14 Mart 2023

My selfish weekend


I have been cuckolding my husband for a couple years now. We have some regular guys. He was away for work and I arranged a meet-up of a few of the guys I had been with and a couple exes.

Ben and Brad, my ex college boyfriends, flew in and arrived at my place late Friday. I left the door unlocked and I put some signs that asked everyone to put all their clothes in the bag and come in naked.

They were the first here and did as requested. The two gorgeous men, both tall with dark features and extremely fit, walking into my place completely naked with their cock half hard. It was definitely a sight.

I had on red and black lingerie without panties. The top was getting a lot of mileage out of my B cups. My ass has always been the money maker and it was tight and round. I made sure it was legs and ass day at the gym.

I walked up to Brad and Ben. I handed them a drink then I dropped to my knees and I moved back and forth between their cocks sucking and stroking. I took turns putting their balls into my mouth and playing and sucking them. I licked and kissed from behind their balls all the way to the top of their big cocks. I did this to both of them while stroking the other one. First Brad came. He pumped his cum down my throat. I made sure Ben got the same treatment.

As I was cleaning off Ben’s cock, my husbands soccer buddy and divorcee, Tom, walked in naked. He was not as large as these two gorgeous men, but he was toned and thin. He was much older than them, about 50. When I started fucking Tom he had not had sex in two years (story for another time). I told Ben and Brad to grab a seat and relax.

I got Tom a drink and noticed his hard cock was softening (probably didn’t expect to walk in to me sucking two other guys). So I welcomed him to my orgy and I treated him to the same deal as the other two. My mouth worked his cock and balls. I also swallowed him. Then, like he enjoys I kissed him with my cum soaked tongue.

Then the four of us chatted and relaxed a bit. I told them this weekend is a fuck fest with me as the meal. There will be guys coming and going. Just enjoy yourself and me. I stocked the fridge and got lots to drink. We were cheersing when I heard a ‘hello’ and in walked my yoga instructor, Gurpreet. He still had on his boxers. I walk up to this fit thin toned brown man. I had only fucked him once after class.

I explained what I just told the others. Then I dropped to my knees and pulled down his boxers and sucked his cock hard. It wasn’t very large but I liked it as I was able to deep throat it.

I had both hands on his tight ass as I slid that cock in and out of my mouth. My nose reaching his firm abs. Then while his cock was in my throat he shot his load straight down it. I just took it all. I cleaned his cock off and sucked his balls a bit before I grabbed him a drink and introduced him to the others.

I told them I’m theirs for the taking whenever and wherever, but they must share and any rudeness gets kicked out.

They were all stroking their cocks, I sat between Tom and Gurp on the couch and I was stroking their cocks. I asked each guy what they like to do to me.

Brad: Cum on your face.

Ben: fill you with cum

Tom: have you ride me then lick the cum off my body

Gurp: I want to see your downward dog naked. Then fuck you it in. (He mentioned he would walk by me in that pose in class and think how ihe wanted me in it)

I said those all sound great!

Then Brad came over while I was still stroking the two cocks and he dove between my legs. He was trying to put on a show by making me cum first, such a Brad thing. He licked and sucked pendik escort my clit until I came on his face. He stood up and kissed me.

I spread my legs and asked who was next. Tom rolled over and slid down to my pussy and licked it with amazing experience. He was much more gentle and precise in his movement. He was careful until I overcame the tenderness of was clit from my previous orgasm. I came again quick.

I took a moment for myself before I got up off the couch and grabbed Ben’s hand and moved over to the open floor. I laid him on the floor flat with his big cock sticking straight up. I then did a sun salutation from yoga. While standing over his cock. I had my back to the rest so they could watch me bend over. As I bent over at my waist I stroked his cock. Then the motion has you ending up in plank where I I had him in my mouth. It finishes in downward dog.

My mouth full of Bens cock. My legs spread and my wet pussy facing these hungry guys. Gurp knew this was for him. His hard cock was in me quickly. I moaned as he slid in. He grabbed my hips and thrust harder and faster. While Ben thrust into my mouth.

I made my way onto all fours and the guys took turns in my mouth and pussy. All of them fucking me like a piece of meat. One of them came all over my back. I was getting tongues and fingers in my ass while being fucked. My ass was red from the spanking.

I finally needed off my knees. I sat them all close together on the floor as I cleaned off the cum and did a stretch. Time for introductions:

Then I took Tom to the couch with the rest sitting as an audience. I introduced him as a recently divorced soccer player who I fucked as his first fuck in a yr. Tom has unreal stamina. He is going to fuck me till I cum three times. Then I laid back on the couch and my legs found toms shoulders. He was in me and the jack hammering started. He was a machine. I was screaming his name as he made me cum. Then again and finally the third time. All in 10 minutes of non stop jackhammer. I flipped over and rode him. My ass twerking on him for all the others to see. Soon he was ready to cum and i pulled and he shot his load onto his stomach. I licked it up and kissed him. I saw some of the guys cringe. I told them how hot that was.

Next was Gurp. I explained he was my yoga instructor and I’d wanted to fuck him again for a long time. Gurp was super flexible. I had him lay on the couch. Then I had him put both legs behind his head. He sat the like a pretzel with his cock straight up. I leaned over and kissed Gurp hard. I whispered how bad I wanted this. Then I turned around reverse cowgirl with my legs on the floor and my ass facing Gurp. He was full pretzel and I said stay there until I cum. I bounced on that brown cock and played with his balls while facing the three guys. I screamed “Cum with me Gurp”. He did. Inside my pussy. I stayed on him as he unravelled and I got all his load. I stood off his cock and caught his load as some dropped out. I licked it off my hand. It was very sweet tasting. I feel like a night of Kama Sutra would be fun with his flexibility.

I took a moment and cleaned myself up in the bathroom. I wanted to look hot. Not fucked. I went back out and, finally, slowly stripped from the lingerie Brad came over to me and picked me up he carried me up to the bedroom. The other guys followed. He laid flat and I crawled onto that big cock. It slid easily into my well fucked pussy. I rode him for a bit. Then he pulled me down onto his body and wrapped his arms around me. All of a sudden I felt a tongue. Ben was licking my ass. He went to town on my ass with his rus escort mouth.

Soon there was line and his big dick was entering my ass. Brad held me and we made out while I adjusted to this big dick in my ass. Soon they were both pumping and I was full dp. Then everyone took a turn in my ass. They filled it with cum. I was a mess dripping cum and I could barely walk from being fucked. At one point i had a cock in every hole and one in my hand.

I wanted a big finish so I had the guys stand over me and I wanted a bukkake. it was a fantasy of mine. So I dropped to my knees and I got four loads shot onto my face. Then Tom and Gurp left.

Brad and Ben just laid in the bed side by side with their big cocks straight up and I hopped on and off each cock. I dripped cum on their bodies as I switched cocks. I was so wet. Eventually they both came in me.

I went and cleaned up a bit. Then we all cuddled and I fell asleep naked between them. I was woken up at some point in the night with Bens cock entering me. He was behind me and slowly started pumping me. It felt so good. I arched my back so he had a better angle. Eventually we moved to the spare room and he climbed on top of me. We were intense and making love slowly.

Ben and I didn’t stop tonguing each others mouths until I told him i wanted his cum in me. Of course, he filled me with his hot cum. Then we fell asleep cuddling with his cock inside me getting softer.

I woke up in the morning and jumped in the shower. I got a shower to myself. When I got out Ben was making breakfast and Brad was in the other shower.

I put on a nighty and went down to see Ben. We chatted about the previous night. He loved how hot it was, but wished he didn’t have to share the whole night. We ate breakfast and Brad said he enjoyed the night and looks forward to more fucking.

It was interesting how different they were. Brad just liked a fuck toy. Ben liked me.

Ben jumped in the shower. Brad had my nighty off in a second. He carried me to the bed. I made him lay down. Then I straddled his face. Pulling my ass cheeks apart and getting him to tongue my ass. I was grinding my ass on his face while rubbing my clit. I came with his tongue in my ass. It felt amazing. Then I leaned forward and we were in 69. I sucked his cock. Then I got off him and went to town sucking his cock. I licked the entire shaft down to sucking his balls in my mouth. I kissed and licked behind his balls. I made him hold his legs up as I licked to his ass. I rimmed his asshole then back up to his balls then cock. He was shuddering in heaven. Finally I made him cum and I swallowed it all. I told him he could fuck me when he made dinner.

I sent him to the grocery store.

I went downstairs and found Ben watching sports on the couch. I dropped to my knees and sucked him hard. Then I straddled him on the couch and slowly slid him in. I told him it was our time now. There was definitely feeling with Ben. It was nice. We made out and I rode him. He stood up with me still on him. He bounced me on his cock standing. He carried me upstairs. He set me down on the bed and locked our bedroom door. He asked me to bend over. I was on all fours at the edge of the bed and he slid in from behind. He did it so slowly.

I told him I wanted more. I wanted faster. But he kept it slow. He was squeezing my ass with every thrust. I reached under and grabbed his balls each thrust. I told him to empty those big balls in me. I begged. His balls were big and each pump slammed them against me. I wanted so much of him inside me. I wanted him deeper. I screamed it.

He pulled sancaktepe escort out and turned me over. He slid in still standing at the edge of the bed. He was teasing me by going slow and making eye contact. It made me need him more and more. I was a horny crazed woman for Ben. I begged for him to fuck me with his big dick. He put hand his hands on my tits. I told him his cock was mine. He put my legs on his shoulders and leaned onto me. He moved me higher up the bed. He was so deep I gasped. He just laid on me in me and kissed me hard. We made out with his cock poking my organs. My hands were on his firm ass pulling it tight. This entire time we didn’t break eye contact. He slowly pulled his cock out and I came hard. I screamed and groaned. Then he started fucking me. I screamed his name numerous times as I came non stop. I begged for his cum. I was on another planet then. Finally he emptied those big balls into me. Then we laid there. I played with his cock and licked my juices off it. Then we kissed more.

Soon Bens cock was hard again. This time I rode him hard and fast. He came very quickly. I hopped off and he came on his stomach. I licked it all off. Then we got up and headed downstairs as Brad would be back any minute.

By now it was the afternoon. Brad came back and we all went for a walk. It was chilly but nice to get out when we got back Brad and Ben cooked dinner. It was amazing.

That night I had a bit of a surprise. I had invited John and Ella over. When they showed up Ella was dressed in her lingerie. Ella is Johns wife. She is a voluptuous woman with H cup boobs and a big booty to match.

John was short and stocky. So was his cock. I knew John from the gym. His wife and him often swing with my husband and I.

We had some drinks and chatted. Then we all headed up to the bedroom and got naked. Ben and Brad were in awe of Johns pop can cock. They had bigger cocks. But not as thick(thank goodness). They were more in awe of Ella’s huge tits and big ass. John licked my pussy while Ella and I suck sucked both guys cocks.

She asked John if he was ok with it before they went further. John was. He knew that we would have to be done if he wasn’t and he loved fucking me.

With that Brad and Ben spent the next couple hours fucking Ella, spit roasting, tit fucking. They did it all and she loved it. She kept screaming for more. They fucked her late into the night. They tit fucked her a lot. I feel like every time I looked over one of them had her huge tits wrapped around their big dick.

While Ella was getting the fucks of her life, John was taking full advantage of me. His thick cock was pounding me spread open on my back. I came numerous times. I was so stretched out. He would look over at his wife, then pound me harder. I started riding him I leaned over and whispered in his ear.

“Looks like your wife may be addicted to their cock. I can see her cumming all over them.” I looked him in the eye and told him to take any jealousy out on me. He started pounding again while i tried to stay on him. My pussy lips gripped his cock so tight. We fucked for a while. When we took breaks we watched Ella getting fucked by these two studs. The breaks never lasted long as the sight made John want me more.

Then we had the idea to lay down beside each other on the bed. Each got got one minute in each pussy then a one minute break. Ella and I got a new cock every minute with non-stop pounding. We both came many times. It was really hot. Then we got on our knees as the guys finished off on our faces and tits.

Ella and John left shortly after. Brad and Ben had an early flight. We all collapsed and laid there. We fell asleep. We awoke to the alarm and they got cleaned up. Both took a turn with me in the shower.

They got dresses, both kissed me and they left in the cab to the airport. I slept late into the day. My pussy throbbing.

That was the weekend. My husband got home later that day to reclaim me!

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