26 Mart 2022

my sister i misbehave


my sister i misbehaveIt all began some time ago and took a while to develop. I became a widower when my wife died from cancer three years ago. I was feeling very low and a friend suggested that a holiday in the sun might help so I went for a holiday in Gran Canaria. The hotel was a couple of hundred yards from a beautiful beach. The first time I walked to it I changed there and put on bathing trunks. I was surprised to see that many people were stark naked. The island is Spanish. I had always thought, perhaps wrongly, that the Spanish authorities did not approve af nudism on their beaches.An English couple I had met at the hotel were there, quite naked and they came over to me to talk. I felt uncomfortable standing there with them nude in front of them because I`d never before spoken to naked people. They said that many people, like them, didn`t wear swimming costumes on that beach as I could see and why don`t I do likewise? I wasn`t sure about that because, again, I had never been nude in company and I said so. They told me I should “live a little” and do it. I would find I liked being naked in that warm sun. Anyway, they eventually persuaded me to remove my trunks and with some hesitation I took them off. It took a little while for me to get used to being naked with them but then I found I did like it, as they said I would. I also found that swimming naked was enjoyable as was walking along the beach in the nude, looking at the naked ladies there.Quite an experience for me.When I returned England I took to sunbathing in the nude on my lawn, which is not overlooked.To digress, my sister, Joan, lived in France with her husband and a few weeks after I returnd home from my holiday her husband was killed in a car crash. She stayed on for a year, türbanlı escort then came back to England and stayed in my house while she looked for a property to buy. That cramped my style because I couldn`t sunbathe nude when she was around.To resume the story….One day Joan had an appointment with an estate agent to be taken to see a house some way out of town. I reckoned she would be away for an hour and probably much longer. I now had time to sunbathe and went out wearing only my shorts and removed them when I was in the garden.Joan later told me that when she arrived at the agent`s office she was told that a few minutes before he had received a phone call from the vendor of the house she was to view to defer my sister`s visit to another day. She therefore returned to my house. I didn`t know that at the time, of course, so I had a terrible shock when she came out of the house and saw me on the lawn. I hastily reached for my shorts and laid them on my lower parts to cover my nakedness and apologised for being caught like that. Her reply was that I shouldn`t worry about it because she had seen plenty of naked men when she had been on naturist beaches in France with her husband. Now I knew she was a naturist so I put my shorts to one side, enjoying the fact that my sister, standing there could see me quite naked. It was a bit of a surprise to me to find I liked my sister seeing me nude.Joan said she would join me and went indoors to return completely naked. No towel or dressing gown to cover up as she walked out. She lay beside me and I`m afraid that seeing her like that I began to get a hard-on. I had to tell her that seeing her naked was affecting me and her reply was she could see that because it showed. türbanlı escort bayan She also said that she liked seeing what was happening to me because it gave a boost to her morale! Pointing to my slightly hard cock she said it is rather big.As she had said she liked seeing it growing I took a chance and said that I could make it grow larger if she liked. She said “Please do. I`d like to see how big it can be”. I stroked my cock until it was fully hard and then stopped, saying that if I continued something would happen and that wouldn`d do. Her reply surprised me because it was “Why not continue?”. My sister was asking me to masturbate to ejaculation! I liked the idea and continued jerking off until, in full sight of my sister I shot my cum on to the grass. Looking back I still wonder what on earth was happening to us. Until that day we hadn`t seen each other naked yet here we were with her telling me to ejaculate for her and me willingly doing it.At the time I didn`t think of the rights and wrongs. I often masturbate but doing it in front of my sister seemed to make it rather special. I told her so and she said it was the first time she`d seen a man masturbating and she was pleased to see me doing it.Then she told me that watching me had made her horny and if I didn`t mind she would do the same. I told her that I certainly didn`t mind and she should go ahead and do it while I watched. With her fingers she parted the lips of her cunt and pushed her hand in. With steady strokes she reached orgasm, cumming several times, panting as she did. When she was finally finished she told me that although she, too, masturbated, it was special being watched by her brother as she was doing it.That was an escort türbanlı introduction to what happened a couple of days later. Joan had been house-hunting in the meantime but on this day she was free. As before, we were naked together on the lawn but this time, being emboldened by what had happened before, I started by caressing her lovely firm breasts and fondling her nipples to hardness which gave me a good erection. When I slid my hand down to her pubic hair she took my hardening cock firmly in her hand and stroked it to full erection. My response was to slip my fingers into her pussy to find her swollen cliteris which I caressed. My sister and I were masturbating each other! A first for both of us. I stopped her frigging me when I was close to cumming because today I didn`t want to waste it on the grass. Things were getting too exciting for that. Instead, I rolled over and lay on top of her, our naked bodies pressing against each other. Gradually I slipped the tip of my erection into the entrance to Joan`s cunt, but not right in. I was sure that she was close to orgasm with the sensation of my cock at the entrance. Then, suddenly she cried out “I`m cumming, John. Push it in!” She wanted me to fuck her and I wanted to fuck her, too. I thrust deeply into her and started shooting my cum into her as she writhed and gasped as she came with me. Again, she had several tremendous orgasms before I had completely satisfied her, and I could withdraw my prick.We then lay beside each other, quite calm now, and she said that she had had sex with her brother and it was wonderful. I agreed that it was but as sister and brother we shouldn`t have done it. Her reply was “So what? No-one would know and no harm done”. She also said it was the best sex she`d had, due to the size of my manhood, which was the biggest she`d ever seen.A few days after that she bought a house and moved out a few weeks later. Until then we fucked the nights away in bed, the days not suitable for sex outdoors.So that is how my sister, Joan, and I had i****t together, and very nice, too.

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