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Subject: Nephew Plays Horsey Chapter 4 Nephew Plays Horsey Nifty provides a vast resource of adult literature with thousands of stories to suit all tastes. Please consider making a donation no matter how small to keep this archive free. http://donate./ This story is a work of fiction, all characters have no bearing or resemblance to anyone living or dead. This story contains sexual situations and is intended for adults only, if you are below legal age or are offended by sexual acts between an adult and minor children or you kare prohibited from reading such matter then please leave now. WICKR: mortdeamour Email: ail Nephew Plays Horsey M/b Incest Chapter 4 I was running Bens bath and he was waiting, watching as the bubbles crept closer to the top of the tub and blowing them and laughing hysterically, as they lifted in the air. As he stood there laughing he then began jumping up and down holding on to the rim of the bath, his little cocklett bouncing with him. The tiny inch and a half piece of flesh looked edible just like those soft mounds of his ass, with its now we’ll used cunt hidden within. I turned the taps off, picked him up under the arms and cuddled him close to me, my chest hair rubbing over him making him giggle. His small ass fit into just one of my hands and whilst holding him I let my middle finger slide in between the cleft and slip into that well used hole. I began to kiss him, our lips met and my tongue entered his mouth, he tasted so sweet, of cock ass and cum. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and we explored each other. He sighed as I felt around I his hole and found that magic button that made his spike begin to harden, its hardness poked into my breast bone and he was flexing it. Pulling back from our kiss, I spoke softly to him `You want some more tingles little man?’ I asked him. He looked at me and grinned and nodded rapidly. I took him to the toilet, lowered the stool lid and stood him on it, I crouched down low. I spread my legs nice and wide and my cock was stood proud at about an 90° angle, I leant my head in to that hairless groin and swallowed his cocklett and balls in one mouthful. I used my tongue to work all around the boy flesh in my mouth, Ben placed his hands on the top of my head for stability. Who ever said boy sex was wrong has no idea as the şişli travesti little fucker naturally began to pound my face and was loving it, he was in absolute ecstasy he was so enjoying it, his eyes closed tightly concentrating. I had my fingers, three of them, working in his sloppy cunt, as he pulled back ready to thrust again they slid in deep to my hand. His once tight hole was now just a hole for what ever man’s cock I decided to let fill it. I was so turned on that my cock was drooling snot over the linoleum a thick rope from my piss slit to the floor, I let his balls slide from my mouth and worked his tiny shaft, I pulled back his tight foreskin, and his pink knob head glistened with my saliva. I let it slide back over the glans and plunged my tongue in to it searching all around sending tingles through his tiny body, he cried out in pleasure as I made repeated passes over his piss slit. Timing it with working his prostate, pleasure was burning through his veins like molten lava. His thrusting was growing so intense I had to now hold his hips as he was getting so wild to keep him fro toppling off the toilet. His boygasam was building, the rhythm of his pounding was becoming erratic, his groin hitting my face harder, I could hear his breath coming in short gasps. Then it hit him, his hips met my mouth and I suckled his cocklett for all I was worth go this child, this boy my nephew was having the most intense feeling he could have. He moaned and sighed and nearly collapsed as the violently explosive boygasam took him over. `That good little man?’ I asked him his chest still heaving, his heart pounding I licked the softening cocklett and he shuddered and pulled back so it as away from my mouth. It was so sensitive, I wanted to eat his ass so badly but now my legs were cramping, `you’ve had your tingles so now it’s my turn for tingles’ I told him.’ `Turn around and place your hands on the cistern.’ Once he was in position I then also had him put his right leg up with it. His ass crack opened and there was his pink and puffy cunt, a small gap with cum and lube shining in the halogen lights of the bathroom. It was so moist and my own cock was so wet with precum and his cunt so loose and lubed with our previous loads that I just pushed the purple knob head in through his tiny anus. I don’t think beylikdüzü travesti I could fuck a woman again after this tiny boys pussy, it was so tight and hot. I let my length glide in pushing just with my hips holding him steady at his own hips. He groaned as my fat mushroom head passed over his tiny prostate, but still I went deeper. Once I was imbedded in this small child I pulled out again slowly watching his sphincter drag backwards on my cock as it exited the tiny hole. Only for me to repeat it faster, back and forth the muscle dragged over the veins of my meat. I licked my fingers and began to work his cocklett again, gently rubbing, timing my two fingers movements with my thrusting hips. He hardened up again, the resilience of children I envied as he grew he shuddered from the still highly sensitive cock head but I carried on. There wasn’t a lot of cocklett to rub but what he had I luxuriated on but he was the best fuck I’ve ever had. I wanted to watch my meat in his cunt, I stood him up and placed my hands around his thighs gripping him. I lifted him up, but so he was now in a seated position his legs open wide with my cock still sunk in his cunt. I took him to the bathroom door with its full length mirror, I watched my cock gliding in and out of his pussy as I pumped him. My meat looked like a huge log buried in his tiny pussy, my balls swinging freely, how could a hole that small expand so, I wondered. He looked so tiny held in my arms, so pale and white against my fading summer tan and dark chest hair. He was framed in a man halo of masculinity, there was no doubt it was a man and a boy fucking. As I watched his hole stretched as I repeatedly pounded it, I saw a small amount of white foam was now forming around his hole as I pumped in and out, Alex’s and my previous loads frothing up from the intense pounding Bens hole was getting. I let one of his legs hover and flop as I wiped my fingers around his pussy scooping up the creamy goodness and brought my fingers to his mouth and he hungrily sucked on them. He was turning in to a nasty little cum piggy, I was wondering what other depravities I could think up for him to feast on. I moved back to the bath and before sitting down on the rim I gently I turned him round so he was facing me, like my cock was a giant cork screw and istanbul travesti his ass the bottle. I held him close, placed a hand behind his head and guided him to my nipple and he began to chew. The fleshy nub was hard and the sensations this kid was giving me was un-fucking-believable I felt my cock swell even more from the stimulation. He feet were now on either side of me resting on the bath, sitting there with my nephew sunk on my meat I knew what I wanted him to do. So now I got my hands under those soft white mounds and lifted him up and then let his weight drop him back down, I lifted him again he slid slowly up and then down my shaft whilst chewing my nipple. The ache was starting to grow in my balls again, I hadn’t cum this much in ages, but the little man deserved it. I wanted to fuck him faster but I let him draw it out of me slowly, I clenched tight trying to hold back. God it felt good, like petroleum had replaced my blood and someone had tossed a match, a whump as all the air was sucked out of the room and the fire shot throughout my whole body. My balls tightened up, and fired what little seed they had up my shaft, which expanded exploding out the purple knob buried deep in Bens warm guts. So intense was the feelings of pleasure coming from our joined bodies I almost lost my balance and ended up in the tub. My toes had curled and I still couldn’t unclench anything on my body, my cock was the epicentre of a seismic orgasam from this small boys ass. I’ve never experienced anything of the like before, where even now the pleasure is still rippling through me. A fatigue washed over me and I knew I had to get him and myself to bed, I was determined that tomorrow we’d start early again, Alex I knew would love some more of Bens hot cunt, maybe I could get him over here on the pretext of doing some d.i.y for me. I thought of who else would like some boy pussy, and one name came to mind. If Alex wasn’t interested my mate and I could spit roast Ben between us and make a good session of it, But for now I needed to get out of him and get him cleaned up and in my bed. Well he wasn’t sleeping in his, if I awoke a little horny I could always slide him down the bed and fuck his face cunt. But that was for later. I withdrew my cock and a splat of cum hit the floor. I stood and then stood Ben on the rim of the bath, I looked at his cunt, it was so red and puffy. I was happy with my days work, now it was time to soothe him and get him rested. He’d need to recuperate, after all tomorrow was another day. Check out my other fty//gay/incest/daddys-nanny-cam

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