18 Mart 2023

My Life as a Wittol Ch. 06

Big Dicks

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Chapter Six; CJ and I get a place together

After their home warming party CJ had a difficult time coming to terms with Roger and Rick, and even her dear friend Stephanie. She had not been back to the club in a few weeks. We started spending more time together and had become almost inseparable friends.

It was several weeks after the party when I asked her to go on a weekend camping trip with me up north in the mountains around Jerome and Cottonwood. I had noticed Roger’s car parked in the apartment parking lot on a few occasions as I left for work in the morning and assumed Roger had spent the night with her, so I was a bit surprised when she accepted my invitation for the weekend trip.

Friday, our first night out, we parked my van in a small almost deserted campground on top of Mingus Mountain. It was almost dark by the time we got there and set up our camp. We enjoyed a nice dinner which CJ helped prepare over the camp fire.

After dinner and cleanup we went and prepared our bed in the back of my van. We talked until late and then I got up to make sure our campfire had been completely doused. When I climbed back inside the van, she had zipped the two sleeping bags together to make one big one and she had already gotten between the sleeping bags. She pulled back the top sleeping bag and in the faint light from my small back packing candle lantern I could faintly make out her small exposed breasts. She reached out to me and as I crawled to her and she pulled me down as our lips met in a sensuous kiss.

She pulled my shirt up over my head and told me to get undressed. I quickly undressed and climbed into the sleeping bags next to her. I leaned over her and our lips met again in a passionate kiss as I cupped her small breast. I slowly kissed down her neck to her chest and finally I took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked. I had waited so long for this moment and sometimes wondered if it would ever happen.

As I sucked on her nipples I noticed the faint darkening of Roger’s mark lingering next to her nipple from their last time together. The size of Roger’s cock was well rumored at the club and I worried that she would be disappointed when my smaller dick eventually entered her.

I felt her small hand on my head as she gently urged me downward. I heard her faintly whisper, “Lick my pussy…” Her legs parted as I moved over her and lay between her open legs as I slid lower, tenderly kissing her bare skin as I went.

I parted the hair covering her pussy with my tongue as I inhaled the scent of her womanhood and ran the tip of my tongue softly over the sensitive bud at the top of her pussy. Her lips parted as my tongue slid upward through her labia. I heard her moan and felt her fingers tighten in my hair as her hips rock upward as she pressed her pussy into my mouth. She moaned and I heard her whisper, “Oh… that’s it… that feels so good…”

I continued to lick and tease her pussy making her squirm. I was happy that I was able to make her feel so much pleasure with my tongue. Eventually her fingers tightened in my hair and her hips started to rock faster as her moans grew louder. She cried out, “Oh yes… don’t stop!” haramidere escort and her pussy started to quiver as she experienced a gratifying orgasm.

I was surprised at the amount of juice that flowed from her wet pussy. I held my mouth tight around her pussy and took in the addicting essence as it flowed from her. Each time her orgasm started to calm I would quickly flicked my tongue over her sensitive clit and push her orgasm back to its earlier heights. I wrapped my arms around her legs and held them back as I continued to gently kiss and lick her wet and very aroused pussy.

As she calmed I started to kiss my way back up her body stopping briefly to kiss and caress her very sensitive nipples until she finally pulled me and held my head as she kissed me. As our kiss broke she giggled and used her hands to wipe her juices off my face as she told me, “That was very good. You must have had some practice at that.” Then she got a very sensuous look on her face and as her hand slid down between us and she guided my dick into her as she tenderly moaned as she whispered, “Now fuck me…” We both softly moaned as my dick smoothly slid into her and we slowly fucked as we whispered and made love to each other.

Her slick pussy felt good as it slid up and down my dick, her hips slowly rocked as my dick slid easily in her. Her hands moved lower down my back and I was shocked when I felt the sting as her hand slapped my ass and she told me, “Fuck me harder…”

I leaned up on my arms and started to slam my dick into her faster. She grunted each time I thrust hard into her slick pussy, she smiled as she looked up into my eyes and told me, “Oh yes… just like that… fuck me hard…” Her head rolled back and she moaned loud, “Cum with me…”

I groaned loud as I erupted in her, filling her with cum. She grabbed my ass and pulled me all the way inside her and moaned softly. Her hips slowly rocked as her exquisite pussy slid easily up and down my dick until I started to soften and she smiled as she whispered how good it had felt. I was happy, but wondered if I would be enough to keep her contented.

I awoke the next morning to find she had thrown back the top of the sleeping bag and was bending over me naked. I enjoyed the feel of her soft lips as they slid along my hardening shaft. I stuffed an extra pillow under my head so I could watch as she sucked on my dick. She let it slip from her mouth just long enough to say, “Good morning, I thought I would get started on breakfast.” Then she took it back in her mouth and her lips slid faster up and down the firm shaft. I felt the head start to grow harder and I knew I would not last much longer.

I thrust my hips up and she stared into my eyes as I exploded into her mouth. Her lips slowly moved up and down as she stroked my dick. Our eyes locked together as her mouth filled with cum. Eventually I started to relax as cum ceased to flow and she tenderly kissed the tip as it slipped from her mouth.

She smiled mischievously as she crawled up my body and straddled my waist. She took my wrists and moved them above my head as she leaned down to kiss me and my lips parted as I felt her içerenköy escort tongue pressing against my lips. Her grip tightened as her lips pressed harder against mine in a passionate kiss. Her hold on me tightened and then I tasted the warm salty cum as it slowly seeped into my mouth. I felt aroused as well as conflicted as I tasted cum for the first time, but it would not be my last time.

Finally after a nice campfire breakfast we broke camp and made our way down in the valley for a nice day visit in the old towns of Jerome and Cottonwood. As it started to get later in the day we stopped in a bar in Cottonwood called the Purple Sage. We ate and had a few beers as we played pool with a few of the locals.

One guy named Danny was becoming overly friendly with CJ. Danny finagled his way to be partners with CJ. As CJ bent over the pool table to line up her shot Danny would lean over her to help her. It was pretty evident to everyone that he was pressing his cock against her ass. He would whisper something into her ear and they would both laugh. On occasions CJ would look over to me and as our eyes met I could tell from the look on her face that she was becoming aroused.

After they lost their game she looked at the tent in my pants and smiled as she walked back to our table. She took another drink from her beer and told me she would be back and I assumed she had went to the restroom. She had been gone for some time when I noticed that Danny had been gone for a while and decided I had better go check on her as she had consumed several beers and was feeling pretty good.

As I started down the hallway to the restroom I glanced out the window and spotted them in the parking lot. I quietly opened the back door that lead to the parking lot and found a spot in the shadows where I had a good view of them, but was pretty well hidden from their view. They were between two pickup trucks, CJ was leaning against one of the trucks as Danny stood in front of her. Her arms were around his neck as they were embraced in a passionate kiss and I could clearly see his hand inside her shirt as he caressed her bare breast.

He was whispering in her ear and I saw her shake her head as she looked around. My dick started to stiffen when I saw her look down and then back at him with a knowing smile. I watched as her hand slid lower and her hand slowly started to move up and down and I knew she was stroking his cock. As I watched she knelt down in front of him. I heard myself softly moan as she held his cock and slowly stroked it. I could tell from watching her hand move back and forth that he had an impressive cock.

Danny took her head in his large hands and gently guided it towards his waiting cock as she held it in her hands and she took it into her anxious mouth. My dick grew even harder when I faintly heard him moan as her lips slide over the crown. He slowly worked his cock in and out. He leaned back against truck, his head rolled back and rested on the door window as her lips slid up and down the hard shaft.

He moaned and I heard him ask her, “Does your boyfriend know you like to suck strange cock”

His cock slipped from her mouth and she innovia escort looked up at him and smiled as she told him, “He’s not my boyfriend… yet.” She eagerly took his cock back in her mouth and her lips moved faster up and down the hard shaft. Her lips popped as the hard crown slipped from her mouth again as she admiringly stared at his big cock as she slowly caressed it and she naughtily chuckled as she said, “But he does like to watch… he might even be watching now.”

He chuckled and then moaned as her lips slid back down his cock and started moving faster up and down. He growled loud then grabbed her head and thrust his cock into her mouth and I watched as he at last came in her mouth as her lips slid back and forth, slowly milking his cum.

Eventually she stood up and kissed him on the cheek and told him she needed to find me as she had been gone for a while. Fortunately for me she did not notice me as she walked to the back door. Danny put his limp cock back in his pants and soon followed CJ back inside. I waited outside a while longer to let my hard dick settle down so it would not be so obvious when I went back inside.

I first noticed Danny near the pool table and he was talking to his friends and they all turned when they saw me and I could tell from their snide smiles that Danny had told them about CJ sucking him off in the parking lot. Just then I felt CJ slip her arm through mine and with a wicked smile asked, “I was just looking for you… where did you disappear to?”

I told her I needed some air so I had stepped outside for a bit and got caught up talking with a group standing out by the street. She paused as she smiled at me and I could tell she was wondering if I had watched. She turned her beer up and finished it and said, “I think we better be getting out of here. I think Danny is wanting to get better acquainted if you know what I mean.”

As we turned to leave CJ looked at Danny and his friends and gave them a suggestive smile and finger wave. They started to hoot and howler and told her to come back soon.

As we pulled out of the parking lot CJ leaned over and started to rub my dick as I drove. She pulled my quickly hardening dick out and slowly her hand moved up and down and she chuckled as she asked, “Wow… what’s got him so excited?” As aroused as I was I could not hold out long and about a mile further down the road I came in her mouth. We did have good sex in the morning and got a late start home.

CJ and I continued to date for nearly a month after we finally became sexually intimate when Rick and Stephanie informed CJ they would be moving back to Oregon. I was getting tired of supporting Mick’s brother Jesse so CJ and I decided to look for a home for just the two of us.

Eventually we were able to find a small house that would fit into our meager budgets. It was a small rental home in an older neighborhood that had a smaller guest house behind it which was also rented out. We were able to scrape up enough furniture along with what we both had collectively and turned it into a nice home for us.

We had gone to Snoops only a few times since we got our own place but didn’t stay long and even though we were invited to a few after-hours parties we decided not to go to any. I could tell that CJ missed the club atmosphere as well as the after-hour parties. We had mutually agreed it would not be a good idea to have a home warming party, but the thought of watching Roger fuck CJ again was never far from my mind and aroused my voyeur inclinations with images of CJ’s lust filled face as Roger fucked her in our bed.

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