1 Ağustos 2021

my first ever sex with a really old grandma


my first ever sex with a really old grandmaThere was a 76 year old grandma that lived in my building, I was 18 years old at the time. I knew her for over 10 years, when I was a k** I would always come to her apartment and talk to her. I would take her trash out and help her with the groceries. Then I just stopped coming to her place because I had other things to do. I haven’t visited her in over 5 years, or ever since I was around 12. Then one day when I was 17 I was checking my mail she called me over to her place. I came to her place and then she begged me to stay, she told me that she is very lonely and that she needs someone by her side, I ignored her and haven’t came back to her place in over year. Now when I was 18 I was going to my car and she stopped me and told me to come over to her place, I told her that I’m busy, she then said that I can’t be busy for an old friend, she told me that she will give me anything just to spend time with her. I was about to ignore her and never come but then I had change of heart and just came over to her place. She was an old lady… She had short, curly, white and gray hair. She was really skinny, I honestly like fat grandmas. Her skin was very wrinkled, she was pretty short, pale skin, not really something that I’d wanna stick my dick into. She wore glasses, she had dentures, she wore elegant clothing, she mostly always wore white. So you get the point, I was a virgin when it came to pussy at this time, I have never had sex at this point, I was very good looking and thought that I could fuck anyone. I came to her house and she was wearing a loose gray shirt, and navy blue underwear or really low shorts. The underwear or shorts had an opening in sincan escort the front which had a button on it. Those are definitely underwear… I was not even thinking about having sex with her, it didn’t even come to my mind. She told em to sit down and we talked about everything. I was sitting on the sofa and she was sitting in her chair, the whole time her legs seemed to be wide open, it seemed to me that she was spreading her legs on purpose. Nobody is that comfortable, they were apart from each other, she kept her legs really open as she talked to me. I could see gray hairs coming out of her underwear, either she was way too comfortable with me or she wanted to get fucked by me. She would also lift one of her legs us on the chair, this would move her underwear to the other side and her pubic area would become more visible, I guess that her pussy would fall out of her underwear, I ignored that because I would never think that she wanted to have sex with me. She then played chess against me, I beat her or maybe she just let me beat her. When I was leaving she told me that she’s lonely and made me promise that I would be back tomorrow, so I did and the next day I went back to her apartment. I was really bored at her place, there was nothing to do, I just came over to make her happy and so that she’s not lonely. I knocked on her door, she unlocked it and then I saw that she was cleaning the place, or at least she was pretending to. She told me to come in and gave me a drink, I didn’t want it and just went to sit on the couch. She wore the same underwear but she wore a white shirt this time. I was sitting down and she was vacuuming, I keçiören escort just watched the tv. She then went to the bathroom to take a piss and came back to clean the table in front of me. She seemed really nervous for some reason, with a nervous voice she told me that she missed being young, I told her that it’s fun to be young, she nervously laughed.She was not in front of me cleaning the table, as she’s bending over I could see that her udnerwear were very wet on her pussy. She just kept going in front of me and she kept bending down, she would bend her ass so that it would be really close to my face. I was really nervous to make a move, I have never made a move before, I have never had sex before. This was my chance, I just had to, this was my one and only chance to fuck a grandma. As she was bending over, I got up and pulled down her underwear. Let’s hope that this is what she wants… With a horny excited voice she told me to stick in in there. I am glad that this is what she wanted. Her pussy had a perfect shape, it seemed really nice and tight. Her pussy was very hairy, it was covered in white and gray hairs. He pussy smelled like rotten fish and piss, it smelled really nice. She was skinny but she had a nice and fat pussy, it was a really thick hairy cunt. My dick was already completely hard so I just pulled down my pants and tried to put my dick inside her pussy. It would go in and I didn’t know what to do. I thought that you just stick it in there but that didn’t work, it wouldn’t go inside the vagina opening, I didn’t even know how to find it.She then told me that she was going to teach me how to fuck. She then opened mamak escort her vagina and told me that the opening is always there, she taught me how to find the opening next time I fuck her. She then opened her vagina again and told me to go in, I told her to let me try. With my finger I opened her vagina and fount he opening, it was really hard to move her pussy, it’s a lot harder than it looks like. I then told her that I got it and told her to open her pussy again because it looks much better when she opens it, she opened her cunt again. The inside of her pussy was pink and it gave off a strong odor. I then completely took off all my clothes and then I told her to take her shirt off, she told em to stop wasting time and fuck her already. I inserted my dick inside her vagina and started thrusting against her, it was really hard to go through her pussy, it was really tight. The grandma moaned as I fucked her, her pussy also became more wet, it the liquid was dripping out of her pussy. Her cunt made a squirting sound as I penetrated her. After about 10 minutes I ejaculated inside her vagina, the grandma was saying aaahhhm. It felt so good to fuck her but I thought that it was going to feel better, sex doesn’t even feel that good, it’s hard work. I wiped my sperm all over grandmas pubes. She then told me to come over every day to get her pussy. I then asked her to show me her breasts. She took off her shirt and showed me them. They were really saggy and wrinkled, she let me touch them, and she massaged my dick with them, she also touched my dick. She told me whenever I feel like cumming to come over and cum inside her pussy. I told her that I will and then I got dressed and left. She got dressed and kept watching the tv, she didn’t even wash her pussy after sex. So her underwear were all covered with my sperm after she put them on. That’s what I saw the next day, when I came over, she had white cum stains all over her underwear. I ejaculated many gallons of sperm inside her vagina over the last 5 years.

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