26 Mart 2022

My first lesbian experience


My first lesbian experienceTHIS STORY IS 100% REAL. My first lesbian experience happened when I was 18. So was my friend. She had come to sleep at my house for the night, and we stayed up talking, laughing and watching crappy films on Netflix. We decided it was too warm to sleep in clothes, and we both ended up laying in our panties and vest tops.We were very close me and my friend, and we had both confessed that we wanted a lesbian experience. From that moment I knew my first would be with her. We turned off the lights and layed cuddling, face to face. Our noses were touching and our lips were close. I looked into her deep brown eyes and realised I really fancied my best mate.. She is stunning. We layed like this for a while. The whole time I was willing for her to kiss me. And the moment we finally did, electricity dikmen escort crackled between us and it felt so right. After a few moments of slow kissing, it turned really raunchy.I climbed ontop of her, biting and kissing her soft neck and nibbling on her earlobes. I kissed down her neck, and reached her perfect perky boobs. I pulled her top down, and exposed her chest. I started to lick and kiss and suck one of her nipples, then did the same to the other. I then kissed her again. We stopped for a few moments, trying to process what had just happened. After a few minutes we agreed nobody would find out and it wouldn’t change anything between us as friends – and I went down on her. I was really nervous and I could tell she was too, but as soon as my head was between her legs we both relaxed. I demetevler escort kissed the hot creases inbetween her legs, and rubbed her slightly through her lacy panties. I pushed them to the side and exposed her beautiful, wet, bald pussy. I kissed her pubic mound first, teasing her a little, then I dropped down to her sweet spot. I gave her a quick lick just to taste her, and she tasted sweet. I could tell I was going to love doing this. I gently pulled back her outer pussy lips with my fingers to expose her sweet throbbing clit. I ran my tongue over it fast, and heard her gasp. Her sweet moans were turning me on so much already. I continued to lick her, then went onto sucking her. Her juices were covering my face, her hand was pulling my hair and her hips were bucking up. She was pushing çankaya escort my head further into her pussy, and I could tell an orgasm was building up inside her. I looked up and watched her moan with pure ecstasy as her orgasm washed over her, and all the time I never stopped sucking her sweet clit. Her juices were all over my cheeks and chin and in my mouth, they tasted so sweet and so sweet and good.I gently kissed her pussy, knowing how sensitive she would be. I absolutely loved licking her pussy already, and eagerly asked if I could do it again. She said yes, and I went back to her pussy. This time I tried a technique id learned while a watching porn and from people doing it to me. I took her clit into my mouth and started sucking it while licking it. This made her moan and she quickly cummed again. When I’d finished, I kissed up her body and layed beside her. She fell asleep in my arms, holding my hand. I stayed awake. I then layed fantasising about the next time I’d be able to taste her sweet pussy, while it still sank in that I’d had my first lesbian experience.

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