12 Mayıs 2023

My Mom and Me


“John come eat!” I was in my room watching television when my mom told me dinner was ready. I told her “Okay. I’ll be there in a minute!” My dad and my sisters were not home because they were on a trip to Hawaii. They were going to be gone for two weeks and it was just my mom and me. We could not go with them because my mom was sick and I had to do some things before I started college in the fall. I turned off the TV and went to the dinning room where I found my mom getting ready to eat. “Hi mom. Everything looks delicious.” “Thanks. I made it special for you. I know how much you like spaghetti.” My mom stood at five feet two inches and weighed around 135 pounds. She was not too skinny and just showed a little belly. She had dark hair and round, perky tits. Her ass was round and fairly big. I had been fantasizing about my mom for some time now. I don’t know how it started but before I knew it I was extremely attracted to her and I often masturbated while thinking of her. I had countless fantasies and wished to be able to just grab her and fuck her like there was no tomorrow. I knew she would never go for something like that, however. Coming back to reality I heard my mom say, “John are you listening? I said I was feeling better and hoped that we could do something tomorrow like go bowling or to the movies. Is that okay with you?” I said “Sure mom. Anything for you” We finished eating and I headed towards my room to jerk off once again while thinking about my beautiful mother. I imagined her coming in and seeing my cock and gasping. Afterwards I would continue stroking and she would just stand there and stare at my dick while I looked her in the eye and moaned her name, saying “Oh mom. I want you so bad but I know you don’t feel the same way. I love you mom. You’re fucking hot and I just want to stick my cock in you and fuck you all night long.” Then I pictured her in a sexy dress with high heels and she would be approaching me very slowly. She would then stand in front of me and whisper in my ear “Why don’t you follow me to my room. I have a surprise for you. I assure you it will be worthwhile.” Turning around, she would then walk in a very sexy manner to her room and I would stare at her ass cheeks as they swayed from side to side. I followed her and entering her room I Escort Ataşehir saw rose petals all over the carpet and on the bed. Candles were lit and there was a scent that filled my nostrils and left me feeling overcome by lust. She sat on the couch with her legs crossed and her arms on her sides. She then turned on the stereo and played a slow song. “Strip. I want to see you first. Do it slowly.” I would then proceed to do as she demanded. I got close to her and took off my shirt and my pants as slow as possible while dancing slowly. She then touched my abs with her soft hand and started to kiss me all over. After I finished taking off all my clothes I got on my knees and started to kiss her. I started with her feet and gradually moved up. I kissed her calves and then licked the inside of her thighs with flicks of my tongue. When I approached her cunt I decided to skip that part for later. I got to her beautiful breasts and grabbed them firmly as I massaged them over her dress. I kissed her neck for a while and finally I was about to kiss her lips. I slowly placed my lips on hers and they were the softest lips I have ever felt. We kissed passionately for ten minutes while I kept running my hands all over her body. Then I told her “Time to take off your clothes and reveal that amazing body of yours.” I proceeded to take off her dress and I was shocked to see a gorgeous pair of tits and an amazing looking pussy. She was even more beautiful than I imagined. “John! Come here!” I was interrupted from my fantasy right in the middle of it. My mom sounded angry and I had no idea what it could be about. I left my room and walked into the kitchen where my mom was looking at what appeared to be a bill. I realized that it was about all the spending I had done some time ago. “John. What the hell is all this about? I let you use my credit card because I thought you were responsible enough. I guess I was wrong. I want you to go find a job tomorrow because you are going to pay for this. I’m not letting you off the hook this time.” I had recently been fired from my job and I had to find another one soon. I was surprised my mom was so angry because she is almost never angry. My mom is a very forgiving and kind person. I knew she was mad now but it would Ümraniye escort not last and she would soon tell me to forget about it and that she would pay for it. The next day I left around nine o’ clock. I told my mom I would be back around two in the afternoon. I drove around town and asked everywhere. I had no luck and could not seem to find a new job. Around twelve I decided to go home. I had no money for food or gasoline so I had no choice. I figured my mom would understand so I headed home earlier than expected. I pulled in the driveway but did not open the garage because I would be leaving after I ate and asked my mom for money. I entered through the front door and saw that my mom had not cleaned the house yet. As I was walking to my room I heard whimpering coming from my mom’s room. I thought that maybe something had happened to her and she might be in pain. I was not sure so I walked down the hall and opened the door. I walked in and what I saw made my knees go weak. My mom was lying on her bed, naked. She was masturbating with a vibrator and was moaning loudly. I saw her face and her expression was that of pleasure. She had her eyes closed and did not know I had walked in and was staring at her with my mouth open. Suddenly she opened her eyes and saw me standing there. She opened her mouth but I ran out before she could say anything. I went to my room and closed the door behind me. I could not believe what I had just seen. Never, in a million years, could I have imagined that my mom masturbated or that she had a vibrator. I thought of how she had it in her pussy and the way that she moaned. I took off my clothes and got on the bed. I closed my eyes and began to stroke my cock while remembering her face expressions. Her tits were even sexier than I imagined. Her nipples were dark and fairly big. After 20 minutes I could feel my orgasm approaching. I stroked faster, calling out my mom’s name, “Stephanie. Take it. Yeah you love it when I eat your cunt don‘t you. Oh mom!” I felt the strongest orgasm I had ever felt as my cum spurted out and fell all over my chest. I fell asleep soon after. I woke up a few hours later and I remembered what had happened. I knew this would change things forever between my mom and me. As I was thinking Bostancı escort bayan about all the possibilities, I felt something move next to me. My mom was standing next to my bed and she was looking at me. I sat up and tried to speak but nothing came out. My mom said “It’s okay John. I know it was an accident. I thought you were going to be a while so I decided to… well you know. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, although I can see you did not feel too bad, huh?” I did not know what she was talking about until I realized I was naked and I had cum all over me. She must have put two and two together. I felt my face turn red as I felt like I could die of embarrassment. My mom knew the truth now and I did not know how she was going to react. My mom had a smile on her face and I was confused. I tried to explain things and I said “It’s not what it looks like. I was… uh…just trying to…” She interrupted me by saying “I said it’s okay. It’s natural for you to want to have some release. Why don’t you clean up and get ready to go bowling like we had planned, okay?” I was rather taken aback but managed to say “uh…okay mom. I’ll take a shower and be ready to go.” She stood up and left the room. I was surprised but I decided not to worry about it for now. I took a shower and we left. My mom acted as if nothing had happened and I put it aside as well. After a few hours we went to go eat at a restaurant. I had fun and my mom seemed to be enjoying herself as well. We got home around ten o’clock and my mom said she was going to sleep. I went to my room and thought about today. I supposed my mom was trying to pretend nothing had happened so that our relationship would be okay. I had other plans, however. After what I had seen I decided I had to have her and I would not rest until I accomplished it. I had to think of a plan that would not fail and would leave my mom wanting to have sex with me as well. I fell asleep after I formed a plan and I would put it to work tomorrow morning. I woke up around 7 o’clock and made breakfast for mom. When I was done I took it to her room and woke her with the smell of coffee. “Mmm…that smells good. What’s this? You have never made breakfast for me. What do you want?” I said “Nothing, I just wanted you to know that I love you and that I would do anything for you.” My plan consisted of many steps that I hoped would take effect before the end of the week. First, I would treat my mom the like a goddess by doing all the chores around the house and by complementing her as much as I could. I wanted to make her feel like I would do anything she asked.

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