16 Mayıs 2023

My Landlord Pt. 08


About half a year later I still was with my landlord’s daughter. We had a very serious relationship up and running. I moved in with her. I knocked her up, and that slowly began to show. We were still fucking each other’s brains out. And I got along well with my landlord. Yes, she still somehow was my landlord, not just the mother of my girlfriend, because the place I lived in with my girlfriend, her daughter, was owned by her too.

My landlord was nothing but happy when we broke the news, when we told her that she was going to be a grandma soon. But she made a joke upon it: “Am I really looking like an old lady now?”

I jokingly shook my head, and told her that she still was good looking, gorgeous and was giving me a raging boner as soon as she began to show off. A very very happy smile appeared on her face, she even blushed a little bit: “Thank you.”

My girlfriend, her daughter was sitting next to us. All she had to say about it was: “Stop flirting. Someone might think that you are lovers. And people know us here.”

We were sitting in our favorite restaurant when we broke the news to the future grandmother. The same place where my future mother in law, yes we were planning to marry each other, as soon as the baby was born and a few months old, once jerked me off beneath the table while her daughter was sitting next to us.

It was my future mother in law that came up with the great idea to throw a baby party for her daughter. A huge event, with lots of important people, to celebrate that her daughter was with child. At least that was the reason for the party, for the get together. We all three at the table knew that it was an official thing. Meeting business partners, making deals and doing some networking. But that was the world I was marrying into.

About three weeks later, it was Saturday, late afternoon, the party kicked off. Again it was held at my landlords kick ass apartment. Again it was the same crowd like on the parties before. But this time, my girlfriend, and to a certain degree me, were in the center of the attention: Everyone wanted to talk with the future mother.

It all was tiresome. It was nothing but small talk, the same conversation over and over again. I was bored while giving the same answers to different people. From a certain point I stopped paying attention to them, and just looked around, I did some people istanbul escort watching. Lots of expensive dresses, lots of jewelry and lots of trophy wives. Not really the sort of people that I like to hang out with.

Luckily there were two around that were different. Those were my girlfriend and her mom. They both just had it. I still was checking out my girlfriend all the time. Despite fucking her, waking up next to her on daily base. I just couldn’t get enough of her. But, I must admit, her mother still caught my eye. I checked her out every time she walked by us, or checked if her daughter and me were okay. And yes, they both, my girlfriend and my future mother in law noticed it.

In one quiet moment, when no one wanted to talk with my pregnant girlfriend, she whispered in my ear: “You still are checking out my mom, aren’t you?”

I blushed a little bit. She caught me. But I told her the truth. I just is better that way: “Yes, I do. She just catches my eye. And she looks gorgeous today.”

A smile appeared on my future wife’s face: “Yes, she does. She loves to dress up and show off. And she even loves it more, when men your age look after her. And she loves it even more when they hang out with her. So go over, I am fine alone, have a nice time with her. Dump a huge load inside her.”

After hearing her last words, I was confused. Mildly said. Was she really suggesting that I should fuck her mom? I had to ask her: “You are joking, aren’t you?”

The smile on her face got even bigger: “No, I am not joking. Mom and I like to share. I just never have told that to you before. So go over, have fun with her.”

She really was serious about it. I kissed her. I hugged her, then I left her and went over to her mom. As soon as my landlord realized what I was up to, as soon as she saw me going over to her, a smile appeared on her face. A very well known smile. She was happy that I was giving her some attention, and she definitely was up to more.

We kept on talking, we kept on flirting for some time. She told me that she missed me, I told her that I missed her too. And nope, I wasn’t lying. I really missed her. Despite being perfectly happy with her daughter. It didn’t took long and our eyes met. In that moment, both of us knew what would happen next.

I took her by her hand, and we went towards her bedroom. istanbul escort bayan Towards her private quarters, so to say. On my way out I looked over to my girlfriend. She was looking at me too. She had a very encouraging expression on her face that said: “Go for it. I am okay with it.”

As soon as we were in her bedroom, my landlord and I began to kiss. We were done with talking for now. We let our bodies do the talking. We shared gentle kisses first. Gentle kisses that soon turned into passionate. Our hands were on each other’s bodies all the time now. We began to undress each other.

It didn’t took long and I was laying on her bed. Totally naked, so was she. With my still rock hard dick sliding in and out of her mouth. While her hands were squeezing my balls. It felt nothing but good. My moaning was filling the room. My eyes were running in circles. She just knew hot to suck cock.

She brought me closer and closer to an orgasm. She was hitting the right spots. I was close to nutting out a load, but then, she stopped. She looked me in the eyes: “We didn’t want it to finish now, don’t we?”

I really wanted to cum. But I wanted everything but to end it all. So I moaned out a “No not, finishing.”

A smile appeared on her face. She gave me a few kisses, then she whispered in my ear: “I hope you are planing on returning the favor.”

I knew exactly what she was up to. Moments later my tongue was on her pussy. My tongue was inside her delicious pussy. Yes, I had missed her taste. But to be honest, she nearly tasted the same as her daughter. I loved that taste.

After eating her out for some time, it was time to bring in some fingers. I made her lubing up my fingers with her own saliva. I stuck them into her mouth before the went into her pussy. She made them all slippery and wet. Then they went inside her pussy.

Soon after three of my fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy. While my tongue was teasing, was playing with her clit. Now her moaning was filling the room. Now her eyes were running in circle.

When I felt that she was close, I stopped. I stopped licking her clit, I stopped finger fucking her. She moaned out a “No, no, please keep on going. Let me cum.”

A smile appeared on my face. I was just teasing her. Not even a minute later she jumped over the edge. Her legs escort istanbul were shaking, her hands were holding on my head. She let out a few loud moans before she turned silence. She clearly was enjoying herself.

A short break later she pulled me back up. We began to kiss again. I got the lube out of her nightstand. I lubed her up, I lubed myself up, then I slid my still rock hard and pussy hungry dick inside her. The moment my glans was inside, moaning left her throat. Moaning left my throat. Now our moaning was filling the room. Because it felt so damn fucking good. I missed the felling of her pussy wrapping herself around my rock hard dick.

I fucked her slow, hard and deep. I enjoyed every thrust I gave her. She did the same. I fucked her towards an orgasm. I worked myself towards an orgasm. Slowly but steadily. Not in a hurry at all.

More and more tension was building up. Our bodies meanwhile were covered in sweat. My balls were aching. I was close. But so was she. Just one more thrust. One more hard and deep thrust and my balls emptied themselves inside her.

Seconds after I dumped my load inside her, she came too. Her hands were scratching the skin on my back. Her legs were slung around me. But then the tension left her body. Her trembling body collapsed beneath me. She was elsewhere. She had an awesome orgasm. She was elsewhere.

After we both finished, we needed a break. We needed some time to regain ourselves. We had lost track of time. We had lost track of our surrounding. Two heavy breathing sweat covered bodies were laying next to each other. Regaining themselves. Enjoying the hormone cocktail in their bloodstreams.

When all of a sudden someone opened the bedroom door. I had an anxiety attack when it happened. But my landlord stayed calm. She had nothing to loose here. And then her daughter, my girlfriend stuck her head inside: “I hope I am not disturbing you, but the party is over. Time to go home.”

She looked at me in a very casual, totally non angry, non annoyed way. She clearly was not mad at all that I just had fucked her mom. She wasn’t offended by catching her naked mom and her naked boyfriend laying in her mom’s bed next to each other. And she clearly wasn’t offended of the fact that I just had fucked her mom. I just love my girlfriend.

But she got impatient a little bit. She clearly wanted to go home. So I kissed my landlord goodbye, then I grabbed my clothes, got dressed again and left with my girlfriend. We took a cab back home. In the cab my girlfriend told me a dirty secret of hers. A secret she has told no one before: “Nothing turns me on more then when a guy fucks my mom, and then he fucks me.”

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