11 Mayıs 2023

My First Black Man


It was the summer of 1980. I was a single, white, twenty-five-year-old woman who was looking for a summer job in a bank in a small city, not far from Minneapolis. There were no bank jobs available, so I became a cocktail waitress in a two-level restaurant called The Galaxy;  fine dining upstairs, a really cool bar downstairs. It was “THE” happening place to be in in our city. The lower level was mainly a bar with a house band every weekend. Being a young woman from a small town, I got caught up in the nightlife, and since I was a music major in college, I enjoyed the bands.Towards the end of the summer, a band out of Minneapolis started at the bar and since our city was predominantly white, this black band was something new and intriguing. On weekends, the other waitresses and I would go out for breakfast after the bar closed, and eventually we Kadıköy Escort asked this band to go out for breakfast with us. The band was named Bridges and Ryder. Like I said, a black band mingling with all white waitresses made for some interesting looks at breakfast at two in the morning .They were in town playing their last gig for the year, and when the bar closed we sat around the bar having a drink with them, flirting with them and them with us.  The lead singer was a very good looking black man; tall, thin, and very sexy with a beautiful voice. I love men who can sing, and boy, could he sing!   I was starting to have erotic thoughts about him. I had never envisioned myself dating a black man, but there we were sitting in the bar together, him and me.  He started rubbing my leg and kissing Kadıköy Escort Bayan my neck, telling me how cute I was. I was infatuated with him. I was starting to get wet, and I’m thinking, I can’t be doing this, this is so wrong.Then one of the waitresses said, “Hey let’s go get breakfast.”As we headed out to the resataurant, the lead singer, his name was Ryder, whispered in my ear, “Can I catch a ride with you, the other guys have already left  for the restaurant.”I answered, “Sure, I’m not gonna make you walk.”We jumped in my car and immediately he started kissing me and feeling me up and I was thinking, wow, this guy is HOT.We get to the restaurant and he continues rubbing my leg and kissing my neck. I was so turned on and wondered where this was going. Soon, breakfast was over and he whispered Escort Kadıköy in my ear again, “Please take me back to the motel.”When we got in the car we started making out madly again. I had never kissed a black man until tonight. His luscious lips were intoxicating, and his hands on my breasts just made me wetter and wetter.  In my mind I wanted so badly to fuck him right then.  It was a short six block drive to the motel and I’m thinking again, what the hell am I doing, this is so wrong.  My pussy was controlling my mind.When we got to the motel he asked again if I wanted to come in, all the while continually kissing my neck and lips. My mind said no but my mouth said YES and before I knew it I was in his room, on his bed making out with him.  Slowly and seductively he started undressing me. I was in heaven; me and a black man in bed together.  Soon I’m topless, and he’s kissing and fondling my breasts. My nipples were so erect, and before I knew it he had my pants off and was fingering my dripping wet pussy.  It wasn’t long and I was shaking with my first orgasm. It was electric. I thought it couldn’t get any better than this.

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