10 Mart 2023

My First Day at a Gay Beach


Over the last 6 months I have become very curious about gay sex. My interest was first aroused when I started reading erotic stories online about all sorts of sex between men and women, between women and women, between men and men and group sex. At first I consciously avoided reading stories about gays having sex, but after awhile I started to read them and became aroused.

My experiences went from just reading stories about gay sex to experimenting with some of the ideas that I was reading about. First I decided to shave off all of my body hair to give my skin a smooth look. When I did that, I noticed that my nipples stood out from my pecs. I hadn’t noticed that before, because of all the chest hair hid them. When I rubbed and pulled on my nipples, they became erect and stood out even further on my chest.

Then I read another erotic story about pierced nipples. So I went to other sites online to learn about body piercing and where to get the supplies to do it. I was getting excited just thinking about having something dangling from my nipples. I found a site that I liked and ordered the supplies to pierce my nipples and some silver captive rings to insert into the holes.

When everything arrived by mail, I was like a kid getting a new toy. I couldn’t wait to put the rings in my nipples. Little did I know how much pushing a sharp needle through your own nipple would hurt? Once I pierced the skin of one of my nipples, I was committed and had to finish the job. It took several hours of pain and sweat, but I kept at it until I had 2 shinny rings hanging from my newly pierced nipples.

Once the pain subsided, the weight dangling from my nipples was erotic. It seemed like my nipples getting hard was somehow connected to my dick. The piercing made my nipples hard almost all of the time. My shirts rubbing on my pierced nipples made them even harder if that is possible. I loved the way that they looked on my completely hairless chest.

Over the course of the next several months, I decided to enlarge the piercing until I was able to insert 6 gauge rings into the piercing. The rings were ¾” in diameter and felt great. My nipples just kept getting larger and more sensitive. I knew that I was not done with my piercing experience.

I had read in another online site that the Prince Albert piercing in a man was the most common. A Prince Albert (PA) piercing is a hole in the bottom of the head of your penis into the urethra and out the slit in the head. The thought of sticking a needle into my dick was scary, but if it made me feel anywhere near as good as having my nipples pierced I was going to give it a try.

I again ordered the tools and ring online and eagerly awaited for it to arrive. When it did arrive, I took off all of my clothes and went into my bathroom to get the piercing done. I had decided that I would stay in there all night if necessary to pierce my dick and insert the ring. Surprisingly, the pain of this piercing was far less than piercing my nipples. When I had finished, I had a shiny silver ring hanging out of the piss hole of my dick.

Over the course of the next several weeks, just like with my nipples I enlarged the piercing until I had a 6 gauge ring in my dick to match the ones in my nipples. My piercing was done for the time being. Now it was time to decide where and when to show off my new jewelry.

Back to my computer to find an online site locating beaches nearby that would be suitable for my new jewelry. Since I was not really sure how girls would react to my piercing, I decided that I needed to find a gay beach. I live in south Florida where there are beaches everywhere and with just a little effort I found the beach that I was looking for. It wasn’t officially designated a gay beach, but all of the locals in Del Ray knew that it was the gathering spot for gay men.

Now Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan I needed a new swimsuit for the beach. The baggy surfer-style suits that I had just weren’t going to do the trick. So once again I went online to look for men’s bikinis. I was amazed at the number of sites that there were and the different styles that were available. My purpose in doing all of this was to explore my bisexual side, so I decided that less was more. I ordered a yellow g-string men’s bikini that covered very little.

When the package arrived with my new bikini, I was literally excited to try it on. I opened the package and it was only a very small piece of yellow fabric shaped in a triangle with 4 strings attached. After I figured out how it went on and tied the strings on the sides of my hips, I looked in the mirror. I am 5’10” and weigh 170 lbs. with good muscular definition. I spend a lot of time at the gym to stay in shape, but the site before me in the mirror surprised me.

With my hairless body, pierced nipples and new string bikini I looked like one of the gay models in the online sites that I had been visiting. I couldn’t wait to get to the beach and see what kind of reaction if any I would get from other men. So I packed a bag with my beach towels, my tanning oil, and some ice water. I then threw on a pair of shorts, a large shirt and my beach tongs and headed to the beach.

After arrive at the beach, I grabbed my bag and looked for the right spot to lie out in the hot summer sun. This was certainly a gay men’s beach, because there were mostly guys and many of them were wearing thong bathing suits. There were a few guys wearing string bikinis, but I was sure that mine was the smallest by far.

I laid my beach towel in the sand and my bag next to it. Then I sat down on my towel and removed my tongs and shirt. I took the tanning oil out of my bag and started to put it on my arms, chest and stomach. When I had finished, I then decided that it was time to remove my shorts to reveal my new tiny yellow string bikini. I wasn’t sure, but I felt that I had an audience from some of the men that were on the beach around me.

I neatly folded my shorts and shirt to place them in my bag. I then grabbed the tanning oil again and proceeded to put it on my legs and feet. Since I was fairly white in my pelvic area around my bikini, I put a generous amount of tanning oil in that area and on the side of my exposed butt. Then I laid back to start soaking up the rays of the sun.

My nipples with their new rings were rock hard and sticking straight up in the air. My dick with its new piercing was just barely covered by the stingy amount of fabric of my new bikini. If I were to get excited, I was sure that the head would start peaking out the top. It was a very hot day and beads of sweat were already mixing with my tanning oil all over my body.

I must have dozed off for a few minutes, because when I opened my eyes there was a man standing over me. I was startled at first, but then propped myself up on my elbows to greet my new friend.

“Hi, my name is Mike.” He said. “You’re new to this beach, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I responded. “This is my first time here. My name is Andy.”

He was a fairly large man, about 6’2″ and weighed about 225lbs. with very little body fat. He looked like a body builder with a dark tan. He was wearing a black string bikini that displayed the strong muscles in his legs and butt. He too looked like he shaved all of the hair off of his body like many of the body builders do.

“May I take this spot in the sand next to you?” He asked.

“Please do. Since I am new to this beach, you are the first person that I have met. It would be nice to have someone to talk to while enjoying this beautiful sunny Florida day.” I sounded like a whore trying to Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan pick up a trick, I thought.

He took his bag off of his shoulder and started to take out a bunch of small poles. He set the poles in the sand around my beach towel, leaving room to place another large towel next to mine. I wondered what he was doing.

He must have read my mind and said, “I’m just putting up a wind screen. Sometimes in the afternoon the wind picks up and blows the sand all over. This barrier that I am setting up will protect us from that while still letting the sun’s rays bake us.”

He continued setting up his “wind screen” until our space was fully enclosed by a 3′ high barrier. He then took out a large sheet and placed it inside the barrier so that not only he could lie on it, but there was space for another. As I watched him setting up “camp” I was getting a little excited looking at his muscles flexing all over his body. His bikini was larger than mine, which was necessary to keep what looked to be a very large package covered.

When he was finished, he sat down in the middle of the sheet that he had spread out and took out the very same tanning oil that I had. As he was beginning to put the oil on his arms, I decided that I would make my first bold move and ask him if he needed help putting the tanning oil on his body.

“Sure, that would be great”. He said. He handed me the bottle and said, “I’ll lay back and if you could put the oil on my chest and legs I would really appreciate it.”

I sat up and moved on to his sheet to begin applying the oil to his body. I moved towards him on my knees and poured some oil on his chest and shoulders. As I began to spread the oil over his pecs he flexed his muscles. It was fairly erotic for me. This was the first time that I had rubbed a man’s chest and I was getting turned on. My naked butt covered only by a few strings going up the crack of my ass moved back and forth as I spread the oil to his shoulders and arms. As I passed my hands over his nipples, they became hard.

He remarked, “It looks like my nips are trying to compete with yours. Those rings in your nipples look great. Can I touch them?”

“Sure” I said. “Ever since I pierced my nipples, they are hard almost all of the time.”

Mike reached up and lightly pulled on the ring piercing my right nipple. This was the first time that anyone had touched my nipples since I pierced them. It felt great, but as I said before I believe that my nipples are directly connected to my dick. As soon as he pulled on my nipple ring, my dick became hard as a rock and poked its head out of the top of my tiny yellow bikini showing off its PA piercing. That didn’t go unnoticed by Mike.

“It looks like your friend wants to come out and play,” he said.

“I just got this bikini and I guess that it is too small.” I said

“On the contrary,” Mike responded. “I think that it just might be covering more of you than I want it to.” “I have always been curious about those PA piercing. Doesn’t it hurt?

“No,” I responded. “It only hurt a little when I did it, but now that I have had the ring in for several months it doesn’t hurt at all.”

Obviously, I loved the attention that my new piercing was getting, but it was time to return to the task at hand. I poured a little more oil on Mike’s stomach and began to spread it over his abdominal area. As I moved lower towards his bikini, he too became excited. His dick looked to be a monster pushing his black bikini to its limits.

I then decided to start applying tanning oil to his legs. I moved over him to straddle him facing his feet to make it easier to apply the oil in our little shelter on the beach. I placed my naked butt on his stomach with my legs on either side of his body. As I was rubbing the oil onto his thighs, my butt was moving back and forth over his oiled lower abs. We were both as hard as rocks and I could feel his rod rubbing up against my balls in my bikini.

He grabbed my hips and moved me over his hard dick screaming to get out of the confines of his bikini. I moved back briefly to pull the strings on either side of his bikini and let his monster loose. I then pulled his bikini off and poured a generous amount of oil on his dick and balls. I grabbed his rod in my hands and stroked it making sure that the oil covered its entire length.

Mike then pulled the strings on the sides of my bikini and completely removed it. I was now completely naked on top of a completely naked man rubbing oil on his dick. Mike then took some of the oil from his chest and stomach and coated his hands and my butt with it. He then pushed me forward a little exposing my butt hole to him. He put one of his fingers up against it and began to push it in. I had never felt anything quite like that before, but I knew that I liked it.

He worked his finger in and out of my hole while I was stroking his dick with both of my hands. We were now both so oily that we were sliding our bodies over each other. He then lifted me up like I was a play doll and positioned me over his massive pole. I knew what was coming from all of the gay stories that I had been reading online, so I decided to help by guiding his throbbing member to the entrance to my butt hole. The oil and his finger helped some, but the size of his dick head was huge.

As he lowered me down on to his tool, I could feel my sphincter being stretched to accept the intruder. Little by little my hole expanded and his head entered me. When it finally popped past my sphincter muscles the pain subsided. Mike now held me tight around my hips and lifted me up and down on his pole easing more of it into me every time he lowered me. He kept this up until I felt my ass cheeks resting on his pelvic area.

He had his entire huge dick into me now and I felt full. The heat of the day was making us both drenched in sweat and oil. Here we were two completely naked men in broad daylight on a public beach fucking. As I was moved up and down on Mike’s fuck stick, it began to feel like my hole was swallowing him. I was now pulling on my dick while Mike was pumping in and out of me.

When I looked up to see if anyone could see what we were doing, all that I could see were a few heads going by our 3′ wind screen enclosure. It was like our private oasis in the middle of the beach.

Mike then rolled me over and got on top of me. He pulled me up until I was on all fours as he continued to pound his dick into my once virgin ass. He was so large and strong that I felt like a rag doll at his mercy. He held he tight by my hips as he drove his dick deeper and deeper into me on every thrust. His balls were slapping up against my balls as he drove hard into my butt making my cheeks smack against his pelvis. This may have been my first sex with a man but it was the best fucking that I have ever had.

After what seemed like an hour I felt Mike’s huge dick swell even more inside of me. He pulled almost all of the way out of me and then grabbed my hips hard to slam his dick as far into me as he could. He then held it deeply within me. His body tensed as he began to cum. His balls pumped load after load of cum, deep within my bowels. My dick exploded at almost the same time coating my belly and face with my own cum.

As his dick finished Cumming inside of me and his grip on my hips began to ease, I knew that my first gay fucking was coming to an end. Mike pulled his semi-hard member out of my hole and released my hips leaving me feeling empty. I loved the way his dick filled me and knew that there would be many more. I layed naked and covered with sweat with my lover’s cum oozing out of my asshole. I didn’t care who saw me or what they would say, I had found what I came looking for. I had discovered that day that I was going to be a bottom in the gay community, because I just loved the feeling of being the one getting fucked.

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