26 Mart 2022

My ssbbw granny


My ssbbw grannyFictional story everyoneWhen I was a young lad we use to summer at me grandmum’s every year. My parents would drop off me and my 3 older brothers for a couple of weeks. Each of us were only about a year apart. my parents had us when they were young a d wanted a large family quick. Grandmum was a large gal to say the least. She was about 5 ft tall and weighed about 200 lbs when I was growing up. When I was 12 years old me granpappy passed away. Me grandmum was very depressed that first summer. When we were there all she did was watch the tele and eat. Mostly ice cream and sweets and such. I swear she gained 10 lbs just the two weeks we were there. Her clothes were getting tighter and her boobs were starting to spill out the top of her brazerre. The following summer when we came for our visit she had ballooned upto nearly 400 lbs.. She wore mostly loose night clothes and she rarely ever wore any underclothes. She missed granpappy something awful. We felt so sad for her. She just sat around the house eating, sulking and crying most days. After a week of being there grandmum had really begun to smell ripe. My oldest brother finally said something to grandmum about her not taking a shower. She said “How cares about how a smell or look anymore. The love of my life is gone and I wish I was with him now.”We pleaded with her that she needed to take care of herself and the we loved her very much. She said “We’ll, since I have gained so much weight I don’t really fit in the tub and when I take a shower it is hard for me to reach all of the places now that I am so fat. So I just stopped trying. I haven’t showered in almost a month now.” She started crying and said “she just can’t go on anymore.”My oldest brother, Marc said “Granmum I love you very much and if you’d like me to I could help you take a shower and wash you up where you can’t reach.”Granmum said “you would do that for me sweetie”?”Of course I would.”And the rest of us said we could help also if she needed the help. We all told her “whatever she needed to help feel better we would be glad to do it.” She finally agreed that we could help her. Mark went to the shower and turned on the water. Granmum came in and told us to turn around as she took off her night clothes. I could see out of the corner of the bathroom mirror as she took off her clothes. Her boobs were even bigger than I had thought! They looked like two giant watermelons hanging from her chest and the laid on top of her enormous belly all the way past her belly button. And her nipples! They stuck out about two inches and were almost as thick cigars. I couldn’t help it. My penis had a mind of it’s own and it sprang to life when I saw her. She was the first naked lady I had ever seen. At the time I didn’t know it but my brothers had all had the same reaction. kayseri rus escort After she got undressed she stepped into the shower. The shower was small and the door would not close all the way when she got in. Water splashed out onto the floor and we got towels to soak it up. She lathered up a washcloth and started to soap up the parts of the body she could. She said “the water feels so good! Thank you boys for convincing me to take a shower. I had forgotten how good it felt. We were all still turn away from her but I could still see her in the mirror. She soaped up her giant boobs. Lifting each with a hand to wash beneath them. I could see the caked on dirt sliding away. Her skin was soooooo white! I guess the past year of staying inside had really bleached her out. Her nipples though by contrast were a very, very dark pink. The cigar shaped nipples were amazing. As she washed them they began to grow even longer and thicker! They grew to almost 3 inches and were bigger than any cigar I had ever seen! She was able to bend down and wash the front of her thighs and her enormous belly but I could see her struggling to reach her private spot. When she pulled up her belly I could see a thick swatch of gray hair. She tried reaching but could touch the top of the hair. She started to cry. Mark asked “What’s wrong Granmum?””I can’t reach my private parts to wash them. I am so ashamed of myself.” Tears streaking down her face. “If you’d like I can wash where you can’t reach.”She cried some more and said “a grandson should not touch their Granmum there.” “I can start at your feet. You can’t reach them either, right?””no I can’t””I’ll start there and I promise not to look up””You’re such a sweet boy, Markie. Thank you”Mark got on his knees and started to wash Granmum feet. Water splashed all over him and soaked the floor. The other three of us got more towels and soaked up the water on the floor and rang them out in the sink and then kept mopping up water. “How does that feel Gram’s?” Mark asked as he was her feet and then worked his way up her calves.”That feels wonderful!” Gram’s said as her eyeballs rolled back into her head.As Mark reached higher up her calves his head came up and the top hit Gram’s sagging boob. They both jumped with a start. Gram’s body jiggling all over and causing ripples to go back and forth across her giant belly and huge melon boobs. “I’m so sorry Granmum.” Mark said.Gram’s blushed I think, as her face turned a slight shade of pink. ” it’s ok dear. I know you didn’t mean to touch me there.” Mark then asked ” Do you want me to wash the back of your thighs Gram?”She just closed her eyes and turned around as best she could. Like I said the shower was small. She kind of turned, waddled back and forth, until she had got her back turned towards him. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Her arse was huge! Her hips are really wide and the top other arse was almost like a table top. I swear if she had bent forward just a little bit I could have set an entire formal dining set on it with room to spare. The crack seemed to run forever! Almost like the crack ran right into her thighs and split apart to form her legs. Mark started to wash her upper legs. He took great care in lathering them up. He went all the way up to just under her arse and Gram’s said “That’s far enough sweetie. Can you wash my back now?”Mark washed Gram’s back all over. Right up to the edge of her “table” arse. When he got too close she asked him to stop.”Ok Gram’s. can you reach around to wash your behind yourself?” Mark asked.”I don’t think so but how bout if you hand a hand towel lathered with soap over the water knobs and I’ll rub my behind against that?””Ok Gram’s. whatever you’d like.” Mark did as Granmum had asked. She had to lean turn to the side and push herself against the wall so Mark could hang the towel for her. As he did this the back of his hand rubbed against her arse and along the crack. He apologized and Gram’s said “Not your fault pumpkin. If i wasn’t so fat I could do this myself.”When Mark had the towel in place she pushed back against the towel and side of the shower trying to wash her own arse. Her whole body shook and her rolls went back and forth and her boobs swayed to and fro. It was a magnificent sight but t didn’t really work in washing her arse. The towel moved with her rather than staying in place as she had hoped. “It’s not working.” Gram’s sighed. “I guess I have no other choice then to have you wash my behind for me Mark. I’m sorry.””It’s ok.” Mark said. “I just want you to feel better Gram’s. I’ll do whatever you need me to do.” He said with a little lilt to his voice. Gram’s didn’t catch his voice change but we all did. We wondered what he meant.Gram’s turned her back to Mark once again. “Are you ready Gram’s?” She just nodded her head ever so slightly.Very gently, in slow circles, Mark started to washGram’s big arse. The three others of us had all turned around to watch. Gram’s had her back to us so she didn’t know we were all watching her. Mark started to wash just inside of Gram’s crack and we could her a very low moan and then Gram’s say “That feels so good Jack.”Jack was Granpappy’s name. She was having a flashback. Mark went with it.Mark tried making his voice deep like Granpappy’s, “yes my little honey pot(he called her that all the time) you feel good too.” Mark parted Gram’s crack wider and you could see the rosebud of he arsehole. It was so big and brown. Mark kept adding more and more soap. As he brushed over her rosebud Gram’s shuddered and her mounds of flesh wobbled all over. Gram’s let out another low moan. As she moaned she parted her legs farther so Mark/Jack could reach under to wash her privates. Mark reached and found her slit for her love hole. As he started to part the lips Gram’s breathing started to become shallower. Gram’s said “yes, yes. Please it’s been so long since you’ve touched me there.” Mark parted her lips farther and found Gram’s clitty. Just like the rest of her it was huge! It stuck out like a thumb. As Mark touched it Gram’s shuddered again and knocked Mark clean over. Gram’s didn’t even notice except that he had stopped touching her clitty.Gram’s said ” please Jack don’t stop.”Mark got back up as quick as he could. He took his place once again between her legs and reached up to touch Gram’s pussy. I loved the sight of my naked Gram so much! My pecker was so hard and was straining against my boxers to get out. I looked over and I wasn’t the only one. Both of my other brothers were just as hard as I was but they had pulled their peckers out and were yanking them for all they were worth. I went ahead and pulled mine out also. It felt so good to have it free of it’s constraints.When Mark went into part Gram’s lips again he did so with out the wash cloth this time. He was touching her with his bare hand. Mark had pulled his went pants down to his ankles and was whacking himself with his other hand. He rubbed Gram’s clit and she yelled “YES JACK! YES! FASTER! FASTER!” Mark rubbed her clit faster and we all jacked faster. My head was spinning it felt so good. We had all pushed in as close as we could for a better look. Gram’s screamed I’m gonna cum Jackie! That sent me over the edge and I felt my own orgasm start and my toes and then shot out of me like a cannon! The first shot landed way up by Gram’s shoulder! I squirted again o to her back. Just as I cam so did my two other brothers. They both emptied themselves onto Gram’s back as well. While this was happening Mark kept rubbing Gram’s clitty faster and Gram’s let out a loud squeal and she erupted into an intense orgasm! Mark was shot in the face with a powerful stream from Gram’s love hole! With that he stood up and rammed his pecker right up into Gram’s soaked and slippery slit. His pecker disappeared I side Gram in one quick stroke, all the way to his balls! I don’t think Gram even realized he was I side of her. He thrust in and out a few times and then blew his load inside of Gram! He pulled on her hips hard and buried himself in as far as he could go. After the last spurt had emptied from him he slumped down in a heap onto the floor.As Mark fell to the floor Gram’s came out of her flashback and turned around to see all of us with our peckers out leaking the last bit of cum from the tip. Gram’s looked at us and started to say something but just as she opened her mouth her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she passed out. Her legs giving out from under her she sat down o to the floor of the shower.

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