15 Mayıs 2023

My Wife On The Porch – Part Nine


We were now at her sisters and the sleeping arrangements had been made; I was in the guest room and Carole and Robert were to sleep together, with her sister’s approval. “You won’t disturb us if you make too much noise,” Stacey stated, “our bedroom is at the back of the house, so make as much noise as you like.” Robert smiled as he said, “Did you hear that sweetie? And we can be noisy.” My wife smiled and blushed at the same time as I watched Gary whisper in Carole’s ear. She gave Gary a high five and smiled as I wondered what he had said to her. “Sis, I am going to take a bath,” Carole said as she made her way up the stairs. “You know where everything is don’t you?” Stacey said as she refilled our wine glasses. I made an excuse and hurried to my room, which was right next door to the bathroom. In just a few minutes my wife would be naked. As I passed the closed bathroom door, I heard the water running and pictured in my mind, her stripping naked. Oh how I wished I could open the bathroom door and see her naked body! I heard Gary walking up the stairs and I closed my door as I listened to him gently knock on the bathroom door and walk in. “I was hoping that you would be in the bath by now.” I heard Gary say. Carole replied, “Close the door, I don’t want anyone walking up the stairs and see me undress in front of you.” I moved my ear to the wall to enable me to hear better and I wasn’t disappointed. “So Malcolm doesn’t see these beautiful tits any more?” Gary asked. I assumed that she was now topless. “No he doesn’t and he never will again.” Carole replied. kolej escort “But I can, can’t I?” Gary asked. “I would die if I couldn’t see this gorgeous body any more.” “I wouldn’t be standing here naked in front of you if that was the case,” she replied. “You can see me naked as often as you wish, as often as you can get the chance.” Gary continued, “I can’t believe that Malcolm gave up your body for you to give it to Robert, he must truly love you.” She replied,” He does, and I love him as well. Even though we never have sex, I could not live without him.” I was hard as I continued eaves dropping. “I bet Malcolm is praying that you and Robert split up.” Gary said. “Why?” she replied. “Then he can have your body again.”  “No he won’t, he will never see me or touch me again, ever,” she asserted. “Even if Robert and I split up, Malcolm will still not have my body, he will never ever have my body again, I told him that before he agreed to all of this.” I heard kissing as she said, “I had better get in the bath.” I then heard a splashing of water and knew that Gary was looking at her naked body in the bath. “So did you ever suck Malcolm’s dick?” Gary asked. “You mean, like this?” Carole replied. I could picture Gary standing there as she sucked on his manhood. “Oh my God, never stop me from having your body, and never stop doing this to me,” Gary cried.“I love you watching me undress, I love you seeing me naked, I love how you squeeze and suck my nipples, I love how your fingers tease my pussy and I love sucking your dick. sihhiye escort bayan I would never take this away!” “God, I’m coming,” I heard Gary shout. “Let me see it in your mouth before you swallow it babe.” It went silent for about a minute, and then Carole said, “There, that was delicious. Now you’d better get out of here and let me finish my bath.” I heard some kissing and Gary left the bathroom. I felt so jealous that he had just cum in her mouth and seen her naked body. I came at that point as I imagined her naked and thought how lucky Gary is. The party went well and Carole had a lot to drink. This allowed her to feel at ease as she openly flirted and kissed Robert; she even grabbed and played with his dick on a number of occasions, right there in front of everyone. Around midnight she and her sister were whispering and giggling and I wondered what they were scheming, I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Stacey came to me and said, “My sister tells me that you like the humiliation side of how your life is. Is that correct?” I replied nervously, “Yes I do, kinda, why?” Her reply startled me. “That’s good because me and Carole have a plan.” She was smiling as she continued, “Everybody has seen her flirting with Robert all evening, so… we have decided to make it official and announce that Robert and her are lovers!” My dick instantly went rock hard as I mumbled, “Wow, when and where are you going to announce that?” “Right here and tonight,” she replied, “while everyone is still here. It will let everyone know Escort sincan that Carole and Robert are lovers, and it will also humiliate you, so everyone will win!” I gulped and with my body shaking I said, “Oh okay.” “We can even have a little ceremony,” she continued, “whereby you officially give Carole to Robert, which sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?” I was trembling as I replied, “Well, I guess so.” “Great, I knew that you would like the idea,” she said. “I will go and tell my sister and Robert.” She hurried across the room to where my wife and Robert were and took them by the hand into the kitchen to prepare their plan. I poured myself a large glass of vodka, trembling as I drank it in one gulp. My dick was huge and hard, this would be the ultimate humiliation for me and I was feeling sick to my stomach, but also loving it immensely. Soon, the thirty or so guests at Stacey’s birthday party, many of these people we had known for years, would know the truth about our most private of lives. Ten minutes later my wife came back into the living room and came over to me as I was finishing my third large glass of vodka. “Baby, are you sure that you want to go through with this?” she asked. “Stacey is planning on making a little ceremony in front of all these people; it will be so humiliating for you.” The vodka was having a good effect on me as I replied, “Honey, you know that I love the humiliation, and I’m looking forward to it. After all, Robert is the one who fucks you, so everyone should know about it.” She hugged me and gave me a kiss. “Okay then, if you are sure, we will come and get you when things are worked out.” She went back to the kitchen to join her sister and Robert again. Her bright red figure-hugging knee length dress, finished off with white high heeled shoes highlighted her slim body as she slowly walked across the room.

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