18 Mart 2023

Neighbourly Surprise Ch. 06


Ever since Benny moved into his South London apartment a year ago, he has been aware of a pretty woman living in the same development. She looked to be in her mid-30s and was very punctual in her daily leaving and return. He assumed she had a job in the City or, at least, was a professional of some sort. He also noticed that she was always alone and he spent some time planning how to meet her in a relaxed situation. But she seemed always to be in a hurry and never visible except leaving the building or going up to her place.

Then it happened. On a particularly stormy day, as we get in early Summer sometimes, he arrived back home at the same time as she did. And she was drenched, carrying an umbrella blown inside-out by the gale. As she started to climb the four steps to the lobby, she slipped and landed on her knees, on the hard edge of a step. She was bleeding and her leg-clothing was torn: tights or stockings. Benny dashed the two steps to help her. He pressed his own handkerchief onto the wound and almost lifted her into the building. The concierge had seen the accident also, and had a chair ready for her to sit down. She was in tears but seemed to want to get away from the lobby as soon as possible; to her own apartment.

Benny asked her what was her apartment number but she didn’t reply. The concierge said, “Number 2-10; second floor. I’ll help her up there.”

Benny replied, “Let’s do it together. You work the lift and I’ll help her walk.”

And that’s what happened.

Benny carried her shoulder-bag and finally helped her walk or stagger into her apartment, using the key she gave him from her soaked coat pocket. He didn’t notice anything about the apartment but concentrated on getting her to sit comfortably.

“Is there anything I can do for you? Cup of tea or a sticking plaster? I’ve got some at my place – you’re bleeding,” he offered.

“No thank you. Thanks for helping me. I’ll be okay now,” she said and tried to smile.

“Really; I don’t like leaving you in this condition. Call me if you need anything. I’m 405 on the intercom. Call me Benny – Benjamin actually,” he offered again. Also, he was beginning to notice once more her attractive face and shapely legs, despite one that was injured and bleeding into his handkerchief.

“Thank you. I’m Beattie – Beatrice actually. I will call if I need to. I’ll be okay; I’m a big girl now,” she joked as her tears began to dry, “thanks again.”

Benny left and that seemed to be the end of any potential friendship with his neighbour Beatrice.

Much to his surprise, the following evening Beattie called him and said, “Thank you so much for your help yesterday. I’m much better now. Would you like to come down for a coffee and cake; to show my gratitude in a small way?”

Benny jumped at the suggestion and went to 2-10 about 30 minutes later. He didn’t have any preconceptions about the evening but was happy for company. He had lived alone for almost five years, after the break-up of his marriage of 12 years. He and his wife had simply grown apart, lost interest in each other, both looking for a fresh start, no children to worry about, both well established in their careers. His ex-wife had quickly found herself another relationship and seemed happy. Benny, on the other hand, now at the age of 39, had remained alone and lonely, despite a kartal escort few failed attempts to foster female friendships. Consequently, he was nervous about this invitation. Not that it may turn into something more serious; he worried that he’d lost the aptitude for feminine company.

Carrying a bottle of sweet white wine, Benny went to meet Beattie. She let him into her apartment dressed in a loose housecoat, belted at her waist, wearing sandals, and hobbling a little. As he entered, she reached out to him and pulled him into a quick one-cheek kiss. A peck, really. He didn’t reach out to her or hold her in any way; just clung onto the bottle; but noticed her waist inside the belted housecoat. “Nice shape,” he thought to himself; that was one of his favourite feminine attributes and he always observed it especially.

Beattie made proper coffee and provided a carrot cake with creamy topping; with a small plate and a super little cake fork.

Benny held up the fork and smiled, “Don’t see many of these; these days.”

Beattie giggled, “It’s a bit old-fashioned but I like them. Is it okay for you?”

They ate and drank for a few minutes; exchanging information about each other. Beattie works in finance, for a multinational; in the City of London as he had surmised.

Bennie is an engineering consultant for a construction conglomerate: a sort of applied mathematician, in reality. He travelled all over the world to wherever the company was engaged in big projects; and he did the “hard sums” for architects and designers: bridges, tunnels, frameworks, wind forces and so on.

Their conversation wandered on round the location, the accommodation, travel to and from work, their respective possible holiday dates; and so on. They smiled a lot and were comfortable in each other’s company.

Benny felt sufficiently relaxed to ask her about herself.

“Are you alone here?”

Suddenly, Beattie’s face changed. Her eyes filled with tears, her throat seemed to become constricted, she raised both hands to cover her eyes and nose. A single big sob shook her shoulders.

Benny was alarmed, “Beattie, what have I said? I’m sorry if I’ve upset you. Or is your knee hurting you again?”

He moved to the front of his armchair, in case she needed support of some kind.

Beattie took a deep breath and put her hands down, to look at Benny with watery eyes, “I’m sorry. It’s part of my sadness. I live alone and have no family. You don’t want to know all this. I’ll be composed again in a minute. Sorry.”

Benny was at a loss to reply but didn’t want simply to subside into silence.

“Beattie; don’t you have brother or sister or cousins or aunties and uncles?” he asked softly

“No. no one. My parents passed away many years ago and had no other children. They were only children as well; so no cousins. I’m alone but try not to feel sorry for myself. Sorry to lay all this on you. I must seem like a poor sad stranger. Sorry,” she controlled herself to speak and seemed to be recovering her self-control.

“And have you no boy friend or husband?” Benny asked, realising too late how unwise such a question would be.

Beattie once more raised her hands to her face and started sobbing.

“Oh Benny; no man wants me. I’m useless as a woman,” kaynarca escort and she burst into real weeping. Her shoulders shook and she seemed to have difficulty breathing.

Benny slipped off his chair and kneeled next to her legs, and placed one hand on a heaving shoulder. “Beattie, I shouldn’t pry like that. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

Then he took more courage and asked, “Why are you useless as a woman? You’re an attractive woman with a strong career. You seem the opposite of useless, to me.”

Beattie controlled herself again and asked, “Do you really want to know what’s the problem?”

Benny realised that he may be getting too deeply into her problems and her life. And that he would probably be unable to help her; but took courage and replied, “Please Beattie, tell me because I want to understand and maybe help.”

With wet eyes she took a deep breath and said quietly, “Benny, you’re sweet but you can’t help me. No one can. But my problem is gynaecological: I’ve got what is called micro-vaginism. Do you know what that is?”

He had to admit his ignorance, “No, not a clue. What does it mean?”

She continued, “It means that my opening – you know my vagina or cunt or sex-hole – is too small to allow anything to penetrate. It’s called MRKH, for short – I don’t know what that stands for. Even doctors can get only their thinnest probes into me. So a physical relationship is impossible for me. No sex, no children, no family. Now do you see my situation? Sorry to burden you with this, Benny.”

At that, she burst into tears again; proper sobbing, with trembling shoulders.

From his kneeling position, Benny reached out and held her upper arms gently, as if to still her trembling.

“Beattie, you’re a lovely woman and I wish I could be helpful. You must not be alone; so let’s be friends and neighbours. You call me whenever you want some company and we’ll go out together sometimes. What do you say? No promises, no commitments, no expectations from me. Shall we try that? I’m alone too, for different reasons. Your company would do me good. Yes?”

Beattie steadied herself, looked straight into his eyes and said, “You’re a real saint Benny. Thank you. Yes, we’ll try at being a couple but you know – we both know – there can be no naughty benefits. Yes, we’ll try,” and she smiled for the first time.

At that, she leaned across to him, kneeling as he was, took his face in her hands and kissed him quickly on the lips.

And that is as far as it seemed to go. A platonic friendship with sociable visits and interesting excursions from time to time. Benny admitted to himself that he was disappointed because he’d first noticed Beattie from her figure and legs, her intelligent face and her personal organisation. Any intentions he had of getting to know her much better seemed to have gone out the window.

They did some London visiting together: theatres, museums, art galleries, parks. And some further afield to the coast and ancient castles. It turned out that Beattie had a history minor in her education and was quite knowledgeable about the distant past in England and Britain. They held hands, or she put her arm through his, when they were walking together. They kissed in a brother-sister sort of way whenever they met kozyatağı escort or parted.

Then, of course, it happened one day; after some months and as the season was changing from Summer to Autumn. Just as Benny was starting to question in himself the nature and purpose of this friendship, Beattie said to him, “I really like you Benny. I’ve come to think of myself as your woman. Isn’t that strange? I hope you don’t mind.”

Benny was startled for a moment and didn’t reply. They were walking in a green London park, when Beattie moved ahead of him, stood in front of him, took his hands and pressed them into her waist; and said clearly to his face, “Maybe there’ll be no shagging, but there are other ways to please each other. If you want me, that is.”

This was a total, utter and complete shock to Benny and he contemplated what to answer. Whilst he was deciding what to say, he squeezed a little further into her waist and could tell that Beattie was wearing some form of firm shape wear. This woman was offering herself to him and her body in every part except the usual “way of entrance.”

He pulled her to him, and held her close so that he could feel her breasts against his ribs and her head on his shoulder. And she let herself be held and squeezed against him.

Instantly, he thought to himself, “Why not? There are many ways to enjoy a woman. And many ways to please her. She’s got shape, and a mouth and a throat, and a rectum and hands. Why not?”

Outside his control, his erection began to build and press against Beattie’s abdomen.

Immediately he felt disgust at himself for harbouring such thoughts about this vulnerable but “forward” woman. Beattie seemed to sense his dilemma. She pressed her body against his erection and raised her face to speak, “Everything else you want from me is available. Here and now. Whatever it is. I’m already your woman in my mind and in my heart. Will you take me?”

“Yes, Beattie,” he replied, “I’d be very very happy to be your man and you must train me to please you as well; in the ways that you like. Will you do that? This is a two-way deal, yes?”

They both grinned at each other and kissed properly: lips open, tongues, teeth and throats. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he around her waist and chest.

Again, she backed off a little and looked up into his face, with a broad grin, “After all, consider our names; our initials. B-and-B. What does that mean to you?”

Benny put on a thinking face and then asked, “Bed and breakfast?”

“Exactly,” she replied with wide-open eyes, “so now that’s as it should be for Benjamin and Beatrice.”

They both laughed out loud in the park and other visitors saw and heard: but BandB didn’t care. Now they had a deal.

From that day, that night actually, their lives together were different. Over the coming months, they explored and investigated each other in depth – literally. Although Beatrice was basically an innocent in all matters sexual, she was willing and eager to learn. And Benjamin brought all his marital experience to play; plus a lot of research into the MRKH problem; plus new ways to give pleasure to a mature woman making herself available for the first time.

They discovered anal sex, of course, and deep throat. Beattie’s penchant for tight foundation underwear gave a boost to their explorations and got taken much further. Very much further. Dilation “treatment” to her vagina became a steady and effective process, which led to many side-benefits for both of them involving “plugs” of various sorts and sizes. Vibrations and pulsing devices became a discovery plan for them both.

But those are topics for later Parts to their story.

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