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My Slutty Wife

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My Slutty WifeI was gangbanged by 37 men in a filthy VIP room in the top of a bar room in New York, my husband took me to a party and left with another blonde girl, I sat at the bar all alone when 15 men approached me, they told me I was very beautiful and asked if they could take some pictures of me, I said ok, but they said it was too crowded in the bar can we go to a room where it’s a little more quiet, I said ok, one of the men took me upstairs, to a dirty room, I looked around and said, this room is filthy, he said I’ll leave you here to freshen up, and I’ll be back with the others, he came back with 36 men, closed the door and said, I heard you were gangbanged by 15 men last week at Jack’s party, I said yes that’s true and my husband never found out, but he might come back here though, nah we fixed him up with Sherry tonight, he’ll be gone for a while, I said I don’t know about 37 men gangbanging me but I’ll blow all of you, he said ok, now take off your clothes, I took off all my clothes accept for my high heels and stood in front of 37 men totally naked, and one man said now get on your knees slut, they circled around me and I blew each guy 1 by 1, 30 of them came in my mouth, and 7 of them came in my face, they said I guess if we tell everyone that Judy blew 37 guys no one would believe us, another guy said well let’s take her downstairs to the party and show everyone, one guy grabbed me by the hair and paraded me downstairs to the bar room and brought me to the middle of the room, there I stood in the middle of the bar room, totally naked with my high heels on with my mouth and my face full of cum, everyone started to clap and cheer, I looked around and noticed, it had been arranged for all the women to leave, I was the only girl in the bar, there were over 100 men at the party by now, than the guy that took me downstairs said, hey everyone, ‘Judy The Slut’ wants to blow all the guys here, he than came over to me and put a leash and collar around my neck and told me to get on my hands and knees, I did what I was told, than he said ok dogslut, now crawl to each guy and start giving blowjobs, he held me by the leash as I crawled to the nearest man, he was a large black man with an 11 inch cock, there I was on my hands and knees with a leash and collar around my neck blowing a black man as another guy held the leash, it was quite embarrassing, degrading and humiliating, I said to them, “hey, they didn’t treat me like this at Jack’s gangbang” but I did what I was told anyway, I reached up to grab his cock with my hand, when I was suddenly instructed that I was to blow all the strangers with my hands and knees on the floor and just to use only my head like a chicken, as I was blowing the black man my head was bobbing up and down and everyone was screaming faster, faster, my head was furiously bobbing up and down, but it wasn’t fast enough for them so the guy holding the leash started whipping my ass with the leash, than 4 other guys took off there belts and started whipping my ass, so I picked up the pace of bobbing my head, my head was bobbing like lightning now and the black man shot his load right in my mouth as he grabbed me by the back of my hair and furiously started to bang my head into his cock until I started choking, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I was just kneeling there on my hands and knees with my head down staring at the floor with a huge load of cum falling out of my mouth onto the floor, than I was pulled by the leash to the next guy, this guy grabbed my hair and made me stand up and pulled my head back and told me to open my mouth to show everyone all the cum in my mouth from the black man and said, she’s filthy I’ll pass on the blowjob, I’ll wait for her cunthole, let the pig blow someone else, then he threw me on the floor, I landed on my stomach, the man holding the leash said “get up and crawl to your next blowjob you pig”, the next guy was the leader of a biker gang, he said “you better be fast with that chicken head of yours or my gang will take you to the mountain where we are camped and gangbang you and brand your fuckin ass esat escort you pig” so I bobbed my head furiously, he came in my mouth, I blew 131 guys, than they made me stand up and led me to the bar by the leash, they tied me to the bar, belly first and each guy climbed on top of me and fucked my cunt from behind, about 97 guys came inside me the rest came on my back and my ass, when the last guy came inside of me they untied me and dragged me by the leash outside, they took my high heels so my feet were hurting, they flagged down the nearest cab and threw me in, I was getting cum all over the seat as it was dripping from my cunthole, I told the cab driver I didn’t have any money to pay for the ride so he pulled the leash and my neck to his cock, I took out his cock and blew him, after he came in my mouth he threw me out of the cab while the cab was still moving, I never made it home, I was walking the streets totally naked, no high heels, with cum in my mouth and on my face and dripping from my cunthole wearing only the collar and leash, my feet were hurting it was 3 00am in the morning when I was picked up my a biker gang called the Roadriders, it was the gang of the leader I blew at the party, he said well, what have we here, let’s go slut, you are gonna pull a train at the camp, I was put on a bike and taken to the camp wondering what they were going to do to me, when we got to the camp the leader Snake threw me off the bike, stood me up and held me by the back of my hair, one biker came over to me and kicked my legs apart as i stood there with my legs spread in a standing position, he told me to put my hands behind my head, i did as i was told, he started to rub my ass as he was standing behind me he began fingering my cunt furiously until i gush squirted on the ground in front of all these strangers, all the bikers began cheering, than the next biker did they same thing only he fingered my cunt from the front until i gush squirted, i was not allowed to move my hands or legs, the third guy came over to me and shoved a beer bottle in my ass and began fingering my cunt from behind as he held the bottle in my ass, the humilation made me so excited that i squirted in gushes for 3 full minutes, each of the rest of the bikers fingered me until i squirted as one biker held the bottle in my ass, after all 31 bikers fingered me they told me to leave the beer bottle in my ass and walk around, i walked in a circle around the camp holding the bottle in my ass continually gush squirting as i walked as they threw beer at me and called me names like dogslut, whorepig, useless cumslut, pissface and so on, when the other bikers saw how i could gush squirt cum, whenever a biker would want to see me squirt, i would stop in front of them and use the bottle in and out of my ass as fast as i could until i squirted in front of the entire gang as they all cheered, this went on for the rest of the night, than the leader Snake told me to crawl to him that I would know what to do, I did, I crawled to his cock, took it out, than got back on my hands and knees and bobbed my head up and down like a chicken as fast as I could, the way I was thought at the VIP party still holding the beer bottle in my ass, he came in my mouth, he grabbed me by the hair, made me stand up and pulled my head back by the hair and told me to open my mouth and show everyone his cum, now pig, every biker here is gonna fuck you from the front and you’re to leave your mouth open while you are getting pounded, I want each of them to see my cum in your mouth as they are fucking you, if you close your mouth once you’ll be whipped, you understand pig, I knotted my head yes, they tied me to the front of a bike ass first, my hands to the handlebars and feet to the tires with my legs spread in a stand up position, they took the bottle out of my ass and each biker fucked my my cunt 1 by 1, it was hard to keep my mouth open the whole time as each biker was fucking me, but I did because I did not want to be whipped, as each biker was pounding my cunt they saw Snakes’ cum load in my mouth as I had etlik escort my mouth wide open, every biker came inside of me, all 31 of them, than Snake, the leader untied me, threw me on the bike by my leash and drove to the top of the mountain where another biker gang was camped, he threw me off the Harley and dragged me to a tree by the leash around my neck and tied me to the tree belly first, my ass was the prime target and exposed to everyone, he said her cunt is disgusting so I’ll use her ass as a demonstration than I’ll brand her and trade her to ya for a Harley bike, the other gang leader said she better be good, he said relax, 131 guys just gangbanged her at a party I was at, she’s primed, suddenly Snake furiously rammed his cock right in my asshole as I was tied to the tree and furiously fucked my asshole for 45 minutes, as he was pounding my asshole he was holding the leash pulling my neck toward him, riding me like a dog, I could hardly breathe, he was screaming “cum pigslut cum”, show the boys how far you can squirt, I began to gush squirt over and over again and as he was pounding my ass, all the bikers were cheering but apparently I was not squirting far enough for him so he held the leash with one hand and started whipping my ass with a tree branch with the other hand and he warned me that if I didn’t gush squirt right to the ground he would keep whipping me, than one of the bikers put a bucket pail under my cunt on the ground, and he said have the pig fill the pail with her own cum than we’ll trade you Mike’s Harley for her, suddenly I began gush squirting for 40 minutes straight without stopping, one biker said, I never seen a pigslut squirt like that, WOW, when the pail was full of my cum, he pumped me with one last giant thrust and he came inside my asshole as he screamed, “cum pigslut cum”, after he pulled his cock out of my ass he warned me of what he was about to do to me and said I better not scream or both gangs would whip me senseless, he asked me if I understood, I said yes sir, he picked up a hot branding iron from the fire and furiously slammed it to my right ass cheek, I bucked and bucked furiously as I was still tied belly first to the tree but I did not scream, he pulled off the branding iron and my right ass cheek said “Roadrider Pigslut”, the leader of the other gang said “we’ll trade” after she drinks at least half of the bucket of cum, Snake untied me and I went to pick up the pail to start drinking my cum when he slapped me across the face and said “tell the boys what you are and how I just fucked you and used you”, I said, “I was just fucked like a dog”, he said “than what are you”, I said, ‘Im a dogslut”, he said, “well than get on your hands and knees and use that chicken head of yours to drink your own cum, the same way you were thought to give blowjobs at the VIP party”, I said “yes sir”, so I got on my hands and knees and put my head in the bucket pail and started drinking my own cum, I finished half of it and suddenly I began to throw up, puking furiously in the bucket, the bikers started laughing yelling, the pig doesn’t puke from our cum but she pukes from her own, Snake grabbed me by the hair while I was still puking, stood me up on my feet, I just stood there with my hands by my side while every biker was watching me puke on my tits, as I was still puking, Snake handed me the pail still half filled with my cum and now the other half filled with my puke, there I was standing totally naked with Snake’s cum dripping from my asshole holding a bucket filled with my own cum and puke in front of two biker gangs, I felt useless and degraded, then Snake said, “well what are you waiting for whorepig”, so I went to but my head in the bucket to start drinking while I was still puking and he slapped me across the face again, I was confuse when he said, “you obviously can’t drink anymore pig so you failed the initiation, so we’re trading you to the Hooks, so now show the boys how you are not worthy to be a Roadrider Slut’, than I realized what he meant, so as I was still puking, I began to pour the cumfilled keçiören escort bucket over my head, when I was empty, I just stood there as they made me scream over and over again to the two gangs, “Im a pigslut, Im a pigslut”, as they negotiated, I was traded to a biker gang called ‘The Hooks’ for a Harley bike, there were 51 of them, Snake said ok deal have fun with the pig, she’s a fair to pretty good blowjob, but I wouldn’t fuck her cunt, it’s pretty diseased and sloppy, at the gangbang in New York no one fucked her ass so my cum is the only load of cum in her ass, I was tied to the tree again, still had the leash on me with my ass full of Snakes’ cum, 51 bikers lined up behind me and all 51 bikers from the Hooks pounded my asshole until each of them came in my ass, as they were fucking my ass they were pulling on the leash riding me like a dogslut, pouring beer in my hair, and spitting on my ass and in the back of my hair, when the last biker came in my ass I was untied from the tree and was told to walk down the mountain myself in front of the gang so I did as I was told, as I was walking they were riding their bikes along side me whipping me, spitting on me, especially in my face and throwing beer and garbage at me, when we got to the bottom at the camp the leaders of the Roadriders and the Hooks told me to get on my knees as the both biker gangs formed a circle around me, the two leaders came over to me and whipped out their cocks, I thought they wanted me to blow them instead they pissed right in my face, in front of the two gangs, I was told not to move and keep my mouth closed, I said ok, after they were done all 31 and 51 bikers from both gangs pissed in my face 1 by 1 as they were in two large lines, when they were done I was led by the leash and put belly first over a large tree stump as members of both gangs held my arms and legs, a rock was put under my belly to prop up my ass sky high, than they branded my left ass cheek with a hot branding iron that said, “The Hooks Own This Pigslut”, I also remembered not to scream but I bucked wildly when the branding iron hit my ass, I was than thrown over a bike belly first and rode off with the Hooks, after two weeks I was branded by 11 different biker gangs on both my ass cheeks, until no more gangs wanted me because I was too used, scummy, and diseased, so they shaved my cunt and my head and dumped me in a garbage dump 10 miles from their camp, I was picked up by 4 garbage men 4 days later, I begged them to take me home to my husband, I was wearing clothes I found in the dump, I was in another state, they said they would drive me to my state if I had sex with them, so I blew them and let them fuck my asshole, they didn’t wanna fuck my cunt because it was too diseased, it took 3 days to get me home and in that time I still had the leash on, my head and cunt shaved, my garbage clothes were taken from me, I was totally naked and blew all 4 of these guys 21 times and they came inside my asshole over 100 times, when we arrived at my house, they threw me out of the truck, and my house was full of the same men that gangbanged me at the party in New York, they were gangbanging some blonde girl, I walked in, naked with my head shaved and everyone didn’t recognize me including my husband, they thought I was some dirty street whore, so they threw me out the door into the mud, I got up and started to hitch hike totally naked as my husband looked out the window and recognized the leash the men had put around my neck at the VIP party in New York and said “Hey Judy is that you”, I said ‘yes’, it’s been 4 months, can you help me, he said yes hun, let me get rid out these guys and this whore inside, afterwards, I told him what happened to me, after that night we decided that I would do 5 to 10 gangbangs a day for free, he would arrange them and that I would not have to find gangbangs on my own ever again, it became too dangerous, I told him I’ve been doing secret gangbangs behind his back for 11 years, he said well now we’ll do it the right way, he’ll arranged the gangbangs with 50 to 100 men a gangbang, the only requirement is that the guys let pictures be taken to show to other guys for future gangbangs, my first gangbang is tomorrow at Blues Café where I am to be gangbanged by 67 strangers and I told my husband I would prefer to be treated like a dogslut, because I liked drinking my own cum.

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