13 Ocak 2023

Naughty Secretary


I walked into the office again. ‘Holy shit, is she just putting herself on display? She has that big crack on there, so is she just pretending that I won’t notice? Is she plotting for a raise or what?’ I thought as I stopped in front of her desk. “Brooke?” “Yes, Mr. Green?” she asked, failing to look at me. I clenched my fists and got closer to her. “Would you mind covering your cleavage? This is a law firm and I want our clients and potential clients to think we are serious and respectful. Your white blouse would be a lot more presentable with all the buttons being used.” “What the fuck ever, dude,” she bitched, buttoning it up. Even as she just did that, I suddenly felt different. ‘Huh.’ “Are you happy now, boss?” she inquired, glancing back at me. I bit my bottom lip and peeked at her chest again. “Yes, Brooke, but do I need to discipline you? It seems like you don’t take me seriously as your boss,” I pointed out, crossing my arms. “Well, what do you expect, asshole? You have floozies coming in here everyday and you fuck them in your office over there, even though you know there is no way you can win their ‘cases’,” she mentioned, using air quotes. “What does that mean? You think they don’t deserve justice? And so what if something happens between us? I’m a popular lawyer here, so they want the best,” I made clear, putting my palms on her desk. “Oh, fuck you, dude!” she roared, getting up. “You seriously want me to cover up when you have all these bitches parading themselves through here? Is there not supposed to be another female here that is smarter and prettier than them? Half the time, you don’t even bother closing the door all the way. So I have to get up and shut it as you have someone down on their knees in front of you.” “Well, I’m sorry that happens every now and then, but that doesn’t give you the right to talk to me like that. I’m boss and you should respect me as such, understand?” I asked, prior to hitting the desk. She crossed her arms, calmly walked around it and stopped in front of me. “Oh, yeah? Why don’t you start respecting me? All you do is boss me around: go fetch this, fix that, and you took the cake when seriously asked me to lend that one chick a tampon. You never thank me and my paycheck is a joke. And to add insult to injury: you treat me like your slave, rather than an employee.” “Now anymore, you’re fired, hussy!” I yelled, pointing out the door. “Pack your shit and get out.” Suddenly, a single tear flowed down her left cheek. “Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Green. Please don’t fire me, I need this job.” I looked right into her eyes for a moment in silence. “I won’t, Brooke, but you are on thin ice. Do you read me?” “Yes.” I stayed silent and nodded for a few seconds. “So, I do need to discipline you? As soon as you find out I’m serious, you decide to drop your defensive shit and plead to me not to fire you?” She failed to answer me, but sparked more tears. ‘Damn, she found my kryptonite,’ I thought before I came to her. “May I hug you?” She nodded and wrapped her arms around me. “I’m sorry, Mr. Green. I didn’t mean any of that.” ‘Liar.’ I thought before I returned the favor. porno hikayeler “It is fine, but I just want you to see me as your boss. I’m sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable when I fuck the women that come through here or ask you to run errands.” After a moment, we let of each other, but her head was down. ‘Oh, that gave me a hard on.’ “Well, I have to go out to meet a client. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off, and go relax?” I pondered, placing my hands onto her shoulders. “Okay, but I’m not fired?” she cried, bringing her head back up. “No, you aren’t. I was never going to, but I wanted the point to be made, that’s all.” “Okay, thank you.” “I’m gonna go now, I expect you to be gone by time I get back. Tomorrow, you better have a better frame of mind. You can’t talk to your boss like that, regardless of what you think of him.” “I understand.” “Good,” I said before I left the office and went to meet a client. The entire time I thought about what she said. “I guess she does have a point,” I spoke, searching for the client. I found them waving at me, so I sat across from her and put my hand out. “You must be Ms. Hankson,” I greeted her, shaking her hand. “Yes, hello, Mr, Green. I want to press charges against my boss, because he felt it necessary to grab my boobs.” ‘Maybe I do have a floozy obsession. This one has big boobs and long blonde hair. She is very pretty and skinny too,’ I thought, looking at her as she spouted off her sob story. Whether I wanted to or not, my eyes glanced down at her breasts. ‘Well, on the other hand, maybe having Brooke show that crack might help. Who knows, but maybe I should apologize. She was just showing off two very nice parts of her body, just like this woman.’ “I’m sorry, I gotta go,” I told her before I got up and ran. “What about my lawsuit?” she asked. I stopped about ten feet away and peeked back at her. “Chicky, you have your tits out on display as if you are a stripper,” I reminded her, strolling back towards her. “We’re in a mall in front of three-hundred witnesses and you don’t think to cover up? Just be happy your ‘Incident’ ended with your boss just grabbing them,” I explained, prior to stopping back in front of her. “Take my advice: get over it,” I suggested before I took off. “Asshole!” I heard her yell. I quickly walked towards my car. “I guess no one wants to admit their flaws to someone that calls them out. I’ll set her right,” I said, getting into my car. I made the ten minute trip back to the firm and went up to my floor. “She is sexy, but maybe I was just wanting her to be completely non sexual, so there could not be anything between us,” I theorized, walking down the hall on my floor. Then I made it to my door. “Oh, just like that, Brooke,” I heard a man say. “What the fuck?” I whispered, bringing my hand to my door knob. I turned it and opened the door slightly. “Wow,” I moaned, feeling my heart nearly jumping out of my body. “You bitch to me about fucking my clients here, but you are down on your knees blowing this guy?” I whispered. “Oh, and you are half naked too? You have some nice tits, I’ll give you that. seks hikayeleri Wow, talk about irony.” “Interesting,” I said out loud, opening the door all the way. “What the hell do you think you are doing, Brooke?” I questioned, walking towards them. “I’m so sorry, Mr. Green,” she sobbed, glancing at me. “I thought you’d be gone longer than that. Please don’t fire me,” she pleaded, putting her hands together, but remaining on her knees. The guy pulled up his pants and did them up. “Fuck this, I’m out of here,” he stated, prior to ditching her. He shut the door on his way out, but she didn’t cover herself up. I walked to her and placed my hands on my hips. “Do you have anything to say for yourself? I mean after we had those words not too long ago, I find you half naked, sucking on some guy’s schlong in this office? What if a client, or one of the other partners came in here?” I inquired, putting my arms up. She stood up, stayed silent and failed to look at me. I saw some tears flowing off her cheeks. ‘Fuck, she does have great boobs. A very sexy brunette with nice tits and flat stomach is standing half naked in front of me. I don’t hate this sight.’ “Just please don’t fire me, Mr. Green. I’ll do anything,” she told me, looking at the floor. “Anything?” “Yes, do you want me to have sex with you?” she asked, peeking at me. “No, that would be so unethical,” I objected, shaking my head no. “How could you even ask that, Brooke.” “Then what do you want?” she cried. “Is there something else I can do for you?” I closed my eyes and backed away slightly. “Wait a minute, were you just ready to have sex with me?” “Yes, you are handsome, Mr. Green. I do love your sexy dirty blonde hair.” I scratched my head for a few seconds. “Well, flattery does get you everywhere,” I chuckled, as I peeked back at her knockers. “Now that I see you in just your pink silk panties, you are quite enticing, Brooke. You may call me Buck, by the way.” “That wasn’t my boyfriend by the way, Buck,” she informed me, stepping towards me. She looked up right into my blue eyes as I was about seven inches taller than her. “You are shaking now, Buck. Could that be because you are turned on?” “Are you seducing me to keep your job?” “Are you gonna fire me if we don’t have sex, Buck?” I bit my bottom lip as I struggled to keep my eyes on hers. “Is there a reason why I shouldn’t fire you, Brooke? You’ve mouthed off to me a number of times in the past weeks, shown cleavage and soon after I gave you a half day, I find you giving some guy a blow job in here. Tell me why I shouldn’t fire you?” She brought her hands to my tie. “Well, you don’t want to,” she answered, rubbing her hands with it.  “I don’t?” I chuckled. “How’d you arrive at that conclusion?” “If you did, you would have done so before you left or as soon as you busted me,” she explained before she placed her right hand on my crotch. “Oh, your dick is hard, Mr. Green,” she whispered, bringing her face close to mine. “May I make things up to you?” she pondered, rubbing my pecker. “In order for you not to fire me?” “You just jumped from being worried about to losing your sex hikayeleri job, to being confident that you could offer me sex in order to keep your job.” “Yes, so?” “It just makes me think you are a complicated woman. No one knows that you were having sex with that guy in here?” “No one has a clue, stud,” she replied, grabbing the front of her panties. “Would you like me to take these off, Buck?” “On second thought, maybe you should let that crack out. It seems to suit you.” “If you really think so, then kiss me,” she proposed, closing the gap completely. I grinned for a few seconds before I calmly brought my lips to hers. She brought her hands back to crotch again and rubbed all around it. My palms came onto her stomach, but they slithered up onto her breasts as our make out session progressed. I grabbed onto them. ‘Jackpot.’ After making out for over a minute, my lips lazily came off hers. “Yes, I’d love for you to take off your underwear, Brooke.” “I thought so,” she mentioned, lowering herself to her knees. She stripped out of them, stood back up, and brought her hands back to my pants. “How big are you, Buck?” she wondered, raising her eyebrows. “Why don’t you find out for yourself?” She smiled evilly for a moment and undid my pants. They fell to my feet and my wood poked right out. “Oh, that a nice one, boss. No wonder you have so many sexy females sucking on it all the time,” she moaned, eyeballing it. “It is a pleasurable curse,” I informed her, angling her head back up to me. I kissed her again and brought my hands to her butt. First I caressed it for a moment, but then I lifted her up and had her sit on her desk. I felt her up again. “Wow, these are quite nice. No surgeon could construct these.” “They are all natural c-cups, you horny bastard,” she answered, pushing them up slightly. I squeezed them a bit and cheesed. ‘I had no intention of doing it with her before she called me handsome. Damn, she just knew what buttons to push, and now she is smiling at me lustfully.’ “So, what do you say, Buck. You want to take me for a ride? If you let me keep my job, I promise I’ll be on my best behavior from now on,” she added, covering my hands with hers. “You have a deal, Brooke,” I responded before I kissed her. As we made out, her hands calmly fell to my rod and she grabbed onto it with her right hand. Her left hand landed at the base while the other stroked it slowly. As time progressed, I got closer to her until my legs went right up against the body of the desk, which was metal. As the pressure built up, she fell back on it and I lied on top of her. She wrapped her arms around me and I placed my hands over onto the back of her head. My cock was near her pussy, but it hadn’t entered yet. After making out for three minutes on the desk, her lips came off mine. “We’re pushing shit off my desk.” “It is just papers, and the computer is on the other side. Nothing to worry about, I can still screw my secretary on her desk,” I told her before I kissed her and then reached my schlong. I kept my eyes on hers as I guided it right to her slit. “Are you sure you want to be the slut that fucked her boss?” “Hey!” she growled, slapping my ass. “I’m not a slut, but I get your point, and yes. So fuck me, Buck.” My wood took a dip right into her cherry. “You are on the pill right?” “Yes, because I’m a slut, right?” I positioned my hands onto her arms.

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