25 Ocak 2023

My Sister’s Milk is so Sweet


When Mary, my Sister, found out that she was pregnant, it was an unwelcome surprise, but she was adamant that she was going to have the baby. At first, her boyfriend of only three months, was very supportive, but only days after the birth he got cold feet. When she told us the bad news, she was more angry than upset.

With a face like thunder, she said, “That no good bastard has fucked off.”

And he’d fucked off without leaving a forwarding address. She’d literally been left holding the baby!

To help her out, our parents suggested that she move back in with them. She’d wanted to keep her independence, but eventually, she’d reluctantly accepted their generous offer. My Sister wasn’t stupid, she knew that looking after a baby on her own would be hard work.

I was still living at home so I could also help her with Olive, but that would only be until I could find a suitable apartment that I could afford. I was twenty one years old, it was time for me to fly the nest.

All of us living together again was nice, made extra special because of the new addition, that we all adored. My Sister didn’t just get help with the baby, we were fighting over who would do it!

But there was one thing that only Mary could do, and that was breastfeed Olive. And she was well-equipped to do that. She was a busty woman, but because her breasts were engorged with milk, they were now even more impressive.

Initially, my Sister feeding her in front of me was disconcerting. It was a natural thing to do, but seeing her do it made me feel uncomfortable. To her, it wasn’t a big deal, but I was her Brother, so to me it was. However, I soon got used to it. Then, to my surprise, I started to look forward to it happening. She was my Sister, so she wasn’t supposed to excite me, but while she was breastfeeding Olive, she was. I felt guilty for feeling that way, but it didn’t stop me looking at her while she was doing it.

It’s a routine that I now know well. She starts by removing her T-shirt, and that’s when she has my complete attention. Her big tits are covered by a large nursing bra, but I still get excited when I look at them. It opens at the front, and after she’s done that, Olive’s mouth is quickly on the nipple. I then watch her greedily enjoying my Sister’s milk. Most of the time, that’s it, but occasionally there’s more to it than that, and that’s when it becomes special for me.

Sometimes I get to see her nipples, and that always makes my heart skip a beat. I don’t know if they were big before, but they are now. They’re plump, like nipples should be, and I have to say that they are the best that I have ever seen!

When it arrived she showed it to me. I didn’t know what it was until she told me. It was an electric breast pump.

“Olive’s a greedy pig, but I still have more milk than she can drink. If I don’t get it out then my breasts hurt, and they may even get infected.”

I was hoping that she’d demonstrate it in front of me, but I wasn’t that lucky.

Expelling the excess milk is now part of her routine, but she always does it in her room. I can hear the pump working, but unfortunately I’m not able to see it.

Then, after only a few days, it suddenly refused to work. I tried to fix it, but it soon became obvious that it was beyond repair. It needed a new electric motor. Not to worry, she’d get a refund for it, and a replacement could be ordered, to be delivered the next day.

“Sorry, it’s sold out. We will be getting some more in a couple of weeks.”

That was only a minor setback, because there would be other companies selling them. There were others, but none that could deliver straight away.

“Ten days is the best that we can do.”

I thought that would be a problem, but Mary was upbeat about it.

“I’m sure that I can manage until then.”

And I thought that she was managing, but after only three days, when I saw the expression on her face, and her milk-stained T-shirt, I realized that she wasn’t. It looked as if she was about to cry.

“If Mother was here she could help me.”

Unfortunately for her, our parents were away for two weeks. If she was going to get any help then it would have to be from me.

“Is there anything I can do?”

There was, and she then told me what that was. I heard her, but it took me a few seconds to fully understand what she was asking me to do. I was her Brother, it wasn’t something that I should be doing for her.

“Can’t you do it yourself?”

After giving a deep sigh, she shook her head, and then she said, “Don’t you think I’ve tried?”

It was going to be awkward, even embarrassing, but I was going to have to do it. I might not be any better at it than she was, but I should at least try. When I said yes, I got a big hug from her. And now my T-Shirt was also stained.

“I’ll get something to put the milk into.”

As soon as she was back from the kitchen, we started. When she opened the bra, so that her big nipple was exposed, I told myself that what I was about to do was because she needed my help, and that I wasn’t kocaeli escort supposed to get any pleasure from it. But my cock wasn’t listening! As soon as I touched it, the blood started to flow into my manhood, and when I started pulling on her nipple, so that I could milk her, it became a torrent. I would just have to ignore it.

To my surprise, and probably hers as well, I was quite good at it. I was able to get a steady flow of milk from her breast into the cup. After about five minutes I switched nipples. My cock was still hard, but it was under control. It knew, that even though it was erect, nothing was going to happen. She was my Sister, so she was off-limits.

While smiling, she said, “Thanks, I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Then her face changed, her smile had now gone. She looked serious.

“Please don’t tell anybody about this.”

“Don’t worry. It will be our little secret.”

As soon as I was in my bedroom I was reliving it, and my cock was responding in the same way that it had when it was for real. But now it could get some attention. Long slow strokes took me to the edge, and then frantic ones toppled me over. It had been quick, two minutes at the most, but it had ended with one of the best climaxes that I’d ever had.

The next day, while I was at work, my Sister, or more specifically, her big tits and large nipples, were all that I could think about. When it was time to leave, my heart was racing because I knew that Mary’s jugs would be full. She would want me to milk them again. I couldn’t wait to get home.

But I was wrong!

“Thanks for offering, but I’m feeling OK. Olive’s last feed was a big one so I don’t need your help.”

I wasn’t just disappointed, I was heartbroken. However, with some difficulty, I managed to keep it from her.

While smiling, I said, “I’ll look after her while you eat.”

It didn’t take me long to get over it. When I was down, cradling beautiful Olive always improved my mood. Twenty minutes later, when I handed her back, I was my usual cheerful self.

At seven, Olive was put to bed for the night, and we watched television together. We were like an old married couple, content with just each other’s company, so there was no need for us to talk.

When she went to bed I stayed up to watch the match. However, an hour later, she was back down again.

After pointing to her breast, to show me the stain around her nipple, she said, “I’ve just fed Olive but she didn’t want much.”

To my great delight, her breasts were full again, and so she needed my help. It was game on!

She wasn’t wearing a bra, so when she pulled the strap of her nightie down, her whole breast was exposed. It was as if she was my lover and she was offering it to me. That sent a surge of excitement through my body. I couldn’t wait to start, but there was nothing to squirt the milk into.

“We need a cup. I’ll get one.”

“No need to do that.”

She must have brought one with her, but I couldn’t see it. And why was she smiling?

“Just use your mouth.”

It was a simple statement, calmly said, but it seemed to echo around the room. Then I almost laughed. It had to be a dream. Any second now I was going to wake up. When she suddenly pulled me towards her, and then she pressed on my head so that my mouth was touching her nipple, I greedily sucked on it. That’s when I knew that it was really happening. No dream, no matter how realistic, could ever be as good as what I was experiencing now!

This was a first for me, and I hadn’t expected it to be as good as this. The milk was delicious, but it wasn’t just the sweetness of it that I was enjoying. It was coming from my Sister’s big nipple, and that was making the experience extra special. When I’d milked her before, my cock had been hard, but now it seemed to be even firmer, and it was doing its best to burst out of my trousers.

That’s when I lost control.

It had been instinctive, a natural reaction because I was sucking on her breast, but even so, I knew that I shouldn’t have done it. And her response was confirmation that what I’d done was highly inappropriate.

I’d place my hand on her other breast, not because I wanted to milk it, but because I’d wanted to fondle it. When I did that, she gasped, and then she grabbed my wrist.


I stopped sucking so that I could speak.

“Sorry, I got carried away.”

Angrily, she said, “Well don’t do it again.”

She was my Sister so I knew her well. If I behaved myself then she would quickly calm down. When, after switching to the other nipple, she started stroking my head affectionately, I knew that I’d been forgiven.

When we’d finished, she went to her bedroom, and I went to mine. For as long as I was able to, I kept my hand away from my cock. Playing with myself, while thinking about Mary, was wrong, but I knew that eventually I wouldn’t be able to resist.

This time I did it slowly because I wanted to savour it. Sucking on her plump nipples had been so good, and that’s kocaeli escort bayan what I was remembering now. It was exciting me, but I wanted more than that. That’s when I started thinking about her pussy, and what it would be like to finger her. When I spurted onto the bedsheets, my cock was deep up her sweet pussy, and I was fucking her hard.

In the morning she was up first, and she’d already made breakfast. While I was eating she was tidying up the kitchen. I kept glancing at her, trying to figure out why Simon had left her. She was an attractive woman, and a nice person, he’d been lucky to have her. If I was to ever meet him again then I would ask him why he’d abandoned her, but that would be after I’d punched him hard on the nose!

When I’d finished she took the plate from me.

“Thanks, that’s the best breakfast that I’ve ever had.”

Surprisingly, my over the top compliment only got a brief smile from her. I’d expected her to laugh.


It was said solemnly, and with a serious expression on her face, so I knew what was coming next. I was going to get a telling off for what I’d done.

When I got into work, I was singing because I was so happy. It was too loud, and off-key, but I didn’t care. After making myself a coffee I sat down at my desk. As usual, my in-tray was bulging, but rather than depress me, it made me smile. It was a challenge. I’d decided, that by the end of the day, it was going to be empty.

After two hours I’d done a lot of work, so I rewarded myself with another coffee. When I got back to my desk I took a few minutes to think about what my Sister had said, and that made me smile.

“I want to apologize. I overreacted. You were kind enough to help me, but instead of thanking you, I shouted at you.”

I hadn’t expected her to say that, and what she said next, was an even bigger surprise.

“If you do it again I won’t stop you.”

That was all she said, but it was enough to make my day. She’d given me permission to play with her tits while I was enjoying her excess milk. But would I do it? I’d be a fool not to.

I didn’t just clear my in-tray, I went to see my boss to get more work. He was impressed.

While I was driving home, I tried to manage my expectations, to be realistic. Like before, she might not need my help, or even worse, the new breast pump might have arrived early. So when I walked through the door I knew that there was a possibility that I might be disappointed. However, when I saw her, I wanted to punch the air.

She was topless!

While both her hands were lifting up her heavy breasts, she said, “I’ve got way too much milk. I’ve been waiting for you to come home.”

As soon as she sat down on the sofa, my mouth was on her.

“Suck harder.”

I did, and it made her gasp. Then I put my hand on her other breast. When she spoke, it wasn’t to tell me to stop, it was to encourage me to do more.

“Roll my nipple between your finger and thumb. I like that.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice!

We’d crossed a line. Yes, I was still sucking on her swollen breasts to ease her discomfort, but that was secondary to the sexual pleasure that both of us were now enjoying. And when both her breasts were drained, we didn’t stop.

At some point, minutes ago, she’d stopped being my Sister. To both me and my cock, she was now just a desirable woman who had amazing tits, and nipples that you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t get enough of her. And it wasn’t just me, her excitement was at least the equal of mine. She was moaning almost continuously.

“Put your hand between my legs.”

I did, without a single thought about who she was. I just wanted her pussy. Her tits had excited me, but her honeypot was going to take it to a new level.

As soon as my hand got there, my fingers were on her panties, trying to explore every part of her pussy. Then she made a sound. It was difficult to describe, but I knew what it meant. That little lump under my fingers was her clit, the jewel in the crown.

“Rub it harder.”

I did, and she moaned loudly. I was about to do it again, but I suddenly stopped, and there was no point in continuing. Through the baby monitor we could hear Olive crying. I gave a deep sigh, no matter how good the sex was, my Sister was too good a Mother to let her baby cry for long.

When I got to my room my hand was quickly on my cock, but after a few tentative strokes, I stopped. My heart wasn’t in it. If Olive hadn’t have cried then we would have fucked. I would have emptied my balls into her sweet pussy. Jerking off, and ending by spurting into a tissue, was nothing compared to that.

When a Brother and Sister come so close to committing incest, when they next see each other how do they deal with it? The Brother is twenty one and the Sister is twenty six, both adults, so they should talk about it. However, instead, they take the easy option. They pretend that nothing happened!

However, there were consequences. Without it having to be said, we both knew that we’d gone too far and izmit escort that we shouldn’t do it again.

The next time that I helped her out she brought a cup with her. The meaning was clear. From now on I was to use my fingers rather than my mouth. And I knew, without her having to tell me, that I was no longer allowed to play with her tits. It was enjoyable, but while I was doing it with my fingers, all I could think about was how good it had been when my mouth was suckling on one of her ripe nipples.

That would have been it, the end to our brief intimacy, if she hadn’t urgently needed my help in the middle of the night.

I was in a deep sleep when she woke me up by shaking me. When I opened my eyes she was standing over me, and she was just wearing panties. Her heavy breasts, topped by those impressive nipples, were close to my face. The urge to suck on them was almost overpowering.

“I’m in so much pain.”

After yawning, I said, “OK, give me the cup.”

I was still sleepy, so I was keen to get it over with.

“I haven’t got one, and I can’t wait for one of us to go to the kitchen.”

Now I was wide awake, and I wasn’t in a hurry for it to end!

This might be the last time that I was allowed to do this, so I was savouring it. To me, her milk was like nectar. Sweet, but not too sweet. I couldn’t get enough of it, and drinking it from her magnificent breasts, rather than from a cup, was adding to my excitement.

When I switched over, she was eager to get my mouth onto her other breast, because she quickly pushed my head down onto her nipple. Disappointingly, there wasn’t much milk in it, and so it wasn’t long before it was empty. I knew that I should stop, but I continued, determined to enjoy her thick nipple for as long as possible.

When I realized what was happening, I was surprised and elated, in equal measures. Mary had been passive before, but now she was animated. As I sucked on her swollen nipple, she was squirming with pleasure.

We’d crossed that line again!

The rational side of my brain was telling me to be careful because I was playing with fire, but I chose to ignore it. I was going to go for it, and with a two-pronged attack.

When my hand got to her tit, she moaned. She was loud, but only seconds later, she was even louder, when she gasped because my fingers were on her panties. I was now smiling, because as expected, there was no resistance from her, just encouragement.

“Take them off.”

I then did, with a swiftness and dexterity that was impressive.

Her pussy was gloriously wet, so it was easy for me to push two fingers into her. When they were in, up to the knuckles, she purred. The expression on her face was of a cat that had got the cream. Then, when I started to fuck her with them, it changed. It was contorted, not by pain, but by pleasure.

“Don’t forget my clit.”

She’d shouted it out. I hadn’t forgotten, I was saving it for later. There was now no point in delaying it, that would only frustrate her.


“A bit more.”

Her loud gasp told me that I was in the right place and that I’d found its sweet spot.

“Rub it until you make me come.”

As I polished her little pebble, I soon realized that it wasn’t going to take much to give her the climax that she wanted. So I eased off. Now my touch was gentle. It was still exciting her, but not enough to make her boil over.

“That’s nice, I like that.”

However, it wasn’t long before she wanted more than just nice.


She got harder, and that kept her happy for another minute.

“Finish me off.”

I then did, with a swiftness that took her by surprise.

“Fuck, I’m going to come!”

When it started I removed my fingers. I like watching a woman come, it excites me. And hers was one of the best that I’ve ever witnessed. It was explosive, almost scary. At its peak she was writhing about. When it ended she was still for a while, with her eyes closed. It was as if she was asleep.

While I was waiting for her to recover, I quickly took my clothes off. When she opened her eyes the first thing that she saw was my erect cock. It was standing proud, as big as it had ever been. But worryingly, she didn’t seem to be interested in it. Then she spoke, and my manhood lost an inch.

“That was just what I needed, but we shouldn’t have done it.”

I was about to plead with her, to beg her to let me fuck her, but when I opened my mouth to speak, she covered it with her hand.

“Let me finish.”

When I nodded she removed her hand.

“Yes, we shouldn’t have done it, but I’m glad that we did. And we shouldn’t do what we are going to do next.”

“What’s that?”

After laughing, she said, “You’re so funny. Don’t you know that we’re going to fuck?”

I was such an idiot, I’d naively thought it was going to end without us going any further. I should have realized that one climax would never be enough for my gorgeous Sister.

My cock was back to its best, and she was now interested in it. She was giving it the once-over, and I was confident that it would pass muster, because it was a magnificent piece of manhood. It was long and thick. However, that was my opinion of it, and I might have stretched the truth a little bit.

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