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Subject: Nakey Part 1 Even if these difficult times please give to Nifty so the fun can continue for all of us. How many times have you turned to Nifty over the last few months for some thing to do. What would you have done if it wasn’t ail I intended for this to be single chapter story to put in my Random Tails section but then it got away from me and turned out to be three chapters long. Nakey part 1 by tagenhard “What the fuck.” I shouted as I grasped my nephew by the hair on the back of his head and pulled with enough strength to pull his naked body off the bed and send it crashing to the bedroom floor. His cock was hard and as he fell backwards onto his back it erupted spewing his hot teen cum into the air. In my mind’s eye it all happened in slow motion and he was falling thru the air and his cock was a cannon shooting off volley after volley of globs of milky white cum that rose up into the air and then arched back and fell to the floor with a lite splat sound. I looked over to the bed to see my son kneeling on the bed but bent over so his face lay on his spider man pillow. His little asshole on full display, it was red and puffy and still gaping open from having accommodated my nephew Jerry’s cock. “Go ahead and fuck him.” Seth said from the door way. “Your cock is hard and throbbing, fuck him, you know you want to.” I looked down and yes my hard 8 ½ inch daddy cock was throbbing wildly to the rhythm of my heartbeat. I looked back to my son, he was looking at me and licking his cute pink little lips, did he want this?” His hole was still open wide as if calling to me, a small amount of Jerry’s cum painted across the hole. “Fuck me daddy please.” Travis said in his soft voice with obvious pleading. My cock bounced and a small amount of precum oozed out of the tip. “Fuck your son.” Seth urged. “He loves cock.” Jerry added I shakily stepped closer to Travis, my one and only child, my cock head was within inches of his gaping hole. How the fuck did we get here? I wondered. Let me go back to the beginning and try to tell you the story that will take you up to that point in time. I’m not a very good writer and I have certainly never tried to write down a story like this. I’m going to float between writing this as telling it from my point of view and then act as a narrator when things happen where I wasn’t there but learned about them as they were told to me. I apologize if it gets confusing but I’ll try my best. My name is Colt and when I was in my senior year of high school I got my girlfriend pregnant, she gave birth a few days after graduation so I was now an 18 year old dad. Don’t get me wrong I loved my son and was all gung-ho on raising him and planning on being the best dad I could be. My girlfriend moved in with my parents and I, and they helped us raise Travis. With their support I was able to go to the local college by day and watch after my son the rest of the time. Despite pressure from both our parents we didn’t get married which turned out to be a good thing because by the time we were 20 she decided she didn’t want to give up any more of her life and she signed full custody over to me and left. I was the youngest of four kids but there was a 12 year gap between me and my next sibling. My parents were in their late 50’s when I was born. I had nieces and nephew who were older than me and some close to my own age. Jerry was the youngest of my nephews and was only 5 years younger than me. Two things happened during my 21st year. I graduated from college with a degree in business management and got a job running the office for a psychologist. Seth was 30 years old and just opened up for practice. He was great with patients but was lousy at running a business. It was a good job for me and we got along great as employer and employee and as friends also. The second thing was that both my parents passed on during the year, being in their late 70’s and with bad health it was no surprise. They left the house to me fully paid off and my siblings were okay with that as they were all well established and not in need of money or a house. They helped me best as they could with Travis and I had a neighbor lady look after him on a regular basis. Jerry was one of the nieces and nephews who offered to babysit Travis on the occasions I needed that. Once Travis was out of diapers and potty trained he went into a nude phase where I couldn’t get him to keep his clothes on plus Travis was very affectionate and always wanted to be held or hugged or sitting right up against you. I asked Seth about it and he came over and spent an afternoon with us. He talked with Travis and let him sit in his lap and tickled him but not overly so that it was mean. The weather was great out and Seth and Travis went into the backyard to kick a ball around while I did some chores around the house. I checked in on them a short time later and found that Seth had stripped off his shirt. He was ruggedly handsome I realized with a taut stomach and a lightly furry chest with dark brown nipples. He was also barefoot and had long slender toes and I remember thinking it odd that I noticed that. “Come daddy, get nakey and play with us.” Travis called out. Nakey is what he called being naked at the time. “As soon as I finish my chores sport.” I replied. “Let’s take a break so I can get a drink.” Seth stated. “I’ll be right back out, okay?” “Okay. “Travis answered and then went back to kicking the ball. Seth went into the kitchen and I followed. “Do you go naked around the house?” Seth asked me as he filled a glass with water. “Not really, sometimes I’ll be just in my boxers.” I answered truthfully. “You trust me right?” Seth asked. “Yes of course.” “Okay I want to try something.” Seth stated and then left the kitchen. I went back to my chores and went back outside about a half hour later to find Seth completely naked kicking the ball around with Travis. Seth’s cock was soft and hung heavily across his balls but swung gently back and forth as Seth’s body moved around. I wasn’t upset I realized or shocked about it, it just looked natural to me for them to be naked together playing in the yard. “Get nakey daddy.” Travis called out. I looked to Seth and he agreed I should. I went into the house and shed my clothes and went to the backyard where Seth was now sitting on a bench and Travis was sitting on his lap, leaning up against Seth’s chest and Seth was softly stroking Travis’s back. They both watched me walk over and I could tell Travis was looking at my soft cock. “Do you like us being nakey with you?” Seth asked Travis softly. “Yes.” He replied looking up to Seth and running one of his small hands through Seth’s chest hair. “Does daddy go nakey with you a lot?” Seth continued to question. “No almost never but I wish he would.” Travis pouted. “Has anyone else gone nakey with you?” “No, you’re the first.” Travis replied. “Ok, why don’t you go watch some TV while your daddy and I talk?” Seth suggested. Travis agreed and gave Seth a hug and then jumped off his lap and ran into the house. I noticed Seth’s cock wasn’t totally soft anymore. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about, Travis is probably just going thru a phase. It’s not uncommon for kids to go thru a naked period and then outgrow it. I think that you should consider being naked around Travis more, too kinda lessen the excitement of it, if you understand what I mean.” Seth explained. “I think I do.” I responded. Seth and I went into the house and Travis crawled up onto Seth’s lap and snuggled into him and they watched some TV together. After that day I went naked pretty much all the time but also taught Travis the importance of getting clothes on when someone was coming to visit. My nephew Jerry was 16 now and would babysit Travis on and off, one day I forgot Jerry was coming over to pick Travis up to take him to the zoo with the rest of his family. Travis didn’t constantly remind me that it was happening, I think he didn’t really want to go because he would have to put clothes on. Anyway Travis and I were naked with Travis in my lap cuddled up against me as we watched some TV. Jerry let himself into the house which wasn’t uncommon and came to a halt when he found us like that. He had seen Travis naked before when he babysat but never me. “Oh so it’s a nudist place now, huh.” He laughed. I explained about what Seth had said and so yea I go naked a lot now to. “Cool, I’ll be sure to help out also when I can.” Jerry smiled. “So get dressed sport and let’s go to the zoo.” “Do I have to?” Travis whined. “I’ll tell you what,” Jerry said crouching down in front of Travis. “If you come to the zoo and are a good boy then when I bring you home I’ll get naked and we can just hang out for a while, play some video games and such.” Travis loved that idea and jumped up and ran off to his bedroom to get dressed. That left Jerry crouched down in front of me with all my glory on display. I could tell he was trying to be discreet but his eyes lingered over my body and especially over my soft cock, I remember thinking Jerry might be gay. When they got home at the end of the day Travis was so tired he forgot all about Jerry’s offer to stay and play games. I put him to bed and walked back out to the living room to find Jerry naked and kinda chubbed up. I raised my eyebrow in question and he said. “I thought I should practice before being naked in front of Travis so I’m less likely to get a hard on in front of him.” I let it slide, “Want something to drink?” I asked “A beer would be nice.” He smiled back. Now I know his dad has let him have a beer now and then but when under his supervision. “Your only 16 and it’s illegal for me to give you booze plus you have to drive home yet, your dad, my brother would kill me if I gave you a beer.” I pointed out and got him a soda to drink. Jerry was leaning against the door frame of the living room and my eyes did sweep over his body. He was in good shape with an athletic body from the sports he played. He was still smooth other than his soft leg and arm hair, with a short curly patch above his cock. He was average in size with a cut cock and a nice plump head on the end of his shaft. He didn’t stand aside as I walked into the living room causing our naked bodies to brush against each other. I handed him his soda as I passed by and ignored his little game, then sat down in my recliner. Jerry took a sip of the soda and set the can down, he came over and crawled up onto my lap. “What you doing Jerry?” I asked with a calm even voice. “Travis seems to enjoy this so much that I thought I would find out why. I seem to remember sitting in my dad’s lap but that was so long ago that I don’t remember how great it was.” Jerry wasn’t all that heavy and I’m a well-built guy so his weight on me was no big deal. “This is nice.” Jerry purred as he cuddled his warm naked skin against mine. I ignored the fact that Jerry was getting a full blown hard on that looked to be about 6 inches long. He squirmed in my lap and I think he was hoping that the friction would cause me to get hard. “How big do you get hard Uncle Colt?” He purred in my ear. “That’s not really any of your business.” I replied without any particular emotion as he started to lick at my ear and caressed my chest. “Look Jerry, tuzla escort I don’t care if your gay but nothing is going to happen between us.” “No one has to know, I give a really good blow job Uncle, let me prove it to you.” He offered and started to slip down off my lap. I caught him by his arm pits and lifted him back onto my lap. “Jerry, you’re under age.” I stated. He looked at me and grinned. “So the incest thing doesn’t matter or the gay thing, it’s because I’m under age?” He was right, I didn’t base an objection on having incest sex or gay sex but only on his age. “I know you say you won’t tell anyone but if someone found out I would go to prison. I can’t take that chance.” He got a pouty look on his face. “Okay I understand, could I please at least see you hard? I promise I won’t make any more moves on you. I respect you as an Uncle and a friend, but please just let me have this one thing.” I sighed and figured what could it hurt? “Ok go sit on the couch and I will get a hard on for you and that will be the end of it. Promise?” “I promise.” He offered and went and sat on the couch with his eyes locked on me. I have to admit that there was a little thrill in putting on a show for him and I began to fondle myself. Jerry grabbed onto his hard on and gently stroked it as I played with mine. I found myself getting hard easier than I expected, maybe it was because I hadn’t had any sex besides my hand since Travis’s mom left. “Wow.” Jerry exclaimed as he saw me reach my full fat 8 ½ inches. Jerry was beating his meat rapidly now. I stood up so he could see the full effect of my size and my balls hanging down. And then I did a slow turn around letting him get a good look at my tight muscular ass. He surprised me by dropping to the floor on his knees as I came back around and now my fat hard cock was in his face. He behaved though and just looked at it closely as he erupted and spewed his cum on my carpet. I sat back down with my erection slowly fading away. Jerry suddenly seemed embarrassed by his behavior as he sat back on his haunches and his cock went soft also. “I’m sorry.” He said softly. “You don’t need to apologize.” I offered. “I remember being your age and horny as hell.” “Mom and dad don’t know yet, you won’t tell them, will you?” “It’s not my place to say anything. I won’t say a word, I promise.” I offered. Jerry jumped up and threw his arms around me. “Thank you.” Then he whispered in my ear. “I promise once I’m old enough we will fuck.” I just laughed. “You didn’t say no I noticed.” Jerry chuckled. “Will you still let me babysit?” Jerry asked, his voice turning serious. “Of course, you can.” I soothed. “You’re still his favorite cousin, and I guess my favorite nephew.” “Thank you.” Jerry replied with true appreciation. Then added. “I’ll do my best to love Travis till I get to you.” I chuckled not sure what he meant. Jerry took a cheap grope of my cock and then ran off, grabbed his clothes and left. All went as usual for the next month and we didn’t see Jerry till his next babysitting gig. I was invited to an old school chums wedding and Jerry was the only one available to sit that Friday night. Naked as always Travis ran and greeted his cousin Jerry when he came in the door. Jerry just stripped right away to Travis’s joy. “We be nakey together.” Travis cheered. I made sure Jerry had my cell number and then left for the wedding. Colt had barely closed the front door when Jerry turned and faced his little nephew straight on. Travis’s eyes went right to his older cousin’s cock and he stared at it. Jerry’s meat started to grow and they stood there silently as both of them watched it get harder and longer till he reached his full 6 inches. “It’s so big.” Travis said softly. “Not as big as your dad’s but I’m still growing.” Jerry replied. Jerry just always knew he was interested in what was swinging in between a man’s legs. Jerry had hoped to get it on with his Uncle and then draw his cousin in to deepen the incest angle but after Uncle Colt said no, Jerry decided he would teach little Travis everything that he wished he had learned as a small boy. He planned on having Travis trained as a well experienced cocksucker, cum swallower and turn his ass into a boy pussy. Then once he was of legal age, which seemed to be the only objection Uncle Colt had, he would push himself on his Uncle and once he had him ensnared then draw Travis into it. He wanted a happy father/son/nephew sex fantasy to come to life, and it would all start here. “Do you like looking at my big thing? Because I sure like looking at your thingy.” Jerry asked in a non-threatening voice. “Yea I do.” Travis breathed out still staring at his cousin’s hard cock, then he realized what Jerry had said. “You like looking at mine? But it’s so small.” “But it is so cute.” Jerry smiled and ruffled the boy’s hair. “How about we go to your bedroom and I can teach you some things you probably don’t know about your dicky.” “Okay.” Travis smiled and excitedly reached out and took Jerry’s hand and tugged him towards his room. Jerry was glad to see Travis’s enthusiasm and let Travis pull him easily. Jerry wanted specifically to have Travis learn about cocks on his own, spread out on his spider man sheets with his toon posters looking down. Jerry knew it was perverted to use the room where a boy should feel safe, where his childhood innocence should live on and turn it into the place where he learns about big cocks and what men want to do with them. Don’t get the wrong idea, Jerry has no intention of being mean or forcing Travis into anything, he wanted Travis to find this fun, sure maybe some manipulation would be called for but Travis would need to learn that some of the things he’s been taught, like good touch / bad touch, is just made up and something to be ignored. Travis rushed to his bed and jumped up onto it, spun around and knelt up waiting enthusiastically for Jerry to join him. Jerry started to close the bedroom door but then decided to leave it open, he thought the chance of getting caught would add to the excitement. Jerry walked up to the bed with his hard cock swaying in front of him and Travis’s eyes glued to it. “Look at it as close as you want to.” Jerry offered. Travis scooted right up to the edge of the bed and put his face right next to it and looked it over like a jeweler studying a fine diamond. “You can touch it if you want to.” Jerry offered. Travis stopped and looked up to Jerry’s face. “Isn’t that bad?” Jerry chuckled and moved and sat down on the bed up against the headboard with his legs spread wide open. “Come up here you little squirrel.” Travis crawled up into Jerry’s out stretched arms. “I’m sorry I forgot that stuff is for big boys, your still just a little kid” Travis sat up and pouted. “I am to a big boy.” “You sure?” Jerry questioned. “Do you think you can join the big boys club.” “It’s a club?” Travis asked with interest. “Well yea but little boys aren’t supposed to know. Let’s just make belief I never said anything, you wanna play a video game?” Jerry deflected. “I’m a big boy I wanna join the club.” Travis pouted. Jerry ran his fingers thru Travis’s hair. “Are you sure because it means keeping secrets and doing things that you were told are bad. They aren’t actually bad, that’s just something little kids are told.” “I can keep secrets.” Travis promised. “That evens means keeping secrets from your dad.” Jerry added. Travis looked conflicted for a moment but then said. “I can keep secrets from dad, I already do.” Jerry chuckled, “Oh yea, what secrets.” Travis got a stubborn look on his face. “That’s a secret.” And then stuck out his tongue at Jerry. Jerry laughed and attacked him with the tickles. The two of them rolled around the bed laughing and giggling as Jerry softly tickled Travis in his sides and anywhere else he could get a reaction and then he grazed his fingers across Travis’s hard little spike and balls. Travis kept giggling but as Jerry touched him there more, he also included moans and whimpers into the mix. Travis was trying to tickle Jerry back at the same time and after Jerry started to touch Travis’s private part, Travis was now touching him back there also. Soon they were both touching each other’s stiffies exclusively and both emitting soft moans of pleasure. Jerry moved back to his sitting position up against the headboard and pulled Travis up alongside him. Jerry continued to fondle Travis and Travis wrapped his fingers around Jerry’s hard cock. “This isn’t so bad now is it?” Jerry commented. “No it’s not. It’s kinda fun actually.” Travis observed as he continued to feel Jerry’s cock and observed the softness of the skin compared to the hardness of the over all shaft. He ran a finger around the plump head and thru the piss slit. Jerry used two fingers to stroke Travis’s small stick hoping Travis would copy him and sure enough he did. Travis’s small fingers barely reached each other as he enclosed his cousin’s hard meat in his hand and began to stroke it up and down. “That feels really good sport, you’re doing really well. I guess you can be a big boy after all.” Jerry let go of Travis’s spike and rubbed his hand across Travis’s back so now it was only Travis playing with a cock and not a mutual thing. Another thing big boy’s do in the club is they kiss and lick the cocks of older boys and men. “Cock?” Travis’ said with a puzzled voice but didn’t stop stroking Jerry. “Yes a cock is what teens and men have. That’s my cock you have in your hand.” Jerry informed. “And another part of the boys club is kissing and licking it and sucking it with your mouth.” “You won’t pee in mouth will you?” “I promise Travis I won’t pee in your mouth.” Jerry stated but then added softly, “Not yet. Travis stuck out his tongue and tentatively licked at the teen’s plump cock head and found it didn’t taste so bad. His little tongue swiped thru the piss slit and around the ridge of the helmet. “Try putting your lips around the tip of it.” Jerry instructed. Travis now trusting his older cousin because nothing really bad was happening opened his young mouth as far as he could and took the teen’s cock head into his mouth. He stretched his lips around it and then closed on tight. “Oh yea I knew you would make a great boy cock sucking slut.” Jerry breathed out. “Try moving your mouth up and down on my cock.” Jerry liked using swear and harsher terms like slut. Travis tried to take more of the shaft into his mouth but only managed maybe another inch. “That’s okay slut,” Jerry consoled. “As you practice more you’ll get better.” Jerry ruffled the boy’s hair with one hand as he took a hold of his shaft and started to pump it. “I’m really close Travis, I’m going to give you a delicious reward and I want you to swallow it as fast as you can and don’t worry it’s not pee. There is something else much better that comes out of a man’s cock and you will love it.” Of course Jerry didn’t care if Travis loved it or not but hoped he did because then it would be easier to get Travis to suck his cock again. Jerry entwined his fingers into his nephew’s hair and held his head in place as his other hand stroked faster. “Oh fuck little dude I’m gonna blow a load.” Jerry’s breathing got faster. “Take my cum you little cock slut.” Jerry called as he flooded Travis’s tuzla escort bayan mouth with his hot teen spunk. Travis was surprised at the force of the liquid that hit the back of his throat and tried to lift his head up but his cousin’s hand held it in place so he swallowed as best as he could. He was swallowing so fast that he didn’t really get to taste this warm slick and gooey stuff. Once Jerry’s cock stop splashing his mouth, Jerry removed his hand and Travis lifted his head up, he coughed and sputtered and licked his lips and now could taste the warm salty and slimy fluid his cousin called cum. It wasn’t really great like custard but it didn’t taste bad either. Travis licked his lips some more and decided he would drink more of this if Jerry wanted him to. Jerry reached down and pulled Travis up to him so their faces were inches apart, then Jerry stuck out his tongue and licked across Travis’s lips and made a yummy sound. Jerry then put his lips to Travis’s and shoved his tongue into the sweet young boy mouth and tongue fucked him. Travis liked this because it made him feel warm and happy and he knew kissing was special and a way that two people showed love to each other. Jerry did love Travis but not in the conventional way. He knew he would use Travis for his own pleasure but that he would protect him at all costs. He felt like he was a big brother and a dad all at the same time because that’s what big brothers and dads are supposed to do, teach and protect. Jerry carried Travis over his shoulder to the kitchen with Travis laughing and squealing the whole way. With two bowls of chocolate ice cream they settled onto the couch and watched some cartoons for about an hour. Jerry was feeling cocky again and led Travis down the hall to his daddy’s bedroom. The room smelled of Uncle Colt and Jerry breathed in deep the manly smell. He sat on the edge of the bed and spread his legs with his now hard cock jutting up. “Your gonna suck my cock again. “Jerry stated as he pulled Travis close in. “Show me what you learned.” Travis hesitated only a second because well when he did it earlier it didn’t hurt or feel bad and his cousin’s cum tasted ok. Plus maybe he would get that special kiss again afterwards. Travis reached out his young boy fingers and took hold of the teen meat and pulled it away from Jerry’s body and then he put his lips to the tip and sucked the cock head into his mouth. Jerry put his hands on the back of Travis’s head and pushed gently so more cock slipped into Travis’s mouth. With Jerry’s guidance Travis was able to get 4 inches of the cock into his mouth as he bobbed up and down. Jerry held on tight to Travis’s head and started to fuck into it making sure he didn’t gag Travis, those times would come later. The 4 inches was enough to stimulate Jerry’s cock and after 10 minutes he nutted again into the boy’s mouth and Travis did a great job of swallowing. Then Jerry gave Travis another tongue fucking kiss and sent him off to watch more cartoons. Once he left the room Jerry very carefully searched Uncle Colt’s bedroom and finally found what he was looking for hidden in-between the mattress and box spring. What he found didn’t please him so he walked out of the bedroom to the living room and took Travis by the hand. He led Travis out the front door and to his car with Travis giggling the whole time at being nakey outside. Jerry had parked where he was in the shadows of the street lighting and looked around carefully before venturing to his car. He open the passenger side door and of course the dome light came on. He quickly pressed his finger against the control button so it went off and then had Travis hold it down while he went into the glove box to retrieve what he wanted. The nudity of two boys were illuminated by the soft glow from the glove box as Jerry rummaged around in it and found what he was looking for. Then he closed the glove box and stood up and noticed a man walking his dog was standing out on the side walk was just standing there staring at them. Jerry being bolder in action than his common sense, told Travis to let go of the button. The dome light came on and bathed both of their naked bodies displaying their full glory to the man. Jerry reached down and rubbed his hand across his growing bulge, the man looked around quickly and then groped himself. Jerry gave the man a simple come here gesture with his hand and then closed the car door putting him and Travis in the shadows. The man looked around again and then proceeded up the driveway slowly. Jerry moved to the front of the car where he and Travis were mostly blocked from view from the street. The man came up to them and in the shadows it was hard for Jerry to tell if the man was handsome or not but that didn’t matter. Travis dropped down and started to pet the dog as Jerry dropped to his knees and rubbed his hand across the man’s crotch. He felt the hardness behind the cloth and started to open the pants up. While Jerry was having incest pedo fun teaching his cousin about cock sucking, Jerry was still at heart gay and wanted a real cock to suck. The man let Jerry pull his cock out and then Jerry proceeded to suck him down to the root. “Fucking hell.” The man exclaimed. Travis watched with wide eyes as his cousin sucked away at the bigger man sized cock and seemed to really enjoy it. This made Travis feel better knowing that Jerry also did this, cock sucking thing as Jerry called it. The dog bent down and licked away at Travis’s small nail giving him a new sensation which he enjoyed greatly as his cousin’s head bobbed up and down on the man. “Can I fuck you?” The man asked but Jerry shook his head no as he continued to suck away. Soon the man was moaning and he grabbed onto Jerry’s head and grunted as his load filled the hot teen mouth. Jerry swallowed every last drop and kept sucking till the man’s cock went soft. Jerry pulled off and the man started to tuck himself away as Jerry stood. “If you are willing to trust me with your number, I will text you the next time I’m going to babysit and then you can fuck me, but the kid is going to watch.” The man hesitated but then gave Jerry his number and left. Jerry pulled Travis into the house and went to Colt’s bedroom and replaced what he had found under the mattress with what he had retrieved from the glove box. Then he pulled Travis into the shower with him and fucked Travis in the mouth getting all six inches in. Travis gagged a little but it didn’t take long before Jerry flooded his nephew’s sweet little mouth with a third load. I had a great time at the wedding and caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. Between having a kid and going to school and then working and looking after my kid, I didn’t get out very much and only saw a select few of my old friends. As the night wore on and the booze flowed, some of the gals hit on me thinking it was sexy that I was a single dad raising a kid and even a few guys that I never guessed to be gay in high school hit on me. I walked in the front door quietly and found Jerry and Travis asleep on the couch in front of the TV. Both naked and spooning, it real was a cute sight. I extracted Travis form Jerry’s arms and put him to bed without him waking up. He smelled fresh and clean and I realized he must have showered at some point. I debated letting Jerry sleep but since I didn’t know what his plans were for the next day, I gave him a gentle nudge till he opened his sleepy eyes. “I put Travis to bed.” I informed him. “Was it a good night?” “Absolutely perfect.” Jerry replied with a goofy grin on his face. “You can sleep in the guest room if you don’t want to drive.” I offered. Jerry sat up and tugged at his crotch, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I best not, I don’t want to be rejected by you again.” He jumped to his feet and dashed off to the front hall where he had dropped his clothes earlier. I got up and followed him expecting to see him pulling his clothes on but instead he was just gathering them up into a ball and went to the front door. He stopped and turned, I saw he was fully hard, “Thanks for letting me babysit. Travis is a great kid, call me first next time you need anything.” And then he went out the front door naked as could be. I chuckled as I heard his engine start and the car leave the driveway. I hit the shower myself and then settled into bed. The booze and the evening had he on a slight high and I reached under my mattress to get my titty mag to beat off to, instead I found in my hand a mag of twinks getting fucked by older men. I laughed and then proceeded to beat off to that. Travis told me the next day that Jerry was his favorite babysitter and he didn’t want anyone but him. I suspected it was simply because Jerry would get nakey with him and none of the others would. The next couple of weeks went normal but I noticed that Ralph from down the street seemed to have started a new dog walking routine that took him past my house every night around 9. Jerry called me right after his 17th birthday and asked if he could come over and talk. He sound nervous and serious so of course I agreed. Shortly after, my brother Max, Jerry’s dad called, and told me he was informing the family that since Jerry was in his last year of high school and that since he was the last kid in the house, once Jerry went to college, he and his wife were selling the house retiring and moving to Arizona. Jerry came by the next night and greeted Travis but when Travis said get nakey, Jerry told him he was sorry but he was there to have a talk with me because he had a problem and needed real grown up advice. Travis accepted that and took my hand and said. “Help him daddy, he’s my bestest friend.” I gave Travis a somber face and promised I would do my best. I asked Travis to go to his room so we could talk and Travis gave Jerry a hug around his waist and then ran off. “So dad gave you the news then.” Jerry asked as we sat down on the couch next to each other. “Yes he did.” Was all I said because I wasn’t sure what else to say. “I’ve decided to come out to mom and dad before I go to college and they move away.” Jerry informed me. I was surprised he was less confident in his behavior. “I’m sure it will go okay, they both love you and I have never heard your dad talk bad about gays.” “Mom has,” Jerry said and then looked down cast. “But your right dad never has.” I put my hand on his knee. “It will be alright, I’m sure of it.” I soothed. Jerry threw his arms around me and started to cry. This brash young man who came onto me was now just a boy himself in need of reassurance. I let him cry and clear his doubts as I rubbed his back and told him I would be here for him no matter what. “What if they kick me out?” Jerry sobbed. “Then you can come live with us.” I offered. Jerry pulled his face away from my chest and looked me in the eyes. His were red and dripping with tears. “You would choose me over them?” “In a heartbeat.” I responded and then found his lips pressed against mine. He tried to push his tongue in but I didn’t open up to him, but I did let him hold the kiss as long as he wanted. His hand shot down to my crotch and he groped me, the confident little bugger was back I chuckled to myself. It was two weeks later and I needed a babysitter escort tuzla so I called Jerry as I promised Travis I would. I had been invited for a night out from one of the guys from the wedding, yes one of the gay ones, and I agreed just simply because I felt the need to get out for a night of adult conversation. Jerry said he had nothing going on and agreed. Ralph got a text. “Hey dog walker, I’ll be at that address again Friday, still wanna fuck, be there at 8.” Ralph responded. Jerry showed up at 7 as promised and stripped down in the front hall like last time. I asked him if he told his parents yet but he said no. I gave Travis a kiss on the forehead and told Jerry I would be back by midnight. Jerry said he had nowhere to be tomorrow so he could spend the night if needed. Uncle Colt walked out the door and Jerry squatted down in front of Travis. “Look buddy, just like you I’m a member of the big boys club and do you remember the guy with the dog the last time I was here?” Travis nodded his head yea. “Well he’s coming over to do something with me that big boys do. Now you can watch but if you don’t want to then go to your room. Jerry opened the front door at 7:50 with the outside light off and waited. Travis was just inside the front door wondering what was going to happen. A man walking with a dog approached at the proper time and looked around and made his way up the driveway, Jerry opened the front door wider and motioned the guy in. In the light of the house Jerry could see the guy was probably in his 40’s and handsome in his own way. But to Jerry that didn’t matter, he had a cock and that was all that he cared about. Jerry stared pulling at the man’s clothes as he dropped the leash and the dog went to Travis for attention. Once naked, Ralph had a dad bod with an average cock that was stiff and looking ready for action. Jerry took him by the hand and pulled him to Travis’s room. “I need you to fuck me, please.” Jerry begged as he plopped down on the bed on his back and lifted and spread his legs. “I’m already lubed.” “You little slut.” The man chuckled as he climbed on the bed. Travis stood in the doorway watching as the dog again licked away at his little stiffy. The man took hold of Jerry’s legs and scooted his crotch up to the upturned teen ass. Travis watched in amazement as he saw the man shove his hard cock into Cousin Jerry’s asshole and Jerry call out “Oh yea fuck me, fuck me hard, I need your cock in me so bad.” The dogs tongue had now moved to licking at Travis’s butt cheeks. The man pounded into Jerry’s teen slut ass with vigor as Jerry keep calling out “Yes, Yes, Yes fuck me, take me. Oh fuck you feel so good.” The dogs tongue was now between Travis’s butt cheeks because he had bent forward giving the dog more access. “I needed to be fucked, oh man you are so great at this, being fucked is so fucking great.” Fucking a teen boy in the ass as a kid watched was more than enough to set the guy off in record time and he screamed out in ecstasy as he busted his nut deep into the hot high schooler under him. I went to Mark’s where he said we should meet. We had been casual friends in high school but not tight. He greeted me as I walked up the front sidewalk and spun me around and we headed for his car. He took me to a gay bar where we sat at the bar and caught up on our lives. The man had left and Jerry laid on Travis’s bed taking in the moment as Travis crawled up beside him and cuddled into him. “You like having a wiener pushed up your butt?” Travis questioned. Jerry chuckled. “I like being fucked by a cock.” Jerry leaned up on one elbow and ran his finger through Travis’s hair. “Sucking a cock and eating the cum like you have done is great but there is no better feeling to me than having a man filling me up with his hard throbbing cock and fucking me.” Travis looked up to his older cousin, the one he adored and loved. The one who gave him special kisses and must love him back. “Will you fuck me?” Jerry leaned down and tongue fucked Travis as his hand slipped down between his tight little ass cheeks and found a hole slippery with dog slobber. “How do you do it man?” Mark asked me. “Raising a kid and no steady girlfriend or boyfriend to fulfill your sexual needs.” Mark studied my face for a moment. “Or is your kid doing it for you?” I laughed out loud and then looked to Mark. “I have been perfectly happy with my hand.” “Such a waste.” Mark stated. “With a cock as big and beautiful as yours someone should be swinging from it.” I looked puzzled at Mark. “The Kemper party, the circle jerk in the basement after all the nasty bitches left.” Mark explained trying to nudge my memory as to why he would know what my cock looked like. I burrowed my brows and turned my sight inward as I searched my memory. Then it dawned on me, the girls had all left the party and all of us on the football team has been left high and dry with blue balls. It turned out to be the quarterbacks fault because he had said something offensive to his girlfriend and she quickly banded the other girls together as a sign of solidarity against the male macho asshole behavior of school jocks, and they all left the party. Oddly enough it was the quarter back who rallied his team together and convinced us that we didn’t need them and led us into a circle jerk. I looked to Mark with obvious remembrance painted across my face but the question about the fact that he wasn’t on the team. Mark chuckled. “I and others were off to the sides of you lot, watching you all beat your meat. You were the biggest and so I concentrated on you.” I laughed back. “Well we weren’t exactly shy about it, so if you enjoyed watching then I’m glad.” “It’s not an easy thing at first.” Jerry advised Travis, running his fingers thru the boy’s hair. “But it’s what big boys do right?” Travis asked. “I want to be a big boy like you.” “I fuck Brock up the ass about every three weeks.” Mark declared. I looked to him with an even expression. Brock was the quarterback who led us into a circle jerk. “You don’t seem surprised.” Mark commented. I chuckled, “Sex is sex and you just really never know what turns someone on behind those closed doors.” Mark explained how he goes over to Brock’s house and fucks Brock as the wife watches and then leaves as they go at it hot and heavy. “So what? You think I’m looking to get fucked.” Mark smiled, “No I’m hoping your horny enough to fuck me.” Travis laid on his stomach with his legs spread and Jerry now had two fingers into his small boy asshole. Travis was being a big boy indeed and working thru the discomfort because he really did want to be like Jerry. Jerry was kissing Travis on the back on the neck and licking his ears as his finger fucked his young cousin. Jerry wasn’t stupid, while yes he enjoyed the fucking he got, he did it so Travis could watch and see how much fun it was for him and hoped to inspire Travis to want to do it. He wanted Travis to ask for it rather than him suggesting it. If Travis wanted it then it would be easier to work him thought it. The idea of guy on guy sex really didn’t bother me. And I must admit the alcohol didn’t hurt the situation. I was horny for touch, any touch other than my hand and Mark and I were headed back to his house. It wasn’t said explicitly but I knew we were going to have sex. Jerry was twisting two fingers in his cousins asshole as Travis laid there thinking this wasn’t so bad. I laid there on Mark’s bed naked and yes, I was hard from him sucking on my engorged 8 ½ inches. Jerry placed his hard teen cock head against Travis’s hole. Mark straddled my hips and placed his asshole against my hard throbbing cock. Jerry penetrated Travis’s virgin asshole. I penetrated Mark’s well used faggot asshole. Travis’s body jerked and squirmed under the weight and feeling of fullness from Jerry’s cock up his ass. Mark sighed in pleasure from the size of my cock filling him. “I can take it.” Travis mumbled out “Oh yea fuck me stud.” Mark screamed. Jerry fucked into Travis his young cousin as he kissed him on the neck and shoulders. “I love you Travis.” Jerry professed as he fucked into the little boy virgin asshole. “Oh ride my fucking big cock.” I called out to Mark as he bounced himself up and down my hard shaft. It was more than he expected but Travis wanted to be a big boy for Jerry and he slowly accepted and grew accustom to the feeling of his cousins cock up his ass. Jerry went slow and gently as he fucked his little nephew. Jerry knew this wasn’t a natural act that little boys accepted despite what the writers on the internet would have you believe. Mark rode my cock like a slut on fire. “I love you little one.” Jerry said softly into Travis’s ear as he unloaded into the virgin asshole now turned boy cunt. `Fuck me with that big fucking cock.” Mark screamed as I blasted a load up his fucking man cunt. Jerry pulled his softening cock out of Travis’s hole and cuddled the spent boy in his arms. “It gets better as you do it more, I promise.” Jerry cooed in Travis’s ear. “Eventually you will crave it, beg for it and take great pleasure in it.” Jerry rolled Travis onto his back and set about licking and then sucking Travis’s little hairless boy balls and the hard spike that popped up. The pain in his butt lessened as his mind concentrated on the new pleasure that was emanating from his crotch. Jerry gently sucked away till Travis’s body shuddered and he moaned out from his first boygasm. Then he cuddled his young cousin into his arms and they rested. Mark rolled off of me and plopped down on the bed alongside me. His cock was still hard and throbbing. “You gonna help me out?” He asked laughing. I looked at him and then his cock and moved down and swallowed it into my mouth. “Oh hell I was hoping for a hand job but this is fucking better.” He breathed out. I haven’t sucked a cock since high school but it wasn’t hard to remember how to do it and to do it good, soon enough my mouth was flooded and I swallowed it down. I laid back down with my head on the pillow licking my lips. “That obviously wasn’t the first time.” Mark chuckled catching his breath. “Brock and I messed around thru high school till I hooked up with my girlfriend.” I informed. “I was the first guy to fuck him.” “So you enjoy man sex also. I’d love to see you and Brock go at it again, especially him riding that big cock of yours.” Mark stated. Jerry threw Travis’s sheets in the laundry for a quick wash and then carried Travis into the shower. He gently washed away all the sex smell while tongue fucking Travis’s boy pussy. Travis was climbing the wall with pleasure from the new feeling. Jerry knelt up and turned Travis’s mouth to his and kissed him deeply as he slipped his cock up inside his cousin and fucked him again. I got home shortly before 11 and found Jerry dressed and sitting on the couch watching TV alone which surprised me. “Travis in bed?” I questioned. “Out like a light.” Jerry replied, standing and stretching. “We played hard tonight and I tuckered him out.” “As long as he had fun.” I commented. “Have you decided when you’re telling your parents?” “Tomorrow I guess is as good a time as any.” Jerry stated as he stepped up to me and hugged me. “Wish me luck.” I assured him it would all work out and hugged him back. After he left I checked in on Travis and found him sound asleep. I noticed the room smelled fresh and could tell the sheets had been washed. I thought what a great babysitter Jerry was.

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