock, first while she rode him cowgirl style, the second when he fucked her from behind, and third when she was on her back with her legs high in the air while Lisa watched John’s balls slap against Claire’s ass. She watched as John’s cock expanded and he blew his load of cum deep into her as she came.When John finished fucking her, he rolled off, and Claire sat up and looked at Lisa. “You can go into the guest room and sleep, but don’t you dare bring yourself off. Do you fucking understand?” she demanded.Lisa shook her head and slinked away to the guest bedroom and crawled into bed and tried to go to sleep, but sleep was being elusive. She lay there and did not dare make herself cum. Finally, she drifted off and slept until early morning.When she awoke, she didn’t recognize where she was and slowly, she remembered Claire told her to go to the guest bedroom to sleep. She also told her she couldn’t finish making herself cum unless she had her permission.Thinking back to when Claire first entered her bedroom and humiliated her, Lisa started to get mad. Calming herself down and telling herself that she needed to get angry but to channel it in a positive direction. She got up and found that John and Claire were still asleep in her bed. She went downstairs and out the door and walked a block away, not wanting them to awaken to the sound of her car, where she called an uber.The uber driver dropped her off close to where she wanted to go and she walked to a sex shop. She wandered around the shop for a while until she could get the attention of one of the salespersons on duty. After describing what she wanted, she was shown display cases where she picked her choices out. She again called an uber and had him drop her off a block from home.

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