1 Ağustos 2021

My initiation


My initiationRonda led me downstairs were the others were waiting. I got my share of wolf whistles and get on your knees baby. Eli lifted my skirt and said one more thing. We don’t want Jamie here to be dripping cum all over so I’ll screw this in place. He had a 6″ sound that screwed into the tip of my steel cage. That will hold back things for a while. But this will catch everything once the damn breaks. Eli screwed the sound in place and stretched a clear rubber over my clitty and balls. We all climbed into Eli’s car and headed uptown. We stopped in front of the Blue Note. I’ve been here before. It’s a nice little jazz club. We proceeded through the club to the black door which lead to a whole new kind of shoe. Live sex on stage! Hmmm with audience participation approved . Oh My! I never knew about this. Ronda and Eli told me there are many things you know about Jamie. On stage a very sexy, very well toned red head was being split roasted by two very muscular alpha males. They were all in sync with the music. Ronda told me to take a closer look at the red head. OMG she has a cage locked on her just like me. The dancers were all men and they were taking turns. We were sitting at a table that was up front and center stage. Just as we got our drinks our table as lite up with a small spot and the MC started to introduce us or should I say me. Meet Jamie our newest guest star. This well be the first of many show by Jamie I’m told. Let’s let her settle burdur escort down and enjoy Candies show for now. I looked at Ronda then Eli and asked what is going on? They simply replied , well you do need training and the Blue Note is the best in Chicago. Relax Jamie you’ll love it. I sipped my drink and watched Candies performance. She took all those men on like it was nothing. Sucked off at least a dozen while another dozen fucked her. I started feeling a little dizzy. But this is only a glass of wine. The show ended and the lights started to dim. After a few moments the lights came on and the MC was calling me up. The audience was chanting Jamie Jamie we want Jamie. Oh My What Did I Get Into? I was practically pushed on stage. There was what looked like a padded saw horse with leather straps center stage. What is that I asked. It’s your stage prop Honey. Climb on, face down. Before I knew it I was strapped face down spread eagle with my arms and legs bound.My ass was up in the air and my head was pulled back a bit. The MC asked me if I was comfortable and before I could answer he put a three inch diameter ring in my mouth. The lights dimmed again and when they came back on a 10 inch cock was almost touching my mouth. I couldn’t really look around because my head was pulled back and held very tightly. The music started up and I realized there was ring of well endowed men surounding me. Each one stopped and çanakkale escort almost pushed their cock in my wide open mouth. One by one they got closer and closer until they were touching my lips. Then the swollen head filled my mouth. One at a time. My tongue could not resist licking each one. They were all,sooo smooth and sooo big and sooo good tasting. One by one they would pump their cocks in and out maybe a dozen times then pull out to be replaced laced by another. Oh they weren’t ignoring my backside. Someone was massaging my ass and rubbing the best feeling coolest lubricant on and into my ass that I event felt. While the dancing men were almost fucking my mouth. The man behind me told me its time for a little stretching. We have a dozen butt plugs. They all vibrate and each one is a little bigger. And you will get each one up your ass. And you will want to get them because each one is a little bit longer and you will want to be filled. After a while the men were pushing their cocks down to their balls. I felt those big cum filled balls pressing on my chin. The vibrating butt plugs felt wonderful.I wanted to clamp my lips on those cocks sooo bad. Finically one of the men held a massive dildo in front of me. He pointed out the threads on the end and told me that they are going the put it on a fucking machine. I was told it is going to fuck me while I suck all 20 of the dancers off. Do you want the çankırı escort ring removed so you can suck better or not. Yes yes off course yes. Out came the ring and in came the cocks. The fucking machine put me in a trance and I milked mouthfuls of cum from all 20″of those cocks. The machine never stopped. My clitty felt like it was going to explode but it couldn’t. The machine fucked me at various speeds for at least an hour while everyone In the audience was told they were welcome to come up and get thier cock sucked. I had a cock in my mouth for the whole time. The machine was slowed down and I was told it’s time for me to get all 20 of the men hard again smother can fuck me and fill me with their seed. Time for them all to breed you Sweety. I sucked each one of them until they were hard as a rock. They each fucked me and filled me with their hot dreamy cum. And they each put a butt plug in me so nothing would leak out. Finally arter the last man fucked me and shoved the biggest butt plug ever into my ass I was told they were going to make me cum. They had no intentions of taking my cage off but they would make me cum into the rubber. They then emptied it into a champainge glass and toasted me as I drank my own cum. I actually got a standing ovation when they set me free. The MC asked how I felt and I replied ,I’m fine how about the same time next week? Jamie you are welcome to cum back any time you want. We are proud to say we train the best sissies. And you seem to be one of the best we’ve had for a while. I reached down and rubbed the MC’s crotch and asked him if I could do anything for him. Off course you can Jamie……. Let’s just step backstage and you can use those well used lips of yours on my cock for a few hours if you want.

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