1 Ağustos 2021

My wife turns me into a cuckold


My wife turns me into a cuckoldWell my story will start with my wife Lisa, who I have been married to for 30 years. Twenty years ago, she confessed to me of having an affair on me. She confessed that I was just not satisfying her like she needed. She had always wanted me to get a Harley and ride with some of her friends and their men. I never cared much for bikes, and always dismissed her requests. We got married at a young age, and had k**s right away, and I worked a lot, and much of it was out of town. Her affair went on for almost 5 years, and I was clueless. When she finally came clean with me, I was at first furious, but for the sake of the k**s, we decided to work things out. When I would press her for details of her experiences, as to how big his cock was, did she suck his cock, did she have orgasms while fucking, it made me extremely excited imagining her with her secret lover. She didn’t want to tell me any of the steamy details, but I would not let up. So she shared this one particular story, that I fantasize to this day about. So she met her friends at a bar one night after work, and I was at home watching the k**s. There was a good looking biker dude at the bar who took a liking to her, and since she always had the hots for bikes, it was a perfect match. They tied a good one on, and with her inhibitions down, and her getting hot over her fantasy Harley dude, she couldn’t resist but to take a ride with him. She said that they rode to a local park, and she was just going to make out with him for a little bit and then head back. But then it started to pour down rain, tunceli escort and her favorite fantasy that I never would fulfill for her, to make love in a thunderstorm was within her reach. Not only could she fulfill her favorite fantasy, she could rub it in my face that it was with a biker dude. He removed her top and caressed and suckled on her beautiful breasts with huge erect nipples. She licked and nibbled on his neck and ear, while he ravished her near perfect mounds of flesh. He picked her up with his strong virile body, and carried her over to the grass in the picnic area and laid her down softly in the pouring rain. She said that she couldn’t resist any longer, and reached for the bulge in his nice tight jeans. She said that she couldn’t get it out fast enough, and when she did, she couldn’t believe what was the biggest, fattest cock that she had ever laid eyes upon. She couldn’t get it into her mouth fast enough, which I always have to beg for by the way. She hungrily slobbered all over his big fat juicy cock, while he commenced to start to remove her pants and insert two fingers into her dripping wet snatch. Lisa told me that she was overwhelmed with lust, and turned into a wild a****l in heat. She climbed on her bad boy lover’s face and grinded her blonde bushy sweetness into his weathered unshaven face while taking every inch of his magnificent manhood down her throat. She said that she had two mind shattering orgasms and squirted all over his face due to his excellent tounging skills. She had never ever squirted before, uşak escort and said that the way he worked her clit with his lips was the best she ever had. At about this time Rob, her biker boy, exploded a geyser of sweet sticky cum down Lisa’s throat and all over her face, but she didn’t care, the pouring rain just washed it off onto her succulent glistening breasts. She now needed that massive cock inside her, and couldn’t believe how hard Rob had stayed after emptying so much cum all over her. Lisa never wants to ride me, but she told me that Rob’s monster cock was too big not to ride. She said that she lowered her soaked torso and well lubricated cunt down upon her new toy and commenced to buck up and down upon it like a cowgirl. She said that little dick was too small to ride, and that she was even able to ride him reverse while he played with her clit into another earth shattering orgasm. After this one she collapsed on top of him panting and hyperventilating from the ecstasy he had just provided to her. Now it was Rob’s turn to take what he wanted. He had Lisa get up on all fours like a bitch wolf, which is her favorite wild a****l, that she always makes sure is on all of her Harley shirts that she buys when we are on vacation. Rob was still hard as a rock, and positioned the tip of his big mushroom headed penis up against Lisa’s engorged sensitive clitoris, and started to rhythmically rub back and forth between her clit, her moist slit, and her puckered up rosebud. By now it was thundering and lightning, and raining down upon their clotheless yalova escort bodies in buckets, but they didn’t care, they were providing one another a night of raw uninhibited decadent pleasure, that might never be matched again. Lisa started grinding back and forth, and begged Rob to fuck her like her husband never could. That was all he needed to unleash a fury of thrusts in and out of Lisa’s womb until he splattered her cervix with a breeding of what she described as a gallon of his sticky semen. Now Lisa did come home that night around 2:00 in the morning, and was soaking wet. She told me that her car had broke down, and someone stopped to help her get it back started with a jump in the pouring rain. She was cold and shivering, and I had no reason to doubt her, so I got her out of her wet clothes and laid her on the couch with a warm blanket. I could tell that she was buzzed from drinking at the bar, and I was feeling really horny. So I crawled between her legs and commenced to make love to her sweet little hairy pussy with my mouth. I thought that she tasted a little different than normal, because I love to eat her out all the time, but didn’t miss a beat savoring her and her lover’s juices, even though I was oblivious that she was with someone and that he had deposited a couple of steamy loads deep inside her and all over her that night.She came all over my face, and I lapped at it like it was my last meal, and then we fucked like rabbits for an hour after that. It wasn’t until 5 years after that night that she told me that story. I don’t know if it was the guilt of cheating on me or the fact that she let me eat her lover’s creampie, but now I know, and wish I could get her to do it to me more often, and she won’t have anything to do with it. If only I had told her how much it excited me twenty years ago when she first told me the whole story

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