26 Mart 2022

My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 10)


My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 10)It was the day after, the night before and as I woke all I could think about was the surprise I had planned for Debbie tonight. As she laid at my side, still asleep, little did she know that tonight her wish would come true, not only of having sex with a black man, but also of having a threesome. To top it all, it secretly was something I fantasised about too. 7.30am came and the alarm went off, We quickly got up, had breakfast and Debbie showered first as she had to go out to help her Mam with the weekly shopping. “Catch ya later darling……” as she gave me a quick kiss and ran out trying to beat the morning rush hour traffic. I had my shower, then cleaned up my house, not that it was dirty,it was just something to occupy my mind from thinking about tonight! While hoovering I heard my phone ringing…………….. “Hello………” “Hi Babe, it’s me………” It was Debbie……….. “Have we got anything planned for tonight?” “Well………” I told her…….. “I did intend stopping in tonight as all these late nights are catching up with me, it must be my age! What do ya say to a movie night in?” “Yeah, I’m up for that, what time?” “7.00pm” was my reply. “OK then, see you later!” Right the plot was set and all I had to do is figure out how to pull it all together to run like a well oiled engine. ‘Ping’ a light bulb went off in my head and it was like a vision and it was at that point I knew exactly how I could pull tonight off perfectly and give Debbie the thrill of a lifetime.At 7.00pm I heard the door open….. “It’s only me!” Debbie shouted as türbanlı iskenderun escort she entered the front room where I was sat. “Wow…….” my mouth opened……. “You get more and more goergeous the more times I see you!” Debbie was dressed in black high heels, black stockings, a black, tight skirt, a white blouse which was well unbuttoned to reveal her ample clearage and a white bra which was trying (Very Hard) to hold in all of her assets. “Thanks, ain’t you sweet!” was her reply as her eyes glisind and she gave me that slutty smile. “So, what have we got for tonight then?” she asked. “Shaft” I replied………. “Shaft?” she questioned, “Yeah Shaft, it’s not one of those movies….. (She obviously thought I was referring to a porno – I can’t put one of those with her yet can I?) …..”It’s a remake of those 70’s Shaft movies, the one about that black good cop (Samuel Jackson), kicking ass, it’s a bit violent, but it’s a good movie unless you wanna watch something else?” “No, that’ll be fine and I love Sammy Jackson, he is so hot.” she said as she sat beside me and I lifted my arm around her. Just as I pressed the play button on my Blu-Ray player, I dimmed the lights and gave her a drink of Black Vodka and ice, which she started to drink passed her some popcorn which she ate as she curled her legs up at ther side of her and then snuggled into me as the movie started. During the movie there were a few “Ooooo’ssss” and “Aaaahhhh’sssss” from her as Shaft kicked ass but there was also a “Mmmmmmmm” sound coming from Debbie türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan when Shaft said “You know me. It’s my duty to please that booty!” what a line, I might have to try that myself later! As the movie came to an end and the titles rolled Debbie turned and kissed me and thanked me for an enjoyable evening to which I replied “It ain’t over yet……” “Hhhhmmmm, tell me more…..” she said. “Come here…..” as I ran my fingers through her hair and pulled her in and gave her a deep french kiss. As our tongues rolled about in each others mouths and I ran my fingers though her hair and massaged her neck, Debbie started to moan…. “Hhhhhmmmm, Mmmmmmmmm…….” I reached behind the settee and pulled out a blindfold which I had secretly stashed there earlier in the day. As Debbie’s eyes were already closed, I kissed from her lips to her cheek and began nibbling her ear and I slowly pulled the blindfold over her eyes…….. “What the………” “Ssssshhhhh, Debbie relax, you have now lost one of your senses which will now heighten your other senses, just go with the flow……….” as I continued kissing around her face, neck and ear area, I knew it would’nt be long before my big black suprise would be arriving so I held her finger tips gently and whispered in her ears…… “Come with me………” Biting her bottom lip she gingerly stood up as I slowly guided her upstairs to my bedroom. Along the way there were a lot of gasps and giggles as I touched and tickled her all over her body.Once in the bedroom türbanlı escort iskenderun I placed her so she was sat on the edge of the bed, I knelt down in front of her, between her legs, leant forward and whispered in her ear………. “If you want me to stop at any point, just say STOP!” “Alright” was her reply as I noticed she had goose pimples up and down her arms, legs and on top of her voloptous breasts. At this point I knew her other senses were begining to heighten with being blindfolded, I slowly began to unbutton her blouse while kissing her neck. As I pushed the blouse back off her arms I kissed down from her neck on to her shoulder, across her chest to the other shoulder and down, still kissing, the top of her breasts. I squeezed them through her bra, massaging and squeezing those perky, erect nipples…… “Hhhmmmmmmm…….” she said as I cupped a breast in each hand and massaged them. I moved in and nibbled her nipples with my teeth through her bra, not hard, but firm enough she could feel it, and boy did I know I hit the right spot as goose pimples spread across her body. While still massaging her breasts, I kissed down her bare stomach and slid my hands down her sides, scratching along the way which brought on a moan…… “Mmmmmmmm” and I slowly unzipped her skirt and laid her on her back then I pulled the skirt down from under her and me being me, followed that skirt kissing all the way down her bare thighs, down her black stockings, past her knees, across her ankles, over her strappy heels finishing off with me kissing and sucking her toes………. “Hhhmmm, Ooooohhhh Steve, what are you doing to me?” I replied “Shhhhhhh, the night is still young and there is plenty more in store for you if you want it?” She gasped…… “Steve, I’m yours to do with as you wish……” Now that was all I needed to know as I had a grin on my face.To be continued………….Want to know more, come back soon and please leave comments & likes! :-)SteveHull (UK)

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