16 Mayıs 2023

New Kid on the Block Ch. 02


Author’s Note: This story has a slow build up over many chapters. Please read previous chapters in order to follow the plot.

Jason was in trouble. He knew it as soon as he felt the curve of Kylie’s ass against his crotch when her motorcycle tore out of the high school parking lot. The vibrations of the motorcycle didn’t aide his predicament. Every bump in the pavement had him grinding his growing hard-on into her. Kylie didn’t just have any motorcycle either. She drove a Ducati 1098. Jason felt like he was bending her over and fucking her from behind. His hands were placed on her sides just below her breasts for his safety. He couldn’t help admiring her perfect figure.

How the hell am I going to get out of this one? he thought. The ride was only a few miles but the trip seemed to take longer than that. Images of her body pressed against him started to enter his mind. Kylie in her underwear. Kylie naked. Kylie spreading her legs for him. Kylie begging for his touch. Oh, stop it, you pervert. Jason hated being a virgin. Sometimes he felt that all he could think about was sex. I need to get laid. Fast. And with that thought Kylie had driven over a particularly large speed bump without slowing down. Jason felt like he was going to cum any second.

“We’re here,” she said.

Jason looked around. Sure enough they were at the florists. He was going to buy his mother some flowers to make up for the argument they had had about moving in the middle of his senior year. Luckily for him, he had met Bryan moments after stepping onto the campus of his new high school. Bryan had introduced him to his group of friends and the dark-haired goddess he was with now.

“Um…hello? You getting off…”

I wish. “Oh, sorry. Zoned out I guess. Thanks for—”

And with that Kylie was gone. Jason stood on the sidewalk watching her disappear around a street corner. What I wouldn’t give to be with a girl like that. He crossed the street to a fast food restaurant hoping to use the sinks in the bathroom do splash some cold water on his face. Then he returned to the florist.

The girl standing at the counter was not the type he was expecting at a florist. She had wild curls of red hair and two different colored eyes. One green. One blue. She was bent over and flipping through a magazine but the small hint of a smile she had gave clue that she hadn’t ignored the young teenage man that had entered. A green apron covered up a short denim skirt and black-and-white checkered top. Her nails and lips were the same shimmery pink.

“Anything I can get for you, stud?”

“I want to buy a bouquet for my Başakşehir escort mother. Sorta an apology.”

“My mom would be better at helping you with that. She owns the place. I’ll get her. She’s out back.” The redhead turned on her heel and walked out the back door. Jason admired the roundness of her ass as her hips swayed back and forth. He glanced around the store as he waited. As expected, there were flowers everywhere. From the typical rose to a flourishing Bird of Paradise. The smell was enticing and slightly exotic.

“Ya need stargazers,” came a gruff voice. It belonged to a squat woman with curly grey hair. That must be her mother.

“I’m sorry. What?”

“Stargazer lilies. Moms love to get them from their children. I also recommend some alstroemeria. The two go well together.”

“Um…okay…” Jason was hesitant. He had no idea what the woman was talking about.

“She means you need some of the pink ones over there and some of the purple ones over that way,” the girl said, pointing to different parts of the shop. “I’ll help you. Thanks, Mom.” The redhead proceeded to help Jason put together a bouquet as well as give him a short tour of the store. He couldn’t tell if she was flirting with him or not. Every sway of her hips seemed intentional. Now and then she would stop and he would walk right into her bubbly behind. Her coy smile had also become more and more sultry. When the bouquet was put together they returned to the front counter and the girl rang up his purchase.

“That’ll be $47.”

Shit. Jason had only brought $30 with him. “I…uh…think we might have to modify the bouquet.”

“Not enough, stud?”


“Don’t worry about it. Pay with what you got and come back and pay the rest tomorrow.”

“Really? You sure? Thank you…uh…”

“Kelly. My name is Kelly.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“See you tomorrow, stud.”

Jason took the bus the rest of the way home. He kept thinking about how he would apologize for what he had said to his mother. He was wrong to call her a “heartless bitch”. She was right. He needed to grow up. Things weren’t that bad here. Sure, he’d miss his friends from his old town but they had phones.

He walked the last few steps to his front door slowly, bouquet in hand. Here it goes. He took his house key from his pocket and slid it into the keyhole. He held his breath as he opened the door.

“How was your first day honey?” his mom called.

“Fine, Mom. Listen about that thing the other day…I’m sorry. I should have been more mature. I met a bunch Bayrampaşa escort bayan of new kids today and…well…here…” Jason handed his mother the bouquet.

“Is this a bribe for your car back?” she asked suspiciously.

“It’s an apology.”

“Thank you, then. They’re lovely.” She turned away from him and took the flowers into the kitchen to find a vase. “You making any new friends at school, dear?”

“Yeah, a few,” Jason said following her.

“Well, what are they like?”

“Um…Bryan’s pretty smart, Andre’s quiet, Danny’s laid back, Rob’s a bit more—”

“Will they be a good influence on you?” his mom asked curtly.

“Yeah, of course. I mean some of them have a lot of piercings and dyed hair. One drives a motorcycle but you can’t just judge on appear—”

“Piercings? Dyed hair? Motorcycles? These aren’t the type of people I want you around.”

“There fine, Mom. There’s nothing wrong—”

“I want my boy to have good people surrounding him,” she said, facing him and pointing the scissors she was using to cut the flowers at him. “This is your future we’re talking about.”

“Why can’t I pick my own future?” Jason asked, irritated “I never asked you to choose it for me.”

“You didn’t have to ask. You live under this roof. You are my son and that means you must obey me and your father.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be your son!” he yelled.

“Go to your room. Go to your room now!” she screamed.

“Fine with me,” he muttered, slamming his room door behind him. Flinging himself on to his bed he reached into his pocket for his cell phone. He called the first name on his speed dial. A friend from his old school.


Pick up.


Come on.




“Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging sys—” Jason hung up. There’s nothing wrong with them, he thought. Damn it, if this is my new home, then they’re the ones that are going to be my new friends. He thought about how they accepted him almost immediately. They had made the move worthwhile.

Bryan, the first person to acknowledge he existed after the move. Cute, energetic Kristi contrasting her quiet twin, Andre. And then Chris, always willing to please. Bianca, who always had something to say and flirted with him so much. Danny and Rob, obvious best friends despite their differences. Both were infatuated with Kylie.

Kylie…Jason sighed. If I were to ever fall for someone, it would be her. She was so relaxed but taut and tense at the same time. She could caress Escort Beşiktaş something lovingly but lash out with aggression at something else. Multidimensional and Jason barely knew anything about her. She was a mystery to him. An enigma. He was determined that, by the end of the school year, he would know her better than anyone.

What he didn’t know about her mind, he knew about her figure. Shallow, and he knew it, but what a body! His mind drifted back to the ride she gave him from school. Her perfect ass vibrating against him, grinding into him. He thought about his hands resting on either side of her just below her breasts. A few more inches, he thought, and I would have been cupping both of those luscious globes.

By now an erection had slowly been growing in his pants making them uncomfortably tight. Jason looked at the clock. His dad wouldn’t be home for a while and he figured his mom wouldn’t let him out of his room until then. He rubbed himself through his jeans as he removed his shirt and grabbed for a bottle of lotion he kept on his dresser with the other hand.

Jason wondered what kind of underwear she wore. He pictured her in something black and simple. Completely her style but sexy all the same. He closed his eyes as he imagined her lying on a bed, gesturing for him to join her. His right hand wrapped around his semi-erect cock and he gave it a couple of slow strokes. The feeling was electric, sending shivers up his spine. He began to stroke a bit faster, his cock getting stiffer as his heart thumped hard in his chest. He thought about the tightness and wetness of her pussy. Applying lotion to his hand he spread it all over his cock. Jason pretended he was fucking her. She was riding him hard. Each downward stroke was her pussy engulfing him. He could see her beautiful breasts bouncing in his mind. Slowly, he opened his eyes, glancing at his hard-on. This was the hardest he’d been in a long time. His hips began to meet the strokes, fucking his own hand, her pussy. He arched his back as his body tensed. The pressure within his body was mounting. Trying to prolong the moment, he forced himself to slow down. Pre-cum had mixed with the lotion. His cock glistened in the low-light of his bed room. The anticipation of cumming got to him and he sped up his strokes again. Faster. Harder. Thrusting his hips in rhythm with his hand. He was close. His balls contracted against his body. Gasping for breath, he let it happen. The first shot erupted from him, landing on his chest. The next on his taut stomach. The rest fell all over his hand or pooled in his pubic hair. Jason didn’t notice. His mind had gone completely out of focus. Nothing in the world mattered except the feeling he was having right then. Pure bliss.

As the world came back, Jason lay limply on his bed. His breathing was ragged and hard. He reached for some tissues to clean himself. That was the best orgasm of his life.

To be continued…

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