26 Mart 2022

My Korean GF Michelle Cheats


My Korean GF Michelle CheatsWhen I was a sophomore at college, I was fortunate enough to meet a girl who I thought was one of the most attractive girls on campus. Her name was Michelle, and she had the best combination of hot/sexy/cute on the whole campus. The best part was, she didn’t have that bitchy attitude that most hot girls on campus did. She didn’t walk around with her nose in the air, and didn’t slut it up at any of the local frats like many of her classmates. She was the perfect image of an innocent cute, and very hot female. The reason that she was this way, is that she hadn’t yet had the chance to experience campus life. All of freshman year, Michelle lived at home with her parents and commuted to school every day; so she never got a chance to flirt with the guys in a dorm, or go to any frat parties.As luck would have it, Michelle was in 3 of my 5 classes, and she was living in the quad next to mine (sophomore year we have apartments), so this let me get to know her and become friends with her fairly fast, and early in the semester.This might be a good time to describe Michelle. To start with, Michelle was one of the hottest girls on campus, but what made her even hotter was the fact that she was Asian. She stood about 5’2″, and weighed just under 100lbs., probably somewhere around 95lbs, actually. And she had all the beautiful Asian features, silky-smooth olive skin, long, straight, thick, black hair, seductive slanted brown eyes, very shapely legs, nice pert butt, and tiny, but shapely breasts. To be specific, Michelle was Korean, so she had that extra-exotic look to her. Besides her physical looks, she would wear the cutest outfits; nothing too slutty or anything like that, but everything fit her so well that it exposed her curves just right.When I met Michelle, I knew instantly that I liked her and found her attractive. Actually, to be honest, I was kind of intimidated by her looks, but her nice personality made me less intimidated of her. Since she lived right next to me and shared my classes, we would take the same bus to class. Naturally, we started talking, exchanging class notes, studying together, etc.After about 2 weeks, I started being basically the only person she hung out with daily. Things like homework and food would bring us together, but we would just end up hanging out, and eventually she started coming over to my apartment just for the hell of it. So I guess you could say we became good friends.One day when we were hanging tuzla escort out and we kissed. Nothing big, but things just felt right, and we ended up making out on the couch. That didn’t really go anywhere further, but after that day, we would just make out from time to time. Most of the time, I would want to go further, but she would stop me, saying that she’s not ready to do that with me, and that she was fine with just kissing. So, that kind of sucked, but kissing her still felt really good, so I was fine with it. I actually started to feel like we were boyfriend and girlfriend for a while, but nothing official was ever said, so I just kept the situation at what it was.One day I suggested that we go into the city to party on the weekend. Usually Michelle went home on the weekends, and I would just hang out with friends. So, the weekend that she was staying we made plans to go to a big club.Once we got in the club, I bought her a couple of drinks, and had a couple myself (we both had fake IDs, as was customary in my college). Not having much experience drinking, I got pretty drunk after 2 long island ice teas, and Michelle had 3. I had a lot of fun dancing with her on the dance floor, but after a while she told me that she was tired and wanted to go hang out by the bar, so I went over to the bar with her. She ordered another drink from the bartender, and as she went to pick it up, she fumbled it and spilled it all over the bar. The bartender joked around with us, saying something about her having too many, and eventually struck up a conversation with us. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, and introduced himself as Derek. Derek was one of those big, black bouncer-looking guys that you typically see at clubs working the door, or behind the bar. As we were talking to him, he told us that besides working as a bartender at the club, he also promotes for several clubs in the area, and told us that if he gets us on some guest lists for future parties, we won’t have to pay cover and we can skip the line (which I didn’t know!). Well, Michelle was really interested in not paying any cover, and was talking to him for a while, as I was trying to keep my buzz under control. When we were about to leave, Derek asked us if we wanted him to put us on the guest list, and offered his phone number. Since I didn’t have my cell phone, Michelle took down the number in hers.ver the next several days, Michelle and Derek would talk on the phone from time to time. I pendik escort don’t know how this came about, but I suppose one day she called him up, and they just happen to have hit it off. I guess he was a very interesting person to talk to, since she started talking to him on the phone more and more often, to the point where it was almost every night. Even one time, she was supposed to come and hang out at my place (for more kissing), but instead she stood me up. When I asked her what happened, she told me she was on the phone with Derek and lost track of time.So anyway, one weekend Derek invited us to a party at a club in the city that he was helping promote. Michelle said that we should definitely go, since we could get in for free and Derek can hook us up with free drinks. So, the next Saturday night, off to the club we went.When we got to the club we saw Derek at the door. He gave us some free passes, and told us he would be inside shortly, after the crowd died down. An hour later, he found us near the bar, and told the bartender (a buddy of his), to hook us up with some good stuff. We went through 2 rounds of shots, and then Derek came up and handed both of us some cocktails. We chatted with him for a while as he was telling us about his promoting business. He was asking us what we do also. Soon all of us were in the dancing mood, and Derek took Michelle by the hand, and led her out onto the dance floor.Michelle was getting really giddy and flirty from the alcohol, as usual, and I guess she didn’t mind showing Derek her flirtatious side. They danced for a while to some fast beats while I hung by the bar. They stopped temporarily to come back to the bar and get more drinks, and then went back to the dance floor as the slow beats came on.She looked so beautiful with her small, skinny Asian body slowly grinding up against Derek’s tall black muscular frame. There was something about that sight that made me feel very uneasy, but very turned on at the same time.Shortly after their dancing, the party was dying down. It was really late, and we were both really drunk, so Derek suggested that we could sleep over at his apartment. He had an apartment he shared with another guy with 2 bedrooms and a living room. When we got there I was really tired, and we were all very, very drunk. Derek had a armchair in the living room that folded out to a little cot, and a large couch. Since we were guests, he was trying to be hospitable, and offered Michelle the kartal escort couch, and offered me his bed in the bedroom, and told us that he’ll sleep on the cot. So, I went to his room, and quickly went to sleep on the bed.I woke up in the middle of the night to some noises coming from the living room. Panting, low moaning, movement. I knew that Michelle was sleeping out there, so I decided to go into the living room and see what’s going on. I quickly looked at the clock on the wall, and noticed that 2 hours went by since I passed out on Derek’s bed. I entered the living room, and what I was about to see seriously shocked me.Michelle was laying on the couch with her legs spread, with a naked Derek was on top of her thrusting, pumping in and out. Michelle was visibly enjoying herself, with her slanted, Asian eyes closed, her head thrown back, the look of pleasure and ecstasy on her face, receiving a pounding from this huge black guy. She was almost naked, except for her white bra, which was slightly pulled away from her breasts, and her white cotton panties, which were pulled to the side of her pussy as Derek thrust his cock in and out.I just kind of stood there in shock, unable to look away, but unable to move for a while. Neither of them noticed me standing there, and Derek kept on pumping his meat in and out of her little Asian pussy. The sight was so fucking erotic. His huge, black, muscular body on top of Michelle’s tiny, skinny, olive body pounding her as hard as he can.This went on for a couple of minutes, until Derek suddenly noticed me standing there, watching. He stood up, and dismounted Michelle. I was unprepared for this sight. His long fucking cock slid out of her pussy, and as he stood up, it obscenely swung in between his legs, hitting the sides of his thighs as he walked towards me. This guy had the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, and thick to match, uncircumcised, with no condom on. Michelle just kind of laid there, her legs still spread with the panties pulled to the side.”What the fuck man?” Derek said to me.I just looked at him, and then at Michelle, and told her, “Michelle, lets get out of here.”She got up off the couch, but didn’t move. She stared at me, with her big, slanted, Asian eyes. Stared at me long and deep right into my eyes, then grabbed her panties by the sides, and slowly pulled them down her legs until she let them go and they dropped to the floor. She stepped out of them.”Michelle… what….?” I said.Derek just looked at me, and snickered. He walked back up to Michelle, pushed her up against the wall with her back to him, held his cock in one hand, and roughly shoved it into her waiting pussy. She gasped hard, and he began to ride her once again.

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