14 Mart 2023

My Friend’s Hubby

Big Dick

I really must put a stop to this. He’s married, we come from the same village so we are both well known by more or less the same people. One day we shall be seen together and the news of our affair will spread like wildfire!

But this is not the first time I have set my mind to ending this whole mess. Every time I make up my mind firmly I come back to wanting him with my whole being; it even seems my toes desire him as much as my pussy does.

Last evening Charles came in as usual after dark. As soon as he pulled me to himself, I melted into him, feeling so at peace, every thought of pushing him out completely silenced. He looked deep into my eyes and I completely dissolved. I wanted him there and then. I was hungry, not having eaten the dinner I had prepared, waiting for him to arrive. He always makes me feel that my cooking is the best in the whole world. So I pull out all stops to prepare a meal for him.

As we sat down he looked at me as if he would eat me instead of the pilau rice with beef on the table. We ate quickly and economically. Then he pulled me to my feet. He was hungry in another sense, too.

I appealed to him, “Sweetheart, acıbadem escort wont you let me clear the dishes?”

“Let the cockroaches feast tonight. Doesn’t the Good Book say that they need no granaries? Where do you think they find their food?”

“You horrid fellow! I do not keep any pets! Least of all those friends of yours.” I slapped him on the arm.

He kissed me full on the lips, sending a violent jolt of electricity shooting through me. I knew immediately he didn’t fuck his wife last night from the intensity of that kiss. If a clit is capable of twitching, mine definitely did. His hands were roaming all over my body and I felt him running a finger along the seam of my panty under the light nightdress I had on. I think I felt his cock give a jump.

His hand roamed to my left boob and he pinched it gently. I do not know how he discovered that it is more sensitive than my right one. His action caused me to bite my lower lip to prevent me from screaming. His cock had now grown to its full size.

Suddenly he bent down and lifted my nightie up from the hem and pulled it over akbatı escort my head. His mouth went first to my left tit, sucking licking me to a delirium. He switched to the right one, making my knees give way. Supporting me, he laid me on the bed and continued lashing my tits with his tongue. I felt one hand straying south to my stomach, rubbing me firmly, then onto my thighs.

He was driving me up the wall with lust! When his mouth followed the hands towards my navel, my hips started a crazy dance on the bed.

His lips made a safe landing on the strip of my cunt. My legs were splayed open in eager reception. His biplane scooted along, blowing warm air on my skin. I could not hold in the moan that sprang up in my throat.

Next I felt his tongue had come out to play. Like a plough he took it all along my slit, deepening the furrow with each pass. Even I could feel the wetness between that tongue and my slit. Near my ass the plough dug deep, coming up towards my navel. When it got to my hole he drove in. It felt like a short cock that fucked me briefly before continuing up. Then he was at my clit. aksaray escort He bent it like a nose, pressed it down as he came to its ridge and then bent it the other way. He ran from ‘nostril’ to ‘bridge’ a few times. I was utterly gone by now.

Then he put the clit between his lips and squeezing, lashed it with the tongue. This was more than I could take. When he sucked the whole clit into his mouth, I fell apart. I flew into so many pieces all over the bed. I must have yelled in multiple languages, but I cannot tell you for sure at this moment.

Panting like a marathon runner from Ethiopia or Kenya, I lay completely spent. My chest was heaving, my throat rasping and dry.

“Some water please,” I said weakly. Some part of my mind registered that he had not yet fucked me with his cock. No man would go away without tasting his woman. I was resigned to my fate. After all he had until morning to do with me all that his heart desired.

He fucked me more than five times that night. We hardly slept. This must surely a picture of the heaven we are promised by religions. I want to dwell all the days of my life where my body is treated to such intense pleasure as my Charles provides. I do not want him to stop visiting me and giving me such a great time.

Yet I am sometimes guilty when I meet Susan my friend, knowing that I have fucked her husband silly in the last few days, maybe even that very week. But I cannot seem to have the power to make myself stop.

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