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My MIL part 1


My MIL part 1My MIL part 1It all started in 2005, while working for a doctor and his wife, I was remodeling their ranch house. When I got to the hardwood floors I needed to find someone who would help. It all came down to my mother in law. Here is a woman in 80’s, 82 to be exact. When I first met her before I married her daughter, she didn’t like me but over the years she changed and really began to like me. We would sort of tease back and forth with each other. Every once in awhile I would grab her tits. and she would say “stop that.” and “keep your hands to yourself” but her actions said she liked it and was just saying those things for show. Especially the timeshe answered her door after she got out of the shower. She came to the door and asked “who was it” I told her it was me. She thenunlocked and opened the door. The first thing I noticed was that her right tit was hanging out of her robe. I looked for a few minutes before reaching out and putting it back in. She said “what are you doing?” I told her when I finished that her tit was hanging out and that I just was covering it back up. She said, “you could of told me instead of doing that”. I said,” I thought I would help you and it felt nice.” she said, “Ok. and in we went. Every so often she would give me a kiss. Not a kiss on the cheekbut on the lips and her mouth was open slightly. So after a few times of that I would slip my tongue into her mouth, not all of itbut just the tip. She would never back away. So sometimes I would say “I liked that how about another” which of course she did. She also stated that she liked them also and every so often she would let her tongue slip into my mouth. One thing I should say before I go any farther is that she is a widow and has been for over 35 years. Her husband died when she was 45 or there abouts. So we know her sex life was nill. Everyone always joked that she didn’t like sex and only did it 3 times,once for every k**s she had.Also she wasn’t your average mother in law. She was slender not fat like most MIL’s are at that age. Also her tits were sort of small probably 34 B maybe a “A”.She is only 5′ 6″, grey hair. She of course wore those old fashion stretch pants most older womenwear. And the infamous white cotton granny panties. Of which when bought up about sleeping naked she stated “The only time I takemy panties off are when I take a shower or at the doctor’s office.” Yes, you could say she was old fashion but there were times when you she would make you wonder. Also she had started asking me strange questions like “I saw this married fat couple at the store and I wondered how they do it.” I knew she was refering to sex. The more questions she asked made me know sex was on her mind. I had also noticed how she would stare at my butt. A few times when I was wearing my robe when she stayed with us over night orfor a few days I would sit with my legs spread by accident and catch her looking up my robe at my cock. I acted like I was watching TV but the reflection on the glass front of the entertainment center I could clearly see her looking up my robe at mycock. I even noticed her licking her lips. To make sure of what I saw I would purposely find ways to expose myself to her. And every time she would look at my crotch. I wish I could have read her mind to really know what she was thinking. Well back to my story. She was visiting us, which was every weekend, and my wife and I were talking about the problem of finding someone who would help meout at the ranch. She said that she would help me if I wanted her to.When my wife was at work I would stop by her house to visit, most of the to get a cigerette from her because at the time I was trying to quit smoking which I finally did a few years later.During my visits with her we ran out of things to talk about and she was always plays solitaire while I watched. One day I toldher that I could teach her how to play another card game called 7 card no peek. Since it was a type of poker I had to teach herall the ranks and which ones were the winning kind. For weeks we played this and while playing I would say this card game is for people to play strip poker. Well she asked how itwas played. I explained it to her. She wanted to know every detail of the game, down to the smallest detail. So when I came over, I would tease and say “want to play strip poker?” She would of course say no or say we don’t have the same amount of clothes on. She was usually sitting at the breaskfast counter in her robe and slippers. I knew from previous times that she was only wearing her robe, panties and slippers. and nothing else because I would sneak peek down her robe opening if it was unbuttoned lower thanusual and get a look at her small tits. Sometimes I wondered if she did it on purpose. For her age she did have the usual minisaggy tits. I would always be dressed with t-shirt, underwear, socks, shoes, jeans and sometimes depending on the time of year ashirt coat. One time when I came over during the day and she was dressed in her shirt, pants, bra, panties, socks and shoes. I sat on thecouch and said, “So why don’t we play some strip poker.” To which she replied, “If I wasn’t feeling so bad we could.” The next when I came over was later in the day. I asked how she was feeling and she said a lot better. Before I could mentionstrip poker, she told me about the fat couple at the store and wondered how they had sex. It caught me off guard. After giving it some thought I started telling her of the positions they used. Either she acted like she didn’t understand or just wanted meto show her. I took the latter. I stood up and said, “Lets go to the bedroom so I can show you.” At first she didn’t want to butI told her it was the only way she would know and that we weren’t going to do anything except show her. She agreed and we went to her room. We stood by the bed as I explained various things to her. She nodded like she understood. Rememeber this is a woman who would tell people she didn’t like sex and that no one ever saw her down there except her doctor.The first postion I showed her was to get her laying on her back on the edge of the bed. I told her that since fat people have to much stomach in the way they couldn’t do the normal missionary style of fucking. And most fat men have very small dicks some only 4″ when erect. I put a big pillow on her stomach to simulate being fat. I also held one up to me. With that I had her lift her legsto my shoulders. I started humping her to show her how the husband did while standing. I also showed her how the woman would rubherself while they fucked. I would also massage her tits telling her this is what the husband did while fucking. I also wouldreach down and rub her clit saying the husband did this also to get and keep his wife excited. The next words from her mouth really shocked me because I never thought she would say them. “With all these clothes on I can’t feel what you are doing. Can we remove just our pants? Not our underwear.” I of course agreed. I helped her up and she went to thebathroom to remove her stretch pants and probably to go pee. When she returned she was wearing only her shirt, bra and panties. I had also by then removed my jeans. I looked at her face but Icould see her eyes were glued to my crotch which since I wore whitey-tightys I had a nice bludge. I again saw her lick her lips. She got back on the bed in the position we were in before. She grabbed her pillow and again raised her legs back to my shoulders.Again I told her about the thing the people would do while fucking. With our pants gone only the thin panty fabric and my underwearbetween our sex organs. I had reached down and was again massageing her clit. I also noticed her panties were warm and a little damp. I did hear a small moan escape her lips.Not wanting to lose the monment, I told her to get up for there were lots of other positions they used.With that I climbed on the bed and laid down on my back. YOu could see my bulge even better which my MIL’s eyes were still glued atit. I told her to get on the bed and climb above me. She needed some guideance but soon she was on her knees staddling my legs. I grabbed her hips and moved her up and over my crotch. I then sat her down on it. I could feel the heat though her panties. This made my cock start to get hard and I knew she felt nevşehir escort it. I didn’t use the pillow but did explain that she shouldn’t lean forwardsince she was suppose to be a fat lady and I a fat man. I went on to explain that in this position she could put her hands on mychest to support herself and that I being the man would be able to massage her tits and nipples. After a few minutes I releasedher tits and grabbed her hips. I told her while holding her hips that the movements were how it was done except that the man wouldbe inside of her. She was a quick learner because she started rocking her hips back and forth and rubbing her pussy and clit against my ever swelling cock. I also knew she felt my cock getting hard. I decieded it was time to change positions. With that I told her to get off. I think I saw a frown on her face. Maybe it was getting to her and maybe she wanted to finish but that would have to wait. I got off the bed and had her stay on it but to get in the doggy style position. I think I like this position the best. It gave me total view of her pussy even tho she was still wearing panties. And I could look all I wanted without her seeing what I waslooking at. Her panties were real tight and showed the outline of her pussy lips. I could see that they were swollen. Also I could see just how wet she was getting from this. And the wet spot was growing. I showed her how to spread her legs and got behind her. I pushed my crotch up against hers. I could swear she pushed back. I grabbed her hips and told her that I was going to hump her like the people would do. She said,”Ok.” As I was humping her I told herto reach between her legs and massage her clit again, that this is what the woman would do. I asked her how it felt. She stated, “That it was something she had never done before but that she did like the feeling it bought on. I let go of her hips with one handand reached under her shirt and massaged her swollen nipples. Again I heard a small moan escape her lips.After a few more minutes I told her to reach farther back and grab my balls. She asked why. I told her the the woman would do this to help the man stay excited and sometimes would help him to cum. She said that she didn’t want to make me cum. I told her I wouldn’t. So she reached back and grabbed my balls. For a woman who supposedly didn’t like sex or didn’t do it to often she sure knew how to massage balls. While she massaged my balls I reached under her and massaged her clit again. We continued for awhile. Then I decieded to show her the rest of the positions. I had her lay on her side and I got again behind her in the spoon position. Again more tit massageing and clit rubbing. By this time I could feel her panties were really wet and her breathing was faster. I finally told her that was all of them and that now she knew them. After we got up she went to her underwear drawer, grabbed a new pair and headed for the bathroom. I heard the shower start so I got my jeans back on. When she came out she was all prim andproper again.We went to the living room and sat down. After a few minutes she began to talk. “I never knew there were that many positions. I have only done the missionary style all my life.” “Well, it seems you haven’t been told or shown a lot of things as you grew up. I will do my best to teach you if you like.” I replied. “Oh, would you?” She asked. “Also I don’t think we should mention today to anyone.””I wasn’t planning on it. What happens here stays here. If it comes out, it will be you who says something.” “No, not me!” she exclaimed.After a little more talk I got up and left.A couple days later I came back. She was at her breasfast bar playing cards. She stopped and looked up. “You know its been a long time for me and the other day really excited me. But I am afraid to take itany farther. What do you think?” “I think you should do what ever makes you feel good, and whatever you are comfortable with.” I replied.The following day we went to the ranch house to start working on the floors. I was the one on my knees 99% of the time and my MILwas bringing me the pieces of flooring as I needed them. When I was working I would notice her standing behind me stareing at mybutt. Since it was warm there I removed my shirt. I noticed her looking at my chest and then licking her lips. During breaks of which I took many, to give my knees a break, we would go down stairs and sit and talk. She told me of her c***dhoodand how she met her husband. As she talked I notice her glancing down at my spread legs and at my crotch which I was doing that onpurpose. I also noticed that her nipples were hard. So how we got to talking about breasts and nipple color. She said her nipples were pink just like when she was a virgin. They hadwent from pink to dark brown back to pink. I told her how the doctor’s wife and a couple other women asked me if I thought they need to have their breasts enlarged. I told her I always said, “You have to show them to me and I will tell you what I think.”She asked, “Did they ever show you?”This is where I lied to her. I said,” Yes, they did. And I told the doctor’s wife yes just to firm them up because she already hadbig enough tits. The other ones I told they needed it so they went and got them done. Then when they were healed they would showme what they looked like.” the truth be known only the doctor’s wife showed me and no she didn’t have anything done. The othershad asked but when I said show me they backed off. My MIL never knew this.We went back to work and on the next break my MIL shocked me again. She looked at me and said,” Do you think I need to have mybreasts enlarged?”I looked at her chest and of course couldn’t see anything. I told her, “you will have to show them to me for me to make that kindof descision.” I figured she wouldn’t do it so we went back to work. On the next break she looked at me and said, “I want to show you my breasts but I want to know for sure you won’t tell anyone I did.””You have my word. Anything that happens here at the ranch stays at the ranch, more so here than at your house. I know no one willbe coming out here, at your house anyone can pop in at any monment.”With that she stood up and took off her shirt. She stood there in her shorts and bra. She then turned around with her back to me and undid the clasp holding bra together. She took it down and off and set it on her chair. She then turned around slowly. She had her hands holding each breast covering it from my view. “I am so nervious. I have never done this before with anyone except my doctor.” She exclaimed.”Well, you don’t have to do this, you know. If it bothers you so much.” I replied.”I know but I want your opinion. but you are my son in law.” She stated.”This is true. but you asked for my opinion. Also for now while we work out here you can think of me as someone else and not asyou son in law.” I again replied.With that she slowly dropped her hands exposing her tits. She put her hands to her side. I looked at her tits. Her nipples werehard as rocks, partly for the coolest of the house, I had both a/c’s working and probably from excitement. I looked up into her eyes, “Can I touch them to see how they feel?” She nodded her head. I could see her face as she started to blush.I first touched the left one then the right. I cupped them both in my palms. they were small enough to fill my hands. I could feelthe hard nipple. I pull back a little and took each nipple between my thumb and fore finger and rolled them. I could hear my MIL take a gasp of air as I rolled the nipple and then a small moan.I removed my hands and stated, “Personally, I don’t think you should waste the money. They look and feel just fine to me. Yes, theysag a little but you are above 80 and that is normal. You could have them fill to be like they were when you were young but don’thave them enlarged. Can I give each one a suck to see how they taste?”She looked up to me and said, “Ok, but be quick it has been a long time since someone has sucked my nipples.”She may have said do it quick but I had other plans. Once I got my mouth on them I was going to savor them. I do like sucking tits.I had her sit down in her chair and I pulled mine up beside hers. I got another chair and put it next to mine. I was going to laydown on ordu escort the chair and across her lap. So she could hold me like she held her babies and I could suckle her at my pleasure. Once I was settled in position I grabbed the right tit in my hand and bought it to my waiting mouth. I loved the feel of her smallsaggy tits. I love the way the skin feels on older women. It seems to be softer than a babies or other women.Since her nipple was already hard I sucked it in. It was about a half inch long and as big around as a large pencil. While I wassucking one I was playing with the other one. My MIL held me just like she would a baby. She even rested her free hand on my hip. And it felt like every so often she would rub my butt.Finally I had to let go of her tits and let her compose herself.As the days went by we continued to lay down the flooring. We did start bringing a blanket and air matress to sit on for we also bought her cards and played 7 card no peek.My MIL bought up the idea to start playing strip poker since she was relaxed when at the ranch. One morning she asked how many items of clothing I had on and what would the temperture be at the ranch. Since it was summer I told her it would be hot and that I would turn on the a/c’s when we got there.Thats where the air matress and blanket came in. After we got to the ranch and the a/c’s had cooled the place down. I locked the doors and windows. The doors and windows had been covered with platics because we were getting ready to spray paint the place ina few weeks. I blew up the matress and placed in the center of the living room. My MIL spread out the blanket nice and smooth.We got our drinks and sat down on the matress. I let my MIL deal the first hand. As we were playing it was looking like she was going to win the first hand. She did. I took off my shoes and threw them on the pile. the next two hands I won and off came her shoes and socks.We continued to play till we were down to each of us was wearing only underwear. I had just my whitey-tightys and my MIL had justher panties and bra on. “Well if you win the next hand I will only have my panties on. But you have seen and played with my tits already.” My MIL stated.Yes, I won. I think she lost on purpose but who cares. The next hand she won. I stood up and began to lower my underwear. I watchedmy MIL’s eyes as my cock came into view. They got wider and she was licking her lips again.”Ok, now I am completely naked and you have just your panties.” I said.”Yes, it looks that way. What do we do when we are completely naked. Do we continue to play and put clothes on as we go.” She asked.”Well, if you are up for it. The way we played in the past was the winner told the loser to do something sexual to them. for example, if I lost you could tell me to suck each nipple for a minute. Whatever you pick must be done. Are you up for that?” I told her.”It sounds like it could be fun. So if I told you to kiss me all over my body you would have to do it.” My MIL questioned.”Yes, that is the idea.” I replied as I stared at her tits.”Oh, ok. Lets try it. But we will stop if I ask you too.” She giggled.”Yes, but I hope you don’t.” I again replied.I think she threw the next hand because she lost. She stood up turned around so all I saw was her butt. She slowly lowered her panties down to her ankles and then kicked them off into the pile. When she was done she turned around slowly and my eyes went straight to her pussy. I looked close because I thought she had no hair on it. It turns out that most of it had fallen out because of her age. That was good because I like my pussies shaved or totally bald.I told her not to sit yet because I wanted a close up look at her pussy. She stood there with her hands on her hips, her legs slightly spread. I got real close. Both her pussy lips were swollen and I could see some moisture on them. Her clit was aboutmedium size and hard from what I could tell. After looking for a few I let her sit down.She then ask me to stand so she could get a good look at my cock and balls. I did as she asked and she moved in closer to get agood look. I told her she could touch it if she wanted. She blushed but did reach out and take a hold of my semi hard cock. Whenshe touched it I almost passed out for this is what I have wanted for a long time. My cock having a mind of its own began to gethard. My MIL reach up with her other hand and grabbed my balls. I almost blew a nut. “My, but this is such a big one. I have never seen one this big,let alone touched one this size. And your balls are so big and heavy.” She gasped.”I think we better get back to the game before something happens.” I told her. With that she released my cock and balls and I sat down. It was her turn to shuffle and deal.This hand was won by me. I thought about it and wondered what I should have her do. I stood up again and told her she was to tohold, touch or do whatever she wanted to do to my cock and balls for 3 minutes. I saw my MIL smiled. She got on her knees real close to my crotch. My cock was still half hard. My MIL reached up and grabbed myballs with one hand and the other hand grabbed my cock. I watched as she slowly began to stroke it up and down. I felt her squeezemy balls gently. Suddenly without warning or being asked she leaned forward and licked the mushroom head of my cock. I again almost blew a nut all over her face. When the 3 minutes was up she released me and I sat down. The next hand was won by my MIL. I saw her mind working at what she wantedme to do. “This is hard for me but I want you to play with my pussy for 3 minutes. No one other than my doctor has seen my pussy not even myhusband. We used to have sex in the dark so he couldn’t see anything. You will be the first man to look at me and you can also touch me.” She said.With that she laid back and slowly spread her legs open. I got really close. I wanted to see everything. I noticed some droplets of moisture on her pussy lips. I reached out and touched her pussy lips. My MIL jumped when my fingers touched her pussy lips. “Oh, my that feels funny but good. Please touch me some more.” I heard her moan.I continued to touch my MIL’s pussy. My other hand reached down and spread her hot moist lips. I saw her hole. I reached forward and pushed the tip of my finger into her wet hot hole. It was tight, very tight from years of non use. She was very close to beinga virgin again. My MIL started squiming around. She began moaning. “Oh, that feels so good. push it a little deeper.” I continued to push my finger into my MIL’s tight pussy. I could feel it gripping my finger. I then felt my MIL’s hand on mine. Shewas helping me push my finger into her pussy. I contiuned until my whole fore finger was buried in her pussy. I held it still justwanting to feel how tight it was.When my time was up I pulled my finger from my Mil’s tight hole. I grabbed a paper towels and wiped her wetness from my finger. We resumed our card game. The next game was won by me. I thought I should try somwthing new with MIL. I looked at her and asked, “before you became a widow and you and your hubby were having sex. Did you ever suck a cock?””No, I never did. I always wondered what it would be like to suck one but I never went out with another man after my husband diedso I thought I would never be able to do it.” My MIL replied.”Would you like to try it?” I asked.”Oh, yes! I would love to try it.” My MIL replied. “Are you clean?””Well, here is your deal since you lost. You are to suck and lick my cock for 3 minutes. You can do it longer if you find you likeit. Your time begins now.” I told her. With that my MIL surprised me by taking out her false teeth. I had always wanted to be sucked by someone with no teeth but neverhad. Now it was going to happen. My Mil leaned forward and grabbed my harding cock with her hands. She stuck out her tongue and gently licked the head. “Hmmm, thatstastes different. Always wondered what a cock tasted like.”My cock sprang to its ultimate hardness from the feel of my MIL’s warm tongue. I couldn’t wait for her to put my whole cock in hermouth. I would have to fight cumming when she did. My MIL continued to lick around my head of my now swollen cock. The more she licked the harder I got.Finally I had to make her stop because I was so close to cumming. rize escort and I surely didn’t want to cum in her mouth since I know my MILhad never let a man cum in her mouth. We sat down and played another hand of cards. This time she won. I looked at her face, I could see she was thinking. “Well, what are you thinking? “My husband tried to lick my pussy when I was younger but I never let him because I thought it was dirty. But now after all these years I have heard that it is a pleasureable thing and wonder how it would feel. So for you losing I want you to lick my pussy for3 minutes. You can lick longer if you enjoy it.” My MIL told me.I had always wanted to eat a older woman’s pussy to see what it tastes like. I looked at her and said, “Sounds like something I would love to do to you. So lay back and spread your thighs and let me look at you.”My MIL laid back on the blanket and slowly spread her legs. I know it was hard for her because of her upbringing and her oldvictorian ways. I got down between her spread thighs and just looked at her pussy. I could see droplets of her juices on her outer lips. I knew she was excited, very excited. I looked up at her face and she had her eyes closed. She was moaning slightly when I lightly touched her swollen pussy lips. Sincemy MIL was in her 80’s the hair on her pussy was very lightly colored and very thin. Before I was to lick her pussy I wanted to play with it some. I reached out and ran my forefinger up one lip then down the other. Each time I did my MIL would jump. “Do you like that?” I asked.”Oh, yes. I really like it. It has been so long since another man has touched me. Would you put your finger inside me again? I wantto feel a your finger in me again.” She wailed.”Of course, I will.” I replied. With that I slipped my finger into her. Her pussy was wet, hot but very tight. After I fingered herfor a few minutes I inserted a second finger next to the first.I watched my MIL’s eyes roll back as her pussy began to spasm as she went into a hard orgasm. I began finger fucking her pussy. I would shove my fingers deep into her open pussy. When I touched the bottom of her pussy where her womb used to be my MIL jumped andloudly moaned. Also her pussy got wetter. With my other hand I reached out and put my other forefinger onto her swollen clit. Shejumped even higher. This time I felt her pussy clamp down on the fingers inside her pussy. Then she screamed, “OH, MY GOD! I AMCUMMIng. Your fingers feel so good to my unused pussy. Please don’t stop fingering me. OH, I am Cumming again.With that my MIL’s pussy again clamped down hard on my fingers then her legs clamped together, entrapping my hand between her legs while her pussy sucked on my fingers. I felt her juices flowing. My MIL was sopping wet and very hot.When my MIL finished cumming I removed my fingers. Now I lowered my head to her pussy and stuck out my tongue. My MIL jumped whenmy tongue touched her swollen pussy lips. “Oh, My God!” She moaned as my tongue licked at her lips and clit. “That feels so goood.” I contunued to lap at her pussy. The more I lapped the wetter she got. She put her hands on my head and pulled me into her crotch.She started grinding her snatch into my face. I looked up and saw her head moving from side to side. Her mouth was hung open andshe was moaning and groaning loudly. “I have never felt anything so wonderful.” She wailed. “Don’t stop. I love it. Eat my pussy. I think I am going to cum again.” And she did cum. She clamped her legs on my head, I thought I was going to get my skull crushed. I kept licking while she came and my reward was to get another mouthful of her juices. She was just like her daughter, a squirter. I don’t know how long she climaxed but she finally relaxed her grip on my head with her legs. I lifted my head up and looked at herface. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was opened and her breathing was heavy. I got up and sat next to her.We went back to the card game. This time I won. I knew I had to come up with something totally different.Since my MIL was sitting cross legged I could see her swollen pussy lips and how wet they were. I knew before this was over I wouldbe fucking her pussy.Since she had sucked my cock and I had eaten her pussy, I thought now is the time for her to feel my cock in her. I told her I was going to lay down and that she had to kneel over, grab my cock and rub it against her wet hole. “Are you going to fuck me with it?” She asked. “Yes, but I want you on top so you can take it slowly since it has been so long since you have had a cock in you.”After she got over me, she grabbed my hard cock in her small hand. She rubbed the head against her moist, swollen pussy lips. She moved my cock back and forth stopping every so often at her wet hole.”It has been so long and I don’t want it to hurt.” She stated.”We will go slow. You take only what feels good. When you are ready then we will get to some real fucking.” I explained to her. I felt the head slip inside. My MIL was tight just like a virgin. I could feel the head stretching her.”Oh, it feels so big. Your cock is bigger than my husbands and my pussy hasn’t had anything this big in it before. But I want to feel every inch of it deep in me. So I will get used to the pain if any till I get it all in.” She moaned.I layed there letting my MIL do all the work. Slowly she continued to lower herself onto my cock. Inch by inch more cock disappearedinto her old pussy. While she was inserting my cock I was playing with her sagging small tits. I would pinch her nipples and rollthe nipples between my thumb and fore fingers. Finally my MIL got all of my 8″ cock deep in her 82 year old pussy. She was very wet. Icould feel the tip of my cock bottoming out in her pussy. It was so deep the head was pushing against where her womb used to be. My MIL jumped and moaned each time the head ofmy cock hit bottom.”My god, I am so full. I have never had a penis this deep in me. I can feel it hitting deep in my pussy.” She moaned. “Please fuckme slowly so I can feel every inch of you. You have stretched me more than I have ever been stretched. I think I am going tocum.”I grabbed her hips and lifted her up till the head was just inside her pussy. Her juices were flowing down my cock and onto my pubichair. I held her for a few seconds before letting her fall back down and be completely filled with cock again.”Oh, my GOD. That feels so good. Your cock is so big and filling me up. I am cumming.” She wailed. Boy, did she cum. She flooded mycock and pubic area. I was soaked. But I kept pumping into her wet pussy. Stoke after stroke I slammed my cock into my mother-in-laws pussy. As I increase my speed and depth,, she continued to moan. “Oh, my I have never cum this hard. I love the feelof your cock. I want more of it. Fuck me deeper and harder.” She wailed.I stopped fucking her long enough to roll her over on her back and bring her legs up to my shoulders. This way I could as deep as possible plus I could watch my cock going in and out of her old pussy. “Damn, you are so deep. I have never felt a cock this deep in me. I am cumming again.” My MIL screamed as she came. I looked down as saw I was banging my pubic bone against hers. I could also she her squirting her juices all over me. I pounded her for a few more minutes before I couldn’t hold out any longer. I let my cum fly. While buried as deep as I could get.Spurt after spurt flowed into my MIL’s freshly used pussy.”I am cumming again. I can feel your cum shooting into me. Its been so long since a man has cum in me. Its so hot. I want to do thisagain as soon as possible.” She wailed.When I quit cumming and my dick started to soften I lowered her legs and just layed on her for a few minutes. She kept her legswrapped around mine and her arms wrapped around my upper body.She looked up into my eyes, “I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I hope we can do it again. Lets just lay here and let mypussy soak up your cum and cock.” She asked.After about 5 minutes and after my cock went soft. I slowly pulled out of her. As I did I looked down at her red swollen pussy gaped open with my cum running out of it and down the crack of her ass over her brown rosebud. Seeing that I felt my cock tingle.If I could pull it off I would be deep in her virgin ass soon. My Mother-in-law sat up and looked at her pussy. “You must have cum a gallon of cum in me. Look at my pussy. I haven’t seen it thatswollen and red for years. I will be sore tomorrow. But it will be a wonderful sore. And look at all the cum dripping out of me. Iam going to the bathroom to clean up.” She stated. “Come with me.”

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