12 Mayıs 2023

My First Gay Experience


I was a junior at high school in the mid-eighties. I was still a virgin and sexual fantasies were based on straight soft porn I saw on my parents’ “hidden” VHS tapes. Gay sexual thoughts never even crossed my mind.His name was Peter. He worked with my dad and stayed at our place for a few weeks. He was at least three inches taller than my 6’1″ slim but basketball-toned body and definitely much more muscular. We talked a lot during his stay with us, he showed pictures of his family, told stories about his hobby (researching and mixing exotic drinks), and even made a few interesting tasting cocktails. He never mentioned working out but he regularly visited a local gym and it showed; he was in incredible shape.My parents went out with the next-door couple one evening. Their plans included adult conversations and an after-dinner card game, so I decided to stay home. I planned on catching up on my gaming. I thought Peter would go with them and I’d have the whole house to myself. Maybe even take a peek at one of my parents’ tapes. But Peter said he was tired and stayed home as well. It was around 9 PM that I heard Peter go to the bathroom we shared and start taking a shower. I didn’t think much of it, continued with my game (it was Bard’s Tale III at the time) and listened to Whitesnake in the background.As the minutes passed and my can of Coke emptied, I really needed to go to the bathroom. In the two-bathroom house, the other bathroom was in my parents’ bedroom and I didn’t want to use that, so I listened to the bathroom door opening and closing after Peter shut off the shower. I rushed to the bathroom only to see that Peter was still inside. Annoyed, I turned to go back to my room, just as the bathroom door opened again. Instinctively, I turned around, only to see Peter totally naked with the towel on his shoulders. I could tell he was just as surprised and shocked as I was. He was quick to grab the towel and cover up his privates but not quick enough to completely hide everything.His body was even more impressive naked. Not over-the-top bodybuilder muscles, but I could tell he wasn’t just checking out the chicks during his trips to the gym. He wasn’t hairy at all, just a few stray hairs. As he yanked the towel in front of his crotch, I caught a glimpse of his cock. It wasn’t long, but it was incredibly thick and veiny. I quickly turned away, mumbled something about being sorry, went into the bathroom, and closed the door behind me. Standing by the toilet, pissing, my thoughts kept returning to Peter’s body. All of it. And as I thought about how even in my parents’ tapes I hadn’t seen a cock as thick and veiny as his, an erection started growing. It was strange and a bit scary. I never had a single sexual thought about another man, not even when watching the tapes or masturbating. And yet, thinking about Peter’s body started to turn me on. The more I pictured his thick cock, the harder I got.I flushed, washed my hands, and carefully opened the bathroom door. The door to Peter’s room was closed, but the light was on, so I hurried to my room and closed the door. I sat back at my desk and tried to continue the game, but my thoughts Escort Beylikdüzü kept returning to Peter. I loved gaming and enjoyed the game, but I could not concentrate. Peter’s body, his cock kept filling my mind. The fact that I still had a hard-on was frighteningly intriguing. I tried thinking about something else, but nothing helped. I started stroking my cock with random sexual thoughts popping in and out. I was a mess.A knock brought me back. Well, yanked me back. I shoved my hard-on back in my shorts and pulled my chair closer to the desk, hoping to hide it.”Yes,” I answered quietly, knowing it must be Peter and not knowing what to expect.The door opened and Peter stood there in a t-shirt and shorts. His hair was still wet, somehow making him look even more inviting. What the hell was I thinking? The last person I found “inviting” was Beth after swim class. And now Peter.”Are you OK?” asked Peter.’Not really’ was not an option. Even if I told him what I was thinking about, he had a family. And he was much older than me. I mumbled something about yeah, being fine, but I was not very convincing.”Mind if I come in?””Of course,” I replied quietly.Peter walked into my room and sat on the edge of my bed. I had to turn away from my desk, so I put my right foot on my left knee, a strange position but the only one I could think of to try to hide my hard-on.”Listen, I just want to make sure you’re good after our run-in earlier” started Peter. “I noticed you were a bit uncomfortable and, since I’ll be staying for a few more days, I don’t want you to feel awkward or anything.””Y, yeah . . .” I started, feeling a bit weird as I was trying to hide my hard-on.”You sure? Because you seem a little – off.”I was never good at lying and my experience was that the truth always comes out. Lying or beating around the bush just prolonged the misery of uncertainty. I looked down at my lap, as the topic was uncomfortable.”Sexuality, our bodies, is not something my parents and I discuss. We never walk around the house naked in front of each other, and if I should have questions, the library or one of my teachers would be a better option than my parents. They’re nice, but not very good when it comes to subjects like this.”I could not believe I was telling him all these things. But seeing him naked even for a second and then him walking in and asking me how I felt made me feel just a little more comfortable.”Seeing you naked,” I continued, “was just completely out of my comfort zone, anything I’ve experienced.””But you said you’ve been playing basketball for two years. You must’ve seen other guys naked in the shower.””I always find a reason to stay late and shower alone” I reply quietly. “I usually talk to the coach, help him put equipment away. That way by the time I shower, everyone is gone.””Are you ashamed of anything?””No, just, I dunno . . . it feels weird, I guess.””Do you feel the same way around girls, as well?”Heavy sigh.”Yeah . . “Peter smiled.”I know it’s easier said than done, but you have absolutely no reason to feel that way. You’re cute, you take care of your body, you’re intelligent.”For the Beyoğlu escort first time during the conversation, I looked up at him. I wasn’t used to getting such compliments, not even from my parents. Especially from them.Peter looked into my eyes.”Are you trying very hard to hide a hard-on?”My jaw fell, I felt my face turn bright red, and I froze. Did he see it? What do I tell him? If he saw it, I don’t want to lie. But if he’s just guessing, maybe based on my body language, I don’t want to appear . . . what? Could not even figure out what I was feeling. I have not felt this awkward in a long time.”Yes,” I whispered, staring down at my lap.”Look at me,” he said.It took me a few seconds to actually raise my head and look at him. He was smiling.”It’s OK. It really is. At your age, erections can come out of nowhere.”And just as I had a second of feeling a little more relaxed, he added, “What were you thinking about?”I swallowed hard and kept repeating ‘I don’t wanna lie’ in my head. But to tell him the truth . . . I was going to sink in shame. What do I tell him?”You can tell me, no judgements here. Trust me,” he said, almost like he could see into my thoughts.I did trust him. For some reason, I trusted him completely. Maybe because he approached me so openly and friendly. Or maybe . . . I didn’t know why, but I trusted him. One large sigh.”I was thinking about your . . .” I hesitated, “your . . . cock . . .”There. It was out there. He knew. I expected him to laugh and walk out of my room; or be upset and yell; or show disgust and stomp out.He smiled.”OK . . . what about my cock? What made you think about it?”Not a response I was expecting. And maybe the unexpected not-negative response broke some barrier. I could breathe easier. I felt like I had nothing to lose with him.”The only time I’ve ever seen a man’s penis is when I watched my parents’ hidden tapes. The ones they keep a secret. But don’t tell them, please! And when I watched those, I’ve never had a second thought about the men, the actors, their penises. But when I saw yours . . .” and here I got quiet.”When you saw mine, you what?” asked Peter.Here it goes.”Yours was . . . was thicker and veiny . . .” I whispered.”You caught that in that split second?” he asked still smiling. “Damn, I must’ve been slow.”My turn to smile a little. And ease up a bit.”Relax, nothing’s wrong,” he said.”But . . . don’t you feel weird or disgusted?” I asked.”Why would I?””You have a family, a wife, and I’m a guy.”He actually laughed a little.”You have a lot to learn in life. No, it’s cool. Do you know what swingers are?”I shook my head.”My wife and I, we occasionally go out and have sex with other couples, sometimes other men or women. We love and trust each other. And we’re both bisexual.”I just sat there shocked into silence, not sure what to make of the situation. Peter helped.”Were you fantasizing about having sex?””No . . . just thinking about your cock . . .” I replied quietly.”Would you like to see it again?” he asked.I jerked my head up and looked at him, not sure if he was joking or being serious.”But, but . . .” but I did not know what else to say. Bomonti escort bayan Deep down, I wanted to look at his cock, but I also felt something else. Shame? Fear? I’m just a kid. Or am I? Does this make me gay? Will I ever get a hard-on for a girl after today? Dumb thoughts. The thoughts of an inexperienced kid.”Your decision,” he added.Of all the emotions I felt at that moment, curiosity won. I had to see it. I had to see where this whole situation could go. It can’t be bad if just the thought of it made me feel this good.”Yes,” I whispered. “I would like to see it.”Peter smiled and stood up. As I was still sitting, he towered over me with his muscular frame. He hooked his fingers into the side of his shorts and slowly pushed them down. His cock, semi-limp, looked even more massive. It was thick, the veins were clearly visible, and his knob was shining purple. It was gorgeous. Even without any kind of experience, I could tell it was beautiful.He reached down and gave it a gentle stroke.”If you want to touch it, ask something, do something, now is the time,” he said.His cock was just inches from my face. I reached up and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I could feel it pulsate. Incredible. Peter stood there, looking down at me, smiling. I slid my fingers down his shaft, from the base to the head, and back. The skin moved, the veins pulsed. His skin was warm and soft, his knob wet. As my fingers slid slowly up and down, I looked up into his eyes. I swallowed hard, unsure of myself. I had an idea, but would he go along with it? Where’s the line? Again, he read my mind.”Like I said, now is the time. If something is not cool, I’ll let you know, just relax,” he said uncharacteristically quietly.I looked at his cock again. It was beautiful. And I had no idea what I was doing. I leaned closer, stuck out my tongue and gave his knob a lick. The wetness from his head coated my tongue and I swallowed. He tasted semi-sweet, oh so good. He sighed a little, and as I looked up at him, worried I’d done something wrong, his eyes were closed and his head tilted back slightly.Feeling a bit more confident, I leaned even closer and licked his cock from the tip of his head down his shaft to the base. My tongue slid over his bulging veins, as I slowly explored every bit of his cock. As he pulsed in my hands, I could feel and see his cock grow harder and harder. I licked him up and down his shaft, my tongue circled his knob, and he was still getting harder. The skin was still soft and warm, but as the veins filled with even more blood, his cock was rock hard.Peter let out a loud moan and as I felt his fingers run through my hair, I saw him drop his shirt on my bed.I looked up at him and he met my eyes.”Are you sure?” he asked quietly, and I gave a gentle nod, as his head slipped between my lips. Such a wonderful new feeling. He held his cock there, his head in my mouth, my tongue gently licking the frenulum. I wasn’t sure I was doing it right, but his body language suggested I was.My hand was sliding up and down his shaft, and he started to move gently back and forth, more and slightly more of his cock slipping into my mouth. As his head hit the back of my throat, I gagged a little. Peter carefully grabbed my hair and held my head. I felt his head push against my throat and his entire cock was pulsing in my mouth. For long seconds, we remained motionless. Then he continued his slow but firm movement, his cock gently fucking my mouth.

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