12 Mayıs 2023

My Submission


Do you know how I long to please you, Sir? Do you understand why? Do you truly understand what it does to me? What it does for me? When I relinquish myself to you, I relinquish all of me, not a piece or a part, but all of me. My mind, body and soul. In that moment, I belong to you and only you. Your command and my obedience are in perfect harmony, a beautiful dance. My trust in you, unquestionable and all encompassing. I know that I am safe, cared for completely and unconditionally. I embrace that my pleasure is your pleasure. I allow myself to feel, thankful that I don’t need to plan, think or do anything. All I have to do is be. Allowing you to take me places I can only dream, to feel things so exquisite words cannot express, to be myself without judgement or conditions. You know me better than I know myself, so you can test my limits and challenge me to push boundaries Güngören escort bayan safely and freely. While I wait for you, on my knees in my submissive pose, I cleanse my mind and prepare my body and soul. I force all the things that bind my mind to leave. I close my eyes so that all my other senses are heightened a thousand fold.I hear you as you prowl towards me, the vibration of your footsteps on the floor rises from my knees to my pussy. I smell your manly musky scent as it fills my nose and makes my skin tingle with electricity. I smell my own arousal, the wetness between my legs threatening to escape. I feel your heated gaze, my nipples hardening under your molten stare. My pussy is swollen and desperate for your touch, desperate for you, all of you.I love the way you admire me, the way you drink me in. Your eyes Escort İnnovia penetrate straight to my soul. You make me feel so sexy, so beautiful, so vulnerable, so fucking alive. I feel you pull my ponytail, forcing my head back, exposing my neck to your warm kisses. Your mouth tracing lines of fire in its wake. The trails of moisture from your tongue cooled by the night air, goosebumps dancing on my skin.I hear you whisper in my ear, “You are mine, baby girl, do you understand me? All mine! Every sexy inch of you, and I intend to remind you why you submit to me.”The wetness that I have desperately tried to contain spills down my thigh with your words. Your words, so enticing, holding the promise of unspeakable pleasure I know firsthand, you will deliver with fever.”Yes, Sir!” I moan, my lips quivering with anticipation.Your mouth Kağıthane escort hovers close to my lips, so fucking close, you breathe me in, inhaling my desire.”Look at me baby!” you command in a stern but sexy voice. My eyes snap open and meet yours just as you begin to slide your hand between my legs.”Oh my God, fuck yes, Sir! Mmmmmm, yes, please!” I beg him, panting and quivering with raw desire.I can’t keep quiet any longer. The feel of your fingers in my wetness takes my breath away. I gasp, and you smile at me deviously.”You are always so ready for me baby, so fucking wet, I love how you respond to me.” A groan, low in your throat, echoes deep in the marrow of my bones.You bring a wet finger to my lips and paint each one, slowly, deliberately with my pussy juices. I breathe deeply and try to keep my composure, you are making it so hard but that’s what you do best. You kiss me, our tongues dancing. I taste you, your mouth is warm and sweet. I taste me, the mixture of my wetness and your mouth is almost too much to bear. I whimper into your hot mouth and you moan. I place my hands on the floor behind me, giving myself to you, presenting myself to you, submitting.

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