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Subject: My Son Jimmy-4 My Son Jimmy — 4 We were hot, happy and exhausted after our marathon fuck session in my bedroom. The boys came up with the idea of a bath together in my big, jetted tub, while Dan and I cuddled naked on the couch in the living room. It gave us a chance to talk and get to know one another, and I really got to know him. Dan and his ex-wife, Sheila, were never happy together, I learned. She was pretty much a prude and chastised him for using porn, jacking off, even being naked around the house. “She would have killed me if she knew I snuck off and went to naturist parties and camps on my own,” he said. In the end, Dan learned that it wasn’t prudishness at all. She was a closet lesbian. She fell in love and ran off with another woman who worked in the same office. The woman already had three kids, and a prior drug conviction. Dan fought to keep Brice and won. Sheila still has visitation rights, but rarely sees Brice. “And he hates going there, mostly because it’s all women and girls and he has to wear clothes! My little boy is a naturist at heart!” Dan said proudly. We had pretty much declared clothing of any kind off limits the rest of the weekend, a new rule I was thinking of implementing for me and Jimmy all the time. I loved seeing his sweet, little naked ass and hairless cock whenever I could. And, I liked going around with my cock and balls swinging free. I had the perfect house for it. Located at the end of a long, private drive, the neighbors were miles away. “I have one of those driveway alerts,” Dan said. “I have about 3 minutes to pull on some shorts if some salesman or unexpected delivery guy shows up. I promised myself I would get one too. We talked about his trips to the naturist parks and even got out our phones to check dates of when we could go together. The best opportunity was LGBT Family Camp at Naturist Wilderness Lodge over in Blairsville at the end of the month. “Locked in!” I said as I added the trip to my calendar. I couldn’t wait. “You and I like so many of the same things, Dan.” I said, snuggling up to his furry chest. “I wonder if there is anything you’re into that I wouldn’t like. You got any other kinks?” He paused, scratched his massive ball sack and started rubbing my upper thigh as he thought about my question. “Feet are so fucking hot,” he finally said. “I wanna lick and suck your toes after you’ve been wearing shoes or boots all day. Maybe we can do that on our trip to Blairsville. “Only if I can return the favor. Sounds hot. I am into all sorts of manly scents and smells. I love to lick a ripe armpit, so feet are a natural extension of that,” I explained. The boys finished their bath time and emerged squeaky clean with damp hair and soft, sweet little naked butts that just had to be kissed and played with. I held Brice on my lap and kissed him as I tenderly stroked his pink hole. Dan fondled Jimmy and each of us got as hard as rock. The boys kissed us, but seemed to be pretty tired, and it was getting late. So, we sent them off to bed in Jimmy’s room. It has twin beds, but of course, they wanted to sleep naked together, so we two Dads gave them both good night kisses and turned out the lights. There was a little giggling after that, but pretty soon, the room fell silent and they were off to sleep. Meanwhile, Dan and I had moved my laptop to the living room and were sharing some of our favorite porn clips as we edged our cocks. Dan gave me one of his cock rings to try, and I loved how it made my meat all the more sensitive. When we got to an anal scene, I realized what I wanted most from Dan. “Will you please fuck me like that?” “Hell yeah, Buddy. Let’s go!” With that we were off to the bedroom. Neither one of us had showered. We were ripe, and our horny cocks were greasy with lube. I am sure my hole was sweaty and musky from all the sex I’d had that day, but it didn’t deter Dan one bit. He positioned me on all fours and ate izmit escort bayan my ass for several minutes. I loved feeling his beard on my ass cheeks. He stopped and licked my taint and balls and pulled my cock back between my legs to lick from the top of my butt crack to my piss slit. It felt like heaven. Then he spit in my crack and started working it into my tight hole with his tongue. I had been fucked a few times, but it had been a very long time. I was so glad I was with a loving, caring top who wanted to take his time. Dan reached for the lube and worked it into me. Finally, he turned me on my back and put my ankles over his broad shoulders. I looked up and saw his handsome, bearded face as he entered me. There was fierce passion in his eyes. “I am gonna breed you, Baby. You will be mine!” Those words made me melt and opened up my tight hole for him. He slid his thick cock in, stretching me to the hilt. I could feel his hot balls against my ass as our pubes ground together. Knowing his nips are hard wired, I tweaked them with my fingers, sending him into ecstasy. Dan reached over and grabbed a bottle of poppers and gave me a hit. The room was spinning in no time and any discomfort I felt melted away as I opened up fully to my lover. Dan began pounding me in earnest, grunting and growling like an animal. I loved it! Then he leaned forward with his cock deep in my ass and kissed me passionately, his tongue searching my mouth and his lips pressed hard against mine. I grabbed his shoulders and held him close. It was the tenderest of moments. After that, more hard fucking. We ended up back in the doggy position, I hit the poppers a few more times, and Dan the bear ravaged my hole, treating me like a two-bit whore. He slapped my ass a few times. The smacking sound echoed off the walls and the stinging it produced almost made me cum spontaneously. Dan growled. “I’m gonna fill you up with my cum!” I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror. His huge, bearish form pounding into me, submitted beneath him, bending to his manly will. I reached down and stroked my cock, loving the view and the sensation of being used purely for Dan’s pleasure. I felt complete, purposeful in that moment. My cock exploded, showering cum all up my chest and pooling it on the bed. My ass muscles contracted a few times as I came, sending Dan into a thunderous orgasm. He did just as he said, he filled me up with thick, hot Daddy sperm. I felt his cock blasting it in as Dan emptied his balls into me. He fell off of me, crawled up the bed and grabbed me to him. I put my head on his hairy chest, intoxicated by our ripe, manly scent. We were both panting and sighing. “Fuck yeah!” he said. “Oh that was so hot!” We laid like that until early morning. Finally, I got up to take a piss and turned out the lights and crawled in bed with Dan for a night of perfect, dreamless sleep. In the morning, I smiled as I saw how cute Big Dan was asleep in my bed. The room reeked of ass and sweat and manliness, and I fucking loved it! His tanned skin and dark beard stood out against my light blue sheets. I wanted to bury my nose in his furry armpits, but instead, I made my way into the kitchen with my half hard cock swinging between my legs. I made some French press coffee and grabbed two cups and headed back to my bedroom to share a special moment with my new lover. As I passed by Jimmy’s room, I heard some giggling and decided to check in on the boys. There was my son, up on all fours with Brice behind him, eating Jimmy’s cute little ass. It was so fucking hot, I almost dropped the coffee and the cups! I managed to set them down on Jimmy’s dresser by the door. “Looks like you two are getting along pretty well,” I mused. I stood here for a moment entranced at the scene before my eyes. The giggling had stopped, and the boys were really getting into each other. Jimmy’s eyes were closed, and he was licking his lips, making low, moaning izmit eve gelen escort sounds as Brice’s tongue fucked his little hole. Brice’s little prick was rock hard and bounced against his hairless boy body as he rocked back and forth eating his lover’s hole. I looked over at the bedside table. One of them had grabbed my bottle of lube off my nightstand. This was serious, and it was about to go to a while new level, apparently. My cock was getting rock hard at the sight of it, and the thought of Brice taking my boy’s little ass. But, I also didn’t want to intrude, so I quietly slipped away with the coffee. Dan was sitting up in bed when I got there. “Service with a massive hard on and a smile? This is a great place to stay!” he said, looking at my swollen member. “You always get wood like that in the morning, Brother?” “Sometimes, but today it’s because of what I just saw our two boys doing together,” I explained. “Brice is eating Jimmy’s ass. I think he’s gonna fuck him.” Dan threw off the covers and started to get up. I grabbed his arm. “I think we should let it happen. We should let them be alone.” He smiled and settled back down. “I suppose your right.” We sipped our coffee and Dan gently stroked my boner. “Those two are so hot. Fuck, we’re all hot, don’t you think?” Dan said. “Yeah. We’re lucky.” I leaned over and gave the bear a big kiss. He responded by scooching down and taking my swollen dick in his hot mouth. It felt amazing. I lovingly stroked his hair as he blew me. At one point, I tried to move to gain access to his thick cock, but Dan let me know, this bow job was a gift from me to him. He was a consummate cocksucker, too. Just the right combination of throat, tongue, hands and slobber. In just about two minutes, I shot off in his willing mouth. He swallowed two or three times and looked up at me and smiled. “Ahh…nothing like some fresh cum in the morning!” We laughed. I edged down to take his tool in my mouth. He was already leaking cum. His tick meat was throbbing. This wouldn’t take long, I thought. And it didn’t. Dan’s hip came up off the mattress and he fucked my mouth until he shot his load. Just as I was collecting the last of it, I felt a small little hand on my ass. I swallowed and turned to see Brice standing there with Jimmy. They were arm and arm. “Taste good, Daddy?” Brice asked me. “You know it, boy. Your Daddy’s cum is delicious.” Jimmy giggled. “I just got fucked,” he said. “I made Brice cum twice.” “You naughty, hot little boys!” Dan said, attacking them with tickles and pulling them into the bed with us. We wrestled a little, playfully fondled and touched each other’s cocks and kissed. The boys ended up between us in the big bed, and Dan told them all about our trip to the naturist camp at the end of the month. “That sounds like so much fun!” Jimmy said. “And we can be naked the whole time?” “Yep,” Brice told him. “But you can’t touch anyone or fuck or suck or anything outdoors. You have to save that for when you’re alone in your cabin.” “Still, that’s gonna be a blast!” Jimmy said excitedly. — The days and weeks to the end of the month flew by. I missed having Dan and Brice around, of course, but we kept in touch with Skype, and we were all busy with work and school, the usual bullshit of life. I also was reveling in the new ability to fuck my son’s cute little boy hole pretty much whenever I wanted. He was a regular morning shitter, so he made it a habit to clean himself out really good before school. When I picked him up and brought him home, we usually went straight to my bedroom where he quickly assumed fucking position on his knees, ready to take my Daddy cock. I shot at least two loads a night into the boy. By the time we got to the camping weekend with Brice and Dan, Jimmy’s little hole had been transformed into a young cunt, ready for some more man dick. And he was a natural bottom now, izmit otele gelen escort just like Brice. He could cum without touching his cock, just from getting fucked. I was so proud of him! The camp was huge. Once we found where to park for our cabin, we unloaded our gear and headed up some steep steps to meet Brice and Dan. They were already naked on the deck when we stepped up and gave us big, horny hugs. We stripped off, both with hardons that Brice and Dan put right into their mouths on the deck. “First Timer Blow Jobs” they called it, a sort of welcoming ceremony. Just as I was getting close to cumming, Dan switched to sucking Jimmy and Brice switched to sucking me. I filled the hot little boy’s willing mouth with what seemed like a gallon of my cum, but he dutifully swallowed every drop. Dan made more of a show for us when he came, holding Jimmy’s mouth open by pushing his little forehead back, he jacked off and shot spurt after spurt onto his tongue, lips and face like a porn star. Then Brice came over and licked it off, kissing Jimmy passionately. Dan and I hed each other and kissed as we watched our two lover boys in action. Walking around the camp was amazing. Except for the pool and the clubhouse, we hardly saw anyone. It was like we had the trials to ourselves. Our remote cabin was very private, and we could easily play on the deck, in the backyard and in the hot tub, which had an incredible mountain view. Our second day there, it got a little hot so we hiked to a nearby creek for some skinny dipping. Two other dads and their two boys came up right behind us. I felt I had to remind Jimmy of the “rules” so I pulled him aside and told him he could “look but not touch” the other family. That must have gone in one ear and out the other, because as Dan and I were getting to know Keith and Mark, a married gay couple, there with Josh and Will, Keith’s two boys, I looked up to see Jimmy riding piggy back on Will’s shoulders. He had a huge grin on his face, no doubt enjoying the sensation of his little cock against the boy’s bare back. Will was a teenager, probably around 15, with nice pit hair and pubes and a decent sized uncut cock. I knew exactly what little Jimmy, my son the whore, was up to. “So uh, this is awkward, but do your boys play around with each other?” Mark asked, gently fondling his half hard cock. “Yeah,” and we encourage it, Dan said. Looking right at Mark’s thickening meat, then looking up and locking eyes with him. “Well, we’re all gay and like-minded here, it seems. At least that’s the vibe I am getting,” Keith said. “I think you’re right,” I added, openly jacking my stiffening cock right in front of the two men. I looked at Dan and then back at Keith and Mark. “We’re very open about sex in our family,” Keith finally said, breaking some awkward tension. “Some say it’s taboo, I just think if the boys like it and no one is forced or harmed, it’s just family fun. I think they learn a lot from sex with each other and even with us.” “Couldn’t agree more,” Dan said immediately. His pecker was rock hard now, standing straight up. He slowly started stroking it as he looked at the two men and smiled. Keith, a tall, lean man with short brown hair and a bushy full beard, stood up. His dick was fully erect, turning red and jutting out from his thin body. He stroked it several times, looked at the boys playing in the water, and back at Dan. He had about seven inches and was cut. I loved the shape of his perfect-looking cock and couldn’t wait to taste it. “Anyone ready for some cock?” he said lustfully. “Bring that over here,” I instructed. Keith straddled my lawn chair and began feeding me his cock. Dan and Mark just watched for a while, stroking their cocks. Then all four of us noticed the boys were watching us from the water. They stood in a row, their eyes transfixed. Josh slowly reached over and put his hand on Jimmy’s ass below the waterline and smiled. “It’s nothing they haven’t seen before,” Mark said. “And it’s nothing they won’t see time and time again.” Then we paired off and started sucking each other in earnest as the boys began playing with one another too, closer to the shoreline. And that’s how our weekend at the naturist camp started.

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