11 Mayıs 2023

My Time as a Sugar Baby Part Two


 I studied Marc as he slept peacefully. Globules of dried semen tangled in his pubic hair, as a reminder of our lovemaking and a look of contentment filled the character lines on his face. Placing a few kisses on his brow, I blew and softly whispered into his ear. ” Wake up Mr sleepy head, Catherine needs her breakfast, it’s gone Eight, and Edinburgh awaits us.”His eyes flickered open slowly, and a broad smile transformed his face.” Good morning. ” He yawned, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.”What an amazing sight to wake up to, I just hope this isn’t a cruel dream.” He said, pulling me against him.My nipples squashed against the curly chest hair bringing a low sigh from his lips.” That seems real enough.” He smiled, tracing a line down my backbone and massaging the cheeks of my bum. “But maybe I’d better just confirm it; you know how dreams can seem so realistic at the time.” He added, a wicked tone in his voice. Breaking away I knelt beside him and smiled cutely, his face now frowning. ” We’ve plenty of time for that later, don’t worry I’m not finished with you yet but I’m hungry, and I’m not a happy girl when I’m hungry,” I said coyly, glancing down at the bulge under the sheets that was growing. Licking my lips, I bent forward and kissed him, just managing to escape his lunging grasp. Jumping off the bed I strode sexily away, turning briefly to blow him a kiss before disappearing through the door into the luxurious bathroom. The waiter smiled and took us to a table in the far corner of the half empty restaurant, probably assuming we were father and daughter. I leant across to Marc and whispered.”Shall I call you Daddy? ” I laughed softly.” Don’t you dare, I’m trying to lose this erection, and you’re not helping. ” He whispered, smiling. I sat back in my chair and pouted mockingly.”It’s not my fault, I’ve done nothing, you were one that messed the bed up, you’d better leave the maid a good tip. ” I giggled.Marc frowned playfully.” I can see I’ve got more than I bargained for, I thought you’d be a shy little girl but I now realise you’re a little temptress, and I love it. You make me feel alive again, it’s a wonderful feeling at my age, I had never imagined in my wildest dreams it would be like this.  Since I first set eyes on you, I’ve had this raging boner, and  I can’t remember a time in my life when I’ve been this aroused by a woman, not just your body but your whole personality, I’m delighted we met.”I smiled and squeezed his hand across the table.”I’m glad you can take my teasing, I’m not usually like this, but it feels natural with you. I must admit when we first chatted I felt a connection. I don’t think I could have gone through with it otherwise. You’re a nice guy Marc so let’s enjoy our time in Edinburgh together.” I leant across the table and whispered.” And I’ll take care of your “boner” later,  any way you want, you know I’m not shy now.” His eyes widened at the thought, and his lips moved to my ear. ” God, I so want to fuck you, Catherine, in every conceivable position possible, I’ll make sure you have incredible orgasms.” I winked at him. “Oh, multiple orgasms? I’ll look forward to that, and I guess your gonna have to suffer that erection till we get back, but imagine what it’s going to feel like when it’s relieved, Marc.” I whispered back. “Oh god I’m already there, change the subject please or I’m gonna mess my pants or drag you back to bed you little tease.” He said, the need in Ataşehir Escort his voice apparent. The waiter arrived at the opportune moment and took our breakfast order, the conversation quickly changing to our future exploration of Edinburgh. Marc wanted to see the castle, so we agreed on doing that first, and then maybe the art gallery and some shopping, I couldn’t drag him around the shops, he was a man and would have to suffer that and abide by the unwritten law, he might actually enjoy it, I could but live in hope. But, anyway he was on “The Promise” so he would do just about anything to keep me happy, I knew that.The day was wet and cold. Marc looked up at the sky and frowned, the doorman tipping his hat in our direction.“Gee, this Scottish weathers a pain in the ass, we don’t have to go out Catherine.” He said in a hopeful tone of voice.”We could grab a coffee and go back to the room? Maybe find something to do until it clears up.” He smirked.I looked at him and pouted then said softly.“ You can fuck me later Mr Horny; you won’t die without it for a while, and anyway good things COME to those that wait.” I emphasised the word “come” teasingly and watched his face grimace.“Ok, Ok. You win. But It’s no fun having this lump poking around in my pants. You will be getting a good seeing to later, be warned. I feel like I’ve got a metal bar down there.”“I wondered why you were limping. I’ll have to call you Ironman now.”Marc laughed and hugged me tightly.”Your quite a girl Catherine, Ok, we can go out, I know when I’m beaten. I’ll  have to try thinking about something else, but it won’t be easy, not with you around, anyway let’s grab a cab and go see the sights, the sooner we start, the sooner we get back.” He said, poking me in the ribs and winking.  Marc was good fun and incredibly sexy for his age, I just knew we would have awesome sex later. I pictured his massive cock and shivered in anticipation, yes it would be one hell of a session, and I was just as eager as he was, he didn’t know it yet, but he definitely would later.The cab ride to the castle took about ten minutes. The weather was cold and horrible, and I now regretted not letting Marc take me back to the room. Instead of the rain and the gloom we could have been in a warm bed wrapped in each other’s bodies. I tried in vain to empty my head of these thoughts but my overactive brain seemed determined to keep me regularly supplied with images of his big thick cock, and I needed it desperately.Our earlier lovemaking had only scratched the surface and done little to satisfy my sexual urges. I needed to explore every inch of it, to kiss it and feel its texture deep inside me, to feel its warmth against my skin. This big man turned me on as I’d never experienced before, maybe it was a combination of the age difference and the slightly taboo nature of our relationship, but whatever it was Marc got me wetter than guys half his age. I shuffled somewhat the damp patch cold against my crutch, and longingly wished it was his tongue.We wandered around the castle half-heartedly, it was freezing, and I was glad I’d worn jeans and a warm coat, sexy it wasn’t, but Marc finally agreed it was much too cold for a short skirt although he’d wanted me to wear one. Finding a cafe, we ordered coffee and chocolate cake to warm us up.  Marc smiled and leant across the table and take my hand.“You would tell me if I upset you, Catherine? Ataşehir Escort Bayan  You’re an extraordinary woman, and I’d hate to think the things I say make you feel uncomfortable. I would never disrespect you. Do you know that? I find you clever, funny and incredibly sexy but maybe I go too far sometimes for an Eighteen-year-old.”I returned his smiled and squeezed his hand tightly.” Listen, Marc, If I felt uncomfortable in any way you’d soon know. I love the words you say to me. I’ve not had a man your age treat me like this before; it’s new and exciting and so very sexy, I’ve never been as turned on as you make me. I may be Eighteen, but I’m broad-minded, you know that, so don’t worry.” Leaning close I kissed his cheek and softly whispered in his ear.”Why don’t we go back to the hotel now. You can get us a drink in the bar while I change into something sexier. I want everyone to be jealous of you. Then we can fuck each other senseless, the only one condition is I want to suck that big cock before, I don’t think either of us could last long, and I want it to.  But if you’d prefer we can explore more of Edinburgh? I’ll let you decide  “ I smiled cheekily, a thousand per cent sure of his answer.Marc sighed profoundly and looked straight into my eyes.“Jesus, Catherine and there was me worrying that I might upset you. There’s nothing in the world I’d rather do; you can certainly suck my cock, its every mans dream. I hope this isn’t another crazy erotic dream; I’m going to feel cheated if it is. I’ve never had an offer like that from such a beautiful woman, and I still can’t believe your age, you’re more forward than me. Anyway, FUCK exploring Edinburgh, it ain’t going anywhere.” He laughed, still looking deep into my eyes as I licked my top lip teasingly.”I just hope I don’t dislocate my jaw on that monster, I’d better use lots of lip balm or lube, or else we might end up in Accident and Emergency with you explaining to the doctor how it happened.” I laughed loudly, attracting some looks from the table opposite.” Gee, you do like to try and shock me Catherine, but just remember, two can play that game,  but I’m up for it so feel free to carry on, I’ll get my revenge later.” He grinned, his deep blue eyes sparkling with future promises.”Now eat up your cake and don’t leave any cream on those sweet lips, that’s my job later. He said teasingly in that beautiful American accent that I loved. “ Let’s grab a cab back to the hotel and see if its all talk, I kinda think it’s not, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say.”I raised my eyebrows and groaned at his lame attempt at humour.“Ewwww Marc, that’s so corny, pass the bucket, You’re in the UK now, you know,” I said, putting on a fake posh accent. Finishing the last of the cake I licked my lips very slowly, Marc watching intently, his eyes following every movement of my tongue.“OK I’m done, we can go now, and please try harder with your small talk.” I joked, digging him in the ribs playfully and avoiding his grasping hand as we made our way to the door.He talked endlessly on the cab ride back to the hotel, Marc’s hand stroking my inner thigh through my jeans as he whispered what he was going to do to me. His words and accent were turning me on as I’d never been before, my mind was out of control and racing.  I thought I was the one in control but I was so wrong, and if we’d been alone I’d Escort Ataşehir of sucked every inch of his big cock until his tight ballsack gave up the fight.  Later I’d make sure he had the best blowjob of his life, and that would be for starters.We arrived back at the hotel during a tremendous rainstorm and sprinted into the foyer. A  rumble of distant thunder growing ever closer. “Gee, I’m glad we escaped that Catherine, it ain’t no fun being out in the wet especially when you can have fun in the dry.” He said, a big smile beaming across his face.” Do you still want a drink in the bar or shall we go straight up? We could always have some drinks in the room, but it’s up to you.”I took his hand in mine and smiled sweetly at him.”I brought some cute clothes, and it’d be a shame not to wear them plus these jeans are wet and uncomfortable. Wouldn’t you like to see me in something sexy? I promise it will be worth it, and then you can do all those things you whispered in the cab, and I’ll suck your cock, I love your cock Marc, and I’m so looking forward to being naked in bed with you. If you get me a vodka and Redbull, I’ll be back in about 15 minutes, a deal? He smiled and nodded. ” Okay but make sure you’re not too long and do me one favour.””Of course Marc, what is it?”He pulled me close and whispered. “ Don’t wash your pussy Catherine; I want your gorgeous taste on my face, will you do that for me?” I nodded and smiled, rolling my eyes at him playfully. Giving him a peck on the cheek I headed back up to the room, feeling very excited. In my head, I was mentally browsing my “sexy but classy” outfits for something suitable, something that would wow him.  Images of my wardrobe flashed through my brain and by the time I’d reached the room I knew exactly the one I would wear, hopefully, he would love it.         I admired myself in the full-length mirror, turning sideways to smooth the material down over my bum. The dress would surely have the effect I was after. His balls would be aching with lust and so willing to give up their load for me. It wouldn’t take very long for my soft lips to tip him over the edge, I was convinced of that, I smiled in anticipation as I made my way down to the bar, my crutch already moist from the thoughts of things to come. My heels clicked on the marble floor as I walked elegantly towards Marc, the blue and white material of the button up dress parting slightly to reveal the merest hint of a  dark stocking top. The dress flattered my figure as it clung around my breasts, the white waist belt clinging tightly and highlighting my hips as the material flared into a classic A-line shape. It was smart and sexy, one of my favourite dresses that never failed to raise an eyebrow or two, it was perfect for this situation and made me feel like a million dollars, I just hoped Marc could manage the buttons in his heightened state. His imposing frame sat perched on a barstool chatting to the barman.  I couldn’t have imagined meeting a more beautiful person than Marc, he was one of the old school and to be honest not the usual type of guys I’d be attracted to. Part of his charm was his openness. He’d explained on our first night that he hadn’t been with a woman in years, far less a teenager, it was such a waste that a guy with such a magnificent cock hadn’t experienced a woman for all this time, that had now changed. Images of his cock filled my head just as it would fill my mouth very soon; my clitoris tingled at that thought.He swung around on the stool and looked at me, his eyes unable to conceal what he was thinking. I felt excited that I could do that to him. I couldn’t wait for Marc to fuck me again, I ached to feel him inside me so he could share the wetness of my pussy, and satisfy it.

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