16 Mayıs 2023

My Favourite Toy(s)


I’m standing in the shower, letting the hot water flow smoothly over my body. I feel so horny when I think of what we did yesterday. How you slammed me against the wall and made me yours. I consider pleasuring myself in the shower but the water turns cold. A deep sigh escapes my lips as I turn it off and step outside, not even taking the time to dry myself.

I walk into my bedroom. The first thing that catches my eye is my dildo. It looks so inviting lying on my bedside table. Seeing as my pussy was already starting to get wet from the shower I decide to have some fun.

I take my toy and slide onto my bed. As my back touches the sheets I take a look at myself in the large mirror attached to my ceiling. I like what I see; a young girl still wet from her shower. My lustful eyes are roaming my body, noticing how my breathing moves my breasts slowly. My nipples are rock-hard already. Mmm, I’m really going to enjoy this. My eyes are still moving downwards, over my pierced belly to my neatly trimmed pussy.

I take my favourite toy and start licking it gently. Imagining it’s your Bahçelievler escort cock. I take it in, trying to get it as wet as possible. Not that it has to be, my pussy is already leaking with my juices. Deciding the dildo is ready I move towards my pussy, making sure it rakes across my nipples.

A moan escapes my lips as I rub it softly against my warm folds. It feels so good and big, just like you feel when you’re teasing me. I can’t take anymore teasing and place the tip at my entrance. With a deep gasp I start pushing it in. When it’s almost in I have to lift my hips in order to thrust in the last bit. I’m moaning deeply. I look into the mirror again while I start to move the dildo in and out. I just love how my cunt tries to hold it in by squeezing it. Hmmm, my juices are leaking. They’ve even found their way into my crack. Pounding hard into myself I close my eyes and imagine it’s you between my legs. Filling me deep, with your cock drowning in my pussy.

I remember having a second dildo and decided to make good use of it. Turning on my Bahçeşehir escort bayan side I reach out and grab it from the nightstand. While one hand is still moving my toy in and out of my clenching pussy, I start licking and sucking the second dildo. Mmm, just the thought of what’s about to happens turns me on so much. I know it will hurt, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m ready to be completely filled now. I slowly take the first toy out of my cunt and place it against my ass. I can feel how it’s dripping with my juices while I slowly push the tip in.

Ohh yesss, I knew it would hurt. My ass-muscles are clenching as I shove more of it in. When it’s halfway up my ass I need to stop, just a second. I take a deep breath and plunge the dildo into my ass. I’m screaming as I feel like being ripped in two.

Feeling the throbbing pain sear through me I find pleasure again. I slowly twist the dildo a little. My ass is aching, but I can feel how the tingly feeling shoots straight to my pussy. Taking my other toy again I place it at my pussy. Escort Bakırköy The need to be completely filled is so great that I immediately thrust it halfway. It hurt again but I know I can’t stop now. I keep pushing and twisting until I have both dildos spreading me so wide. I feel how my clit is throbbing and how my entire body is aching to be relieved.

Both my hands are gripping a toy now. Slowly trying out a first move. It still feels like I’m being ripped, but the pleasure quickly turns into pure bliss as I find a nice rhythm.

Pumping the dildos in and out I start breathing hard and moaning loudly. It won’t be long before I cum.

I’m pounding harder now. Grinding myself deep, just barely able to breath. I can feel the tension building. Just a few more thrusts and I’ll be there. My head is trashing from side to side. My whole body tenses as I feel myself going over the edge. I push the dildos in at the same time; fucking myself deep. I scream out my pleasure as I cum so hard.

I try to lie still as I feel the last waves of my orgasm fade away. My fingers are covered in my own juices and cum, so I start to lick them clean. Mmm, I do love to taste myself. I gently remove the dildo in my ass. I put it back on the nightstand, choosing to clean it later.

With a content sigh I crawl under the sheets and fall asleep with my other favorite toy still buried deep inside my pussy.

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