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Subject: Chapter 15 of My Sons and Their Friends This work is copyrighted by the author, J. Carrington and commercial use is prohibited without permission in writing from the author. Personal or private copies are permitted only if they are complete and include the copyright notice. Placing this story on a website or reproducing this story for distribution without the author’s permission is a violation of that copyright. This is a story, and it may contain some sexual references or detail some sexual activities, but it is not totally about sex. It is an expansion of a previous story � My Son and His Friends which was written by this author. This is a story of a man’s relationship with his sons, their friends and a variety of other characters. The writing is very detailed and is a written representation of what the author saw as he was writing the story. The series of chapters are completely fictional and are the result of the author’s fertile imagination. Any resemblance to any real person(s) is purely coincidental. The story contains consensual sexual behavior between young adult males and older adult males. It depicts both unprotected sex and protected sex. Safe sex practices are the way to go if you plan to be around for years to come. If you are underage (below 18) or object to the subject matter, please leave now as the door that let you in, will also let you leave. If you enjoy this site, you are encouraged to donate to Nifty so that it will continue to operate. You can buy a visa gift card and use it to donate to Nifty anonymously or you can use your credit card and you can see the transaction on your monthly bill. Anyways, this is a great site which serves the needs of our select population. NOTE: This is a story, and it may contain some sexual references or detail some sexual activities, but it is not totally about sex. It is an expansion of a previous story � My Son and His Friends which was written by this author. Chapter 55 of My Son and His Friends was posted on June 21, 2017 in the Adult/Youth section of Nifty. You may use this link to access the earlier chapters. fty//gay/adult-youth/my-son-and- his-friends/ Chapter 15 � My Sons and Their Friends � The Freshman Year Christmas Day was exciting and memorable. Mom and I got up before daybreak and began cooking by putting the turkey and ham in the oven. Mom began to mix her dressing by adding the crumbled cornbread and biscuits that she had baked yesterday along with the onions, celery, green onions, spices, and some of the broth from the boiled turkey parts. She continued to work on this throughout the morning and placed it in the oven when the turkey and ham were finished. In the meantime, I mixed up the sweet potato casserole, fruit salad, ambrosia, green bean casserole, and a bowl of sweet peas. Needless to say, Mom and I worked constantly in the kitchen, and the aroma of the items began to fill the house. I placed two dozen eggs on the stove to boil, opened and placed two cans of cranberry sauce in the refrigerator, made deviled pears, and after the eggs had boiled, I peeled them and made deviled eggs. Mom made a turkey gravy while I made a glaze for the ham. We finished our preparations around one o’clock. I called everyone to the dining room, and we began to eat after our plates were filled. As usual, we had more food than we really needed, but once Mom and I get started in the kitchen, one thing leads to another and before long, we have a table full of great food. After we had eaten, Mom and I cleared the dining room table and loaded the dishwasher. The front doorbell rang. Myles opened it and there was Shane and Matt. They came over to let me know that Meredith and Justin were taking Jay on a short trip to Meredith’s Mother’s house and Shane, Matt and Jared were headed to Matt’s Father’s house. Matt made sure that I knew that he would be back so that we could do some things together. That statement raised Mom’s eyebrows, and I cut him an unhappy face. He got the message, and then, he said “I need you to help me with a chemistry update, because I will be taking an advanced course during the Spring Semester. I just stared at him, and said “I am not sure that I can help you with the advanced course, but only time will tell.” As soon as they had delivered the messages, they left, and Mom and I finished our work. After lunch, we assembled in the living room and began our gift exchange. Everyone seemed to appreciate their gifts. The boys loved their chains and pendants. Mom and Dad were happy with their gifts and Phil was blown away with the gift that I gave him. I received a number of nice gifts and a coupon from Phil for a special day / event. I had to smile when I opened that one. We cleaned the living room, moved to the family room and spent the rest of the afternoon watching a couple of old Christmas movies. Around seven o’clock, Myles announced that he was hungry so Mom and I pulled out the leftovers and placed them on the dining room table. We filled our plates, ate, and continued having a variety of conversations. Finally, everybody was full, so we returned the few leftovers to the refrigerator, cleaned the kitchen, and joined the rest of the gang in the family room to watch them play games on the TV or hand-held electronics. Around eleven o’clock everybody except Phil and I had headed to bed. Phil and I walked into the living room, turned out the lamps, sat on the sofa and enjoyed the lights on the Christmas Tree. As we sat there, I leaned over, placed my head in Phil’s lap and fell asleep. Phil leaned over so that his head was on the arm of the sofa and he too, fell asleep. We awoke somewhere around three o’clock and headed to our bedroom after turning off the lights on the Christmas Tree. I awoke the next morning to the smell of breakfast. I got up quickly, showered, dressed, woke Phil and walked to the kitchen. I found that Mom had cut some of the leftover ham, made a breakfast casserole, made a pot of grits, fried some bacon, made a batch of homemade biscuits, and was ready to scramble some eggs. I took over the eggs after setting the counter with our plates, dinnerware and several different jellies. We finished breakfast, did a quick clean-up and headed out to do some After Christmas shopping. Phil returned to the development so that he could make work assignments for the crews while he was traveling with Troy. Mom and Dad did not last as long as the boys and I, so they found a bench at the mall and sat down. We joined them and decided to go out to eat. We talked it over and settled on one of the locally owned buffets. Phil called and wanted to know where we were. I told him, and he said for me to tell Dad that he was on his way to pick him up so that they could go to an After Christmas Sale at one of the nurseries. Dad was excited, and in about thirty minutes, Phil arrived and they were off on their nursery adventure. The rest of us hit a few more shopping centers and then, headed home. Mom and Dad headed home on Saturday. Dad spent some time with Phil that morning in a very private conversation. Mom kept watching them from a distance, and after a while, she turned to me and said “Doug, Phil seems to be a very nice guy; it is evident that your Dad likes him, and it looks mutual. I have enjoyed meeting him, and I think he is an asset that you have needed, however, I do not agree with the living arrangements that you have. You both are living in sin and you know it, but I have said my thoughts ataköy escort and frankly, I know it won’t do any good, but I know that I tried. I said “Mom, Phil makes me happy, he is a great person, and he loves the boys, too.” Mom smiled and said “I know without a doubt that he loves the boys, and they love him.” Dad and Phil walked into the house, and Mom went over and talked to Phil. She ended it by giving him a hug and telling him how much she had enjoyed her holidays. Dad rushed her to get in the car so that they could begin the drive home. They left. Phil finished packing his bags and headed over to pick up Troy for their trip to South Florida. Myles headed to his house after Michelle called to tell him that she was home. This left me and Ryan alone, so we just took it easy for the rest of the morning, but we decided to get the house back in order that afternoon, so we began to clean and straighten up the living room, the dining room and the family room. After cleaning those rooms, I cleaned the guest bedroom while Ryan cleaned his room. We decided after completing the cleaning tasks that we were just too tired to go out to eat so we decided on take-out from a local Italian Restaurant. I called in our order and they delivered it in about an hour. While we were eating, Ryan said “Dad, it sure is quiet without Phil, Jay, Rob and Myles.” I said “I know, but it is only for a few days and I think that will give us some time to just be us.” He smiled and said “How about a movie after a shower?” I said “Sounds like a plan to me.” He said “Casual night � boxer briefs and t-shirts.” After eating, Ryan and I showered, dressed in boxer briefs and t-shirts, and joined each other on the sofa in the family room to watch a movie that he had selected. As we began to watch the movie, Mom called to let us know that they had made it home safely and that they had gone out to eat with some of the neighbors. Mid-way through the movie, Ryan leaned up against me and pulled my arm around his shoulders. I pulled him close to me, and began to rub his arms, shoulders, and neck. He said “Dad, that feels soooooooooo good.” I then added rubbing up into his hair, and he just relaxed. After a while, he pulled his t-shirt off and placed my hands on his chest. I took the time and studied his chest, arms and stomach area and noted that he was definitely a mini-me. His chest and arm hair was just like mine at that age, and I could only figure that his would be a duplicate of mine. I just let my hands roam over his chest and into his ribs. Ryan is very ticklish, so I took advantage and tickled him. He was wiggling and begging for me to stop. Finally, I stopped. He moved so that his head was in my lap, and he placed my hands on his stomach. I rubbed it and added movement up to his neck, arms and shoulders. Near the end of the movie, he rose up, and slipped his boxer briefs off. I was shocked, but he said “Dad, it’s nothing that you haven’t seen before.” I agreed, but I said “Son why are you naked?” He said “Just wanted to”, and then, he pulled his legs up so that he was in a fetal position. He pulled my hands to his thighs and asked me to rub them. I was a little leery of this, but did as he asked. He asked me to rub his thighs deeply as he felt that they were very tight. I began to watch the next movie and was not paying that much attention to what he was doing. Ryan turned over, and before, I could plan for it, I was rubbing his pubes. I jumped and lifted my hands. I said “Ryan, what gives?” He said “Dad, I just need someone to touch me, like Myles and I did with you at Grandmother’s that time.” I couldn’t believe what he was asking, but he had me. I looked at him and his cock had begun to harden. I looked at it, and was proud of being a part of this creation. I am always amazed at what Allison and I created. As I lifted his cock, I noticed that he had a drop of pre-cum in his slit, so I spread it over his cock’s head and began to spread more as it bubbled in his slit. Ryan started moving so that I was jacking him off. Every so often I would move down and caress his balls and then, back to jacking him off. He was very vocal and encouraged me to continue. I continued giving him some major attention and then, he seemed to freeze and began to spurt white cum on his neck, chest, stomach, pubes and my hand. I rubbed his cock head after he had cum, but he started begging me to stop as it was too sensitive. I dropped my hand, and he lay there and relaxed. After he had come down from his high, he got up, went to his bathroom, cleaned up and brought a washcloth to me so that I could clean my hand. He said “Thank you Dad. I really appreciated that. It is always better when you don’t have to do it yourself.” I said “Sounds like there is a story there.” He smiled and said “You figure it out.” I said “Ryan, it is bedtime so let’s go to bed and see what happens tomorrow.” We both went to our bedrooms. I decided to sleep naked so I slipped off my boxer briefs and t-shirt. I got in the bed and the sheets felt so crisp against my skin. I rolled over on my side and hugged Phil’s pillow. I really missed my bed partner. We were awakened the next morning by someone knocking loudly on the front door. I got up, slipped on a pair of basketball shorts and headed to the front door. I opened it to find Myles standing there with the biggest grin on his face. I looked at him, and then, the doorbell. I reached over and pushed the button. The doorbell sounded. I looked back at Myles and said “Do I need to give you lessons on how to use a doorbell?” He said “No sir. I just wanted to do something different so that you wouldn’t know who was at the door.” I said “Myles, get yourself in here.” He entered and said “Oh, neither of you were up yet? My bad.” I said “Definitely your bad, but now that you have me up; you need to go down, get your brother up, and you will deal with his bad mood.” He looked at me and said “Oh crap. He is not a morning person on days when he doesn’t have to go to school. Have you got breakfast started?” I said “No, I was still in bed until someone rudely banged on the front door.” As I pushed Myles toward Ryan’s room, my phone began to ring. It was Phil. I answered, and we talked for about fifteen minutes. I told him about Myles banging on the front door and me sending him down to deal with Ryan. I told him about how Ryan and I had worked to get the house in order and he told me about the trip down to South Florida. He said that they had just finished breakfast and were headed to the first of five wholesale nurseries that he had found. He said the he really wished that he had a big truck so he could make some purchases and bring them home. I said “Phil, that will happen, but not today.” He said that he would send me pictures later in the day. We hung up, and I headed into the kitchen to begin breakfast. As I was cooking, I heard Ryan and Myles arguing, but I continued cooking. In a few minutes, Ryan’s door opened and slammed. I looked down the hallway and Myles was headed to the kitchen. I said “So how did it go?” He said “Dad, you know how it went. He is a bear, but he is up. I made sure of that. I asked Myles if he was going to have breakfast with us, and he said that he would. Ryan left his bedroom and headed to his bathroom. He took his morning shower, returned to his room and dressed for the day. He walked down to the kitchen and merter escort gave Myles the look of death. He said “Dad, Myles woke me up this morning and he knows that I don’t want to get up early on nonschool days.” I said “You are not the only one.” He looked at me and I said “I was awakened by someone banging on the front door.” Ryan looked over at Myles and said “That was you?” Myles nodded yes. Ryan said “Just proves what an ass you are.” I said “Ryan.” He said “Dad, he is what he is.” I finished cooking; we fixed our plates and sat down at the island. Myles asked what were we going to do today, and I asked him what he wanted to do. He said “A day trip would be nice with just us.” Ryan said “I like that idea, with maybe leaving you there.” Well, that got an argument started and for once, I just let them go at it. I walked back to my bedroom, made a few phone calls, worked in the laundry room, grabbed my wallet and keys, and returned to the kitchen. Myles and Ryan were in the family room playing some game. I told them to go get their jackets and meet me in the garage. When they left the family room, I grabbed the two backpacks that I had packed and placed them in the storage area of the Denali under a blanket. I was waiting for them. When they came through the door, I said “Load up!” and they did. I backed out of the garage and headed north on the interstate. As I was driving north, they began to guess where we were headed and settled on Atlanta. They were so sure of themselves that they began to discuss where they wanted to go. As they talked, I just smiled inwardly, as I knew differently. They had identified several stores that they wanted to visit and after much discussion and some bickering had settled on a restaurant. Now, I have to say I agreed with their choice of the restaurant, but I had other plans and since I was behind the wheel, I knew where we were headed and I had some ideas of my own. Everything was going as they had predicted until I turned right off of 1-75 onto I-285. Suddenly, they became very quiet as we headed northeast. As we traveled I-285, they began to take note of the billboards along the roadway and were now trying to guess where we were going. I stayed on I-285 until I reached I-85. I turned onto I-85 and headed East-Northeast. This move absolutely confused them. They began to question me about our destination, and I just told them to sit back and enjoy. They tried, as they returned to reading billboards. After a while, they turned their attention back to their electronic devices. I began to watch the billboards and soon I saw the first of many yet to come which advertised a group of outlets. I turned right off of I-85 and then, made a left onto U.S. 441. I then drove under the interstate and made a left turn headed to the outlets. Ryan straightened up and began to look around. He was the first to figure out that we were in Commerce, Georgia. I parked, and we settled on a time and place to meet. They went one way, and I went another. I shopped a variety of stores and looked at clothing, household items, shoes, and tools. I located a few shirts that I wanted for Phil and me, and I bought him a few tools. I finished my shopping and headed back to the vehicle. I was about fifteen minutes early from our established time so; I just opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat. In about twenty minutes, the boys returned with their purchases of shirts, shoes, colognes, and items from Under Armour. Myles said “Okay Dad, I’m hungry and we need to eat before we head back home.” I had noticed a billboard for Wie’s Commerce Country Cooking on the drive in so, I drove there, but found out that they closed at 3 PM. I turned to the boys and said “Ok, so Longhorn, Outback, Applebees, or Fuddruckers?” They chose Fuddruckers. We found that it was a part of a truck stop, but we decided to go ahead and eat there. We looked over the menu and settled on hamburgers, onion rings and Cokes. As we waited for our food, they began to tell me about their purchases and then, Ryan looked at his watch and said “Dad, do you know what time it is?” I said “No.” He said it is late afternoon and now, it will be late when we get home.” I said “Well, if it is going to be late, then we might as well start back.” We walked back to the Denali, got in and I began to drive. Knowing that they had not paid a lot of attention to our movements in Commerce, I turned north on 441 and traveled that route until I came to GA-105. I made a slight left turn onto 105 and then, Ryan put his device down and said “Dad, we are not going back the way we came, are we?” I said “No, I wanted to take the back-roads home.” Myles said “Dad, I don’t think we are going south. I feel that we are going north. Are you sure that you know what you are doing?” I acted a little put-out with them, and they returned to their devices. In a few miles, I turned left onto to GA75 and I heard Myles say “Ryan, he’s lost and we will be lucky if we ever see our house again.” I smiled. I continued driving and eventually I entered the City Limits of Helen, GA. As I made my way into the town, the bright Christmas Lights brought the boys to life. They commented on how beautiful the town was and then, I had to admit “Boys, I think I made a wrong turn so, I am going to try to find us a hotel room for the night.” Ryan started “But Dad, we don’t have any clothes to change into and we don’t have our toiletry bags. I played along and said “You are right, but you can sleep in your boxers and can wear what you have on home tomorrow.” Myles said “Yeah we can, but we don’t have our toothpaste, toothbrush or deodorant.” I said “Myles, I am sure that we can find some of those items tomorrow, but right now I am going to try to get us a room at this place.” I turned in, told them to stay in the vehicle while I went in and registered.” I returned to the vehicle and said “We have to thank our lucky stars tonight; I got the last room that they had, so let’s go up and hit the sack.” They got out, and we rode the elevator up to our room. I opened the door and when they entered, they quickly turned around said, “Dad, there is only one bed.” I said “Boys, it was the last room that they had so we will have to make the best of the situation. ” I proceeded to take off my clothes down to my boxer briefs. I walked to the restroom, peed and returned to the room. I pulled the spread and sheet back and crawled into bed. I looked at them, and said “Are you two planning to sleep standing up?” Ryan rolled his eyes and walked to the bathroom, closed the door, and in a few minutes, returned and told Myles to go take care of his business. Ryan peeled down to his boxer briefs and got in the bed on my left side. Myles returned, stripped to his boxers and got in on my right side. They started with Ryan saying “Dad, I can’t believe that you got lost. I can’t wait to tell Phil about this,” and Myles saying “I knew that he didn’t know what he was doing. My radar was right; we headed north rather than south. Does Mom know?” I said “I texted her while I was registering us. She said to tell you to make the best of the situation and that she loved you.” In a few minutes, they turned on their sides, facing me and placed their hands on my chest. Ryan grabbed my left nipple and began to pinch it. He said “There has to be some type of punishment for you getting us in this mess.” As he pinched he began to twist it bahçeşehir escort too. Well, this sent a surge to my cock and it became very stiff. I moved to make an adjustment and Myles caught my hand and said “Not so fast.” He held my arm down while he let his other hand roam down my chest to my crotch area. He grabbed my cock and said “Ryan, I believe that the old man is excited. He is hard and leaking. What should we do?” I said “You should go to sleep and leave me alone.” Ryan said “Dad, I don’t think we can do that,” and he began to roam through my chest hair, down to my stomach and then to my crotch. Their hands met and they started rubbing my cock through my boxers. I was leaking pre-cum because it had been several days since I had any type of action, so I was primed to produce a flood of pre-cum. They tried to take my boxes off, but I prevailed by fighting them off. I pushed Ryan off the bed and lay on top of Myles. After some more action, they relented and I allowed Ryan back into the bed and told them to lie down, or I would have one sleep in the closet and the other sleep in the chair. Myles said “Ryan, I think we better let the old grouch have his way.” I said “Now get quiet, and go to sleep.” I was tired and soon, I dropped off to sleep. I guess they did after I did, because they were asleep when I woke up the next morning. I woke up to find Myles’ leg over my leg with his knee almost against my balls and Ryan sleeping with his head in my arm pit. I lay there for a few minutes and enjoyed looking at my two boys. I pushed Myles off of me and moved Ryan’s head so that I could get up and pee. I dressed in my clothes from the previous day, and headed down to the vehicle. I grabbed the two backpacks and headed back upstairs. I walked into the room and they were still asleep. I stepped into the bathroom, stripped, shaved, showered and dressed for the day. I walked back into the room and woke the boys. After they had gained their senses, Ryan said “Whoa, wait a minute; those aren’t the same clothes that you had on yesterday, what gives?” I said “Get up and find out.” As they both got out of bed, I could not help, but notice their morning wood. I thought about saying something, but decided to hold off on my revenge until another time. Myles went to the bathroom first and while he was in there he yelled to Ryan that there were toiletries in there. Myles peed and let Ryan have the bathroom. He walked back into the room and said “Sooooooooooo, I take it that this was not a lost drive, huh Dad?” I said “Of course not.” Myles said “Where did you get the clothes and toiletries?” I said “They are from the house. I packed the clothes from ones in the laundry room while you two were arguing and playing a game, then I placed the backpacks in the vehicle when you two went to get your jackets.” Ryan said “Sneaky old man, Sooooo, what are the plans for the day?” I said “We are going to enjoy walking this town, and might go see a local waterfall, but we are taking this trip moment by moment. I said “I don’t know about you two, but I am hungry so, get your showers, get dressed and let’s go.” They went to the bathroom and shared a shower. I was ready to go and soon, they were too. We walked out of the hotel and headed down one of the streets. This was one of those mornings when you followed your nose. We walked to a little restaurant and ordered breakfast. As we were eating breakfast, they continued to ask questions about how I had pulled this trip off without them knowing. They were really interested in knowing about the hotel room. I said “Well the part about it being the last room was true, but I made the reservation when I was in my room at the house.” Ryan said “Dad, I think I am going to enjoy this trip, we should do this more often.” Myles said “I agree, but I would like to have some say so into the clothes that I bring.” Ryan looked over at Myles and said “If I was you, I think I would just be glad that he brought you stuff that you like.” Myles started to say something, but Ryan gave him a look, and he shut up. We walked the town and spent a lot of time looking at the items in the stores. I found a set of wind chimes and some crystal that I had been searching for, while the boys enjoyed looking at the funny signs in one of the stores. They bought a couple of Helen, Georgia T-shirts, and some candy, but they did not spend much money. We enjoyed our time shopping and sight-seeing in the town. Later in the afternoon, we loaded up and headed to Anna Ruby Falls which is slightly north of Helen. We walked up the path and out onto the deck so that we could see the waterfalls from various angles. We used our phones to take several pictures and selfies. I asked a couple to take a picture of the three of us, and they agreed. We walked back down to the parking area and returned to the hotel. It was then that they found out that we were spending another night. They asked, and I agreed that we would walk down to one of the cafes by the river and watch the water. We spent time at one of the tables talking and they ordered themselves a couple of spiced apple cinnamon drinks. I just kicked back, sipped my drink and listened to them chatter. Around four thirty, I told them that we need to return to the hotel, clean-up,and go out to eat. We returned to the room and I showered and dressed first, then hurried them into the bath for their shower. I told them to throw their clothes out and I would get them ready to wash tomorrow morning. They stripped and threw all of their clothes out to me. I grabbed them, grabbed the other clean clothes, and headed out of the room. I walked down to the car and threw the clothes and backpacks in it. I walked back up and stood outside the room so that I could hear them when they came out of the bath and found that they didn’t have any clothes. As I approached the door, I heard Ryan tell Myles that I had taken all of their clothes. Myles was like “No way,” but he soon found out that Ryan was right. I walked back down to the lobby and sat down. I waited for about thirty minutes and then, I headed back to the room. I walked in, and they were sitting on the bed wrapped in towels. I said “I thought I told you two to get dressed, what’s this?” Both of them glared at me and said “You took our clothes and now we don’t have anything to wear.” I said “I’ve been thinking about a payback for last night so I might consider leaving you two in the room just like you are now, while I go out to eat, OR you two could give me your word that you will not try anything like you did last night.” Myles said “Hmmmmm” while rubbing his chin. He looked over at Ryan and said “If he leaves us here, we could have our own fun without him, and he would not enjoy his meal because he would be worried about us, OR we could give him our word and then, he would still have to worry as to whether we were planning on keeping it.” Ryan just grinned, and I could see that I was in a no win situation so I went down and brought their backpacks back to the room, but I left mine in the car because I didn’t trust those two. They dressed, and we headed out to a little restaurant on the edge of town. The menu had a number of great dishes. We made our choices and soon the food was on the table in front of us. As we were eating, I noticed that they exchanged hand motions, looks and shared a laugh or two about things that I didn’t understand. I had a feeling that the night would be an adventure at my expense. END OF CHAPTER 15 � My Sons and Their Friends. I hope that you have enjoyed Chapter 15 as much as I did writing it. I just wonder what is going to happen once they return to the hotel. Do you have any ideas? If so, share with me as I have some but I am open to your ideas too. Jay

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