13 Eylül 2022



My man Roger and I are in our mid-forties and have had sexual adventures that many people would be envious of: some incredulous of even.

Around once a month I love having a second man to pleasure me, before I pleasure him while my man watches, and often he will pleasure my man: oral sex only – no intercourse is the rule. To be fair to my man we share another female sometimes, which we both enjoy.

Today, a sunny, lazy Sunday afternoon we are suntanning naked, though I am wearing my watch, on our patio.

“Magic sex last night baby, you really are a wonderful lover. And a brilliant fuck,” Roger tells me as he smears my body with tanning lotion.

“Glad you liked it, you know I am to pleasure and be pleasured sexually. Right now I would love to watch you masturbate for me. And I will do the same for you. If you can last for twenty-minutes I will squirt for you. One of your kinky turn ons, and mine.”

I am multi-orgasmic and watching Roger tease his thick, oily, eight-inch erection with his fingertips as I tease my cunt lips and extended clit with a fingertip has me close to orgasm in a just few minutes.

“We are due for a third person in our sex life soon baby, very soon,” I groan as I orgasm at the thought of a new sexual encounter.

“What type of person would you like next time baby?” I ask as I continue to enjoy teasing the full length my cunt lips with a fingertip as Roger watches and teases his raging erection.

“We have never had a woman with a slim body and really good firm, big tits. Would you like that? I would.”

“Make it happen, I haven’t had another woman for months.”

“Glad you like the idea baby. She can pleasure you first, then you can blow me while I kiss and lick the nipples on her big tits. You love an audience and you like showing off your talents while another woman watches.”

Usually after four or five orgasms I am ready to squirt but I want to tease my man – and myself – by making him wait twenty minutes.

However, watching him stroke his big thick cock and visualizing the women – and men – I have watched sucking it and blowing him, usually after they have pleasured me, has me up to four orgasms in twelve minutes: I love to time myself.

Roger is teasing his nipples as he does kegels with his cock to slow himself down as he tells me, “I am determined to last twenty-minutes for you baby so you can squirt for me.”

“Not sure if a can last that long,” I moan as I am on the edge of a huge orgasm, my fifth for this session and I am ready to squirt, I can barely hold back.

“Don’t make me wait, cum with me now, right now,” I tell Roger as I squirt in huge spasms and watch him groan and shudder as he blows a huge load for me.

Exactly one week later Suzi is due to visit us. In the lead up to her visit Roger informed me she was a little younger than us, honey blond, spoke with a soft German accent, a slim body and really good firm, big tits.

As we showered together after trimming each other’s pubic hair so that we both have a long identical patch over our sex I asked Roger what should we wear to greet escort kocaeli Suzi.

“Less is always more baby, flaunt your ass for Suzi and me,” he tells me as he towels me dry and kisses and licks my ass and puts his hand between my legs and teases my cunt lips with a fingertip.

When Suzi arrives Roger is wearing only very tight jeans which highlights his tanned, muscular body. I am wearing heels, an unbuttoned white silk shirt and a pair of tight leather slacks with no back so that my ‘gorgeous round ass’ to quote Roger is totally exposed. And I feel excited as I we are both about to have a new sexual experience.

After brief introductions while Roger and I admired Suzi’s outfit, heels, skin tight black silk slacks and matching blouse, unbuttoned enough to highlight her cleavage with a gold chain with a pendant in there, Suzi took the initiative.

“I have heard lots of good things about you two, especially you Sarah and I want to experience mutual sexual pleasure with both of you. Your blow job technique is legendary, I want to watch you in action.

“I think this is why I am here,” she smiles as she undoes the buttons on her blouse, then opens it slowly as she has her hands all over me while she tongue kisses me, which I eagerly respond to.

As her hands reach my naked ass I can sense her surprise as she turns me around to look.

“Your ass looks sensational, I want it,” she murmurs as she kneels and kisses both cheeks.

“I love watching while I wait for my turn baby,” I can hear Roger moaning as he slides out of his jeans and teases his erection.

The sight of Suzi’s magnificent, full, firm tits in all the mirrors has a surprising effect on me; they really are something special. Very special I muse as she teases her nipples with her fingertips and I watch them respond.

In all my bisexual experiences I had never had such magnificent tits to ogle and pleasure and was determined to pleasure Suzi to the max.

The feel of her nipples on mine as we tongue kiss is sexual bliss for me.

“Love the way you are licking my nipples, love it,” she whispers as they become long and hard with Roger licking one and me the other.

“Your ass really is sensational, especially with those heels, I want it,” she tells me again as she kneels and kisses both cheeks as she slides my tight leather slacks with no back to the floor and I step out of them.

“Now your other side, love the way you trim your cunt, same as me,” she murmurs as she parts my legs and teases my cunt lips with her tongue with her hands on my ass.

I love having my cunt licked while standing, this time is magic as I ogle her tits and big nipples.

“Like that do you Sarah?,” she asks rhetorically as she digs her nails into my ass and I arch my body forward to maximize the double pleasure she is providing, her tongue on my cunt lips and her erect nipples touching on my legs.

“I love watching while I wait for my turn baby,” I can hear Roger moaning again as I watch him teasing his erection.

Minutes later I am sitting on my man’s face as he holds my ass and licks and teases kocaeli anal yapan escort my cunt lips to perfection while I am kissing and licking the best pair of tits either of us has ever had as I watch in the mirrors on three sides and the ceiling.

Suzi is standing in front of me and we have our hands on each other’s arms while I enjoy licking her very erect nipples.

“Your ability to multi-orgasm is legendary Sarah, love it, keep going,” she tells me as I shudder and cum again – I have lost count by now.

“Your man has a raging erection, he really is very well hung and he can see us in the ceiling mirror.

Within minutes I am up to what must be orgasm number seven or eight.

“Your man has a raging erection, he really is very well hung and he can see us in the ceiling mirror,” Suzi repeats.

“Pleasure me Sarah while I suck your man’s big cock,” she tells me as she lays on the bed with her head over the end so Roger can feed his roaring erection into her mouth while he ogles her tits with his hands all over them.

“I love having my cunt licked while I am sucking a huge cock,” Suzi manages to tell us as Roger is feeding his cock into her mouth.

“Do you like licking my cunt while I have your man’s cock in my mouth while he is licking my tits Sarah?”

“Yes I do, very much, I want to pleasure you with my tongue.”

I am very competitive and determined to bring her to orgasm at least once while she is pleasuring my man.

Suzi is very receptive to my tongue on her very wet cunt lips as she wraps her legs around me and manages to tell me, “Pillow under my ass, pillow,” as Roger re-positions himself.

I can see Roger reinserting his erection into her very willing pursed lips, a real turn on as I am about to resume licking her cunt, as I adjust the pillow.

“Love watching you licking Suzi baby while she is sucking my cock,” Roger groans as he starts to breath very heavily.

At the same moment Suzi’s whole body trembles as she cums, once, twice three times on my tongue as Roger is screaming, “So good, so fucking good.”

In the afterglow the three of us are splashing around and teasing each other’s naked bodies in our large shower area.

“I want to enjoy watching you blow your man Sarah, your skills are legendary. Can Roger get it up again for you?” Suzi asks as I ready myself to do just that for him.

Roger loves me giving him a golden shower, just as I do, it is an absolute turn on for him and a sure way of giving him a second erection in one session.

“On your back on the floor baby, you know what’s coming. Do you want it?” I tease as I kneel above his groin area as Suzi watches intently.

“Can I do that for him as well?” Suzi asks as I slowly release my golden shower, then pour over him as he achieves a raging erection.

“Kiss my tits for me Sarah while I do it,” Suzi whispers as she kneels above his erection.

“Do you really want this from me?” Suzi teases slowly before she unleashes a huge torrent on him much to his delight.

While Roger is izmit yabancı escort showering Suzi is tongue kissing me and teasing my cunt lips with her fingertip which I am enjoying.

“Watch, this will really get it up twice for you,” Suzi tells Roger as he reappears as she lays me on the bed and kisses her way down from from my lips, nipples and then my cunt lips.

“Awesome baby,” is all he can say.

“Now you Roger, I want to watch Sarah blow you while you kiss my tits.”

Roger is wearing a tiny leather, crotch-less g-string and flaunting his second erection of the afternoon for two women as Suzi watches him fit his black leather cock ring and fasten it under his balls.

“Your cock looks awesome wearing that, a huge visual turn on for me,” Suzi smirks and I agree as I am about to pleasure it.

I love an audience, be it male or female, and their turn on watching me sucking and draining a huge cock The thought of Suzi watching while I pleasure my man while he licks the ‘best tits I have ever had,” has me determined to make this occasion special.

Roger is sitting on a chair ogling Suzi’s naked body and her tits in particular as I kneel and lick the underside of his erection as I push it into his stomach.

“He is hung isn’t he, must be eight inches and thick,” Suzi whispers as she stands behind Roger and teases his nipples.

“Yes eight-inches, glad you like it,” Roger boasts very pleased with himself as two women are about to pleasure him.

I always get a real buzz from blowing a man so he achieves orgasm. Doing it while another woman is watching, I love sex with an audience, after we have pleasured each other is an extra special buzz. And this time my man is going to feast on Suzi’s magnificent tits.

“Awesome, now show me how good you are at blow jobs,” Suzi tells me as I take Roger’s roaring into my mouth and she positions herself so he can feast on her tits.

“I want to watch you blow him while he licks my nipples.”

“You owe me baby, your turn to watch me blow another man in a month’s time. Would you like to masturbate for me while you watch?,” I tease as I kiss the sides of his cock.

“You really are awesome Sarah the way you do that,” Suzi whispers as she watches me slide the tip of my thumb and forefinger along Roger’s erection while he is licking her nipples.

I motion for Roger to stand, he says he always has a better orgasm standing as I pinch Roger’s nipples with his cock in my mouth, softly at first, then hard, before I dig my nails into his ass cheeks while I slide almost the full length of his cock between my pursed lips.

“You really are awesome Sarah the way you do that,” Suzi whispers as she watches me resume sliding the tip of my thumb and forefinger along Roger’s erection while he is licking her nipples.

Suzi tacitly is digging her nails into Roger’s ass cheeks and Roger is breathing very heavily as I slide the tip of my thumb and forefinger along Roger’s erection while I suck just the tip of it.

“You are so good baby, so fucking good, especially with an audience,” he is almost screaming as I swallow his load with aplomb.

“You owe me baby, your turn to watch me blow another man in a month’s time. Would you like to masturbate for me while you watch?” I tease in the afterglow.

“You know I would baby.”

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