1 Mayıs 2023

My First Hole-In-One


 The sun began to set over Eagles Nest Country Club as we stood on the fifteenth hole. The par three was one hundred fifty-eight yards, slightly uphill with a bunker on each side and one behind the green. I watched as Monica bent over and teed up her pink ball, affording me a clear view of her white lace panties. She had been teasing me the entire round and I played along, not knowing what was to come.“Wheeet Whoo! Very sexy, Sis.” She looked over her shoulder as she stood up and addressed the ball. “I’m happy you approve. Now how about closest to the hole gets a prize, Jerry?”“Okay, Sis,” I replied as I pulled my club from my bag.With that, she swung her club and the pink ball sailed through the air. We watched as the ball landed pin high. I smiled as she walked over to the golf cart, “Let’s see you beat that, little brother.”Addressing the ball, I heard, “Wheet Whooo! Cute ass! Bet it looks cuter without the shorts.”I stepped Girne Escort away from the ball and looked over at Monica. She was standing next to the cart with her right hand grasping the frame of the windshield. Her right foot rested on the floorboard, allowing her already short, green skirt to ride further up her leg.Standing there, I found myself looking at my twenty-year-old sister in a different light, that of a beautiful, sexy woman. Her long blonde hair was draped over her right shoulder and dangled just beyond her right tit. The white sleeveless top with blue trim had a V-neck with all four buttons opened, allowing a clear view of her cleavage.“Hey, why don’t you tee off before the sun disappears.”Though it was only a few seconds, I was sure she knew what her seventeen-year-old brother was thinking. I addressed the ball once again, took aim and swung the club. We watched as the ball sailed Magosa Escort through the air, landing below the cup. I walked over to the cart, put my club in my bag and got in the cart. We drove toward the green and I noticed Sis wiggling in her seat, allowing her to skirt to slide further up her leg.Reaching the green, we had a good look at where our respective balls were in regard to the flagstick. We got out of the cart and as we retrieved our putters from our bags, Sis was beaming that bright smile of hers. “Sorry, brother, but I’m closest to the pin,” she said, looking around and then walking over to her ball.I lined up my putt and thoughts of what the prize was going to be filled my mind briefly as I stood over the ball. I pulled the putter back and with a smooth stroke, sent the white sphere across the manicured green toward the cup. The ball dropped in the hole with a ‘clink,’ I Kıbrıs Escort got my birdie.“Nice putt, Jerry,” she said, lining up her putt.“Thanks, Monic,” I replied, taking my ball out of the cup.Her putt was a downhill, breaking right putt. Standing over her ball, Sis took the putter back and with a smooth stroke, struck the ball. As the ball rolled toward the cup, it picked up speed and when it reached the cup, the ball spun around the edge before dropping in for a birdie.“Great putt, Sis.” “Thanks, little brother,” She replied, taking her ball out of the cup.With the last beams of sunlight fading away, she let the putter slip from her hand. The ball in her other hand fell to the green.She walked towards me and said, “Time to collect my prize,” as her eyes zeroed in on the obvious bulge in my shorts.I stood, frozen in place as she rubbed her hand over her prize. She quickly unbuckled my belt, yanked down the zipper and hooked her fingers in the waistband as she dropped to her knees. Looking up, she smacked her lips as the large mushroom shaped head appeared above the shorts. “Mmm, I’ve wanted this big stick for some time,” she said just before kissing the cock head and slipping the tip between her full lips.

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