14 Mart 2023

My Life as a Bisexual Man #02


After my meeting with Eric I was constantly thinking of sex with a man. I had now sucked my first cock and had my first blowjob. It had been one of the best sexual experiences in my life and had given life to a new part of my sexuality. I wanted more. It had uncovered a concealed part in me, that had been there and wanted to show itself for a long time. I became obsessed and craved for it all the time. My bisexuality had gone from fantasy to reality in one night.

In the weeks after my encounter with Eric, I imagined that I was fucking a man in the ass when I had sex with my wife and the images in my head turned me on more than usually. Indeed, so much, that my wife noticed my new awakening and told me, that she loved I was so horny. She wanted to fuck every evening and enjoyed the new way my stiff dick fucked her hard and with strength. I had now shaved my dick, balls and asshole. There was no hair left except some short hair just above my dick. In the mirror my dick looked larger and when I touched my balls, they felt soft and smooth. I liked to caress them moving my fingers around, squeezing them, hold them at fell the weight. My wife had of course noticed my clean balls and dick. I had told her, that I had read in “Euroman”, a Danish monthly men’s lifestyle and fashion magazine, that it was a new trend and lots of women thought of it as sexy. She agreed and smiled like Mona Lisa, and the next evening when I started to touch her pussy, she surprised me. Her pussy was all smooth with just a little landing strip Brazilian. Actually, my bisexuality had improved sex at home, even thou I had to keep the real reason for myself.

I continued looking for meetings on the internet and had been in contact with several men, with no success as it was difficult to find the time.

Then I got lucky. My wife told me she was leaving the next weekend for a couple of days with her (girl)friends for shopping in Aarhus in Jutland. This opportunity had to be used.

I made up my mind, this weekend would be a good time to get fucked by a man. The thought of a guy fucking my asshole and dominating me had always tickled my fantasy and fascinated me. Since I began thinking of gay sex, I had speculated how it would feel to have a large stiff dick filling my ass; pumping in and out of my asshole. I do not know why I find it so attractive, but the thought just made my lust for sex grow. Today I understand that it is because I am slightly submissive. I had watched a lot of porn videos with guys fucking each other and it just looks so hot. My first thought had been it would be messy, but of course it is not. In the videos I could see, it was as clean and lovely like fucking a pussy. I had learned how to clean my rectum and lubing it up, so I could fuck myself in a complete clean way. I had trained, stretched and fucked myself with dildoes. I knew I could take a 9-inch cock in my ass without pain. Training with my largest dildo I had learnt to relax and control my sphincter muscle and learnt to massage my prostate giving me some of my best orgasms. I had also shared my fantasies with Eric, and he said, that if I was a true bottom it would be a wonderful feeling for me to get fucked. The thought could not leave my mind. And this weekend with my wife away was the time to have my ass fucked by a guy.

Seconds after saying goodbye to my wife late morning Saturday I logged in on my computer and connected to the usual websites. I chatted with a lot of guys. Online were mostly passive guys looking for a fuck; just as myself, and I did not have any luck. I had a short chat with Eric, but he was having the flue and was not in the mood. Horny as I was, I began to look after alternatives. I truly wanted; no needed a cock in my ass now. I had read about places where gays meet each other for sex and found a gay guide for Copenhagen in the internet. It showed all the sites for cruising and the bars, theaters and saunas. I was not ready for encounters in the open, so I left out the cruising places and searched for adult theaters or saunas. I imagined there was a great chance of having my virgin ass fucked such places. In Copenhagen there were several theaters and saunas at that time. I decided on Amigo Sauna, a recommended gay sauna. I prepared myself by cleaning out my ass and put on a pair of sexy white Calvin Klein’s.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and I knew I looked great. I was sure there were guys, that would be attracted by me and wanted to have sex and fuck me. If I met a guy looking like me, I would for sure take the opportunity. I was 180 cm tall, weighted 75 kg and had a fit body. I had short dark brown hair and a nice good-looking face with sexy brown eyes and a seductive smile. I ran several times a week and swam every morning for half an hour. I have very little hair on my body and here in the summer I had a nice tan on my smooth skin. Even thou I had passed my 45 years, my body still looked at little youthful and my 8-inch and thick member is attractive; at least in my wife’s view. But my best advantage is my butt. I am narrow over the hips with strong solid buns – hard and cevizli escort white as polished marble. I love to look at a great butt myself. From below my newly shaved cock, balls and asshole looked desirable in the mirror. Looking at it, I got horny and would have fucked myself, if I could. I felt ready for the town.

It was now late afternoon on Saturday. It was a sunny and hot day In Copenhagen. I took the bus to the central Copenhagen and got off close to Amigo Sauna. I had never visited a sauna and I circled it several times. It was in “Studiestræde” a street right in the middle of the red-light district for gays in Copenhagen. The streets were loaded with gay men cruising and visiting the bars. I was in a tight black T-shirt showing my fit upper body. My close-fitting khaki-shorts did not leave anything to the fantasy. I felt a lot of the guys looking at me, and it turned me on. Some gave me a wink with their eye or blew kisses at me. I almost got a hard-on in the middle of the street. Right there I would have liked to be able to join all these guys in their open life about their sexuality, but that was not possible. Lots of good looking guys entered the door to Amigo Sauna and I would have loved to have sex with any of them. All kinds of scenarios and pictures about fucking with one or more guys passed by my inner eye, but in the end my courage failed me. I did not dare to go in that door and participate in their world, and after two hours of inner discussions between the little red devil wanting gay sex and the white angel scared of getting recognized, I took a cap home again. Fortunately, it did not end there.

I connected to the internet again but with no hit’s hour after hour the chance of getting fucked this weekend kind of diminished. It was getting very late around 2 o’clock in the night. I was very disappointed and prepared just to jerk off and go to bed. But then I got a hit on Boyfriend. The contact wrote he was horny and would like to fuck now. Not for a short meeting. “I want to play with your butt for several hours,” he wrote. That got my attention. He was around my age, gay and had been out in town trying to meet somebody to fuck; also, with no luck. When he got home and had seen my profile and the pictures of my cock and my ass, he got horny as hell. He wanted to fuck me. His name was Michael. My desires jumped back in full and my craving for a cock left me in that strange horny mood again, where I did not care about anything else than the thought of hot sex with a man. I had all night and no plans for Sunday. My wife would not be back before early Sunday evening, so I got his address. I took a bath and cleaned my rectum a last time before driving over to him, and soon again I was back in the central part of Copenhagen.

The address was in a neighborhood where the rich people lived. The building I arrived at was a large old building with large apartments. I rang the bell, and the front door opened. I took the elevator up to the third floor. The door to the apartment was open, and Michael was standing in a large dimly lighted hall. He was in a silk purple robe. The bulge in the rope made it clear that he was horny and ready. I stepped into the hall. Michael dropped the robe. He was complete naked now, smaller than me, thin, muscular and with a long erect cock. His eyes looked intense at me and penetrated me. “You want this in your ass?” he asked and looked down on his cock.

“Yes,” I said, “I have wanted to get fucked. Actually, for a long time.” His cock was beautiful. It was uncut, longer than mine and about the same thickness and it was rock hard. It was straight with clear veins and a lovely shining head with pearls of precum. It pointed straight up right at my mouth. He was wearing a cockring in black leather with small rivets around both the cock and some big hanging balls and was dressed in a thin leather body harness again with metal rivets. I have watched a lot of porn with leather men dominating other more submissive guys, and this looked as another of my fantasies was going to be fulfilled. I looked at his cock again and could not help thinking it might hurt a little to get banged by it. Michael was ready for sex. I closed the door, turned around and grabbed his erect cock and caressed it. It was lovely to touch. His cock was soft and yet hard with a big purple mushroom. It felt good and I could feel its heaviness. Michael pulled me into him and french kissed me powerful and the sweet taste of his tongue playing with mine made me shiver. I was ready to go down on my knees right there and take his large meat in my mouth and pleasure him, but he backed away and through a door and into a large dining room, where he laid down on a solid dining table. In the background some sexy dancing music was playing.

In a demanding voice Michael said, “Undress now while you dance and strip for me. Dance for me and show me that you are a sexy guy wanting no begging for sex here and now.”

I was caught a little off guard, but the thought of him guiding me tickled my curiosity and the submissive part of me. It erenköy escort made my body warm and my dick hard. I had found the sub side in me, and it has since been part of my sexuality. I felt I wanted to be his slut and have me doing what he wanted of me. I started to dance the best I could and slowly I felt into the character he wanted. I imagined I was at a strip bar in front of a horny audience. I danced in a sexy way moving my butt, hips, legs, arm and body like a dancing girl. While moving I slowly took of my clothes, piece by piece. Sometimes I moved close to him and grabbed and rubbed his cock or took short sucks, licking his mushroom and tasting his precum. I encourage him by sucking my fingers in the sexiest way, like I was sucking his cock. I blew kisses at him and played with my nipples and my hands caressed my chest, nipples, back, butt and my cock while I moved to the music. He was getting truly horny now and moaned loudly and I was also getting very excited. I felt sluttish and enjoyed it. Finally, I had only my white Calvin Klein shorts on. My dick filled them completely and was oozing with fluids, so they were wet and almost transparent. I turned my back to him and bend over. I removed the shorts slowly inch by inch while I revealed my hot butt and balls. “Wow,” said Michael, “That is exactly what I want to fuck.” I stepped out of the shorts and spread my legs while I bend completely over and spread my buttocks with my hands. I felt that he could look right up my clean, shaved and nude asshole; and I loved it. I wiggled my perfect white ass with the sexiest moves to the music I could think of.

Suddenly I felt his hands on my butt. He caressed it and spread my buttocks and put his finger at my asshole. He played with my nerves around the asshole and pressed one finger slowly inside and as I relaxed he tried to put a second finger in. I felt him pull out and leave the room. “Stay there and don’t move an inch, “said Michael.

He came right back, and I felt some cool liquid been poured on my butt and running down to my hole. He was lubing up my asshole and his fingers immediately came back into my ready hole. After a while he had three fingers in and started to fingerfuck me. I loved it and began to push my butt back and soon he was fucking me thoroughly with his fingers. My hole opened more and more up, and I could feel his fingers deep inside me. Sometimes the movement stopped at his fingers massage my inner walls and my prostate. He was feeling my ass out. My own dick was erect and I was dripping on the floor, and started to pleasure myself. “Oh,” I moaned. “Keep on … I love it … more, more, more…”

He pulled the fingers out of my ass and moved in closer with his body. I could feel his hard cock pressing between my buttocks and touching and tickling my now wiling and very sensitive asshole. The sensation was irresistible, and I almost screamed in lust when I tried to grip his cock with my open asshole “Oh yes, this is what I want. Fuck me now. I want your large cock in my ass now.”

“No not yet,” moaned Michael as he moved his cock up and down between my buns teasing me. “I have more in mind with you my little slut, but I will fuck you before you leave. I know you will beg for it later.”

Even thou I was disappointed he did not satisfy my wanting hole, the feeling of his cock sliding up and down between my buttocks and touching my asshole was getting me in heaven. I was feeling like the slut I was and loved it. I wished he had fucked me right there, but he backed up and laid down on his back on the dining table again and in a demanding voice said, “Suck my cock now.”

I turned around and looked at his cock. I grabbed it with my hand and pulled the skin down revealed his lovely inviting head. I played with the head with my tongue and licked his slit. I took his cock in my mouth and suck as best as I could. My lips teased his large purple and wet dickhead and I went down on his shaft. His cock was larger than Eric’s and it filled my mouth completely. I caressed his body and pinched his stiff nipples as I kept on sucking and enjoying his magnificent piece. He put his hands on my head and forced me down on his cock trying to have me deepthroat him, but he was too large, and I gagged. His cock was covered in my spit and I started to suck it again. To satisfy him as much as possible I tried to get the cock in as deep as possible, but I could not get it down my throat. Instead I sucked his shaft, his balls and his asshole and he was moaning in delight. His full erect cock blazed and pulsed in my mouth. I enjoyed it so much that I almost forgot the real reason for, why I was there.

After a while he pushed my head away. I was horny as hell and wished to continue sucking that lovely cock until he would shoot his warm sperm into my mouth, but again I was interrupted.

“That was a nice strip-show you put on. I loved it. You are a little slut and I can see you like to show off. I knew you did not notice the drapes was not drawn. The neighbors in the building on the other side might also had a good esenyurt escort time. One of them is my fuckbuddy and I know he sometimes stay up and watch when I have the lights on.”

I was standing in the middle of his dining room completely naked with my erect and oozing cock pointing right out in the air. The windows in the dining room was large and opened. I could see I was lighted up from the soft light in the dining room. I had danced, stripped, got fingerfucked and sucked his cock where a lot of people in the building across could have seen it. My first thought astonished me. I liked it, as Michael had said. It turned me on even more and I wished someone revealed themselves in the building, but I had to leave that to my imagination. I could not see any at the dark windows. I would meet one of the neighbors later, but that is an entire different story.

“Ah,” said Michael. “I can see you like it. You are a bit of exhibitionist. Well we can do it here on the table, but I will prefer the playroom.”

“The playroom? What is that?”

“You want to find out?

“Yes, if you fuck me. Please.” My craving for cock in the ass was getting back.

“I knew you would beg for it. Let’s go.”

Michael took my hand and walked me down a long hallway that ended at a closed door. He opened it and revealed the playroom. I got a little frightened. What was I getting into? In the middle was a large round bed in dark purple satin. On one of the walls was a large tv screen. Above the bed and at the sides there were large mirrors. There were several sex toys on shelves including very large dildoes, butt plugs and some sex toys I have never seen before and did not know what they were used for. There were no windows in the room, at the air was a little hot and confined. The room smelled of sex which aroused me more. Michael lighted a lot of candles and dimmed the light but kept a bright spotlight on the bed. He turned on soft music and suddenly the tv screen lighted up with gay porn of men sucking, fucking, rimming etc. It was as being in the middle of a gangbang.

Michael found at pair of short tight latex shorts with holes in front and the back and said he wanted me to put them on. I did not hesitate and put them straight on. I looked in the mirrors and saw myself as a beautiful slut with a great ass in the shinning and black latex shorts. I curved my back and bristled with my butt. I looked sexy and the body-hugging shorts added the final touch to my butt. In front my dick and balls were clear and in the back, there were direct access to my asshole.

Michael went over to me and caressed my body. He kissed me and pressed his cock against mine. He pinched my nibbles with one hand and let his fingers go through my hair as he put his mouth to my ear and said softly. “Get on the bed on all four and I will prepare your ass for the first and best fuck in your life.”

It took me only a split second to get down on all four on the bed. The satin felt nice and cool. Because of the stuffy hot air in the room my body was starting to sweat and so was Michael. Michael started to caress my body and slowly his hands concentrated around my butt and asshole. He put more lube in my ass and suddenly I could feel something pushing at my asshole. Michael had placed a butt plug at my ass. It felt big, and Michael moved it slowly but steadily further and further into my ass, until it was complete inside me and occupied my hole rectum. It was so big it stretched my ass, but Michael had done it gently, and I had only felt pleasure and no pain. “You wanted me to fuck you, and I could have done that the hard way. But I want to play with you and give the best intro to being nailed by a mans cock. Ordinarily I love to do it bareback and spray the cum in the ass, but do not worry, today we will have safe sex,” said Michael. “I will play with you and prepare your ass and when it is ready I will fuck you in such a way, that you will want cock in your ass every day.”

I was so happy, that I had have the patience to stay up until Michael wrote me and that I had the nerve to say yes to the invitation. I had read about guys having there first fuck in the most unpleasant ways, but this seemed perfect. Even thou Michael had surprised me with the stripping I felt complete safe in the hands of him and I could not wait to go on, so I said to Michael, “Go on. Get my ass ready and fuck it.” I curved my back as a cat and lifted my ass and felt ready. I my all my body language I begged Michael for his cock now.

Michael stroked my butt with his soft hands and squeezed my buns and played with his fingers everywhere around my asshole. He leaned over me and teased me by stroking his cock against my butt and caressed my chest and nipples almost the same way as I caress my wife, when I fuck her from behind. I felt like the slut I was. Sometimes he grabbed the butt plug and pulled it a little out of my ass and put it in again. My inner walls were quivering in pleasure. He stroked my cock and balls and it made me tighten my ass around the butt plug. When he stopped, my sphincter muscles grip on the butt plug relaxed and by continuing with this go and stop playing with my cock he opened me up slowly. After a while, it could have been ten minutes or an hour, with play and pure pleasure I could feel my ass was ready for him. I had only one thing in my head. Michael´s big cock fucking me.

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