18 Mart 2023

My Gift To You

Big Dick

You and I have been making out for several minutes on your bed, trading tongues into each other’s mouths, sucking and nibbling on each other’s lips. Your hands are around me and sliding up and under my t-shirt, feeling my back with one hand, the other groping my breast through my satin bra.

You can feel my hard nipple against your palm through the fabric as I’m straddling you and gently grinding on your lap. I can feel you growing harder as I moan into your mouth.

I break the kiss from your lips with several small pecks as we breathe a little harder than normal against each other’s mouth. You quickly pull my shirt off over my head, tossing it into the abyss across the room, revealing the dark green push up bra I have on. I sit up on your lap and roll my hips against your crotch through our jeans. I look down at you smiling softly as your hands trail up my stomach and sides as I reach behind me and unhook my bra, throwing it in the same general direction my shirt went.

I bite my lip and whimper as your hands find my tits and you fill them with my flesh. Your fingers dig into my skin and you pinch my nipples between the knuckles in the middle of your fingers, pulling me back down to you. I moan as I fall back on you then kiss your neck. Dropping soft little kisses along your flesh and dragging my tongue up to your jawline.

Your hands slide back around me and into the back of my jeans, wrapping your fingers in the matching satin thong I have on and tugging up on it. I feel the fabric pull against my wet pussy and whimper into your ear.

My hands slide up your shirt, catching the hemline against my wrists and I lift it up, pushing it up over your head. You let go of me and pull it all the way off. I scoot down a bit on my knees as my teeth nibble your shoulder, working my way down to your chest.

My lips press lightly into your skin through your chest hair. It tickles my nose and makes me giggle a little. I look up at you as I take my time kissing and licking your chest, circling closer and closer to your nipples. My mouth almost touches one, and then I move to the other and do the same, almost an agonizing tease.

I slide my hand down under me while supporting myself with the other. My hand cups your hidden package gently pressing into you, and then I rub the length of my forearm down over your cock, applying a gentle pressure as my hand rubs into the bed, and then back up again.

You have one hand wrapped up in my hair, pulling it off my face so you can see my eyes, the other resting at your side, letting me have my way with you.

My hard nipples tickle your stomach as my mouth finally finds your left nipple. I kiss it softly at first, licking it, and then I trail the tip of my tongue around your areola.

My hand comes back up and slides underneath your crotch. My fingers wrap around your hidden balls and scratch them through your clothes. I hear you moan softly as my fingers make your balls bounce around in the confines of your clothes.

The tip of my tongue flicks at your hard nipple, up and down, side to side, crossing over it until you squirm a bit. Then I suck it into my mouth, still flicking it with my tongue inside my mouth. I bring my head up just a little and blow cool air over your nipple.

I slide off you to your right and up onto my knees. My mouth is latched onto your right nipple, sucking and nibbling it very gently as I wiggle my jeans down to my knees. Your hand immediately finds my ass and grabs it, kneading my flesh and spanking it. I squeal and lightly drag my teeth over your nipple. Then I flick it in same fashion as I did your other, teasing you.

You rip my panties down to my thighs and my legs spread open for you. Your fingers find my dripping pussy, my heat radiates onto your palm. My tongue takes long laps over your nipple as my hand undoes your jeans and pushes them down just enough.

Your fingers part my slit and are welcomed by my silken juices pooled at the entrance to my cunt. You smear them up over my pierced clit and I moan at your touch. I lose track of what I’m doing with my hand for a moment as you tease my clit, flicking it, tugging lightly on my jewelry. My hand is wrapped around your throbbing cock through your boxers as your fingers work me.

My head settles on your chest, looking up at you as your fingers find my tight, slick hole. My eyes close and I moan as you push them inside my wetness. My hand slips beneath the waist band of your boxers and right past your erection. I cup your balls in my palm, using my thumb as I carefully massage your sac, your cock rubbing against my forearm as I tug lightly.

Your fingers dig inside me and I moan louder, rocking against your fingers.

“I’m not going to be able to let you stop if you keep that up,” I say with heavy breath.

You chuckle and grind your two fingers into me as hard as you can; digging in up to your knuckles and my nectar drips down your hand.

You pull your fingers out and smear them on my etiler escort lips, my mouth opens and I take them inside but you pull away before I can clean them, wanting to have a taste of me yourself.

My hand comes out of your boxers and I lean up kissing your lips and sharing my juices off my fingers with you.

I sit up and pull my pants and panties off, kicking them to the floor. I slide off your bed and down to my knees.

I pull on your thighs, to bring you further down the bed in front of me and you oblige, moving down until your butt is almost off the edge of the mattress.

I keep your boxers on nuzzle my face into your crotch as I push your thighs open, lightly scratching your inner thighs with my nails. I move my face down and rub my forehead against your hidden sac, then slowly come up until my mouth is able to kiss your balls. I drag my tongue back and forth until the fabric gets wet. My hands slide up from both sides as my mouth finds your cock standing at attention, pressed against the cotton of your underwear.

My hands slide inside the legs of your boxers from both sides. My tongue licks circles around your head through the fabric and then I open my mouth around it. My fingers reach your fuzzy sac, holding each of your balls in my fingertips, and then spreading out and coming closer together. Because your sensitive cockhead is covered,I’m able to open my mouth wide and drag my teeth up and down a few times. I use the fabric to my advantage to keep this from hurting you.

I kiss along your cotton covered shaft as I ask, “May I uncover you and service your cock?”

“Yes, slut, you can,” you reply.

“Thank you,” I squeal with glee.

My hands slide out from the legs of your boxers and I quickly wrap my fingers into your waist band and pull them up over your erection. My warm mouth immediately latches onto the head of your cock as I push your boxers and jeans down to your feet and your pull your feet out.

I sit back on my calves for just a moment and smile, looking at your beautiful shaft.

“I’m very hungry. I hope that’s okay,” I say with a grin.

“Fuck yes it is,” you reply.

I spit several times into the palm of my hand and onto my fingers before my tongue finds your balls. With my other hand I wrap my thumb and forefinger around the base of your cock, squeezing with a gentle pressure, with my other fingers fanned out across your pubic hair. I rub my spit slickened palm against the underside of your cockhead in small circles while my mouth tends to your sac.

I start at one end, taking long laps from underneath your balls and up over the curve of your flesh and continue until my tongue meets my thumb. My pierced tongue drags through your hair and onto your flesh. My slick hand sliding around the crown of your shaft, avoiding the tip, smearing my spit into your flesh as the underside of my tongue comes back down.

Your cock becomes rigid as my finger and thumb hold you like a cockring, the beautiful veins protruding underneath your flesh.

I lap at your balls, the bead of my tongue ring spinning against your skin, up and down until every centimeter is coated in my salvia and your pubic hair is sticky. I can hear you moaning. I moan back and you feel my hot breath against your flesh. I quickly pull my hand away from the head of your cock and spit into it, replacing it back on the side towards your face. I start at the head and slowly slide my open palm down your shaft, smearing my spit into your flesh. All while my tongue zigzags over your balls.

My hand comes up over your slit, and then down the left side. My grip at the base of your cock keeps you steady. I kiss your sac and suck the skin into my mouth, pulling my mouth back just a touch, letting go then doing the same in another spot, and another, and another. At the same time, my open hand continues to slide up and down every angle of your shaft I can reach.

I pull my hand away again and spit onto my fingers. It returns to your flesh, pressed against your frenulum. I open my mouth wide and suck one of your balls into my mouth as my forefinger and middle fingers spread apart in a v shape just beneath the ridge of your cockhead. In my mouth I massage your ball with my tongue, sucking it tenderly as my fingers spread wide apart to my middle knuckles and come back together again, rubbing one of your most sensitive areas.

I pull my mouth back and let your ball pop out of my mouth before I’m tugging too hard, then take the other one. I wiggle my tongue against your flesh and moan, sending vibrations through your being. My fingers continue stroking underneath your ridge, carefully sliding side to side. My mouth is latched onto your sac, greedily switching back and forth between your balls as my fingers slowly begin to spread apart even more, holding your erection between them as they slide up and down your shaft.

It sounds to me like you’re in heaven with the eve gelen escort teases of my hand and my mouth tending to your sac. I hear you moaning and groaning at the touches you like most. I know how you love your balls getting attention, not enough women provide enough care there.

I release my grip on the base of your cock for a mere moment for new blood flow before tightening it again. I take one final lick, arching my back down so I can reach your taint with my tongue, touching the base of your ass crack and bringing my tongue up, ever so slowly, slithering it up over your balls and over the ring of my fingers. My other hand comes away and my tongue drags up your shaft, getting even slower as I reach your head, then finally over it and across your slit.

I taste your precum and moan, looking up at you, but your eyes are closed and head is back, enjoying every sensation I provide you.

I rest my free hand on your thigh for a moment, rubbing you. I use the tip of my tongue and make circles around your cockslit, getting wider and wider until I’m circling your entire bulbous head. I take your flesh between my lips and you feel the warmth of the inside of my mouth once again. I hear you groan out in pleasure as my tongue wiggles in my mouth and swirls around your flesh.

I love your groans, it makes me want to please you even more, but you can’t have the inside of my mouth completely just yet.

My hair has fallen against my face but I don’t let it bother me and it tickles your inner thighs and balls.

I find the largest vein on your shaft, starting at the base, I use the tip of my tongue and trace along it, taking my time to stay within the line. My mouth comes away as I reach your head then I start again at the bottom, giving your flesh a bit more of my tongue this time. Then again I pull away, over and over until my flat tongue is pressed into this side of your erection, lapping away hungrily.

My free hand has found your balls again, lightly scratching through your sticky pubes, fanning my fingertips in and out over your sensitive sac.

My greedy licks cover the whole underside of your shaft that I can reach, and then I sit up higher on my knees and turn my head to the side, licking up the dry side of your cock. I stretch my tongue out as far as I can and curl the tip, wrapping my tongue around you. My lip drags along your slick flesh as my tongue moves up and down.

I release the ring of my fingers again, giving your cock a moment to rest, and then tighten once more. Licking and swirling my tongue over every inch of your erection until it is red and rigid again.

With my head turned to the side, and my fingers still scratching your balls, I open my mouth against the base of your cock. I seal my lips closed and run my mouth up and down the left side of your shaft. My tongue flicks against your flesh inside my mouth and drool spills out of the open corner, running down your length. After about ten times I turn and suck your head into my mouth, I suck it hard for just a few seconds then go back down the other side of your shaft. You can feel my tongue flicking and rubbing into your flesh and the beads of my tongue ring flicking around inside my mouth.

You’re groaning really hard now and I know you need to be in my mouth. I decide it’s time to satisfy your craving, finally. I look up as my mouth comes off; your eyes are still closed. I blow cool breath all over your saliva drenched shaft in zigzags by wiggling my jaw back and forth.

I use the ring of my fingers to arch your cock down just a bit for a better angle for when you slide into my throat, tough you aren’t getting that just yet. My fingers curl behind your sac and they rest against my palm. My thumb rubs in gentle circles and up and down.

“I think you should open your eyes now,” I whisper, just loud enough to hear.

You reach back and stack two pillows under your head and look down at me.

I smile and say, “Thank you.”

I keep my eye contact with you as I kiss the tip of your cock, slowly spreading my lips apart as my mouth takes your head inside. I moan feeling your hot flesh on my tongue again.

My lips push further down until the tip of your cock is touching the entrance to my throat. I turn my head from side to side and my tongue follows my movements, slithering and swirling around your flesh in my mouth. I loosen my jaw a bit and cover my teeth as I work, bobbing my head on the top half of your shaft. Sucking you gently, then hard, then gently again, all the way up until your cock almost pops out of my mouth, but I don’t let it. Drool dribbles out from the corners of my mouth as I work your shaft and what isn’t gathered on my lips trickles down into your pubic hair.

I finally let go of your cock with my mouth, sucking hard so it falls out of my mouth with a pop and I release the ring at your base. Your erection dangles in the air as I spit into my hand before fatih escort grasping your meat, wrapping my fingers around it.

My mouth greedily sucks your cock back inside and I hear you groan real loud this time. I love hearing that I’m pleasing you and respond by moaning back onto your flesh.

I pump my fist on your cock, slow at first and picking up speed. My lips and my forefinger almost connected as I move up and down your shaft, sometimes turning in the same motion, sometimes opposite. My other hand ever so lightly tugs on your sac then massages it.

I must have worked you up real good with all the teasing. You’re grunting even louder and your chest is heaving. I can feel you throbbing in my hand and mouth.

I continue working you, using every movement of my tongue, mouth and hands I can think of. Until I hear you growl and suddenly every touch and sensation you feel disappears.

I catch my breath for a moment, smiling up at you sweetly as your eyes open again. Your cock throbs in the air, aching to release.

“I’m not done with you yet,” I giggle.

“Fucking slut, I was so close,” you growl.

I giggle and playfully pout, “Well you wanted to feel my throat didn’t you?”

“Fuck yes I do.” you reply, grinning down at me.

I tentatively reach back up and wrap my hand around your shaft. You shiver a little, but I can tell it’s safe again. I sit back up on my knees and open my mouth wide over your cockhead. Holding you with my fist I rub the tip of your cock back and forth against the roof of my mouth, extremely careful you don’t get scraped by my teeth. Then I close my lips once again with my eyes looking up to you.

I angle your shaft down again, holding you from the base with my fist, contracting and squeezing slightly. My hand finds your balls again and I reach my fingers back with cupping them in my palm and my fingertips find your taint. I gently rub your there but not applying much pressure, yet.

Your cockhead nudges the entrance to my throat as my lips meet my hand. I make sure you’re watching and begin loosening my fingers one my one as your cock slides into my throat. You feel yourself pressing inside the tight orifice and being swallowed whole.

I let go of your shaft with my hand and pull it away so you can see as the last bit of your erection disappear behind my lips. I raise my eyebrows, playfully seeking approval as my nose presses into your pelvis.

“Oh fuck yes, you dirty cockslut,” you groan for me.

My tongue presses against the base of your shaft as my cheeks sink in, still holding you completely in my mouth. I turn my head side to side and grind my face into you. Your cock is surrounded by the tightness of my throat and you don’t feel me gagging.

I pull up just enough so you never leave my throat and push back down again, hard. I see your fingers gripping the sheets as I grind your organ into my needy throat. My mouth suctions you with just the right amount of pressure.

I pull back up, all the way off and spit my spittle lewdly onto your cock several times.

My hand smears the silken spit lube on your shaft as I speak, “More?”

“Uh-huh” are the only words you can muster as you pant.

I pull my hand back and swallow you in one fluid gulp, straight down into my throat. I lift off my knees even more and arch my back so I can rock my face into you, digging your cock into my throat as far as it can possibly go. You feel my throat clenching your flesh as I start gagging. I open my mouth so you can hear the dirty, sloppy sounds that come from you being so far in my throat. My fingertips push into your taint, massaging your prostate with gentle pressure as my mouth comes up again, then back down just before you leave my throat.

I moan hard onto your body, servicing you gets me so fucking turned on, I feel my fluids leaking onto my thighs.

I work my mouth up and down the base of your cock, careful to never let you come out of my throat. I can’t handle the in and out.

I pull back again and gasp, spitting and then without saying a word you’ve disappeared behind my lips again. This time as my mouth comes down I rock my jaw, giving you the sensation that I’m eating your cock. You must really like that one because your hips are bucking now. I take my time gulping down every last inch then fuck you deep with my throat, grinding my face into your pelvis and crushing my nose.

My fingers press harder into your taint, massaging you deep inside your body and my thumb and palm rub your balls.

I force my tongue out of my mouth with your organ completely buried inside and lick against the top of your sac. I hear a groan of amazement, good trick I learned there.

I pull back again and spit that silky spittle, letting it run down your shaft for a second before my hand returns and jerks you hard.

“Cum in my mouth, I need to fucking taste you, please give it to me. I need your cum,” I beg you.

You don’t make an answer with words and I pull my hand back and immediately swallow you again, devouring your flesh. I feel you throbbing against my tongue and in my mouth. I add just a bit more pressure behind your balls and tug lightly on your sac. You’re a fucking groaning mess and I love it. I bob my head on the bottom half of your shaft milking you of your seed with every weapon I have.

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