14 Mart 2023

Never Knew what was Next Door


I was having Chrissy over for dinner. Chrissy is tall, thin, attractive brunette. We were just friends, but to be more accurate I should say I was deep in the friend zone with her. I was never good with girls and so I got used to her getting with other guys while keeping me as her friend. Over time Chrissy has confessed to me multiple times she’s primarily into athletic black men, as some sort of taboo thing or something, so I didn’t really think I was ever going to get anywhere with her anyway. She’d only admit it when drunk when I first knew her, but she was more comfortable telling me now. She’d tell me about her encounters, and I’d masturbate later picturing her with them.

She came over for dinner, and brought some vegetables with her. As usual, we had a decent time, and she ended up leaving shortly after. I walked her outside to her car, and just at that moment the neighbor, John was pulling up his driveway. I told Chrissy, “this is John, my neighbor,” and to John, “and this is Chrissy, she came over for dinner.” John works late normally, so I guess they had never met each other.

Chrissy interjected, “a friendly dinner night,” and let out a hushed chuckle.

John said, “nice to meet you Chrissy. I thought I’ve seen you around before, just didn’t know who you were”

Chrissy said, “all three of us could have dinner next time.” I knew John was Chrissy’s exact type.

“Thanks, but you eat dinner early”, John laughed and went inside, with Chrissy blushing. She got into her car and left.

About a week or so went by, and Chrissy called, “do you want to do dinner tonight?”

“Sure,” I said.

“All right, I’ll bring extra for John!” Chrissy quickly responded.

“Oh, all right sounds good,” I added quickly, mildly surprised.

Chrissy came over. She was looking sexier than ever in a skirt and blouse. Normally she’d just wear a jeans, if not pajamas and a tee shirt. I would never admit this to Chrissy, but I was definitely going to be masturbating to seeing her in those clothes later on. She had brought over plenty extra foo. However John had not been home all day which made her a little disappointed and so she didn’t say much, and honestly it made me a little jealous. But towards the end of our meal, we heard a car door slam next door. She asked, “is that John?”

“Don’t know,” I said, and as soon as I said that Chrissy got up and looked out the window.

Chrissy went to the door and yelled, “we have some extra food if you want to come over.”

I couldn’t quite hear the response, but I think he said something along the lines of giving him a few minutes.

She came back to the table, and started preparing a plate for him. “He’ll be over in a minute,” she said.

“All right, looks like we have plenty,” I said. I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t show up in a way, but I didn’t want to have Chrissy around only if she’s going to be hoping for him to come constantly. Already the third wheel.

He knocked on the door, both Chrissy and I got up, but she got to the door quicker and opened it. “Come in,” she happily said. She pulled out the chair for him.

“Wow, I didn’t expect all this,” John said as they both sat down. On face value he was talking about the food, but he looked at what Chrissy was wearing, and I know he was referring to what she was wearing as well, but didn’t want to embarrass her by mentioning that directly.

He just started eating right away. Chrissy asked some small talk questions, such as where he works, how he likes the area, etc., and he just answered them plainly. Meanwhile I felt awkward.

Chrissy explained, “Dan and I have been good friends for a while, he’s there whenever I need him.” I hated hearing it, but it was true. Chrissy was aware that I was into her sexually, but I don’t think she realized it bothered me to hear her say things like that around guys.

John asked, “is that right?” I think knowing full well I’d probably sleep with her in a heartbeat if I had a chance, but that she was his if he wanted.

“She’s just around me for my kitchen skills,” I responded, which caused a little laughter.

Towards the end of the meal, I mentioned, “how about a movie or something?”

They took me up on my offer. John added however, “let me get my cell phone just in case work calls or something first, I’ll be real quick.”

Chrissy reacted with, “can you give me a tour of your house real quick since you have to go there anyway?”

John hesitated, “uh, sure, we’ll be right back.” He haramidere escort looked at me in the eye for a second, both of us well aware of what may be about to happen.

Chrissy uttered, “you smell good,” to John as they left, and I watched them walk to his house through the window. I was sort of jealous, but from Chrissy’s looks and knowing what she may be doing, I had the hardest dick I’ve had in a long time. Once I could see they were both in his house, I went straight to the bathroom and masturbated fervently. I came pretty quick and felt a little pathetic afterwards, but oh well. I cleaned myself up and ended up just sitting there waiting for 20 minutes. I think everyone got off in that time span.

They came back, “he showed me how his Roomba vacuum worked. That thing is neat,” she said right away.

I blurted out, “it sucks, right?” I tried making an awkward vacuum joke. I realized there may be another meaning to the word suck in their context and my face turned red for a second, but they laughed anyway so I tried not to think about it.

We watched the movie, I don’t think anyone really cared for it or could even remember what it was. There was this strange feeling in the room. When it got to the point where the credits were about to be rolled, John said, “time to hit the sack. Good night y’all.”

“Good night,” Chrissy and I echoed simultaneously. Chrissy walked with John to the door and he left.

Chrissy looked at me like I was supposed to say something, and she just said, “he’s a great guy, right? Do you mind if I sleep here tonight?”

This was the third or fourth time she had done that, not a big deal. “Sure, bed is ready for you,” I said.

She interrupted, “I’d like to sleep in the bed with you, we can just sleep with our clothes on” she nervously replied.

“Uh, alright, are you tired right now?” I asked as my heart beat just jumped.

“Yeah,” she answered.

I turned off the lights in the rest of the house except for the bedroom.

She got into the bed on top of the covers, watching me as I turned off the light. I then got into the bed beside her, trying to clearly respect her boundary. But then she rubbed my chest, and start move towards me. “Dan, you find me attractive, right?”

“Well yeah, why?” I asked, hoping this would lead somewhere, as unexpected as it is.

“Would you do oral? I’ve been meaning to get off,” she shyly said. I couldn’t believe she’d doubt that I’d do her orally.

I wanted to be careful how I worded this, so I kind of muttered this, “did you do something with John to make you horny, or…”

“No, well, we didn’t have sex or anything, well do you really want to know?” she asked, impatiently.

“Yeah, especially if I’m going to be going down on you,” I answered a little more assertively.

“Don’t worry about that, I wouldn’t do that to you, but I did give him a blowjob, and he was huge.” She said that last part as though she were speaking to herself and forgot I was there. My heart sunk a little, but I knew I shouldn’t have been surprised. “You know me,” she added.

“All right, just no kisses from you then,” I tried to joke around with my corny humor. My dick was already hard again despite having just masturbated a couple years prior to this. The lust in her voice was overwhelming but I certainly didn’t have anything I could impress her with.

“Why didn’t you stay the night with him?” I asked.

“Well I’m not that bad! I barely know him,” she giggled.

I wasn’t sure if this would make me anymore likely to ever have a chance with her, but this was going to be the furthest I’d ever been with her so I decided to go with it. I could feel she was about to say something else and I could feel the mood to change, so I immediately started to slide toward the bottom of the bed. I put my hands on her ass under the skirt, first time I had ever got to feel it, and I squeezed. She seemed a little peeved at that, and pushed my head into her. I slid her panties off the bed.

I tried licking her inner thigh areas and the few beads of sweat around there too a little in the beginning to get her more excited and make it more intimate. I started licking the best I could, and moving my tongue around her clitoris. I’m not a pro at this by any means, I just went with whatever I could hear, whenever she stopped moaning I’d try a different plan of attack with my tongue. I penetrated her with my tongue and everything. “Would you find it içerenköy escort hot if I went there and had rough sex with him?” she asked, moaning.

“Yeah,” I answered honestly. She squeezed her breasts constantly, and I thinks he reached a mild a mild orgasm. She pulled her skirt down back to its normal position, and motioned for me to get back beside her. I felt a little emasculated not getting anything in return, but I would probably have enjoyed doing this for her every day.

She left the next morning without mentioning it, other than “thanks for letting me stay last night, I enjoyed it.” I was hoping she’d mention what we did, but I didn’t want to bring it up myself. In my mind I wanted it to go further, though I know I was hoping for something that would never happen. Either way I thought she may not be coming over as much after this, but who knows.

A few days went by both with that on my mind, and her being with John on my mind. Out of the blue one day, after just getting home from work, John came out to greet me. “Hey, mind if we talk inside for a minute?”

“Sure,” I answered, unsure of where this was going. I followed him into his home.

He said, “I know you and Chrissy are good friends. I just want to make sure you’re cool with what happened.”

“Right,” I answered, not sure if he knows that I know what happened.

“She could barely get it in her mouth,” he laughed, while confirming he does know.

“Yeah right,” I laughed in response, unsure of what to say from here.

“Don’t believe me? I’ll give you a peak,” he said with a friendly smile.

I became nervous hearing that, but intrigued just how large it could be. I pictured Chrissy being here eager to see it, and wanted to know what she found so hot. I hesitated, and didn’t say anything. He noticed that and apparently took it as his cue, and stood up and proceeded to pull down his pants and boxers together. We were sitting diagonally from each other, but he took a step closer to make himself more prominent in front of me. Out came the most enormous cock I had ever seen. I’ve barely seen anything like that in porn, but it’s so different seeing one so large in person anyways. My mouth opened a little at the surprise.

“You can see why she was in awe,” he boasted.

“It’s so huge,” I finally admitted. I felt weird staring at it in a way but I was mesmerized by it. He grabbed it in his hand and lifted it so I could appreciate it a little better.

I felt my own dick get hard and adjusted myself a little, and I think he noticed this. “Like what you see? Why don’t you try holding it?” he offered.

I didn’t know where he intended this to lead. I didn’t think he’d be the type to ever have anyone but a sexy girl holding his penis. I reached for it with both hands, and grabbed the base of it with one hand and the rest with my other. I gave it a little tug. John moved a little closer so I wasn’t reaching out quite as much, and it was now pretty close to my face. I was intensely turned on as I had rarely ever been before.

“Chrissy said she suspected you might be willing, if you got a little encouragement,” he said. I was embarrassed but surprised too.

I lifted it to see his balls, and at this point I almost instinctively started to stroke his penis. I wanted to, but I didn’t know how he’d react. I had never even had a remotely considered actually doing this with a guy before, and here I am. I realized I probably had this fantasy in the back of my head all this time and was just living it through Chrissy.

“Go ahead, I know what you want to do,” he said looking me in the eyes.

My heart was pounding. I didn’t anticipate this at all, but I was very into it. I wanted to be fully immersed in it, but wasn’t quite sure where the boundaries were. While I still held it up, I leaned forward to kiss his balls. Then I started swirling my tongue around them.

“There you go,” he said calmly.

I looked up at him, and then back at the target of my tongue. I tried sucking on them, kissing them, everything, until finally I felt the courage to lick up the length of his dick and try to get his head in my mouth. I got part of it in my mouth, and moved my head around it and started bobbing my head back and forth, while keeping my hands in the same rhythm.

He pulled away a little, and started to sit down besides me, while I got on the floor on my knees in front of him. I was so hard myself from this that the friction in my innovia escort pants from going to the couch to the floor almost made me cum. I started licking up and down his dick with ease. He pushed my head towards his balls so I started licking them again, while now he started stroking himself. He started speeding up, and said, “hope you’re ready,” as he pointed the tip of his penis lower. I took that as an indication to open my mouth for him. I opened, and placed it just at the tip of the head ready to catch everything. I heard him grunt, and a moment later I felt hot, salty semen enter my mouth one gush after another. I swallowed everything that came out. He continued to stroke it for a few seconds, and I continued to get as much of his head in my mouth to catch any last few drops. I could feel it soften, and we stopped together.

“Been a while since I’ve gotten head from a white boy, I didn’t wasn’t sure if you’d be up for that,” he said.

“How’d I do compared to Chrissy?” I laughed, asking nervously.

“Not bad, you just don’t have the experience.”

“Take off your clothes, relax,” he said. “I want to see what else you got.”

I did as he instructed. I stood up, and one by one took everything off. I felt a little uncomfortable, and he stood up with me and swirled his tongue around my nipples for a moment. The stimulation felt pleasant. Then I pulled down my boxers and he said, “turn around.” He had his hands on my hips but let go with his right hand and he put a finger in his mouth. Then he inserted that finger into me. I had my left hand on his left hand. I bent over a little to make it easier, and spread my ass with my right hand. It felt so magical, though I craved much more. He thrusted it in and pulled it out, repeatedly. With his left hand he started rubbing my ass all over.

“Like it?” he asked.

“Definitely,” I said, kind of hypnotized by his big hands on my body. “You feel so good,” I added. He was very gentle, for this being my first time and all with a guy, and a rather hung one at that. I didn’t want to say anything but I wanted it bad, I wanted him to ravage me. It didn’t occur to me my dick was as hard as could be but got no attention, but I was perfectly fine with that. I got off by being part of him getting off. He pulled his finger out and wrapped his hands around me, I felt his soft penis rubbing against my ass, and his body enveloping me from behind. I grinded my ass against his penis. I heard a little chuckle.

He kissed my neck a little. So I reached between my legs and pulled his penis through them a little, and moved my hips back and forth. I could feel it start to get hard again.

I turned around and got on my knees. While it was still semi-soft, I tried to get more of it in my mouth than I could before, but to no avail. And soon enough it was completely hard again, and I couldn’t even get the whole head in my mouth.

“Yeah, you like that? Want more?”

“I do,” I answered. This was a feeling I had never felt before, a cock craving slut or something.

“Bend over on the couch,” he ordered. I did so, while watching him get some stuff out of a drawer in the coffee table. From what I could tell it was a condom and some lube. He put the condom on himself, with me anxiously waiting. And then spread the lube over that, and dabbed a little on my asshole. I felt kind of nervous at this point, just anticipating some possible pain. I didn’t want to say anything because I was so eager to experience it though. “Relax,” he said.

I looked forward. I felt his body behind me. He put one hand on my hip, and the other hand I think was guiding his penis towards me. I spread my ass with my hands for him. I felt the tip rub against my ass and move right to the asshole, and with a slight push, it was in. I felt a surge of both pleasure and pain. He seemed to pause for a moment so I could adjust to the stretching, and then started to thrust himself into me. I was overcome with pleasurable sensations from the motions. He went faster and faster. I moaned involuntarily with pleasure. I had never felt so intensely stimulated.

He re-assured me, “it won’t hurt as much next time.”

It did hurt, but it made me happy inside to hear him say “next time.”

He started going real fast, and his balls were slapping mine a little. I heard him make some noises, and then could feel the sudden pulses in me. I didn’t cum, but never the less I felt a glow during that moment.

He pulled himself out of me as I stood back up and turned around. We kissed each other quickly, and then put our clothes back on.

“Looks like Chrissy has some competition,” he said with a chuckle.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I’ve never done anything like that.”

“I know, but I bet it won’t be your last,” he responded.

“Definitely,” I said. I don’t know how I’m going to tell Chrissy.

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