5 Ağustos 2022

Natalie’s Desperate Deadline


Natalie gasped as the first spurt of wee dribbled past her nether lips and soaked into the waiting towel. Was she actually doing this, pissing her chair as she frantically tried to finish her essay on time? How she’d let herself leave it so close to the deadline again… Concentrate, girl, the teen told herself as she desperately tried to blag her way through another impossible case law assignment, sure the marking professor would pick up on how often she’d reworded the same basic point.

Only five hundred more words, might even finish before I completely lose it.

Another spurt. Another sentence that started promisingly, but didn’t seem to go anywhere. Shit, just over three hours ’til the deadline, and I still need to reference this mess. Natalie forced her cramping fingers to keep moving, working the keys as the pale late-autumn sun rose outside. 6am came and went, and a night fuelled by an insane amount of coffee (she’d even taken the kettle into her room) was giving leave to a tense finale as the student finally began to chase down publication details. The obscure essays she’d rashly stripped quotes from, hoping to cobble together a half-hearted supporting argument for what she knew was beşevler escort a fairly nonsensical angle, were a complete headache – and, of course, Natalie’s bladder was now pounding from twelve hours and several pints of coffee without a toilet break since she’d sat down at the desk.

So close, got to get this donedonedone was her mantra now, as she tightly crossed her legs, grinding her pussy into the increasingly dampening towel and gritting her teeth in an effort to keep herself from losing focus. The bittersweet smell of urine met her nostrils as her clock buzzed 8am, an olfactory testament to the petite blonde’s willpower as she tidied up her formatting and attempted to salvage as many stylistic marks as possible. A long stream of several seconds forced its way out of her and she winced as she clamped down as forcefully as she could. Just one more minute, just the conclusion left to spellcheck… Shit, that sentence needs restructuring…

Her towel had a sodden patch the size of a football, and Natalie praised her foresight of the previous evening – though she’d told herself then that the towel had been for comfort. These plastic seats always got distractingly hard büyükesat escort after a while. I can still make it, she thought as she hit the save button, and then hit it again to be sure.

Just need to log onto the student portal… Oh, come onnnnnnn. She was now leaking a steady trickle, warming the damp cloth beneath her ass as she stabbed in the wrong password.

Fuckfuckfuckcomeon, I’m weeeeeing she silently screamed at the lethargically loading web page. Eventually she was in, hammering the submission button as her spent coffee began to noticeably puddle in the bucket of the seat, splashing slightly as her foot tapped uncontrollably in her struggle to hang on to the rest. With only a few minutes to spare until the deadline, the file was attached. The exhausted girl heaved a huge sigh of relief.

The noisy hissing of her overstretched body emptying its contents into her chair interrupted her reverie. Natalie simply put her head down on the desk and surrendered to the orgasmic relief, actually beginning to enjoy the warmth as she filled her seat with her fragrant waters. As her accident subsided, she pushed out the rest of her bladder’s contents with a sense çankaya escort of completion and let herself relax in her hot, shameful pool.

Did I really just do that? She asked herself. Natalie had seen a few especially drunk girls wet their knickers during freshers’ week, but as a general rule she was sure that second-year University students didn’t wee on themselves. The sodden towel beneath her gently caressed her sex as she shifted in her seat, and something inside Natalie stirred as the stress of the past day receded. Her nipples stiffened as she raised herself from the chair slightly and gently splashed back down, piss running sensually over her lower lips and clit, before she gave into sensation and lowered her hand into the yellow puddle. Natalie gasped at how turned-on this made her.

This is so… dirty. Am I actually going to? Mmmmmmm. Fingers finding her submerged clitoris, a feral moan bubbled up from deep inside as her touch sent bolts of pure pleasure to every corner of her body. She came instantly and violently, hips bucking to send waves of pee slopping onto the floor. Natalie didn’t care, she was utterly, utterly drained.

I should… I should… Clean up she yawned. Her head slowly drooped, eyes closing slowly. I’ll just… have a… mo…

Within seconds, she was snoring gently, peachy bottom still immersed in her flood. Natalie wouldn’t try writing another five thousand word assignment in a single night again. Some other things… Well…

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