15 Mayıs 2023

My Ghost with Benefits ch5


I was still in shock, afraid to blink, for fear she’d disappear the second my eyes closed.She started grinding on my cock some more, sending jolts of pleasure rippling through my body.”Don’t lose focus on me now.” she giggled.She started sliding up, painfully slow until just the tip remained inside her. Then pushed herself back down just as slow. My eyes had rolled back into my head, and my mind foggy with bliss. She continued riding me, picking up speed as she got into a rhythm. Leaning back on my chest as she jumped up and down on my cock, moaning and breathing heavily. Feeling her against me seemed to shock me back to reality. My hands began to caress her body almost on their own, pulling her Anadolu Yakası Escort closer to me. Exploring her luscious form my hand moved to her tits. Feeling and squeezing she let out an excited moan.She likes it.Her hand reached behind and grabbed the back of my neck and pulling my face towards hers, she turned meeting my lips. Her tongue playfully challenged mine as she continued to ride me. Each time she pushed down, I swear I would reach deeper. Every thrust electric with pleasure.My breathing grew heavier as I started meeting her thrusts with my own. She moaned, refusing to part with my lips. Just as I began to realize how close I was she gasped and stopped Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan moving. She pulled away from my face, barely an inch but it felt like a mile.”You were close, weren’t you?” she asked while breathing heavily.”Y-yeah.”A sly grin spread across her face. “Well, we can’t have that. I’m not done with you yet.” I couldn’t help smiling. It was like she couldn’t get enough of me.She slowly slid off my dick, it took all of my concentration not to cum right then. She glanced over her shoulder, eyeing my cock as it throbbed without her touch. She straightened her legs and bent over slightly, shaking and bouncing her ass for me.It was by Escort Anadolu Yakası far the sexiest thing I had ever seen and more sensual than any fantasy I had.She stood back up and turned to face me, her face a devilish smirk. She unclasped her bra and covered her tits as it fell away. Swaying her hips as she ran her hands over her body, always keeping her breasts covered, the final prize.Her hands fell away leaving her body completely exposed. My eyes drank in her form, a sensual sight, and now I was the one who couldn’t get enough. She took a gentle step back towards the wall and beckoned me forward. I stood, still rock hard and eager for another round. As soon as I was within reach she grabbed my face and returned her lips to mine.I started grinding against her as my hands caressed her body. Every curve was mine to explore. She pressed herself more and more into me, anxious to be closer. Her leg wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer still. My cock pressed against her pussy, she moaned as I rubbed against her.

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