14 Mart 2023

My Greek God


I have always been a relatively small child while growing up. Always in the front line for pictures on picture day while all the boys my age where in the back two lines. It never really bothered me until I reached high school and I could not make it to any sports teams. I tried my hardest, always practicing before auditions. I spent weeks practicing for basketball, soccer, football, and baseball. Basketball I was not tall enough to shoot baskets, soccer I was not fast enough, baseball I was not strong enough to bat, and football I got totally splattered on the ground by the huge bodybuilders. Oh well I told myself. At least I didn’t give up and I won’t regret not trying. My parents understood as well. They knew I was a good kid and always gave it my all so even if I didn’t succeed sometimes, they were still supportive. Since I did not have any sports in my life I decided to spend my entire time in books and studying to become a doctor. I enjoyed helping people since I was young.

My mom is a nurse and always took me with her to work and made me volunteer. I would help patients with food or clean up rooms. It made me realize that I loved helping. My father is a manager at the local bookstore which also made me love books. I spent time either volunteering at the hospital, reading at the bookstore, or at school. That was my life for the longest time. Since I wasn’t like other boys, I always felt shy and isolated. I didn’t have many friends and barely went out. I was pretty alone in high school. Girls never approached me either. I heard rumors saying girls thought I was cute but they all thought I was too weird to ask out and of course it was my job to ask them out since I am the guy. I however did not have any interest in asking any of the high school girls out. In fact, I didn’t have any interest in asking any girls out. I swing the other way. I realized that the day first day of high school when I saw Ken Peterson. He was a junior and the captain of the football team of course. Tall, well built, around 180 lbs I figured, blue eyes, chiseled jaw line and the blonde hair that really hot anime guys have. I was mesmerized by him.

Me on the other hand, I was average height, skinny, dark wavy hair, a few pimples here and there, dark brown eyes, and glasses. All throughout freshmen year I never stopped staring at him. I often wondered why I only looked at him and not other girls. Then slowly I began noticing other cute guys. I figured it was puberty and hormones. Guys develop a high sex drive at this point and would probably fuck a pie. At the end of sophomore year when Ken was graduating and leaving for college I realized that I had a crush on him. I never felt that way about girls before. That is when I knew for sure I was gay. That would explain why I never had a girlfriend before or even kissed. After Ken leaving I wanted to try a few things so I found a few guys online and met up with them later. We fooled around a little but never anything serious. Graduation was near and I started applying to colleges. I got into my top choice and ended up moving a couple of states away from home.

I was pretty nervous to start college since I still felt isolated but I hoped for the best. As soon as I got out of the taxi I noticed students and parents all over campus. It was a lively atmosphere, I wanted to be a part of it but I didn’t know how. I walked through the campus with my luggage looking around at buildings and trying to find my dorm room. I didn’t really remember much from my campus tour and forget to bring the campus map. As I was walking looking for the building, I hear someone yell watch out! I looked around and feel someone crash into me. My body flies through the air and lands on, luckily a soft patch of grass, but it didn’t really help when 170 lbs lands on top of you.

“I am sooo sorry! Are you okay?”

“Ughh.. I think so.”

“I was running and looking behind me. I am really sorry. I didn’t see you until the last minute.”

He gets off of me and brings a hand down to help me up. Only when I get a little bit of my vision back do I see this gorgeous guy looking down on me. He had the greenest eyes I had ever seen. Dark brown hair framing a little of his forehead, a little stubble covering the bottom half of his face, a body built like a Greek God, lightly tanned skin, and was easily five to six inches taller than me. He had a worried expression on his face which was not surprising since he nearly crushed me to death. I have no idea who I survived his body colliding into me. No wonder I didn’t get into football. I grabbed his hand and he helped me back to my feet. Man he even had nice big hands.

“You okay?”

“Yeah I am okay. Thanks.”

“No, it’s not a problem. I am glad you are okay.”

With that relief he gave me the sexiest smile in the world. Ken probably couldn’t even compete with this guy. He was truly like a God on this planet of mortals.

“Hi, I am Sterling Lander. Junior here. Captain of the football team if you interested in trying out and economics and finance major.”

“H-Hi. bahçeşehir escort I’m Adrian Taylor. Freshmen, captain of nothing and future biology major.”

“Haha, well nice to meet you Adrian. What do you think of campus?”

“It’s great! I am excited and nervous to be here.”

“Don’t be, it’ll be greatest journey in your life. It is scary as a freshman, I was terrified but you’ll make friends soon and you won’t want to leave.”

“Well, honestly I am not very good at making friends,” I looked down with a shy smile.

“Hey! No you aren’t. You just made your first friend.”

He gives me another one of his sexy smiles showing his perfectly straight and pearly teeth. God, I would give anything to have that mouth on me.

“How about I help you take your stuff to the dorms to make up for almost killing you. Haha.”

“You really don’t have to, I’ll find it.”

“You don’t even know where the building is? Don’t worry, I’ll take you.”

“Umm. Thanks a lot.”

Sterling grabbed a bag from me and started walking towards the dorm.

“So which dorm you in?”


“Cool, that is where I was freshmen year. It’s pretty nice. You’ll like it. Biology major huh? What do you want to do?”

“Doctor, my mom is a nurse so I guess I got helping people from her.”

“Ambitious, impressive.”

“What about you? What are you going to do if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Well my family owns a small business so they want me to take over which I don’t mind. To do that I need some business background though. Football is a hobby. I have always loved it. If I can become a professional then we’ll see but for now I am happy where I am.”

“That’s impressive,” I said it in the same tone as he did earlier to me.

He smirked back a little.

“Well here we are. What’s your number?”

“W-What?! I-I.”

“What? You don’t remember your own room number?”

“Ro-Room number? Ohh! Uh. Yeah. You asked for the room number. It’s 232.”

We checked in at the front desk and walked up to my room.

“Thanks a lot. Really.”

“No problem like I said. We are friends now. Hopefully I see you around campus. I have to get going, got practice. But hey, if you want to come watch you can. Meet more people and see campus some more.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah that is cool. I’ll just let the coach know you might be interested in trying out.”

As we walked we talked some more about his family and mine. He told me about school and some of his past relationships. He has had a few girlfriends in the past but none who he felt to serious for. He said he really wanted to fall for someone and it made him sound cheesy but he still wanted that kind of love. I told him that I never had a serious relationship which he was surprised by because he said I was a good looking guy. Hearing him say that caused my head to spin and butterflies to start flying faster in my stomach. When we got to the field I walked to the stands and sat down watching all the boys gear up and start practicing. Sterling looked even more amazing running around and tackling people. He really was strong. His pants defined his butt well and made it look even more amazing. God it made my cock twitch. I put my hand over my crotch but I couldn’t stop myself from squirming a little. What would Sterling think if he knew I had such thoughts in my head about him? He would hate me for sure and think I am a nasty pervert. Watching practice got a little too much for me so I decided to take a look around. When I got back practice was finished and I saw Sterling sitting on a bench drinking water.

“Seemed like practice went well.”

“Hey Adrian. Yeah it did but you left.”

My heart skipped a beat. He noticed that I left. Was he looking at me? Of course he was. I was there because I am new. He would be supportive and make sure I was okay. Don’t think anything weird Adrian.

“Oh yeah sorry. I just wanted to look around a little.”

“That’s cool. You better come to my first game though. I’ll be waiting for you.”

There my heart skipped again. This man says things that really get me going.

“Um yeah for sure. Wouldn’t want to miss my friend’s game,” I replied with a smile.

Adrian looked pleased with my answer.

We said are goodbyes and parted. Well I probably won’t see him again I thought heading back to my dorm. As soon as I entered my room I see an average height guy with long black hair run up to me and hug me.

“Hi! I am Cody! Your roommate!”

“Hi Cody, I am Adrian. Nice to meet you.”

“You too! There is something you should know. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable so I’ll let you know right away in case you want to change rooms. I am gay.”

“You are what?”

“I am gay. I just don’t want you to wait to find out and think I hid it. Don’t worry though. I won’t hit on you unless you want me to. Haha.”

“Well the thing is. I am too,” I looked down and bakırköy escort whispered.

“Really?! Wow! This could work out well, he joked, at least I think.”

“Haha, lets start a friendship first.”

“You got it pal! You are super hot though. I don’t know how I’ll be able to resist”

I slept that night with a smile on my face thinking that this could turn into a quite the adventure and maybe I’ll open up more.


Next morning I woke up and went to eat in the cafeteria for breakfast because Cody had a late class. While eating in the cafeteria I felt a shadow across from me. I looked up and noticed Sterling staring down at me with a smile.

“Hey freshie. Ready for the first day?”

He had just showered because his hair was damp and he smelled of cologne. It took me a while to recompose myself and reply.

“Hi Sterling. I really am. I am good with studies so I’m looking forward for it.”

“That’s good. What’s your first class?”

“It’s Philosophy 201.”

“Really? Mine too.”

“Seriously? It’s a gen ed though. Are you not done with all of them?”

“Well actually I’m not good at that kind of deep thinking so I put the class off as much as I could. Glad I did because now we are in the same class. You can tutor me,” he winked at me.

We made small talk and finished eating. I can’t believe I am in the same class as him. Never would I have thought this. Here I thought yesterday that I wouldn’t see him again and now he wants me to tutor him. We walked to class and sat together through class. It was super difficult for me to concentrate when he was sitting right next to me and smelling so delicious. I started twitching again. He always gets me so horny. I have no idea how I got through that class. At this rate, he is going to have to tutor me. After class we said our byes and I finished my day. I slowly began adjusting to college life and getting close to Sterling. I ended up going to lots of his games, hanging out, tutoring him, and met some of his friends. Cody and I became very good friends but lots of times I caught him hitting on me and trying to get cozy. I would casually just move away but it was starting to get too much. Sterling helped me open up and becoming happier within a few months of college.


“Come on Adrian. It’s one party. You’ll have fun. You can make more friends and I really would love it if you come with me.”

How could I possibly say no to that puppy dog face.

“Fine but I won’t stay too long.”

We got to the ragging party. Music could be heard a block away.

“Whose party did you say it was?”

“My friend from freshmen year. We have the same major and he’s captain of the baseball team. I’ll introduce you guys when we get there.”

We get to the party and see a bunch of girls and guys dancing, drinking, or just talking. I feel a little out of my element. Well a lot I guess. I follow quietly behind Sterling while he walks up to his friends and greets them with a cool bro handshake. I look around trying to see if I recognize someone. All of sudden I see a familiar face. It’s Ken Peterson! What in the world is he doing here!

“Adrian, this is Ken. He is my friend since freshmen year and this is his party.”

“Hi Adrian. I think I have seen you before somewhere.”

“We actually went to the same high school.”

“Yes! I can’t believe it! You tried out for the baseball team I remember now. What are the chances? Small world, huh? Well it is nice to see you. I hope Sterling is taking good care of you. I heard so much about you from him. You made quite an impression on him.”

“Ken, shut up dude. Anyways Adrian, don’t listen to him. He talks shit all the time. Where is the booze man?”

Sterling walks towards the kitchen to grab some beer.

“So Adrian. What brings you here?”

“They have a good biology program. I want to be a doctor.”

“Hey man that is great. I figured you would be something like a doctor or lawyer.”

“W-What do you mean?”

“I saw your nose buried in books all the time.”

“You saw me?”

“Yeah, you intrigued me. You always tried for everything even though you didn’t make it. It was nice seeing someone try so hard. It’s really nice to see you now. I didn’t think I would again after graduating.”

He must have realized that I was absolutely shocked since my mouth dropped open.

“Haha, sorry I feel like I freaked you out.”

“No no! It’s it’s fine. Actually I. I. It’s weird to say this now. Don’t think I’m weird please. I actually had a crush on you.”

It was Ken’s turn to drop his mouth open.

“Damn! Well you should have said something. We could have worked something out,” he smiled his seductive smile at and walked away to where he was being called.

Wait! Does that mean he liked me?! Does that mean he is gay?! Does that mean he wanted something to happen?! What is happening here?!?! I caught my breath and finally başakşehir escort calmed myself. Ken looked exactly the same except slightly bigger. I guess I changed a little bit too just like he has. I wouldn’t want to have glasses and pimples for the rest of my life. I got a little bigger too. While I stood there still contemplating why I never asked Ken out, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“You okay Ad?”

“Oh fine Sterling. What’s this?”

“Punch. Non-alcoholic. Don’t worry I asked Ken.”

I took the punch from him and gulped it right away. I needed something to cool me off after that conversation with Ken. The night went on and I got punch after punch. I soon started to get light-headed. What was happening? I see Ken walk up to me.

“Hey kiddo. You look flushed. The punch that good?”

He laughed while handing me a glass of liquid.

“Drink that. It’ll help you. Come upstairs. There is a balcony. You can get some fresh air there.”

I take a sip and gross! It is so strong. Is this alcohol? Was the punch alcoholic too? I don’t feel well. I can barely stand now. Sterling said it didn’t have any alcohol in it though. Just as I was about to fall going up the stairs, Ken wraps his arm around my waist holding me up. He takes me upstairs to a room and sets me down on the bed.

“You know I never really thought that I would see you again. Then I saw you come in with Sterling, I couldn’t believe it. I was speechless for a second. I was serious when I said that I was intrigued by you in high school. I pretended not to remember you very well at first but then you told me you had a crush on me in high school and I was so turned on. You know I liked you too. I was obsessed with you. I always watched you and I know you watched me. I knew you liked me and were gay. I was hoping you would make a move but never did. I couldn’t because I was afraid at that point to really open up but now, I don’t care. I got a second opportunity with you and I won’t miss it. I knew the punch had alcohol when Sterling asked. He told me it was for you and you didn’t drink. It was my entire plan. Good right? Now that you are drunk and I have you up here, I can fulfill all my high school fantasies that I had of you.”

I cannot comprehend anything with the entire room spinning and Ken’s nonstop talking. He feels his body falling back on the bed and a heavy body pressing down on him. What is Ken doing? He wasn’t like this in high school or was he really. He turned out to be so different than I expected. I thought he was this amazing guy but would he really take advantage of me right now. Take advantage of a virgin? No, I don’t want this! I don’t want him. I don’t even like him anymore. I don’t want my first time like this and with someone I don’t like. I want Sterling. I could barely keep my eyes open let alone push this man off. I could feel his lips on my neck and hands sliding my shirt open.

“Ken please don’t. I know you don’t want to do this. This isn’t right. Let me go please. I don’t feel the same way about you anymore. I like someone else please.”

Ken lifts his head and I can feel him looking at my face.

“Oh that is interesting. Who, I want to know. It can’t be Sterling can it? If it is I should tell you that I tried that freshmen year and he is completely into women. He is probably in some room right now banging a girl. Why don’t you let me do that to you?”

Ken goes back to my neck working his way down. I can feel my face starting to get wet from my tears. Of course Sterling is straight. He could never want me even if I like him so much. In one quick motion I feel a chill all over my body. Ken’s weight disappeared and I hear a thud. I struggle to hold my head up and see Ken on the floor holding his jaw with blood at the corner of his lip. Sterling was standing over him with utter rage. I had never seen Sterling like this before. I had seen him get upset once or twice after football games if they didn’t win but never this. I feel myself being lifted and then everything goes black. I open my eyes and see Sterling taking my shoes off.


“Hey Ad. You okay?”

“Yeah just a little thirsty.”

“Hold on, I’ll get you some water.”

I drank down the chilly water and instantly felt better.

“I am so sorry. I had no idea Ken would do that. I know he liked you in high school and you liked him. He told me everything. I decked him once more don’t worry. I made him promise me to never even come near you. I am so so sorry. I wish I could take back and stop all that from happening.”

“Sterling, it’s okay. It wasn’t your fault. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I should be more careful next time. Thank you for taking care of the situation and me. You can go home now. I’m sure you are tired. Is your hand okay?”

“Haha, even though you are the one who is unwell you still take care of me. That is what I like about you. I’m fine. You get some rest.”



“You aren’t upset that I never told you that I am gay?”

Sterling stayed quiet.

“I am sorry. I thought you wouldn’t like me being gay. I was worried you would reject me as friend. I shouldn’t have hidden it.”

“Ad. It’s okay. I understand it’s hard to come out as gay and we have never had that kind of conversation before. You wouldn’t just say you were gay randomly. I am not upset at all.”

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