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Subject: My New Big Brother Clyde (Chapter 1) [This story is a work of fiction. It contains explicit descriptions of a preteen boy’s sexual explorations and should only be read by legal adults who do not find such content distasteful, offensive, disturbing, illegal, or otherwise objectionable.] 1 I was twelve and a half when I found out I was being adopted, the dream of all the boys in the home. I would be getting a new dad soon. I was slightly disappointed to learn that he was single and that I wasn’t also getting a mom, or even a second dad, but one dad is much much better than none in my situation. And I’d also be getting an older brother! He was 17 and named Clyde, and he came prepared with an entire list of cool things he wanted to teach me and do with me. I was more overjoyed than I’d ever been in my life. Everything felt like a dream, and I wasn’t sure whether I was waking up from a nightmare or falling in from a cruel reality to a pleasant one. I’d walked in the front door of my new home with my new dad and Clyde, both towering over me but showing me that I was safe and that they’d be there to protect me. I had the same shade of auburn hair as they did, only mine was very long, having skipped the three month cut at the home to go to a meeting with my dad. Clyde’s was buzzed down to his head, but every other visible part of his body was covered in it; his face being covered in stubble I wanted to rub the back of my hand across to feel for myself. And my dad was balding with a ring of it around his rotund head. —- On the first night, Clyde was gone and we’d built a fire in the backyard that was cut short by a sudden rainstorm. My dad gave me some ice cream and then took me to bed commenting on how he hoped it wasn’t a bad omen. It got me a bit scared, knowing the adoption process had a trial period attached where I could be rehomed again (including back to the home I’d come from) with no questions asked. It was a chilly night with the wind and rain, and he’d left a pair of red checkered pajamas on my bed as a homecoming gift for me to stay warm. I’d seen those on TV and in shows but had never tried them not before, not sure whether or not to even wear underwear with them. Back at the home, all the boys had worn plain white t-shirts and white briefs to bed, and I’d just worn underwear at the foster homes I’d lived in. I ended up putting them on over my white briefs. They were too big and baggy, but I liked the color. I found him and thanked him and told him good night before brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. After I was back under the covers, there was a short rhythmic knock on the door. “Come in,” I said. “Hey,” said Clyde warmly. He was soaked in rain with a pizza delivery blaser on. “I just wanted to say good night.” “Good night,” I said with a smile, hoping he’d come back and talk to me more, but he didn’t. — On my second night there, the routine was much the same, only we didn’t go back outside. I just sat with my dad in the living room watching TV while he walked about his past playing baseball. I noticed a lot of pictures on the wall of the family together where they did have a mom, and there was also another boy I hadn’t seen around–a little boy younger than me who looked like he was starting elementary school. Did I have another brother I hadn’t met? I didn’t want to ask about him and be rude. It wasn’t long before I found out that I’d made the right choice in not asking. After I got in bed, I thought about Clyde and wondered if he’d tell me good night again. I stayed up for a long time until I finally heard him come in downstairs. This time he spent a long time in the bathroom and shower. I nearly dozed şişli travesti off waiting for him. Then he seemed to pass right by my bedroom. Disappointed, I rolled over into my pillow. And then the rhythmic knock came. “Come in!” I said too loud and fast. “You’re still up?” Clyde asked. The lights were off, but I had adjusted to the dark enough to see that he was standing there in just his dark boxers, his skin still slightly damp and shiny. His chest, his tummy, his arms, his legs, all of them had big muscles and were covered in hair. I wanted to go on an adventure feeling every inch of it on my own skin. I felt a warm feeling in my tummy looking at him and another weird tickle in my crotch. “I was waiting for you to say good night.” “Oh,” he said apologetically. I was lying on my side facing him, and he came over and brushed my arm covered by blankets. “I’d have come in right away if I had known,” he said in his deep crackling voice. I was so close to his hairy chest that I could reach out and touch it. I smelled his pleasant Axe body wash and longed for him not to leave, to climb in bed with me and encase me in his huge arms. The tickle in my crotch had turned into a full buzz, and I could feel something happening with my penis as it flexed and brushed against my briefs, sending more pleasant tingles through my body. I wanted to invite Clyde to say but wasn’t sure how to word it–or if he even would want to. But I missed my chance. He pulled his arm back and said, “Well, good night Loren. It’s good to have you here. I’m off tomorrow afternoon, so let’s talk more then.” “Good night,” I said with labored breathing as he closed my door. I stayed awake thinking about him for a long time, hoping he’d come back. The feeling in my penis wasn’t going away. It had gotten hard before, but not like this. I tried touching it through my pajama bottoms and then put a pillow between my legs to apply some pressure to it while I slept. I fell asleep with a smile thinking about going pee with Clyde and imagining his being covered in a thick coat of hair like it was a piece of a costume. —- The rain had let up on the third day, and it got much hotter by the afternoon when Clyde returned from work drenched in sweat in a tight polo and jeans, fanning himself with his cap. He was in the shower, and I was debating on whether to go to the bathroom right then so I could maybe catch a glimpse of him when my dad put his hand on my shoulder and said we were going to the doctor and then to see his sister, my new aunt. Nothing remarkable happened at either of those places. I couldn’t stop thinking about my brother, and everything started to feel like a dream once again. I’d be pinched and wake up, realizing he wasn’t real and I wasn’t actually getting a brother. It was uncomfortable to be apart from him wondering what he was doing back at home or if he’d be there when I returned. I wondered if he actually did want to talk to me, and my pulse quickened wondering if he always got dressed in only his underwear after a shower; if I’d see his bulging muscles and hairy body in the light when I got back. We didn’t get back until late, and the lights were off. I was disappointed thinking my brother had already gone to bed. My dad told me I could watch some TV downstairs since it was the weekend, and then he jumped into the shower himself. I went in my own room and changed into a plain white t-shirt and my new pajamas before going downstairs. And then I heard it, the small sounds of the TV in the living room. It was Clyde. He was reclining in the easy chair, legs wide apart and bent, wearing only baggy knee-length sweatpants, his chest and arms on full display. beylikdüzü travesti I went up to him just smiling, not sure where to put my hands. “Hey,” I said. “Hey, new brother!” he collapsed the recliner so I could get by him and patted the arm rest of the couch for me to sit there next to him. I smelled his body wash as I brushed past his leg and got a brief tickle in my crotch. “What do you think so far?” he asked. “I like you. I’ve always wanted a brother,” I said. That came out wrong, but I didn’t correct myself. “I like you too, Loren. I wanted a brother too. I haven’t had one in so long, I, uh… never mind. I promised not to bring that up.” I looked at the family pictures around the living room with the little boy in them. Something sad must have happened, and he was taken away from them. I don’t know what compelled me to do so, but I just said, “It’s okay,” and patted his hand resting on the armrest of the easy chair next to me. He looked at me with sad eyes and smiled. “Max was only seven,” said Clyde. “He’d be…he’d be around your age now.” He sniffled. “Let’s talk about this some other time, alright? Dad will tell you the story eventually, or…or I will. But we’re in the now, we’re in the present. You’re my brother now, Loren.” I wanted to get up and hug him, but I was afraid of how he’d react. So instead, I changed the subject and asked him to tell me about his job. He laughed and gave me a lot of funny stories of rude customers he’d encountered delivering pizzas and menacing dogs that had chased his car down the road. I felt drowsy and noticed we’d stopped talking, and instead he was laughing quietly at the TV with me struggling to keep my eyes open. I felt hot in the baggy pajama bottoms my dad had given me. The night was a lot warmer, and we only had a fan blowing on us in the living room. Clyde’s brow was sweaty, but the rest of his hairy body looked dry and comfortable. I thought about taking more off, but I didn’t want to undress and seem ungrateful for the pajama bottoms my dad had gifted me. I dozed off for a bit on the couch and woke up to a pleasant feeling on my right hand outstretched on the armrest. Clyde was holding it and lightly brushing the fine hairs on my wrist with his thumb, sending tingles down my arm that also gave me that weird feeling in my groin. My forehead was damp with sweat and uncomfortable, and my underwear and legs felt hot and soggy in my pajamas. I felt a tiny bit of relief every time the slowly spinning fan hit me with its cool air. Yet, I didn’t want to move and make my brother stop holding my hand. He kept rubbing my wrist for a long time. I wished he’d go a bit further down my arm. The tickle behind my balls felt good, and I wished I was free of my hot pants to feel it better. Instead of a pillow, I wished I had something cold and hard in my room like a big block of ice that wouldn’t melt to hold there. After a while, he turned the TV off, then got up and stretched. I looked up at him standing in front of the easy chair illuminated by the moonlight and the dim kitchen light. He had a lean muscular back that was almost as hairy as his front. Liking what I saw of his muscles, I followed them down to the rim of his swaetpants which hung low on him and showed off the tops of his firm, sweaty buttcheeks and his crack as he stretched. I could tell he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I would have burst out into giggles at any other time, or teased another boy in the home if I saw his butt after he forgot his underwear, but right now, with Clyde, all I could think of was how perfect he was. Such a funny mistake only made him even more perfect to me. I wanted him to sit back istanbul travesti down and hold my hand again, this time with me being awake. I wanted him to sit next to me on the couch this time and hold the rest of me in his strong arms, letting me feel his hairy chest against my skin after I also removed my shirt. “Are you going to bed?” I asked. This time my new brother was the one to jump. “Yeah,” he said, turning to me with a smile. “Dad doesn’t like us sleeping in the living room.” He added, “But it’s okay if it’s only for a little while.” I got up and started to follow him, wanting to take in as much of him as I could before going to bed. Instead of going directly upstairs, he led me to the kitchen and had me sit at the bar stool. “You don’t wet the bed or anything?” he asked as he poured a cold glass of water. I realized how hot and thirsty I was, having been sweating the entire time. “No!” I said, slightly offended that he’d suggest that. I hadn’t since I was eight. He gave me the water and I chugged it in seconds, taking an ice cube into my mouth to suck on. “It’s okay if you’re not comfortable enough to take stuff off around us, Loren. I understand. But the hot pajamas, and on a night like this…” “I’m fine,” I said. “Okay. Just make sure you drink a lot of water. Do you know how to find the bathroom at night? I can get out a nightlight–” “I’m twelve and a half!” I said more rudely than I’d intended. “O-okay. Sorry,” he said. I immediately felt bad for my outburst. He was showing he cared about me, something I hadn’t experienced much in either foster care or at the home. I thought about hugging and thanking him right there, but I had a conflicted feeling in my tummy. I drank another whole glass of water. We walked upstairs with his arm around me, giving me a weightless feeling I enjoyed. “Is this okay?” he’d asked as he put it there. I’d nodded–more than okay, I’d wanted to exclaim before asking him if he could just hold me like that all night. But that didn’t happen. He led me to the bathroom and waited outside the door as I brushed and peed. “Good night, Loren,” he said to me before going in himself. “I love you.” I felt a rush of pleasant feelings all through my body and couldn’t help but grin back at him, elated. My mouth felt dry despite the water I’d drank, and I stood there looking dumbly. “G-good night,” I said with an open-teeth smile. I wanted to say I loved him too but forgot the words. i reached out and touched his hairy forearm with my hand, brushing it up and down a bit, then walked back to my bedroom as he shut the bathroom door with a warm gleam in his eye. My heart was pounding as I got in bed, throwing all the blankets and sheets off to stay cool. He loves me. Already. I was worried I’d be rehomed again, but it seemed like this might be the place for me. I took off my pajama bottoms. The fan felt good on my soggy briefs and gave me more tickles in my crotch. I hid the pajamas behind my pillow in case someone came in. I took the shirt off as well, throwing it off the bed. It was just a white tee from the home, and my dad wouldn’t be offended if I wasn’t wearing it. And my new brother had walked around without his, so it wasn’t likely a house rule to wear it at all times. I laid on my side repeating Clyde’s words to me, “I love you,” over and over again, each time filling with happy feelings. The only thing better would be if he were there holding me against him. I would find a wy to get him to. I had to feel him some more. An especially naughty thought came to me as I was falling asleep. What if the pillow I’d touched with my crotch last night were replaced with his arm or his leg? Would he think that was gross being that close to my sweaty penis and butt, or would he not care enough to do it if I asked him? I felt it start to twitch around again every time the cool breeze hit it, but this time I didn’t bother with the pillow as I just laid still and drifted off.

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